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How To Read The Bible

How can you read the bible effectively?

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 ---joshua on 2/28/10
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With prayer, thanksgiving, and right division is all very effective. However, Joshua, let me tell you what is not expedient (or suitable for achieving a particular end in a given circumstance).

Some people like to dissect (not divide) the whole of Scripture to make us conclude that we need to return to the Law. I believe Paul used the word "Judaizer". Judaizers are those who claim the necessity of Christian obedience to the Mosaic Laws which are found in the first five books of the Old Testament. They use his writings as buzz words get us to look back instead of forward.

BTW, 2/3 of the NT is from Paul's writings. I guess this is an oversight of the Holy Spirit.
---aka_joseph on 5/2/10

With prayer and right division
---michael_e on 5/1/10

There is only one way.... if God leads you into it. And, ofcourse, I am a big fan of Bible tools. The more the better....And pray for revelation. You know when the light-bulbs goes off all around you. And you say, "I GOT IT, WOW, THANK YOU JESUS". Oh well, you just want to jump in His arms. One day I will.
---catherine on 4/30/10

With prayer and thanskgiving.
---Eloy on 4/29/10

After reading all the posts, I think this is the most efficient way.
---aka_joseph on 4/29/10

With prayer and thanskgiving.
---Eloy on 4/29/10

like I work out my deliverance...with fear and trembling.
---aka_joseph on 4/28/10

\\Most of those early fathers came into the church with real corrupt views and I don't agree with everything they said because of those views,\\

Can you name ONE corrupt father with ONE corrupt view?

(I'll leave aside the issue of whether YOU came into YOUR church with absolutely no corrupt views.)
---Cluny on 4/28/10

Ignatius, I was not trying to get into a discussion on who was right or not. I was displaying that not everyone thinks the same. Most of those early fathers came into the church with real corrupt views and I don't agree with everything they said because of those views, but on the subject of Christ, I do believe the council voted correctly and because of the Holy Spirit making sure it was that way.
But concerning other points brought up in the council I believe they were wrong. The Emperor carried out his statement and some were exiled. The works of Arius were burned while all person found possessing them were to be executed. So when force is use many minds will change. Did the Holy Spirit order the death of those people? I don't think so.
---MarkV. on 3/20/10

Mark V,

On the contrary, they all agreed with each other when it comes to Orthodox Christology. They all rejected Arianism, Nestorianism, Monophysitism, Eutychianism, Monothelitism, & Apollinarianism. The Fathers I mention and the Holy Councils agreed with each other, and they taught the true Apostolic Faith. Roman Catholicism, Eastern Catholics, Eastern Orthodoxy, and the majority of Protestants agree with them. Do you?

"Don't you think many voted one way so that they would not be exiled?"

I believe the Church was guided by the Holy Spirit to destroyed the Arian heresy, as well as the other Christological heresies

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/20/10

Ignatius, I didn't say anyone was wrong or right. My reason for saying what I did was to declare the difference one from another. I did not read the Christology of those you mentioned. I'm sure many of them had many different views from each other. They disagreed in many area's of faith. They are human after all, and subject to making mistakes just like everyone else. The Council of Necea was ordered by Constantine, and the decree was if anyone oppose the council's decision they would be Exiled. Don't you think many voted one way so that they would not be exiled? It is like the jury today in America, 12 vote, and in the beginning not everyone is in agreement, but in the end they are convinced to vote one way and they then all agree.
---MarkV. on 3/19/10

I would have to agree with Mark V.

" I have four books on Christology and one is completely off the other three, and I find out it is from the Roman Catholic side of view."

So you are saying that the Christology of the Latin and Eastern Catholics are not in agreement with the Christology of Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Saint Athanasius, etc, and the Holy Ecumenical Councils of Nicea (325AD), Constantinople (381AD), Ephesus (449AD), Chalecdon (451AD), II Constantinople (553AD), and III Constantinople (680-681AD)?

