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How Does One Know God's Will

How does one know God's will? How does one know what God wants her/him to do? Is God's will for people to be in a specific place at a specific time? Does God have a specific mate for each person, or occupation for each person? Or is His will different, none of the above or some of the above?

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 ---Rod4Him on 2/25/10
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-- Alan of UK :

Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that Good, Acceptable & Perfect Will of God : .. and to every man among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt. Rom.12:2-3

I posted on 3/4/10.. Brother, Don't think more highly of yourself than you ought to think, b/c you'll never prove what is that Good, Acceptable & Perfect Will of God, while you keep viewing yourself by the conforms of the world.

Alan, By using those dead things as a measure, you were viewing yourself by the world's conforms : it has nothing to do with not being Monogamous !
---Shawn.M.T. on 3/9/10

-- Alan of UK :

Brother, To be carnally minded is death(as you were by tending to the world's dead things), but to be spiritually minded is Life & Peace, enabling us to Rightly Divide God's Word, b/c They that are after the flesh do mind & only hear the things of the flesh, but we that are after the Spirit, mind & Hear the things of the Spirit.

I meant what I shared of the Lord's Word to "not think of yourself more highly than you ought to, but think soberly, according as God hath dealt" & "Let the dead bury their dead : and go preach God's Kingdom." from Rom.12:3 & Luke 9:59-60.

Alan, Be careful & always listen in the Spirit, instead of the FLESH, and you won't get hurt !!
---Shawn.M.T on 3/8/10

-- Alan of UK :

Brother, You didn't recognize the Lord's Word I shared b/c you were tending to the FLESH & not the Spirit. That's why you were offended, seeing the messenger(me) as hostile.

Instead of SOBERLY tending to God's Spiritual Way : You continued on DEEPER into the dead things of the world by measuring yourselves up-against them when you STATED "since I am ... monogamous for which attribute I need to be intelligent".

Alan, The only victims hurt by God's Corrective Word in Rom.12:3 & Luke 9:59-60 are those who hate reproof : So next time you're anger & or hurt, sin(bear false witness) not, by being Swifter to Hear, Slower to Speak & even Slower to Wrath in your responses !!
---ShawnM.T. on 3/8/10

Rod4Him --

It sounds as if somehow you represent some sort of a "threat" to some pastors. Are they insecure? less well educated? are you confrontational? I've never had this problem....maybe because I'm a woman (and because, when working, I got lots of experience dealing with unusually temperamental men)
---Donna66 on 3/7/10

Shawn ... let me make my aoplogise more specifically ... for thinking that when you:

a misquoted me so as to imply that I had claimed to be intelligent (which I had not) and
b referred to my statement that I was monogamous
c and in the context of those two things said I was thinking too highly of myself

you actually meant them.

If you did not mean them you should have been more careful in the way you said it.
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/8/10

Some nonChristians post here. Feelings are inescapable, and sooner or later they will become hurt by what someone posts, whether intentionally or accidentally or from misperception. Let us not hold on to hurt feelings nor offenses, for that will not promote any well-being, and the enemy of godliness and joy delights in turning people against each other: now even as a little child is hurt for the moment, but again returns back to play with the one who hurt them, and never holding a grudge nor memory of the hurt as though it had never happened, so too we must "let go" of hurting words, and instead, "as we have therefore opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to them who are of the household of faith." Galatians 6:10.
---Eloy on 3/8/10

Alan, how were you hurt? What hurt you? The word of truth? That seems to be the case since he never said what you declared to everyone here. You took his godly advice as an charge against your being and decided to fight back by claiming he said you were not saved which is a complete lie by you.
As I see you and Kathr are working as a unit on another blog against what he said there too, claiming he said something there he didn't on the subject of fornication. If you had read what and to whom he answered to, you would see his messege was correct. Now, you don't like the messenger anymore so you try to attack the messengers credibility.
---mary on 3/8/10

