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What Is A Miracle

What is a miracle and do miracles happen today?

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 ---Moderator on 3/3/10
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Atheist, you're the miracle.
3-billion base pairs of DNA on 23 chromosones in you and each of the 6-billion fellow humans.
You have been given emotion, a soul and a will for which you have used to curse the creator who designed you. Even so he is long suffering and not willing that any should perish. He puts up with your pride, rebellion and idiocy from the brain, heart, soul and life he granted you.

The miracle you doubt and seek proof is out of sight, because unless you are born again you can't see. You can't see God Atheist because you are blind.
---larry on 3/24/10

Atheist, many christians believe in luck just as atheists. good christians will say i've ghot chance that they chose me, or i was lucky to find that 100 dollar bill. in that way christians might be confused, still they confess every good comes from God even chance and luck.(i know im gonna get some hatemail for this one)however when something unexplainable happens, for instance someone is healed from cancer inspite the fact that it is an incurable form, to say i dont know just to avoid saying its a miracle, that is not being honnest. "miracles" happen, and sometimes even more to people who do not know God the way you in the west know him in books and ith scientific reasons, it is Western intellect that prevents miracles to be seen.
---Andy3996 on 3/22/10

atheist, All religions are dead idolatry. Many more miracles occur in God's presence, than apart from God's presence: for my God will have mercy on whom he will have mercy. And when an atheist rejects their God in front of persons, that atheist will also be rejected before the angels of God.
---Eloy on 3/20/10

Andy, we believers do not believe in fate, chance or luck. We believe in Christ. That all things work for good for all who love Christ. We might not like what is ahead, but it is dependent upon God. In whom we give our lives to. Unbelievers have no hope, so they depend on fate, chance and many times on luck. Athiest are in the group.
---mary on 3/18/10

dear mary, Fate is a predistined road, atheists(true atheists) do not believe in fate.
---Andy3996 on 3/18/10

Andy, it is fate, chance or luck if something unexplained or explained happens to an athiest for he has no faith in God. To believers, there is no fate, chance or luck involve, but the hand of God working in his life.
---mary on 3/10/10

So if something I can explain happens to me, can't I just say I can't explain it.

Do I have to call it 'getting lucky' or a miracle?
---atheist on 3/10/10

Many that Christ healed, though probably not atheists, did not appear to be believers...most couldn't have been called Christian. Some had faith before the miracle, some appeared to have none. But when their paralyzed legs walked or their blind eyes saw, then, they certainly believed He was God.
---Donna66 on 3/10/10

No a miracle cannot happen to an atheist, or the person would no longer be an atheist. a miracle is divine interference, and an atheist rejects that. so an atheist will ghet "lucky" instead, LOL.
---Andy3996 on 3/10/10

yes, miacles sometimes happen to atheists.
---Donna66 on 3/9/10

Carla -- I agree about lengthening legs. You never can talk about miracles without somebody telling you about this happening to somebody. One would think that half the population has mismatched legs (which is actually quite rare and would usually be healed by straightening the spine, not "growing a leg") Perhaps it is because so many want a "miracle testimony" and without any real disorder, this is one way to get one (if you are at all suggestible).

I believe in genuine miracles and I've seen a few myself. But when I had cancer and people all said "pray for a miracle"... I just said, "Lord, I want to be healed and I don't care how you do it!" He answered my prayer, too.
---Donna66 on 3/9/10
---Donna66 on 3/9/10


Do miracle happen to people of other faiths, and do they happen to atheists?
---atheist on 3/9/10

A miracle is that which we cannot explain from nature as it is: the read coming back to life, a mdeical problem being healed in a way that nature/our body/doctors cannot do, and so on. They are those things that need Someone (God) to do what His creation cannot do. Yes, they do happen, though those who do not beleive them generally try too hard to explain them in other ways
---peter3594 on 3/9/10

A supernatural occurrence, and yes miracles happen frequently to Christians.
---Eloy on 3/7/10

something beyond ,or impossible to happen because of natural laws that never allow for it to take place,say like a dead man sitting up and walking away from his casket.
---tom2 on 3/5/10

when asking for a miracle remember 2 Pet 3:15 ..the patience of our Lord is salvation
---michael_e on 3/4/10

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When praying for a miracle we should ask for God to supernaturally interfere in the situation we describe. We are to leave time and method to him of course and we can do this by subjugating our prayer to God's will. Our God knows our limitations limitations however should never be put on God!! I enjoy praying for miraculous things salvations, healings and situations that seem to be out of control, that seems to have gone awry, when praying for miraculous things I like for someone to agree with me. Getting someone to agree with me seemed to strengthen me.
---mima on 3/4/10

