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What Is The Daily Cross

"Then He said to them all, 'If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.'" (Luke 9:23) What is the cross that Jesus means for us to take up daily?

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 ---Bill_bila5659 on 3/3/10
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"What is the cross that Jesus means for us to take up daily?"
Love expressed in one's willingness to lay aside one's 'self-seeking manner of living' for the uplifting, exhortation, or simply the general benefit of another.
---Josef on 4/4/10

I am learning that there is only two things in this life that matters. Number [1] Is God, and number [2] other people. You keep your eyes on Jesus you will carry your crosses. You won't even know why. Or how.
---catherine on 4/2/10

deny the flesh.
---tom2 on 4/1/10

Maintaining the The 1 & Only Salvation Plan that The Lord has given, Acts 2 v's 37-41 which Fufills Matt.28 v's 19-20. That's being in Church services when the doors are open, praying times every day, reading The Word of God, being a witness etc, leaving the worldly pleasures alone.
The worldly pleasures (in the which the devil control of) 1st. John 2 v's 15-16 which includes social alcoh drinks, sports & missing services to see & or to participate in sports even non-essential excuses, smokes, club - dancing, movies etc., Why? Because God Is Strict. You canNot serve 2 masters.
In the O-Testament God winked at peoples ignorance. In the N-Testament, God will mock peoples calamity.
---Lawrence on 3/8/10

Jesus, expects faithfulness" more than anything else from His people....Denial of self and daily Sacrifices. If one lives merely for this life, which so many do, the following life will be lost. But, if one cares not about this life, means not to worry about it, in order to serve Christ, only then will He secure life eternal. God's people really has it made, because we have the living God living in us is a constant reminder that He is. Stay focused on Him and not on the thing of this world....Hello JESUS. Thank You my Lord and my God for all of Your help in the last few years, especially in the last couple of days. God's people don't mumble, grumble, as the heathens do. "What we are gonna do"? OHHH. Is this just for me, Jesus?
---catherine on 3/6/10

I see the word burden is being used here, but Jesus did say in Matthew 11:30 - For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

To me, when you're in love with Jesus, it's easy to take up your cross and follow Him daily.

What is that cross? The cross represents to us the place where Jesus died. It is a place where we say, not my will but thine be done and no matter how painful God's will can be for our lives, There's JOY in the Presence of the Lord and at thy right hand pleasures forevermore. Loneliness, getting away from people to spend hours praying to the Lord can be a cross. It's hard to do, but the results of it are splendid.
---Donna on 3/5/10

A cross is a burden ,a heavy load. To me it means meeting what ever comes my way,that I must deal with,bearing my load with faith and determination. Living life one day at a time,not fretting about the past,which we can't change,nor worrying about the future which we can't control. Standing strong with our Lord as our help,feet firmly planted in the Word of God and a life directed by faith in and commitment to God. Living a life of love,for God and mankind, which shapes us and molds us into the spiritual likeness of Christ. Fitly armed with the Spirit of truth and power,to move each day as a warrior,fighting the good fight of faith.
---Darlene1 on 3/5/10

Yes, my cross means dying to self, the way God has me do this, not how my self tries to act out religious and meditational self-denial methods.
Forgiving, instead of lifting my self up over others to be unforgiving: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do." (in Luke 23:34)
Willing to suffer and bear burdens for ones who do not deserve to have me suffer and bear burdens for them.
loving all people
Enjoying our Heavenly Father, instead of stinking about my own problems and personal failure.
Being sweetly pleasing to Him while I go through things, like how Jesus on the cross was "a sweet-smelling aroma," we have in Ephesians 5:2.
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/4/10

The burden in this world is different for each person, and each has been choose to bear certain struggles for his own salvation and the salvation for those around him. We must take up our cross daily. What does this mean? Our Commitment to Christ is a daily commitment, not one time event. It is a continuous practice of faith and obedience, by God's Grace (Matt. 10:22, Gal. 6:8-10, Rev. 2:10,11). Our main goal is Theosis, the process of a worshiper becoming free of hamarta ("missing the mark"), being united with God, beginning in this life and later consummated in bodily resurrection.

The Divine Apostle, Saint Paul, tells us that God will not allowed us to bear more than we can handle (1 Cor 10:13)

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/3/10

Saint Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea in the 4th century, wrote that Habits of life are major stubbing blocks in taking one's cross and following Christ:

"Self-denial involves the entire forgetfulness of the past and surrender of one's will, surrender which it is very difficult, not to say quite impossible, to achieve while living in the promiscuity customary in this world....readiness to die for Christ, the mortification of one's members on this earth, preparedness for every danger which might befall us on behalf of Christ' name, detachment from this life, this is to take up one's cross, and we regard the obstacles from the habits of life in society as major impediments thereto (The Long Rules, FC 9:246-7)

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/3/10

he means to deny,or crucify your flesh, daily all the temptations ,and lusts of the flesh.
---tom2 on 3/3/10

What is taking up our Cross? Our Father Among the Saints, Saint Gregory Palamas, a 14th century monk of Mount Athos in Greece and later the Archbishop of Thessaloniki, a preeminent theologian of Hesychasm, sumed up the interpretation of his predecessors, the Early Fathers:

"The Cross means crucifying the flesh with the affections and lusts (cf. Gal 5:24). In a time of religious peace, we take up our cross and follow Christ by putting our evil passions and desires to death through virtuous living. But when persecutions come, we must despise our own life, give up our soul for the sake of our faith, and thus take up our cross, so as to inherit eternal life" (Saint Gregory Palamas: The Homilies, Homily XV, pg 202

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/3/10

The cross that Jesus means is to die to yourself (will, desires, flesh) daily.
---Leslie on 3/3/10

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