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Demon Talking To My Husband

My husband, almost every night wakes me up and tells me that a demon is telling him to get away from me and especially he hears that voice when I am saying my nightly prayer. He says the demon leaves after I tell it to in the name of Jesus. Could this be a demon? My husband is not saved.

Moderator - Yes, that sounds like a demon. Is your husband open to the idea of accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord? Then the demon will stay gone.

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 ---Kasey on 3/11/10
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//He says the demon leaves after I tell it to in the name of Jesus.//

why flee? why make room for the devil? you have the answer. the man has obvious issues, but by standing your ground, you are perhaps protecting an unsaved person from great harm for right now. stand firm!

the Logos isn't always logical to us. God let His own son be murdered, so we have a way back to Him. Does that make any sense to us before we knew why?
---aka on 12/29/10

Kasey: Look. Why are you asking bloggers here what to do? Do you realize you are sleeping with a demon?! Do you realize your life is in danger! This man could kill you in your sleep and quite possibly, nothing would be done about it! He would plead insanity and you would be just another dead sister. Please get out of there quick! Don't take chances with this man or your life! Demons will make people do all sorts of evil things. Including killing. Please leave today.And this man is not even saved!OMG!!
---Robyn on 12/28/10

how can you understand that,sorry ---sarah on 12/28/10

sorry, i could not understand your post.
---aka on 12/28/10

this is a hard one coz christains can b oppressed but not possesed,once u have been deliverd keep your guard and keep thankin jesus.but im at a loss myself me an my hubby r seperated,we were working things out thought god was doing miricales then he went weird agian but this time the txts were satanic not from a christain (which he claims to be).so its either his true colours or a demon.ive left him with god it hurts like hell,i done everything i could he has a pattern of doing this but now its worse,so its a bit easier to accept if your husbands not a christain coz u can still pray an its not such a shock to u wen the negative happens but wen ya husband is surpose to b a christain an does what mines doing how can you understand that,sorry
---sarah on 12/28/10

is when my friends daughter sat and explained to me and my son of an experience that has been troubling her this week.

It can only be the evil spirits at work again she explained the half awake, half asleep as she thought, the not being able to wake, the sense of an evil being trying to choke her and seeing eerie shadows in her room, the feeling of fear and the need to call on Jesus.

my list is getting longer. The Proof is not hard to find now days.
---Carla on 7/28/10

Me on 7/2/10

If you were at one time possessed, they will certainly try to enter you again.

Mat 12:43-45 "When the unclean spirit has gone out of a person,...

In order for a house to stay clean, the cleaning needs to be continual (and not just one time).

As far as your husband, you described 99% of the people who marry. Would you say, "he is so surly, I think I will marry him". His 'demons' are his own.
---aka.joseph on 7/4/10

I don't know what your situation is collectively but if you cannot confess that Jesus is Lord and saviour of your life then yes you may be experiencing demon activity. People behave differently when they do not have the peace of salvation and living by the truth of the word.Ask a pastor if he could pray for you and your husband and put you both on his prayer list check periodically and make sure they are praying for you daily. If this does not help ask if they would pray and fast for your situation. That is what they are there for.
---Carla on 7/2/10

Hello, I had a question: Im a christian who may have demon possession or demons trying to come back into me. My question is this, my husband started out really sweet, and is becoming gradually argumentative and irritable very much like myself. Do you think this might have to do with my old demons attacking him as well?
---Me on 7/2/10


Your post is so ironic...LOL.
---aka_joseph on 5/26/10


Are you tying to equate, Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, who knew way before birth of her virgin conception by the Holy Spirit to a girl who did not realize she was pregnant from bumpin' uglies with a fleshy man?

Who is making presumptions

have you nothing better to offer?

remind me not to go your church or serve your God.
I merely state FACTS you criticise like a boy who never had a sibling to fight with hence learning respect as a child so seek to play school yard games when this is a Serious Matter.

As I expressed(rightly) if you indeed knew what you were talking about you would given a scriptural solution not heresy and express spelling mistakes.

---Carla on 5/26/10

For your own gratification you have won a popularity contest well done!

This man made name gives no clear definable help it merely suggests a condition. It is not a condition is is a supernatural attack from demons.

David Hufford sleep paralysis gives the exact experience of the demon activity I'm expressing here, however giving his own interpretation of it being this sleep paralysis.

A spade is a spade a feathers a feather I know which one I'd like to be hit with and it's not a spade!

Sleep paralysis a feather demons the Spade!

Demons don't come to play, prayer and fasting, repetition of Jesus's name is a sure and positive victory.
---Carla on 5/25/10

Carla, you sing the song that never ends. i was offering it as a possible suggestion because it was happening when they went to bed. If you say that I judged you, so be it.