Kathr, as to the dirt you try to smear upon me, as you did with Mark and now doing with Shawn,
My name is Mary, 58 years old, my husband did leave me, he died a year ago. I did believe it was ok to live together when I came to Christ. After I became a Christian, a year later, after learning it was wrong we got married and stayed married for twenty five years.
Your attempt to smear me now, proves what I said about you is correct. You also attempt to get others to join in with you is evident when you answered Rod4him and told him he was correct, that one must see the lifestyle of those who claim to be Christians, refering to my lifestyle. You are nothing but a dirt digger, your lifestyle is worse then mine will ever be,
---mary on 3/8/10

-- Alan of UK :

I have invented no lies about him -- Alan

Brother, Although I didn't ask others(like Rob4Him) to evaluate and reveal who misunderstood who & who wasn't Rightly Dividing the Word of what the other said, : Mary & Adetunji did Spiritually evaluate it and came to the same conclusion, that "Nowhere did I say those things" ... which you fabricated ... and that "I was only advising you not to dwell on products of secular intelligence or whatever they call it."

Alan, Why are you apologizing for feeling hurt ?? Instead you should be recognizing that God's Corrective Word is grievous, seeming hostile & offensive, unto him that forsaketh the Way !!
---Shawn.M.T. on 3/7/10

Rod4Him>>>We are all equal in Christ's eyes. Noone is better than someone else. We are just employed by God. Preachers, better be aware that the God they are suppose to be serving knows their motives and their hearts. And what goes up can come down. Pride has no business in serving God.
---catherine on 3/7/10

Donna66, thanks for your reply. I would like to respond to your statement as a starting point to make a point.

//We owe the pastor the same common courtesies as anyone else. We're not required to agree.//

I absolutely agree. The scripture would be that we submit to one another in love.

However, what happens many times is that the "pastor" doesn't give me the "courtesies" that I am more than willing to give him. After all, it seems from his opinion, he is "called of God," I'm just laity, the one to give him money. They generally don't claim to be infallible, but they act like it in practice. I admit, I am probably not perfectly objective toward "pastors."
---Rod4Him on 3/6/10

Rod4Him-- Sorry for being defensive. I was just responding to your question, not trying to make a point.

I've never believed that a preacher or paster being "called" by God means he is infallible. But then, I've never heard one claim that. Jesus yes. My pastor, no.
Even the pope, no, R. Catholic teaching notwithstanding.
We owe the pastor the same common courtesies as anyone else. We're not required to agree. (Again my opinion, but I know of nothing contrary in the Bible)

Re-read the second part of my reply (on 3/4) to your question please. I don't believe a "call" has to be a "voice" or a one-in a life-time event. In my experience, God just leads. We seldom see the whole of His plans.
---Donna66 on 3/6/10

Mary ... I am sorry and apologise for feeling VERY hurt by what Shawn said.

Buit I have invented no lies about him ... I have quoted verbatim what he said to me ... and it did hurt mightily

If he is a man of God he will understand that people can be hurt, and he will be edified when he realise how much he hurt me, and will be more careful in the way he expresses himself in the future.
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/6/10

Donna ... People don't complain because they know they won't get an apology or even a retraction.

The number of times I've been misquoted, and others told that I beleive one thing when I have stated the precise opposite!

Never mind!
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/6/10

donna66, I find Christians turn from sin, not to sin when one becomes a Christian.

As I said, I don't know mary, and have never discussed anything with her. I don't know that mary is even a christian.

She has attacked miche, me and now Allan who all seem to not agree with MarkV. She singles out who she wants to assault.

mary, has made many low blows to me out of the blue. If she wants to continue, she should expect to be put in her place.

I truly believe mary IS MarkV's imaginary creation and his instrument to attack those who confront his doctrine.
---kathr4453 on 3/6/10

Donna66, my intention is to clarify and discuss the issue. I didn't know if your statement was an opinion or not. I understand much of what we state are personal opinions. I hope we, myself included, dont' become too sensitive to others responses. I meant absolutely no disrespect to you. I value your opinion and teachings.

This issue is important for two reasons. One, if a person is "called," how does that happen? and why are not other people called? Again, if God "called" these people, I better listen.

Two, how do I, we, help people seek God and help them find that practical career and place to live? If we wait for a "call," how long do I wait, and what do we teach people to look for?
---Rod4Him on 3/6/10

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//Rod4Him, you are so correct one must see the lifestyle of those who claim to be Christians giving spiritual advice to others.