I find that hard to believe. If the book you read contradicted any doctrines lay down by these Fathers and Councils, then the author was not RC in thought.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/19/10

Steveng ... I did not say what I had meant to say! I was disagreeing with your apparent view that fellowshipping in churches is wrong.
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/19/10

Alan, what I meant was that any kind of help to read the Bible is a Bible tool. People who study one topic, Sanctification for instance, do an insight study to where the word is located, what it means, how it is use, and so forth. Those are tools also. The Commentaries are good but a commentary can be from a dispensationalist or none view, or from RCC view with their doctrines. I have four books on Christology and one is completely off the other three, and I find out it is from the Roman Catholic side of view. So we have to be careful who is writing. But tools are great and save us a lot of time plus our brains cannot hold so much information to remember everything and that is why we need help. Thanks for your impute.
---MarkV. on 3/18/10

alan8566_of_uk: "I think Steveng is wrong to think all you need to do is read the bible..., without fellowshipping with others..."

When have I ever said not to fellowship with other. On the contrary, I encourage it. In fact, I have suggested many times to do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "comfort." I strongly believe that fellowship helps a christian grow and mature in Christ. I also strongly believe that fellowship must be face-to-face. I have also compiled a list of verses of fellowship (for those of you that need verse numbers as proof of what I say is truth) : I Corinth. 12:18-27, Ephesians 2:19-22, Matthew 18:20-22, I Corinth. 1:9-10
---Steveng on 3/18/10

Mark ... I suppose Steveng does have a point with his on-line Bible.

Using that, you can put in a key word and it will show you ALL the places in the Bible where that word appears.

You can't do that with a paper Bible.

But I don't see it taking the place of commentaries, which help to place the words not only in the immediate context, but in the context of the whole Bible. I think Steveng is wrong to think all you need to do is read the bBible in that way, without fellowshipping with others, or of learning from other Christians
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/18/10

Steven G, since you believe I'm a fool for thinking you are wrong then I will not mind at all. You do send people to other websites, if it's to look at words from Scripture to see what those words mean, is still using helpful tools. Why not just look at your wordless Bible with no numbers? You want to call it something else, that is your right. But just because you call it something else does not change what it really is.
As Lee said, I was correcting you, but of course you didn't like it. Just like you don't like churches, and teachers. Yet the prophets who don't speak, you do like. Try convincing everyone you heard them, and they spoke the truth.
---MarkV. on 3/18/10

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MarkV: "...You say," do not use any material but the Bible," and here you send everyone to the internet to know what Scripture says. You are speaking with a fork tongue Steven G."

This is why I call you a fool - a person who does not understand to what is even written. I DO NOT send people to a general website to know what sriptures say. I send them to an 'online KJV bible' that has a search capability, something many christians don't have on their own computers, and search for key words to prove what I say is true. And you still didn't understand even when I provided an example in another blog.
---Steveng on 3/17/10

Steven G, God has gifted many man that loved Him so much to be able to understand certain aspects of the Bible that later would be of great help to others. One person in his lifetime could not possibly learn every subject since people have to work, have a family, and do other functions. But through many wonderful teachers that make commantaries, lexicons, and who speak on subjects like Christology, angelology, etc. Can help us gain time in learning so that we can get the whole meat of the Bible. Even you, who has complained over and over about the numbers and to not use other materials, have found out that other resources can be helpful, since you have sent many to the internet to find words.
---MarkV. on 3/12/10


I reccomend you read the Bible as if it were a book you know absolutely nothing about. Pretend you found it in the desert. Read it without any prejudice. Not what you think it says, not what the church saids it saids, not what the world saids, or anyone else saids.

I reccommend the NASB Reference bible(Most accurate)

Do not read a study bible as that is someone elses opinion.

Pray before reading that the Holy Spirt will give you understanding.
---John on 3/12/10

Why do people make reading the bible so complex? StevenG

Exactly, I say follow the noble Bereans.
---larry on 3/11/10

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The Early church had a Bible we call it the Old Testament. It was to instruct them 2 Tim 3:16 Paul and the Apostles taught them directly and instructed them through word both oral and written.