In your one words, "salome!"
---aka_joseph on 5/24/10 every successful exorcism performed in the NT, the demon(s) left within an hour. There were two unsuccessful exorcism attempts: the Apostles (for their lack of faith) and the seven sons of Sceva (for their cluelessness). If you had years of experience at your house, then why did it takes weeks at your sisters house? Was it for lack of faith or cluelessness?

The site that I suggested named it that way because there are many people in this world who do not believe in the supernatural. These people would not frequent a site called demonbusters, but they might frequent the one that I named. They both have the same goal, but a different target audience.
---aka_joseph on 5/24/10

I highly doubt it is a demon.
99.99% sure it is his imagination, or his deep thought urging him to get away from you.

I am willing to bet that there is something in your marriage that your husband is uncomfortable with.

You guys need to have the: it's not you it's me talk.

Maybe he is not comfortable with you as a christian as he once was.

Maybe he is not as comfortable with himself as a none christian as he once was.

Either way a nice talk in needed.

Start with: "Is this marriage working for you, with me being a christian and all, because I feel that___________ and _____ and _______ more and more lately.(fill in the blank)
---francis on 5/24/10

The point I made was in relations to this sleep paralysis not a site for sleep paralysis.

I agree with you Donna. I had sleep paralysis when I was younger, but was not visited by any demons. I just learned not to fall asleep on my back especially when I was exhausted.

so who Judged who wrong?
---Carla on 5/24/10


That is precisely the point. You judge(d)me before you knew what the site was. It is all about demons and one way the can attack at sleep time and not a sleep condition. However, you did not simply check, you jumped on me and then told us all of YOUR experience. That was exactly what you had jumped on alan's case for.

Now, as far as your experience goes...
---aka_joseph on 5/24/10

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You claimed a sleep condition if you had any clue what these things were immediately you would know they are demons.

I have had no option but to learn the hard way, fear pumping through my heat nite after nite fighting a power I had no idea was demons.

It took many years I even left my house for a house with no heating decent windows and in poor condition and if I had to admit it, I was so frightened I slept with my bible open and the dog in my room at night.
---Carla on 5/23/10

to alan\\You remind me of those who appreciate their own experiences and belittle others!\\

to aka\\I love to hear these novice's sorry aka, but you don't have a clue, you just don't have a clue. Everyone has his own gift from god and if you don't read the word properly on these subjects which admittedly I do sometimes you get people in a lot of trouble.I have cast them out of a house and was left drained and timid for months. I had no choice they came down upon me and my sister It took a few weeks...but eventually she was free she uses the prayers when any come into her dwelling.\\

Who does that remind you of, Carla?
---aka_joseph on 5/23/10

You remind me of those who appreciate their own experiences and belittle others!

I wonder if you really think that Demons are something Christ encouraged us to not only lie about as you accuse me of doing but also something I would ever wish to associate myself with?

It is obvious you think my experiences are worn as a trophy as in deed you do with depression!

I wished to the Lord You would understand and stop this Faade. Depression and fear is what in many cases bring them into being. spiritually that's when they seem to pounce.

Other times one can only imagine people conjure them us psalm reading occult dabbling who knows they exist BIG TIME!
---Carla on 5/16/10

Carla ... Not everyone suffers from full scale depression.

If you're just feeling down, you call it depressed. Do you think that is caused by a demon?

When you have real depression, you have NO FAITH in anyone, not anything. You don't even believe God is there.

Unless you have been in that place, you can't understand that.
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/15/10

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Here again we are faced with the need to define a "spirit". A spirit can be benevolent as it can be malevolent. Benevolent spirituality is a shared perception in alignment with those things Holy- perpetuating, life-giving and life-sustaining. The opposite is also true...the spiritual alignment of perception and thought that is punctuating--causing destruction, separation and Death is what we attribute to Satan. So yes, a demon is a spiritual alignment with those things destructive and hateful. "Satan comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy."
---Elaine on 5/15/10


Not everybody has to take meds for depression does that make them imperfect if they have just have faith in Jesus's healing powers.
---Carla on 5/15/10


Are you tying to equate, Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, who knew way before birth of her virgin conception by the Holy Spirit to a girl who did not realize she was pregnant from bumpin' uglies with a fleshy man?

And by salome, are you wishing us peace (shalom) or are you referencing the daughter of Herodias, who danced for Herod Antipas, giving her mom the opportunity to get John the Baptist's head?