As I understand Mary's post she found that the sin in her life was not compatible with God's will for her.So she got married. Undoubtably the Holy Spirit was speaking to her.

NONE of us are sinfree when we came to faith in Christ. Some bad ( & sinful) habits still linger while others disappear almost overnite.

For instance I used to smoke,knew it was wrong, but was allowed for whatever reason to struggle with that unhealthful habit for some years after I accepted Christ.

After admitting my helplessness against that addiction, the Lord removed it from my life.
---Lee1538 on 3/6/10

Rod4Him -- re: pastors receiving a "call"
I thought it was clear that my post was my opinion, not necessarily. "correct teaching". If my point is about a "correct teaching" I will, and do provide scripture.
---Donna66 on 3/6/10

Getting back to the original question, we know it is God's will for people to come to believe/follow Christ, which results in changing one's life, now believing and repenting of an old way of life.

Is it correct that God "calls pastors," but He doesn't call ordinary folks to specific occupations and locations?

How does a person find what occupation is best for them, assuming she/he is a believer?

How does one determine where to live?

Just pray and hope for the best?

How does one know when to retire? pray and hope for the best?
---Rod4Him on 3/6/10

We are all aware of your ongoing verbal "fight" (I hesitated, at first, to use that word... still it seems accurate) with MarkV.) It appears that mary agrees with you, doctrinally, but objects to your treatment of MarkV.

This disagreement has gone FAR beyond a discussion of doctrine. It's evolved into something personal, which sours the whole discussion. You claim Markv "has NEVER apologized for calling most of the people on this site names". If he had called "most people" names, why aren't "most people" objecting?
---Donna66 on 3/6/10

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kathr4453 --- just because mary disagreed with you (NOT on doctrine) you have attacked her.

And I think the blow you gave was a bit "below the belt". What do the sins of her PAST have to do with any of this!

If you accepted Christ as a small child, you might not understand. But adults who face a dramatic change of life-style after their conversion, may not grasp all the implications immediately. If Mary had to "study" a bit before concluding that living together before marriage was not good...I think she should be congratulated ( not everybody expends the effort). Not only that, but when she saw that she was wrong, she admitted it and followed God's leading. That is certainly praiseworthy.
---Donna66 on 3/6/10

Alan, I read the context, he did not lie about you or said you were not saved. You conclude a lot of things with that brain of yours. The same way you question the inspired word of God, by concluding something is really not truth.
Your attempts to bring a brother down who has nothing but good intentions for you are wrong. You try to bring him down by inventing lies. Instead of edifying him and lifting him up so that he can continue to speak on behalf of God, no, you look for reasons to put him down and bring doubt to his ministry. The truth of the gospel is hurt.
---mary on 3/6/10

Mod, when I came to Christ I believed it was ok to live together because I figured you needed to know someone before you married him this way you would not make a mistake, but even when you do live together and get married later, nothing is guaranteed. Now after a few years, and much studying, my view changed. -----.
---mary on 3/4/10

Rod4Him, you are so correct one must see the lifestyle of those who claim to be Christians giving spiritual advice to others. If one has to STUDY after years of being a Christian to know that shacking up is a sin, onemust wonder if that person really came as a sinner to begin with? I certainly don't have to study for years to know stealing is a sin.
---kathr4453 on 3/6/10

Mary "This morning Alan was accusing Shawn of saying something he never said"

Mary ...just read the context (time and place) of what he said. The implication was clear, although he now tries to explain it away
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/6/10

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Kathr, you sure know how to keep stirring trouble just as I have said.
You said that Markv told those people you mentioned were children of satan, can you provide those posts? I checked all the background and didn't find anything. I'm sure you cannot, but I will wait and maybe you are right, but since it's coming from you I'm sure you won't find any. Any one can say someone said something. It happens all the time. This morning Alan was accusing Shawn of saying something he never said. Almost as you do. You don't like the message so you attack the credibility of the messenger.
---mary on 3/5/10

Kathr, another thing, my husband did leave me, he died just a year ago. The advice you give me in how I should conduct myself, you should use it for yourself. Try, keeping silent for a month and maybe you will stop been the cancer you see in others.
---mary on 3/5/10

Amen Kath and Rod!!
---miche3754 on 3/5/10

kathr, thanks again for clarification. I agree.

