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Obeying God Brings Blessings

Does obeying god really result in blessings and what kind of blessings will you receive?

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 ---mike on 3/16/10
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Family, like I always tell neighbors a little can be alot when you in the hands of God! You might not be rich but he promises in his word & you will see it! Matt.6:25,26.You will notice if whatever you have on the table to eat bless it because someone else may not be able. I always pray lord God bless who are in need, even when I hear a fire engine go by I began to.pray
Lord please help the people home they are going bless them & the firemen put your angels around about them.amen.
---ELENA on 12/13/12

Thank you Donna66.
---pg1 on 5/27/10

pg1 -- Welcome to the Christian life. I can't tell you what kind of blessings to expect. But I can tell you to expect some.
They may come by slow train or even pony express, but they WILL come. And you will have reason to rejoice.

Psa 30:5b... in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
---Donna66 on 5/26/10

I guess it depends on what one means by blessings. In my case obedience has resulted in the following:
loss of job, loss of ministry due to pastor who was abusive and engaged in sexual harassment,educational debt, loneliness,isolation and the daily struggle not to be bitter, angry and disillusioned with God.

---pg1 on 5/26/10

Yes, obeying God will bring His blessings.
---Suzy on 3/20/10

Obeying God will bring His perfect will in your life and therefore you will be blessed according to His will.
---Faith on 3/20/10

Yes, but not the way the Word of Faith people teach the concept.
---Alan on 3/19/10

the people in waco & jonestown were carried in body bags. so much for obeying the word of god.


doesn't pastors tell us to obey the word of god? they do not explain their message properly. it should be done THEIR way in obeying the word of god but their message is vague, shallow & weak.
---mike on 3/19/10

In the Bible we see the great controversy between obeying God or man.
Daniel 3:3-5. Daniel and his companions are invited to the dedication of a large image. When the music sounded, everyone was
to fall down and worship the image but Daniel and his companions remembered God's comandments forbids false worship. So, Daniel and his companions refused to
bow down and they were thrown into the fiery furnice but they did not burn. Three men were thrown into the fiery furnice, but now the king saw four men.
What a wonderful example of obedience to God who used the opportunity to show us that if we ever should find ourselves in a similar situation we will obey God rather than man.
---pierr5358 on 3/18/10

Read and believe Psalm 84:11, but do not seek to obey God for what you will receive from him because he his not santa clause, He is your Saviour.
---Connie on 3/17/10

you can obey God every day of your life,and be persecuted every day of your life for it,even unto death,now is that a blessing?,absolutely.rewards contrary to many false teachers is not guaranteed for every what exactly to you is a blessing?peace that passes all understanding?joy of the lord?or is it a 2010 mustang?
---tom2 on 3/17/10

His great anointing.
---catherine on 3/17/10

Obeying God most definitely results in blessings. The kind of blessing depends on the kind of seed we're sowing. Of course if your sowing in the kindom financially (tithing) God says he will open the windows of heaven. Always remember we shall reap what we sow.

Be blessed!
---Shary on 3/17/10

Of course obeying God results in blessings, what kind of blessings are up to Him.

Here's what I've received in blessings:
A deep revelation of His love for me, so deep that He draws me into His presence and pours out liquid love on me.

The secrets of the Lord are for those who fear (reverence) Him. I asked about the marriage feast, who's being invited, how we get invited, etc., and He revealed things to me that Pastors are telling me, "only the Lord could have revealed this to you."

I believe in tithing, but not 10%, much more and the money just pours into my lap and doesn't stop. So I give alot of it away to feed hungry children and adults.
---Donna on 3/17/10

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