In the latter church men decided that their words were more important then the words of the apostles and prophets. They established their words as a tradition as the Sanhedrion had done. Giving us a Christian version of the Talmud.

Many only read one or two verse on a topic. Not comparing scripture with scripture. Remeber we need the whole Bible.
---Samwul on 3/11/10

God Loves us and through His Word-wants us to Know Him.God knows HIS WORD and confirms HIS WORD.
He has created us and he knows how each one will learn.
(All different-yet-all clay).
As Spirit-His Word bears witness to our spirit:We as flesh He formed-His Word molds as water to the clay.
Trust Him-He will teach.
Study the origin of the language:hebrew/aramaic/greek.With All tools-take heed with them-trusting He WILL compare and shred light-with His truth.

No one comes to the Son unless the Father draw him near-private steps.The only way to the Father is through the Son:the Word of God that Saves.
Seek His Word-He has declared the End from the Beginning.
Following the Word sets you straight to the ONE WHO spoke it.
---char on 3/11/10

Steven G, There is nothing wrong with the Bible, but something very wrong in the person who reads it, like you. Let's take your case, you said,
"...Angels have ears to hear, mouths to speak, hands to hold things, eyes to see. Man is made in their image. Do an online KJV bible search for "angel" found at biblegateway dot com. and read, in context, all that is readable.
---Steveng on 3/4/10"

Here you state that man was made in the image of the angels. The Bible says we were made in the image of God. You say," do not use any material but the Bible," and here you send everyone to the internet to know what Scripture says. You are speaking with a fork tongue Steven G.
---MarkV. on 3/11/10

It is very amusing that the Early Christians was instructed by the Holy Apostles and the Bishops/Presbyters who the Holy Apostles appointed in various Churches. Although the LXX was used in the Church and several NT books was in circulation by 70AD(though no official Canon existed), they still needed guidance by those "Faithful men" (1 Tim 2:1) appointed by the Saint Timothy.

Many wrongly interpreted Saint Paul's Epistles (2 Peter 3:16), which is why God gave the Church teachers (Bishops/Presbyters/Decons).

The Early Christians was not given a Book (Bible) (such a thing didn't exist yet) by the Holy Apostles and was told "Adios".

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/10/10

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One will have to be very nave and ignorant of Holy Scriptures to believe that God did not sent men who had teaching authority within the Apostolic Church (Acts 13:1). Saint Paul recognized teachers as gifts of God to the Church (1 Cor 12:28, Eph 4:11). This authority has transfer to successors of the Holy Apostles (1 Tim. 5:22, 2 Tim. 1:6, 2 Tim. 2:2, Titus 1:5). These teachers are given by the Lord to help us correctly understand and obey Holy Scripture.

In Acts 20:17-35, we learn that Bishops [Clergy] are shepherds in the Church of God [to the flock, Laity].

Like the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8), we need those that God gave the gift of teaching to understand Holy Scriptures. The Holy Spirit use them to help us.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/10/10

MarkV: "Joshua, you and most everyone gave the tools on how to read Scripture. I also believe the reason we need tools is because some area's of Scripture if you don't do research outside of the Bible you will not know what some difficult passages are saying."

A christian does not need any other christian reference books or novels to understand the bible for it is written that the bible is used as its own reference. What verses you don't understand will be given in two ways: one, from other parts of the bible and two, if you have a strong relationship with God, from God himself. If a person reads the bible from beginning to end one or two times, it will set in his mind where answers to any question can be found.
---Steveng on 3/10/10

---Pierr5358 on 3/9/10
very good post
---michael_e on 3/10/10

Correct study is essential to right understanding of God's word.
Paul tells us to rightly divide (compare and interpret) the word of truth.
In our sudy of the Bible, we should compare scripture with scripture put truth together like a puzzle-line upon line- here a little ad there a little-to form a comprehensive picture of God's turth.
We should also study fo ourselves, testing all human teachers and teachings by the Bible.
---Pierr5358 on 3/9/10

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Why do people make reading the bible so complex?