I see the "pastor/overseer" as a coach. He coaches while the believers, women/men, use their gifts to one another.

The problem with this forum is that we all are not face to face, seeing at each life styles and families, where we can one another--pray, encourage, rebuke, challenge, question--each other instantly.

We are stiving to teach one another here, but we don't see the life-styles to see if there is credibility to what is said.
---Rod4Him on 3/5/10

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Biblically, we are to submit to one another.
---Rod4Him on 3/5/10

Rod I totally agree, If you look in Ephesians 4 you will see PASTORS is one of the Gifts given to the church, lower in the line of gifts. EVERY single member of the Body of Christ is given a gift to use in the Body. These gifts are listed in Ephesians 4. No one is CALLED to a gift. We are called to OBEY the gift we are given.

Many do not understand the Gifts, and feel just because someone ministers differently that they are evil, when actually they are being obedient to the gift given. And ALL gifts are given to both men and women. So when a woman is using her gift, and a man comes along and tries to shut them down....bad idea!!! It shows ignorance.
---kathr4453 on 3/5/10

Kathr ... Kathr ... I don't think that was this Mary, who came looking for a man.

But no doubt hse will let us know about that
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/5/10

alan, it's the same mary with a small (m), the same one that has been stalking me and striking at me like a snake on subjects she had never even posted, BUT were threads markv posted. Kinda spooky too!

If it isn't the same mary, I wonder why she didn't throw a fit then that someone was using her name.
---kathr4453 on 3/5/10

mary, you also stated your husband left you for another woman and lost your job almost at the same time. Is it possible that you have brought this upon yourself? A woman as you would not last long in any company who sees gossip, interference and noisyness in other people' business they don't even have all the facts to, as a cancer.

Maybe you should reflect more on your current situation, and not spend so much time interfering in others.
---kathr4453 on 3/5/10

Kathr ... Kathr ... I don't think that was this Mary, who came looking for a man.

But no doubt hse will let us know about that
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/5/10

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mary, markv here has called Eloy, execuzuh and many others that refuse his doctrine satan's children.

mary, you said you came on CN to find a man, married or not that you have something in common with. You are a divorced woman. You also state you don't really know what markv believes. Yet you stick so close to all 8000 subjects here knowing exactly when markv comes under questenioning. Isn't that ODD? Why MarkV, why not Everyone who comes under questioning? Are you trying to start a friendship here with a married man you know nothing about?
---kathr4453 on 3/5/10

Donna66 //I've heard many pastors relate a specific time when they "received a call" to the ministry. Considering the weight of spiritual responsibility they bear, it's good they have a specific "call" (in case they later become faint of heart!).//

I understand that this happens, however, where is the Biblical affirmation that what you present is correct teaching.

If "pastors" are "called," why are not other people "called" to other occupations, such as pastors?

A "pastor" claims this "calling," and basically says, "therefore you must listen to me because I have this calling."

Biblically, we are to submit to one another.
---Rod4Him on 3/5/10

Kathr, I do know that if your father is the devil you are not saved and a child of wrath. It is written that way in the Bible. Just go to John chapter 6 verses 42-45. You argue just to argue. I do take the bible seriously, do you? If your spirit wants to keep going, I'm willing? You are not speaking to him but to me. Without condemning, I can be as hard and mean as both of you.
---mary on 3/5/10

you do not stand up for someone who is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. You give them correction. That is what I did.
I corrected Markv, on several occasions in love and he still holds to the little bit of false doctrine.
The Holy Spirit does not live in a person before they get saved that is the truth. And that is what I was addressing.
He has NEVER apologized for calling most of the people on this site names out right and you decide to insult me? Calling me the wolf?
Show me where I have erred or called Markv any kind of name and I will apologize but I can guarantee you won't find it.
If you are walking in the Spirit, you would see his insults to me and others when we don't agree with him and try to correct him.
---miche3754 on 3/5/10

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I've heard many pastors relate a specific time when they "received a call" to the ministry. Considering the weight of spiritual responsibility they bear, it's good they have a specific "call" (in case they later become faint of heart!).