Donna66 and others - You are CORRECT. 1st Donna66 You are correct in saying that we should NOT seek miracles, but Jesus Christ ALONE. We must remember that everything that glitters is NOT gold. When we seek Jesus FIRST, miracles follow. 2nd all others You are correct in saying that salvation is the greatest miracle.
---Leslie on 3/4/10

There is no greater miracle than salvation, but it has to be accepted.
---michael_e on 3/4/10

Leslie -- You've given a good reason not to seek miracles for the sake of having a miracle. This can lead to trouble (as can seeking "signs"). People sometimes challenge God to "prove" Himself by performing a miracle.
Personally, I'd never ask God for a miracle.
If I'm sick, I want to be healed. And that's what I pray for. I don't tell Him how to accomplish it. It may, or may not, take a miracle. I don't really care...I just want to get well!

If I'm in some kind of trouble, I ask God's guidance and His intervention. A miracle may happen (usually without my expecting it.. it may even happen without my knowing it) but, most often, he will simply guide my thinking to a solution. Either way is OK with me.
---Donna66 on 3/4/10

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Donna ... Indeed there can't be a formula for getting a miracle.

If there was, the churches would be full to bursting, and there would be one on every street corner!
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/4/10


Are you a child of God? Yes you are.

Will God hold any good thing from one of his children? No he will not.

Do you believe it was God,s will to save your friend? Yes it was.

May I suggest to you that you cannot see the spiritual world with your eyes. And I believe because you prayed I must rest my answer on God's mercies and ask you to please six join me in that trust.
---mima on 3/4/10

Mima--Yes, Salvation is a great miracle. Nobody but God can do it. But I've prayed fervently over years for someone to be saved. He was witnessed to by many.He just died and I have no reason to believe he ever settled things with God. How do you explain this.
---Donna66 on 3/3/10

Two big IFS.
Do you agree that salvation is a miracle?
If so can you take the challenge to pray for someone to receive salvation many will see a miracle (salvation for someone come to be).
---mima on 3/3/10

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A miracle is a supernatural phnominon, that cannot be explained by science. There are two types: (1) those that are from God (real, in line with the Bible, and makes you lift up Jesus ONLY), (2) those that are from Satan (counterfeit, NOT in line with the Bible, and makes you lift up people or Satan). Miracles are for today. Those that say they are not, are NOT in line with the Bible - God and His Word are the same yesterday, today, and FOREVER, they do NOT change. Therefore, if miracles were in the O.T. & N.T, and God and the Devil are supernatural, and we also are supernatural (being created in His image and likeness), and God and His Word do NOT change, then miracles ARE for today.
---Leslie on 3/3/10

They do happen. I've seen some in the hospital. I'm not talking about amazing (these may be unusual but not actually without explanation). I'm talking about occurrences that can have no other natural explanation.

But, being "miraculous" they don't seem to follow any set pattern or formula. You can't say, "this is how you get a miracle". If you COULD it would be predictable, which miracles are not. If you COULD, it would be too easy to take partial credit for the outcome. (some will disagree, I'm sure)

Even un-believers experience miracles. Yes, it's true. Some that Jesus healed (but not all) had faith. Yet few could be called "believers". Some became believers after a miracle!
---Donna66 on 3/3/10

Miracles are happening all the time all over the world,you just don't hear much about them. A miracle is devine intervention in a mortals life of a need,whether restoration,healing,supply,or conclusion, etc. which cannot be replicated by man in the same way or same amount of time. With God we need to remember there is nothing too small,such as my earaches as a child,or too large,my shorter right leg growing out,it was treated as such by a doctor with XRays to prove it,and I wore a buildup in my shoe to even the legs,and the miracle also made the backache the shorter leg was causing to go away. God is awesome.Praise God !!
---Darlene_1 on 3/3/10

A miracle is a supernatural intervention act of God. It is usually instant.

It is an act performed by God so supernaturally that man cannot explain it.

The doctors told me in September at the hospital, you had a miracle. They were baffled when they were getting ready to med-o-vac me down to a hospital in the city because my liver was bleeding ALOT - almost to death.
When all of a sudden they said it stopped. They told me I had a miracle. It was to me a supernatural intervention by God that man cannot explain how it happened.
---Donna on 3/3/10

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