Because people today are too educated and cannot understand simple concepts. It is written that knowledge will increase a thousand-fold in the end days. Ninety seven percent of all scientists and educators from all of Earth's history was born within the past one hundred years.

Also, the English language grew from 200,000 five hundred years ago to over one million words today - and most words have several meanings.

And you wonder why so many interpretations of the bible.
---Steveng on 3/9/10

Joshua, you and most everyone gave the tools on how to read Scripture. I also believe the reason we need tools is because some area's of Scripture if you don't do research outside of the Bible you will not know what some difficult passages are saying. The subject on Corbin is one, that if you don't know what it means you will not know why Jesus was angry at those who used it wrong. The help is there, there is really no excuse for anyone not to learn. The Spirit moves us to look and find the way. My suggestion in discipling with a beginner is to teach him who God is first, His nature attributes and character first. This way when he reads a passage he will not go against the deity of God. If he does, he is reading the passage wrong.
---MarkV. on 3/9/10

Take note that most suggest two ways to read the Bible. Yes, a variety of views are offered, but the bottom line is, you can't read it effectively without God and other resources. I don't disagree, but I don't subscribe to one single way to read the Word. A skill, which is not taught, is required to read the Bible. This skill requires you to consider cultural and historical context, research, hermeneutics and exegesis, prayer and revelation, it also requires a willingness to be challenged in one's thinking. Your own perception or personal history can hinder understanding of the Bible! Being aware of these skills and reading flaws will lead to effective Bible reading.
---joshua on 3/9/10

Paul says
2 Tim 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (one of 3 places the word study is used)
We must rightly divide the word(it's all truth so needs to be divided), if we are to be approved by God.
---michael_e on 3/9/10

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"If God wants you to learn He will open your eyes."
Bob on 3/7/10
John 6:45: "It is written in the Prophets, 'And they will all be taught by God.' Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me" Nothing about opening eyes there, only that some learn and some do not...
But if eyes be closed, how and why?
Matthew 13:15 "For this people's heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them."
Also, beams and specks sat on a wall ...
---Nana on 3/9/10

Bob on 3/7/10
Good point.
Isaiah 29:10 For the LORD hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep,and hath closed your eyes:the prophets and yur rulers,the seers hath He covered.
Roman 11:8
God hath given them the spirit of slumber,eyes that they should not see,and ears that they should not hear",unto this day.

Praise God...

Isaiah 29:18
And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book,and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obsurity, and out of darkeness.
---char on 3/7/10

First of all one needs a Bible that has been translated from the old manuscripts in the original languages. I suggest you google "Concordant Publishing Concern" and get ready to read. Pray that John 3:27 will be kind to you. If God wants you to learn He will open your eyes. In Romans Paul talks about some that are left stupid, and that too is God's will for now... sorry.
---Bob on 3/7/10

Because we reverence God our Father,we fear to be out of His Will.
Letter definiton of:yod-resh-aleph-he'
Aleph-God or Father
He'-breath or breath of his mouth(Son:the spoken Word)
The fear(reverence)of the Lord,the beginning of knowledge:fools despise wisdom and instruction.
In the presence of God-some may fear,but as covenant Father-brings reverence.Mankind humbled-receives wisdom.
But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely,And shall quiet from fear(pakh'ad) of evil.My son,IF thou wilt receive my words...
Kaph-bend,bow down,allow
delet-choice,door opened/closed
---char on 3/6/10

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The bible is God's resume. It's a book about the relationship between God and man.

Read the bible from beginning to end two or three times through the eyes of a child. (and maybe even listen to it a couple of times from beginning to end). Do not pay attention to the verse numbers (verse numbers are a product of Satan). Do not use novels, authors opinions in books and magazines, concordances, christian dictionaries, or other christian reference books.