IMHO, if we walk close to Him and listen to Him daily, we will be directed in the right direction, even if we aren't sure just where that is.

People are seldom called to a field entirely unfamiliar to them.
If you don't already witness to others, don't think God is calling you to be an evangelist. If you want to start an orphanage, but have never worked with children.... get some experience first.

Doing God's will isn't easy, but it's certainly very satisfying.
---Donna66 on 3/4/10

Mary, I just read your last post and I wanted to first thank you for your support and the passion you have. But I would like this subject to end at least from my point of view since I happen to be the object of hate here. I do not want to bring anymore attention to me, but the attention should be for the Lord, so please from now on, just let it go unless they won't let you. Everything on my side is O.K. I am fine. I wake up happy everyday, for the Lord is with me. The sun will shine tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Blessings to you
---MarkV. on 3/4/10

mary, if you really want to be taken seriously you also must address this to MarkV. I believe MarkV has stated many times those who are of their father the devil are not saved, are cursed children etc. I have called MarkV on this many times. MarkV needs to repent, and you for being prejudices and blind in this matter seeing ONLY what you want!

---kathr4453 on 3/4/10

Miche, you ask me a question again and I will answer you. I walk in the spirit every day and never blaspheme a brother or sister. when you blaspheme a brother/sister, you are blaspheme the person who is in Christ. The Spirit lives within him/her and anything you say you say it to them. He is bought with the blood of Christ. A child of God, just like you. Stop your foolishness. the reason I said something is because it looked like a pack of wolf's on the kill. I didn't see anyone stand up for him. Mark had the courage to say he loved you, until he finally got tired, that is what got to me.
---mary on 3/4/10

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If you are following the will of God, then why did you say I was blaspheming the Holy Spirit for correcting Markv and telling him he did blaspheme? Its not me that did the blaspheming, it was him yet you claim to be correcting me for correcting him.

You accuse me of being a wolf towards Markv, when if you look there have been several instances where I actually agreed with him on certain things.
If you are really listening to the will of God sis, you would see those things. You would discern whats the truth and what isn't. You falsely accused me and another and didn't even apologize for it. Is that proper discernment?
To me proper discernment includes watching and listening(reading) before passing and assessment.
---miche3754 on 3/4/10

kathr, thanks for sharing that. I agree with you. I can relate to your experience.

I have talked to many people who have similar thinking and can't make up their mind about anything because they are afraid it might not be God's will. There used to be "religious" thinking that God had a specific "plan" for your life, a location, a mate, an educate, etc. People were to come to God so they wouldn't miss it.

I believe people can get to know and walk with God, as you described, and many also need help in understanding their gifts and talents, so they can live the particulars of life in peace with God, doing things God made them good at....if that made sense.
---Rod4Him on 3/4/10

Rod, if we are listening we are influence by the Spirit where to go and what to do. God is concern about everything we do. Not just our moral issues. Where we find a job that will one day bring someone to Christ.
Thats why what you said is very true, a close relationship with Christ, and remaining in the will of God, which means to me to be in submission to Him and walking in His statues, your answer to mike I liked very much,

"Is your point, get to know God and walk with God, and the particulars of where-when-how will automatically happen?
---mary on 3/4/10

Rod4Him, I understand. Sometimes we can get so caught up in everyday this or that..and yes, daily decisions can be difficult if we are over concerned with every move we make. I remember after first getting saved, I wasnt sure what color toilet paper I should buy..What was Gods will? the pink or the white. I can tell you, it was that bad. I found that was the enemy keeping me from the real issues of Gods will. As Ive grown, the Lord has shown me, His will is that WE be conformed to His image, and the choice of pink or white toilet paper wasnt going to do that.
---kathr4453 on 3/4/10

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Revelation 13:18
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Revelation 17:9
And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

To know God's WILL, with a renewed mind In Christ where ALL WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING LIVE.

