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Husband Is Mean To Son

My husband does not treat our five year old son nicely. What do I do?

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 ---Margaret on 3/9/10
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Margaret: You say that divorce is not an option so my best advice to you is to get away from the man. It is wrong to knowingly endanger your children. Their safety MUST come first. If he is aggressive, it will only get worse. Is this what you want for your innocent children? His behavior will scar them for life or he could cause irreparable physical damage or even death. It is surely not a Godly environment that the Lord would want for your children. The children need your protection and intervention. Separate and seek God. Pray without ceasing.
---jody on 4/16/10

Well, I don't know! What does he do to him? There are some Scriptures, but you need to study them in order to get them right.
---catherine on 4/16/10

You should consider divorce, for the sake of the child, and maybe for your sake, too. He may get violent towards you as well. Free the child from that man legally. You should go and find a place for you and the boy to live, even if it is a women's shelter. Never leave the boy alone with that man.
---Betty on 4/16/10

it appears as You have said," He undermines my authority and my son and 6 yr old daughter know it."
He is not living up to Your expectations of discipline.
I honestly think You should be very thankful,Your reply was not,like ," He punches with curled fist,and extinguishes cigarettes on the childs arms"
just sounds to me like He is preparing the child for first grade,cause teachers,and coaches are gonna do much worse than You have mentioned here.
---kevin on 3/27/10

All three of you pray together.
---Eloy on 3/13/10

I understand your situation, my husband was what i thought to be aggressive to our son ,but I had to step back and let God do the work . I prayed fervently for the solution to come to us. The Lord reminded me that He was in control. Now they are best buds and he just turned 13. but as for your situation if you have been in counseling and the behavior still is happening then there is something not being addressed .
---Traci on 3/12/10

I agree everybody needs to be respected, otherwise the child potentially will become a bully.
---Macky on 3/12/10

Well,you had better do something. Children should be respected. We are much bigger than they are. What are we bullies?
---catherine on 3/12/10

What is your husband doing to the boy? Just kind of gruff or?
---Macky on 3/12/10

Go to a counselor to find out what would be considered normal as we don't know the details in this blog.
---Alan on 3/12/10

Margaret....Do you mean he hurts the boy or that you just don't agree with his method of punishment? Please tell us more.
---KarenD on 3/11/10

Are you saying that your husband is NOT the biological father of your children?

If you married him after your children were born, you should have remembered that your primary duty is to your children.
---Cluny on 3/11/10

I tried to explain this last night, but after spending an hour on it I see it got cut down to two sentences. By "mean" I mean he's too physically rough with him when he's angry. He pulled him up by his arm and hurt my sons neck and made him cry. He pulled his pants down as though to spank him when the rule is no hitting or spanking. He'll swat his butt or arm. He yells. He berates them for not going fast enough. He undermines my authority and my son and 6 yr old daughter know it. We've been in counseling for 2 yrs. His behavior is too aggressive, inconsistent, unpredictable and scary.What can I do about it? Divorce is not an option.
---Margaret_Christianson on 3/10/10

Robyn, please tell us, on the basis of the original post, exactly WHAT the man has done to the 5 year old boy.

Be specific, please.
---Cluny on 3/10/10

This hurts and upset me terribly. What has an innocent 5 yr old ,done to this evil man? You have a horrible problem on your hands dear. I am sorry. We make many mistakes in our lifetime and have to deal with the consequences. You are in for a very hard journey. I hope your relationship with this man is stable. I doubt it . It can't be, if this evilness, is doing this to a 5 yr old. Please seek spiritual help immediately. I would also consider getting my son away from this man. Find yourself somewhere else to go. This little boys life can be ruined. He is at a very vulnerable age,right now.I have been in a similar situation. Its terrible.
---Robyn on 3/10/10

when You say ," not nicely " do you mean Physically,Emotionally,Psycologically Abusive? or do You mean? " treats Him roughly "as in preparing Him for the real world,men know and women are learning,it's rough out there.
Humans are not the top of the food chain,even though alot believe they
---kevin on 3/10/10

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