If you read novels, school textbooks, magazines and newspapers at face value why do christians try to analyze every verse they read as thousgh there was some sort of hidden meaning?
---Steveng on 3/6/10

CONTEXT,context. One might not get a grasp on all the historical events, BUT "if' you do you will understand Jesus saying Heb 10:7 then I said, Lo, I come, (in a volume of the book it hath been written concerning me,) to do, O God, Thy will,' Heb 10:8 saying above--`Sacrifice, and offering, and burnt-offerings, and concerning sin-offering Thou didst not will, nor delight in,' --which according to the law are offered--

and if you understand that you will know...Joh 6:45 it is having been written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God, every one therefore who heard from the Father, and learned, cometh to me, that is the promise of "the gospel" for therein is the righteousness of God revealed Rm1:16
---steven-rem7000 on 3/6/10

I encourage you to use external sources to help you. Study guides, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and maps. You need to know world history, What was going on in the region at the time a book was written. Know the culture of the people. It helps to know about the author of the book you are studying. When you are reading letters in the NT remember you are only getting one side of the story you don't know what prompted the author to answer as he did or what question the author is trying to answer. Idioms don't translate well. When Paul is using Roman Adoption as an illustration of being adopted into the family of God 1st Century readers understood the process, you as a reader in the 21st Century probably don't so you have some studying to do.
---Friendly_Blogger on 3/6/10

You cannot. Unless you have in your right hand Bible tools....Don't just read, please. Study. Ask God to help you and look for revelations.
---catherine on 3/6/10

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Esther, your answers were right on. Starting with fearing God. You must be new here and you are doing great. With the fear of God,
"Blessed is every one who fears the Lord"
And as we read again,
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction"
If we want to know more about God's Truth, we need to fear the Lord for it is the beginning of knowledge of the things of God.
---MarkV. on 3/6/10

Firstly, it is very important to Fear the LORD your God because the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him and He will show them His covenant.

Secondly, find the time that your heart is free from the cares of this world and with no interruptions to read your Bible. Thirdly, pray to God and ask for the Holy Spirit to turn the darkness into light since where the Spirit of God is there is liberty (Isaiah 60:2, 2 Corinthians 3:15-18).

Finally, after reading, pray to God Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know Jeremiah 33:3. I encourage people to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation so as to know the God they worship and also attend Bible studies.
---Esther on 3/5/10

Unless you allow the Holy Spirit to teach you the Bible and what God says it says, you will NEVER know what it says in TRUTH. You will still be believing LIES.
---Leslie on 3/4/10

The best way to read the Bible, to me, is read every passage slowly, as though you were reading it for the first time. Don't skip words because you think you "know" it so well. Pray before you start, pray that God will show you something you need to know. Then read until He does.
---Donna66 on 3/3/10

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Effectively:Humbled with Reverence.
Believe God exist-walk deligently to seek Him.Trust-His Spirit teaches-guiding through His ways.He will witness to His Testimony:be willing- receive and walk with His instructions.
IN His Love-be humbled to each other-prasing Him for His mercy and grace:repentance and remission.
Ex3:14 I am-I am
Heb11:6 But without faith impossible to please:for he that cometh to God must believe that HE IS,HE IS a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.
Phil2 one love-mind
Christ:Jn 6:41-48
Who,being in the form of God,thought it not robbery to be equal with God:but made Himself of no reputation,and took upon Him the form of a servant,and was made in the likeness of men:...
---char on 3/3/10

Joshua: I believe the absolute best way of reading the Bible "effectively" is to know the Lord (the Author of the Bible) "personally".
---Leon on 2/28/10

I totally agree. That way, we know we are getting THE AUTHORIZED VERSION!
---kathr4453 on 3/2/10

There is study, and then there is faith.
When you're:

sad, John 14
sinned, Psalm 51
facing danger, Psalm 91
people have failed,Psalm 27
faith needs stimulation, Hebrews 11
alone and scared,Psalm 23
worried, Matthew 8:19-34
hurt and critical, 1 Corinthians 13
wonder about Christianity, 2 Cor 5:15-18
feel like an outcast, Romans 8:31-39
seeking peace, Matthew 11:25-30
courage for a task, Joshua 1
depressed, Psalm 27
lose faith in mankind,1 Cor 13
people are unfriendly, John 15
losing hope, Psalm 126
secret for happiness, Colossians 3:12-17
For dealing with fear, Psalm 47
For security, Psalm 121:3
For assurance, Mark 8:35
For reassurance, Psalm 145:18
---kathr4453 on 3/2/10