I beseech you therefore brethren to obey Romans 12:1-2 that you will know the will of God concerning these last days, having discernment to see through the foolishness of Satan and his wicked works coming in lying signs and wonders.
---kathr4453 on 3/3/10

kathr, I think we agree. Let's define "moral issue." I am defining moral issues as God's stated will, such as, to Love God and our neighbor, and all the issues involved with that. I am not defining "moral" as keeping the law, but as a relationship with the living God.

The "general consensus" that I understood folks to say was the above mentioned. Perhaps I misunderstood or mis-defined the comments.

Yes, our minds should be renewed in Christ, conforming not to the world. one is transformed, how does one decide this job, that job, move, and where? A feeling, a sense, an open/shut door policy, voice from God? How does one decide the practical where, when, and how decisions?
---Rod4Him on 3/3/10

Donna, I agree with your post. What I am working on is how to help people discover God's will where it comes to occupations, skills, and deciding where and what to do.

Proverbs 20:5, "A plan in the heart of man is like deep water, But a man of understanding draws it out." I want to be that man.

My theory is, seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added. So, people need help seeking Him and discovering their gifts and talents and where to put them to use, having a peace with God in the process.

I have trouble with the concept that "people are called," particularly to a "ministry," but I still want to help these people do what God wants them to do.
---Rod4Him on 3/3/10

Ask Him what His will is. Actually, His word is His will. To love Him with all of your heart and soul. To Worship Him. To Glorify His name on this earth. To set the captives free. To abstain from every form of fleshly lust.

God's will for everyone is different. Jeremiah 29:11 says, For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and hope.

God's occupation for everyone is that they use the talent or develop a skill set they can use in this world to make a living off of.
---Donna on 3/3/10

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I agree with the general consensus that God's will is primarily concerned with moral issues and not with where and what we do.

---Rod4Him on 3/2/10

Rod, not according to Romans 12:1-2. God's will is made known only tho those who are not conformed to this world, having been crucified to the world and the world to them and through that have a renewed mind to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ.

ANYONE can have a general sense of MORAL issues. Even those under the LAW.

Maybe this very thing was our conflict over WISDOM.

Without GOD'S Wisdom and renewed mind, having the mind of Christ, how will you know the deception that even God's elect may be deceived by? MORAL understanding won't help here!
---kathr4453 on 3/3/10

mike, ya.

larry, I think I understood your point, though I believe your verse is out of context.

larry, let me quote you with inserted questions.

//Obey [obey, what-how-when?] first [first before what, I may need to make a decision now, college, job, retirement,etc.] and then you'll know [know what?]. Know him FIRST [how lone will this take?] and you'll know his will [His will being where-what-when or behavior?]. Hope that helps.//

Is your point, get to know God and walk with God, and the particulars of where-when-how will automatically happen?

Are people "called" to careers and locations?
---Rod4Him on 3/3/10


I hear that verse from other believers & pastors about health & wealth.
---mike on 3/2/10

III John 3, "Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in health."

I might have missed your point, mike, but John prays that all may go well and they be in good health. That is John's desire for the people he was writing to. A great prayer and an indication how appropriate it is for us to pray for others.

We can work this out by praying similarily for others.
---Rod4Him on 3/2/10

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"Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord."-- Hos_6:3.

Obey first and then you'll know. Know him FIRST and you'll know his will. Hope that helps.
---larry on 3/2/10

so if we read 3 john 1:2 that in all respect you may prosper & be in good health as your soul prosper, does that mean that this is god's will for us? and if it is then HOW do you work that out?
---mike on 3/2/10

I agree with the general consensus that God's will is primarily concerned with moral issues and not with where and what we do.

However, in thinking about this, how does that thinking reconcile with many and most "pastors" who say, "God called them to the ministry and to this specific location?"

Having heard that concept from "pastors" for years, it leads to the logical conclusion that God is leading other people to other specific occupations and locations.

I am not arguing. I am discussing, thinking this out.
---Rod4Him on 3/2/10

Donna66 - Again you are correct to an extent. Yes God is in control, not us, and we do not need to ask Him what to wear or where to drive. However, if you do not ask Him what He wants you to do in life (destiny) or who He wants you to marry, you get into trouble. This is why people are in dead in jobs, not satisfied at all, or why their marriage is falling apart. God knows whats best for us, therefore we must ask Him for direction.
---Leslie on 3/2/10

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Why are you afraid to reply on the same blog?