Ignorance is the exact opposite of bliss.
---aka_joseph on 5/14/10

Is your husband still having this problem?
---Fay on 5/14/10

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I understand peoples unbelief I thought I got saved I knew everything. Especially when I always maintained there was no way someone could be pregnant and not know until the birth.I found out I was carrying at four months and nearly dropped down.

easily done


Ignorance is bliss!

---Carla on 5/14/10

Aka, you are right, no body can make you do anything, but they can sure convince you to do something that you once thought was wrong to be right. Just think of all those who become Christian, many things they did they thought were ok, but once they came to the Lord they found out different. The whole of Scripture tells us that we have a fallen nature because of Adam not Eve. She was convince the serpent was the truth teller and God had lied. Adam sinned because he wanted to. He knew the rules, was not deceived and still rebelled against God.
And I believe we have to really be careful when blaming someone for our wrongs, Adam blame Eve, she blamed the serpent, the serpent blamed God for lying. No one took responsibility.
---MarkV. on 5/13/10


In the other blog you say that Eve was deceived because the 'devil made her do it." I personally believe there are no demons or devils that can make us do anything. Desires are already in our heart. Satan just takes advantage of the chinks in our spiritual armor.

As Paul warns:Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

It is our decision that makes us 'do it' but Satan uses the schemes that will work best for each individual.
---aka_joseph on 5/13/10

MarV ... Youi're quite right.

We have human bodies, which are in many cases not perfectly healthy when they first form, and they all deteriorate as we grow older. Worries assail during our lives, from jobs, emotions, relationships and families, and about our health.

These things are natural to our imperfect selves. We should not blame demons ... if we do there is the danger that we take no responsibility for anything!
Do you recall the contributor here who blmaed the tire demon for the tire in her car failing?
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/13/10

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Donna66, I am with you on your answer of 5/12/10. I believe that many go too far to the left and blame the demons and the enemy for everything they do in life. Yes, it is possible that it could be a demon, but unlikely. I notice that many give too much credit to the enemy for everything. Too much weight, its the demons, lie to much, its a demon, cannot sleep, its a demon. In the end they never take responsibility for their actions, its always some demon who is to blame. When the curse came, the body begin to decay, we have lots of things going wrong within our bodies that came from the curse itself. Things happen for three reasons, It comes from God, from the enemy or comes from ourselves.
---MarkV. on 5/13/10

aka-joseph --- There is nothing to forgive. I don't think we disagree. Only I didn't realize before, that Christians sometimes see sleep paralysis as demonic in origin, since it is a natural phenomenon, not supernatural.
---Donna66 on 5/12/10

Donna, I said the same thing that you did but in different words. Please forgive me.
---aka_joseph on 5/12/10

aka-joseph My response was not just to you. It was more for people who assumed that the sleep paralysis MUST be a demon, or perhaps worse, paranoid scizophrenia.
A schizophrenic reaction may appear somewhat similar, but the person is neither asleep nor paralysed.

I don't want people worrying about something that may be quite normal.
---Donna66 on 5/12/10

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//Sometimes a person wakes slightly before their body can respond//

I agree with you Donna. I had sleep paralysis when I was younger, but was not visited by any demons. I just learned not to fall asleep on my back especially when I was exhausted.

I was not trying to say that the only reason for sleep paralysis is demonic. I was trying to provide a link for people who are.
---aka_joseph on 5/12/10


paralyze: 1. To affect with paralysis, cause to be paralytic 2. To make unable to move or act: i.e paralyzed by fear.

stopsleepparalysis is a Christian ministry for helping victims that are attacked when they sleep or partly asleep. They also have a link to talk about Jesus and how to witness to various cults and other things.

I did not say 'they' paralyze your sleep (whatever that means). That was presumption on your part. I suggested that people google the site that explains demonic visitations.

Do you think a worldy unsaved person who hates anything related to the supernatural will visit a site called stop sleep paralysis or one called demon busters?
---aka_joseph on 5/12/10

Everyone is paralyzed while in a deep sleep.
Thats why you can dream of doing many physical activities yet your body remains still. There are those who sleep walk, but this is relatively rare. Sometimes a person wakes slightly before their body can respond. This may be frightening to some.
But it is not physiologically abnormal, nor dependent on one's spiritual state.

I don't deny the existance of demons, but "sleep paralysis" is not evidence of them.
---Donna66 on 5/12/10

Don't ask the world to explain demons read the word.

sleep paralysis what is this? demons?