Study:Aleph to Tav.
The UNDEFILED in the way who walk in the law of the Lord.
vs4-Hast commanded us To Keep Thy precepts-diligently.
Is 28:1Woe to the crown of pride,the drunkards of Ephraim...them that are overcome with wine!
vs 13:FALL BACKWARDS-be broken-snared- taken...

THEY took the Word of God-mimicked the prophets through repetition,rhyming simular words(mockery-giving back)...line upon line...Is28:10-13
Pslam 119:
*WAY-To tread feet
*TESTIMONIES--to turn back
*PRECEPTS-take oversight
*WORD(imarah)-bring to light-to say
*WORD(dabar)-to arrange in a row-set forh in speech
*LAW-to point out
*JUDGMENT-to set up
---char on 3/1/10

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How can you read the bible effectively?

the answer is in the Bible:
Not chapter by chapter.
Not verse by verse
Not book by book.

Isaiah 28:10 For precept [must be] upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, HERE A LITTLE, [and] THERE A LITTLE:

Isaiah 28:13 But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, [and] there a little, that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.
---francis on 3/1/10

To read the Bible effectively, you MUST read it through the eyes of Jesus. Jesus was a Jew, so we must read through Hebrew eyes (God's understanding), NOT Greek eyes (human understanding). Also, when we read the Bible, we MUST pray that the Holy Spirit would open the scriptures to us, and would show us the heart, mind, and intent of God or Jesus (depending on the red lettering) is, and what His (God's) interpretation of it is - not what our (human) interpretation is. God is the author of the Bible, therefore we MUST go and ask Him what it means, otherwise we are just putting words in God's mouth by interpreting it our (man's) way. We MUST start to believe what we read (God's understanding), NOT read what we believe (human understanding).
---Leslie on 3/1/10

"'So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth,
. It shall not return to me void,
. But it shall accomplish what I please,
. And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.'"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Isaiah 55:11)

So, God's word *shall* accomplish what God pleases. So, it doesn't matter how people make it seem like we can't understand and do what the Bible says. God has us living His word the way *He* means His message, better than we can think it means, as we simply walk with Jesus and *discover* how You have us loving with You (c:
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/1/10

Choose the same time every day or night where you will not be disturbed, for at least 30 minutes. It should be quiet, and have a light on to read. Say a prayer before each reading, asking Jesus to help you to understand what you are going to read. Then begin reading. Many years ago when I began to read the Bible I started with 5 chapters per day, and depending upon my energy and interest level I would read more or less, but my standard was to try to read about 5 chapters every day. I recall that the pages of my Bible would actually turn by themselves when I was reading, and once when I read about the hail coming down in Egypt, it began to hail outside where I used to live in sunny southern california. Begin reading, and you will be blessed.
---Eloy on 3/1/10

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Joshua: I believe the absolute best way of reading the Bible "effectively" is to know the Lord (the Author of the Bible) "personally".
---Leon on 2/28/10

Considering that a 125 word limit will not give me the suffice space needed to answer this question, I will redirect to you to a article written by His Excellency, the Most Reverend Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia, entitled "How to Read the Bible". You can read it online.

"The Scriptures constitute a coherent whole. They are at once divinely inspired and humanly expressed. They bear authoritative witness to Gods revelation of Himself in creation, in the Incarnation of the Word, and in the whole history of salvation, and as such express the word of God in human language. We know, receive, and interpret Scripture through the Church and in the Church. Our approach to the Bible is one of obedience."

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 2/28/10

Just read.

God will help you recall what you need to remember and apply.
---Cluny on 2/28/10

if I understand you are you saying your having problems understanding Gods word?
---tom2 on 2/28/10

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