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Was Nostradamus A False Prophet

Was Nostradamus a false prophet or a Godly prophet?

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 ---Jan on 3/10/10
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We should not deal with things of this nature. He was an astrologer,also. I don't think this man was even born again. We(christians) should stay away from these type things . Astrologers,philosophers.predictions are not of God. Psychics,tarot cards,palmist are not of God,either. Avoid these things!
---Robyn on 7/24/10

Nostradamus is of the devil he had to drink himself in a stupor to vommit his predictions.

name ONE biblical prophet who did that? and it is true that three quarters of his predictions could be explained in a way that it seems correct but three quarters is still only 75 percent, what did God say about a prophet whos prophecies do not come out?
personally i never prophecied anything that did not come out later.
---Andy3996 on 6/22/10

his "prophecies" have been manipulated by people today to mean something that is total nonsense, by those who will lead unbelievers to the antichrist

apparently he predicts an islamic tyrant will start world war 3 and the "messiah" will destroy him

but who is this "messiah?"

the beast, thats who
---glen on 5/5/10

first and foremost any prophet must be right 100 percent with all far as I know nostradamus never professed to be a prophet of God.
---tom2 on 3/31/10

\\Why do so many people follow Nostradamus 500 years later if there was not some true to his predictions?\\

Because there are so many people who have NO discernment or even common sense about these matters. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

If a prophet makes ONE false prophecy, then s/he is a false prophet.

---Cluny on 3/13/10

"Was Nostradamus a...Godly prophet?" NO! He practiced an occultic method of predicting called scrying (to make out dimly or to reveal). It's an ancient art of clairvoyance commonly practiced by witches. Clairvoyants concentrate on objects until visions appear. Scrying is used to predict the future by giving answers to questions, solutions to problems, helping to find people & things. The object concentrated on is usually a shiny, smooth surface such as a crystal ball, still waters of a lake or pond, mirrors, polished stones or metals & bowls of liquid.

Nostradamus used bowls of water for his divinations. (Deut. 18:10-12) What he did parallels what the witch of Endor (1 Sam. 28:3-25) did for King Saul.
---Leon on 3/12/10

Goodness! 1503-66---French physician and astrologer. He was the author of a popular book of rhymed prophecies "the centuries" [1555]. He was a false prophet.
---catherine on 3/12/10

Jan-- People follow Nostradamus and others because it is human to have curiosity about the future. If he is perceived to have been correct even ONCE, they will search his writings for some clue to the future.

I think this is the same reason horoscopes never lose their popularity. Many of the people who read them don't really believe they are accurate. But they read them anyway, because....well, they just wonder...what will it say about the uncertainties my day, my job, my love life?
---Donna66 on 3/11/10

Why do so many people follow Nostradamus 500 years later if there was not some true to his predictions?
---Jan on 3/11/10

From what I've read of Nostradmus, there is PLENTY of room for interpretation. Nobody call tell for sure exactly what he predicts WILL happen, because the language is archaic and uses symbolism so extensively

However, it's quite simple to use hindsight to interpret many things. And there can be many past scenarios that seem to fit if you look for them.
---Donna66 on 3/11/10

If Nostradamus wasn't a prophet, then what was he? Many of the predictions have come true.
---Jan on 3/11/10
Nostradamus was a soothsayer, you answered that yourself with MANY of his predictions,
true prophets of the bible are right 100%
I heard of a local prophetess, who was right half the time.
---michael_e on 3/11/10

If Nostradamus wasn't a prophet, then what was he? Many of the predictions have come true.
---Jan on 3/11/10

I don't think Nostradamus was a prophet at all!

How's that?

Nobody with any sense pays the least attention to his gloriously meaningless ravings.
---Cluny on 3/10/10

Are you making a prophecy Kevin? :)
---Leon on 3/10/10

We'll see =)
---kevin on 3/10/10

He was a false prophet.
---Betty on 3/10/10

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Was Nostradamus a false prophet? Well did he have 100% accuracy in his predictions? In the answer to that question you have your answer.
---mima on 3/10/10

Did the Waltons take way too long to say goodnight?
---Leon on 3/10/10

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