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Who Wore Green Yesterday

Who wore green clothing yesterday for Saint Patrick's Day? Was it a fun day?

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 ---Trish on 3/18/10
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Cluny, that is interesting about corned beef. Thanks! I was in Ireland many years ago on St. Patrick's Day, and corned beef was not to be had. The only corned beef they knew about was what was packed in a tin.
---ger.toshav on 3/19/10

Actually, corned beef and cabbage is an American novelty on 17 March.

In Ireland, it was BACON--a big chunk, not slices--and cabbage.

But when Irish immigrated to the United States, the local butchers, usually Jewish, of course didn't carry bacon.

So the change to corned beef.
---Cluny on 3/19/10

x marine,served in vietnam oct 67 to may 68,wounded 3 different times.
---tom2 on 3/19/10

Hi Tom2, are you a soldier? If so, may God bless you especially!! :) I LOVE soldiers! :)
---Mary on 3/19/10

I wear camo everyday.
---tom2 on 3/18/10

We didn't wear green, but my wife and I certainly enjoyed our corned beef and cabbage!
---ger.toshav on 3/18/10


I have to agree with Cluny. Like the Feast of Nativity (Christmas), modern day secularist have change Saint Patrick Day, a day to celebrate and honor Saint Patrick, into a day of "dressing up" (much like Halloween). Today, it is more of a secular celebration among Irish and non Irish cultures.

This is NOT what Saint Patrick's day is about! Why did many not honored (with solemn prayers/hymns, as we Eastern Orthodox Christians did) Holy Bishop, Saint Patrick!

I bet if you asked many in yesterday's various parades who Saint Patrick was (his life, works, and legacy), they will have a blank face!

Lord, Have Mercy!

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/18/10

Well I got pinched. Did not observe the day. I actually forgot about it. I have in the past worn green but not this year.
---jody on 3/18/10

Well being Celtic I wore some green. Though I'm not Irish, but Spanish. Most people don't know that the Northern Half of Spain is Celtic.

But then again few people know about Spain anyway. Maybe the Southern tip with the Flamenco Dancers.

Biblically, The Galatians (AKA: Gallics) migrated and settled in Spain. Some move on to Ireland and Scotland.

Paul may have something to do with this, since his ultimate goal was Spain.
---John on 3/18/10

I hate to say this but I don't celebrate St. Patrick's day probably because my ex-husband's name is Patrick and I can't think about him, so I ignore the day completely.

I'm 100% Italian, I didn't even wear red
---Donna on 3/18/10

It's a shame that people take St. Patrick's Day as an excuse to wear silly green hats and the like, without giving thanks to God for the life and witness of the Apostle to Ireland.

Like Valentine's Day--originally St. Valentine's Day--it's become another artificial holiday, and will probably become merely "Paddy's Day" in our lifetime.
---Cluny on 3/18/10

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