Jesus said we are to come to him as a little child, not babies, but little child. Asking him what to wear and which way to turn are things a little child would ask.

Just because he supplies the clothes doesn't mean we shouldn't ask him which outfit we should wear on any given day. Only he knows who we will meet. What if it's Jesus? Asking which way to turn is total reliance on him because only he knows if there might be a road block in our usual path or maybe someone he desires for us to meet somewhere or witness or whatever. We must be clay in the potters hands and let go of self.

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.
---Fay on 3/2/10

"The Bible provides moral and spiritual guidance. These are what concerns God, not material things..

I believe God trusts us to make everyday decisions. The dependence of a small child is endearing, but happy is the parent who teaches his children to make wise decisions "
---Donna66 on 3/1/10

I agree 349%! ( don't ask me where I got that number, ok, 100%).
---Nana on 3/1/10

Leslie--If it was always up to US to "discern" God's will for us, we'd ALL be lacking. If God has a specific task or mate for us, He leads us in that direction. As we go, we sense that He is in control. He doesn't always say "go here", "do this".

I see no reason to ask God what to wear each day (anyhow, he's told us to take no thought for such things). When driving, I ask him where to turn ONLY if I'm not sure where to go. The Bible provides moral and spiritual guidance. These are what concerns God, not material things..

I believe God trusts us to make everyday decisions. The dependence of a small child is endearing, but happy is the parent who teaches his children to make wise decisions
---Donna66 on 3/1/10

Francis - This is really sad that you think that God does not have a will for each person individually, and it is also WRONG and NOT lined up with the Bible. This type of thinking shows that you will NEVER accomplish what God has for you (your destiny). What will your answer be to God when He asks you on Judgement Day why you did not do what He called you to do? Throughout the ENTIRE Bible people where called to fulfill God's cooperate will (Bible and Law) and His individual will (destiny and giftings) for their lives. It is the same today. Example: Jesus Christ - fulfilled the Word and Law (cooperate), but also fulfilled dieing on the cross (individual) - if this was cooperate, we would NOT need Jesus and could save ourselves from sin.
---Leslie on 3/1/10

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The will of God is to love him with all your heart, mind, and soul, and to love your neighbors above yourself. These are the greatest will of God - and doing it from the heart not from the mind. Breaking it further is each of the ten commandmnets is the will of God.

More specifically:
Romans 12:1-2
1 Thessalonians 5:18
1 Thessalonians 4:3
1 Peter 3:17
1 Peter 4:2
1 Peter 4:19

Also, the will of God is that his son be crucified. Are you ready to sacrifice your life for Jesus?
---Steveng on 2/27/10

I agree that the Bible reveals what we should or should not do regarding our behavior. That makes most of our decisions.

However, Mark Eaton brings up a point, and I assume when he says God will open or close a door, that he is not talking about moral issues, but where to go, where to work, or the such, amoral issues.

As Donna mentioned, many times the choice is ours with two or more open doors. So now what? Make a decision and trust God for it.

I propose that as one follows Christ we can follow His peace in major decision makings.

Does God care if I shop at Walmart or Costco?

If I always followed an open/closed door policy, I may make lots of right hand turns when the lights are red, legal in California.
---Rod4Him on 2/27/10

I believe all of these good suggestions can be summarized this way: IF LOVE IS YOUR MOTIVE you are in God's will in what you say or do.
---Geraldine on 2/27/10

God's will is, "Be good to each other." The specific details of God's will for each individual may vary, some he wants them to marry and others he wants them to remain single, some to go abroad to evangelize and some to evangelize in their home country. He is the parent, and we are his holy child. To know his will, in his Holy Spirit we pray/communicate with him and ask him what he wants, and we should be reading his scriptures to know his instructions.
---Eloy on 2/27/10

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Rod4Him, God's will for us is: Repent, be baptized, pray, confess your sins, worship God, study the Word, do the works of Christ and be a doer of the Word, depart from wrong and abstain from evil, be perfect, be righteous, be good and bear good fruit, be obedient, sin not, be clean, be pure, be holy, lie not, bless and curse not, love God completely, love your neighbor as yourself, love your enemies, fight the good fight, share your faith and make disciples, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the shut-ins and prisoners and the infirmed, and be a father to the fatherless, a friend to the friendless, a helper to the helpless.
---Eloy on 2/27/10