They do not paralyse your sleep they paralyse you while you sleep or your half awake. They use fear to hold you down and you cannot speak or wake quickly although you are aware that that some evil power is upon you.However you can think, and if you repeat Jesus's name they let go. when confident they leave you alone.
---Carla on 5/12/10

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You are right, Carla, I am clueless. I hope someone can explain your post to me some day.
---aka_joseph on 5/11/10

I love to hear these novice's sorry aka, but you don't have a clue, you just don't have a clue. Everyone has his own gift from god and if you don't read the word properly on these subjects which admittedly I do sometimes you get people in a lot of trouble.

Demon busters have some wonderful prayers on removing demons not everything on the sight is for real but if you download them adapt them to your situation they help a great Deal.

I have cast them out of a house and was left drained and timid for months. I had no choice they came down upon me and my sister It took a few weeks (long and winded too much detail) but eventually she was free she uses the prayers when any come into her dwelling.
---Carla on 5/11/10

google stop sleep paralysis
---aka_joseph on 5/11/10

It could be a demon or an hallucination as a result of a mental illness. In either case, pray for salvation of your husband. If he accepts Jesus, the demon will have to go and if mentally ill, he may be healed.
---jody on 4/13/10

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Yes. I agree with the Moderator. By the way, demons are sociable creatures, and they will keep the door open for more & more demons to enter in if sin is not forsaken and the person's life turned over to Jesus Christ.
---Betty on 4/13/10

Your husband must want this presence to leave him to the point of desperation, faith and understanding of what it takes, it takes days of praying and fasting he needs to be spiritually strong enough to withstand what will happen during the process(they don't come out that easily. IF you don't your trying will be in vain and you will make it worse.

Otherwise You'll need strong male ministers willing to put in the time/effort help and support need during and(after too) they will need experience with operating in this area especially when dealing with someone possessed to be able to free him totally. It is both exhausting and draining but worth it when you succeed.
---Carla on 3/16/10

Yes, plead the blood of Jesus Christ over your husband and command the demon to be gone in the name of Jesus Christ. Then lead your husband to Christ.
---Tom on 3/14/10

Is he afraid of the demon?
---Tom on 3/14/10

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Cluny is right. These symptoms sound exactly like my brother-in-law who is a schizophrenic.
---KarenD on 3/13/10

I would think it would get him thinking on a spiritual level pretty quick. I know if I was hearing voices I would be pretty stressed and would for sure first seek spiritual help.

But, the possibility of mental illness also exists. If he tries medication and the voices go away then I would lean away from saying it is a demon since they keep coming back after the prayers.

There is a Christian psychiatrist in our town that uses both methods of treatment. The first route is prayer but if the problem persists he has demonstrated through many cases that medication is the only way to treat genuine psychotic disorders.
---obewan on 3/12/10

I would think that a demon speaking to an unsaved person would scare the fool out of them.
---Tom on 3/12/10

Kasey, you mention no other symptoms, so it leads me to believe it is a demon. Make sure your husband understands that demons usually attack because they are afraid they are going to lose. Perhaps he has been leaning towards giving his heart to Jesus and they are trying to scare him out of it. This is an open door for you to discuss at length the ways of Christ. It could also be the result of dabbling in the occult. You must ask all kinds of questions and ask God to lead you every step of the way. Join with another Christian in fasting and praying about this.
---Fay5984 on 3/12/10

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And then, it could be what is called paranoid schizophrenia.

I, however, am neither psychiatrist nor clinical psychologist.
---Cluny on 3/11/10

Hi. One night my husband heard something say into his ear his name really loud and fast. I don't know if this is true for all people, but I know that for me and my husband sometimes things have been out to get us.
Your husband needs to invite Jesus into his heart, and try to obey him. He also needs to memorize battle verses so that when he does go away, he can quote God's Word to make him go away. "Get Behind me satan in the name of Jesus!" also helps.
---amand6348 on 3/11/10

I suppose it could be a demon...but a rather stupid one. If your husband is tormented by this demon, but notes it's departure when told to leave in the name of Jesus.... he may begin to wonder at the power in the name, Jesus.

And that would be a GOOD thing.
---Donna66 on 3/11/10

If I were you, BEFORE your husband goes to sleep ask the Lord to surround him with angels to keep him safe and plead the blood of Jesus over him.

Now a question for the scholars on this site: Can you plead the blood over an unsaved person?

I'm not so sure if the demon will stay gone when your husband accepts Jesus as His Lord and Savior. Don't they prowl about like a roaring lion seeking whom they can devour? Didn't they manifest in front of Jesus and ask to go into a herd of swine? The Pharisees followed Jesus almost everywhere he went and accused him of having a demon. I think demons will try anything with anyone as long as they can get away with it. "Behold I've give you authority to trample upon serpents and demons,
---Donna on 3/11/10

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