We know God's will for us through His holy law. It is God's will that we don't sin etc. God's will is revealed in His Word as well as in our conscience, by which God has written His moral law upon our hearts.
His will, whether in Scripture or in our hearts it is always binding. It is His will to finish out His plan the way He asigned it. No one can frustrate that will of God. We are only executing His will as the Scriptures clearly state, to bring the conclusion God has for the future, for it is already written what is to be.
---MarkV. on 2/27/10

I believe God has specific roles, work, mate and timing for each person. We require always a Father/Child relationship with God to be in HIS will. When we fail HIM, we hinder ourselves and when we obey HIM we help ourselves Proverbs 8: 32-36.
---Adetunji on 2/27/10

Pastor Jim-- If I had given an exact quote I would have put it in quotation marks and would not have inserted "or words to this effect" This happened to me many years ago and the exact wording doesn't matter.

The Lord sometimes speaks to my spirit. The words and their meaning surprise me when they come into my mind. Most of the time, it's nothing I've heard or read or thought of before. His voice would not be audible to someone else. He was speaking just to me. That's the best I can explain it.

The content of what he says is always quite consistent with what the Bible teaches (which is one way I know it is Him, not another).
I've known Him for many years and I've come to KNOW when He is speaking.
---Donna66 on 2/26/10

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I simply had no sense of direction from the Lord...until He finally answered this, (or words to this effect): YOU must be the one to decide. It makes no difference to me which you choose, for I can use you wherever you are. You only have allow me to.
---Donna66 on 2/26/10

This is an exact quote. How did he tell you this? Did you hear his voice?
---PASTOR_JIM on 2/26/10

I know most will not like this answer, but God's will is easily known.

There are so many passages that read just like this:

1 Thes 4:3 "For this is the will of God, your sanctification, that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality"

Look them up. They are all over. The Bible must be your first resource. If you are still in doubt on what to do, pray.

I pray for God to show me what His will is. I make no demands for what I want. I say to Him that I am a stupid man, and that I have trouble discerning His will. I ask Him to make it so plain that there is only one choice available to me, His choice. Close all other doors except the one He wants me to go through. And you know what, He always does.
---Mark_Eaton on 2/26/10

Exactly Donna66, that was my point in stimulating this tread.
---Rod4Him on 2/26/10

Rod4Him -- yes, I agree.
Once when I had two job offers and was having trouble deciding which to take, I prayed fervently to know God's will in the matter. I simply had no sense of direction from the Lord...until He finally answered this, (or words to this effect): YOU must be the one to decide. It makes no difference to me which you choose, for I can use you wherever you are. You only have allow me to.
---Donna66 on 2/26/10

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I don't Believe God has a specific will for everyone or anyone.

God has a general will for all men to obey him, and spread or aide in spreading the gospel.

Here is my arguements:

1 Corinthians 12:31 But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.

If i am free to seek after ANY gift / talent, then God has no specific talent for me, but is please to see me grow and develop.

Genesis 2:19 God formed every beast.. and brought unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that [was] the name thereof.

God did not tell adam what to call them, Adam ws free to call each as he pleased, and God was pleased with Adams's choices.
---francis on 2/26/10

A person I know wrote a thesis. His thesis basically is that, "God is not concerned where you are, but who you are."

Do you agree?
---Rod4Him on 2/26/10

God's will shall be done: God does whatever He pleases [Ps. 135:6], and desires that ALL people do His will. Only people fully mature in Christ, [only kind of true maturity], are able to do God's will consistently [Col. 4:12, Ps. 40:8]. God's will is always good, acceptable, and perfect. Doing God's will sustained Jesus for life [John 4,34]. Sometimes doing God's will may lead to suffering as it did for Jesus. YOU CAN KNOW GOD'S WILL FOR YOPUR LIFE, through prayer[Christians has the ability to discern]. If you do God's will, like Jesus, you will live forever. Ahhh.
---catherine on 2/26/10

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