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How To Find A Christian Man

What does a Christian woman do who is longing to find a Christian man when none are available? The good ones are already married. Do I look for a married man?

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 ---Brittany on 3/22/10
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I think that is a good point, how a lady can help her man to become a good husband.
---com7fy8 on 11/19/14

You ask, "What does a Christian woman do? Do I look for a married man? Biblically there is nothing wrong with a male having more than one female and such is a Bible right "as it is written" A woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is FREE TO MARRY ANYONE SHE WISHES, but he must belong to the Lord. (1 Cor 7:39) and
This is what the Lord commands for Zelophehads daughters: THEY MAY MARRY ANYONE THEY PLEASE as long as they marry within their fathers tribal clan. (Numbers 36:6) There is NO COMMAND FROM THE LORD saying a woman cannot marry a married man. At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom." (Mt 25:1)
---sin5694 on 11/17/14

a good source of membership.
---rowena_v._canoy on 11/16/14

born, I will always reject anything that is against a Holy God. why would I support muslims that hate America and Israel? why would I support a cult that likes to cut heads off. why would our president aid the enemy? I cannot understand why anyone would want to be a muslim. remember when casious clay refused to be drafted? he claimed his faith would not let him kill anyone. well we know that is a lie don't we? I will not support any religion that basis their whole faith on one verse of scripture.
---shira4368 on 3/24/13

First off, Jesus said, "Why call me good? There is only ONE GOOD." In light of that, there is no one good. Second, you ask, "DO I LOOK FOR A MARRIED MAN?" The answer is NOT IN THIS CULTURE. Many christians refer to "cultural". In another culture, it is accepted a male having more than one female. In such a culture you could share a husband. Do we not share Christ? and are not the people of God, biblically speaking, the result of ONE man having 12 sons through 4 wives? But you are not to cause a man to divorce his wife to marry you or to seperate what God has joined. So if you will like to share, you will need to move to a culture where this is accepted. Muslims and Mormons. Good luck in finding a good man.
---Born on 3/23/13

I have been a widow for almost 6 years. I have not dated anyone but I would love to fall in love again. I doubt if I would know how to handle myself. it would be nice to worship God and go to church together. guess if God has something for me down the road, He will let me know.
---shira4368 on 3/23/13

lets pray to God to give us our destined man or woman. God give me my own man or woman destined for me and not another man's or woman's own.its the Lord that give a wise, prudent and understanding wife or husband. pro 19vs 14.
---uchechukwu_ozua on 3/21/13

Only through God can you find a Christian man that matches you and will not make you to regret. God knows the heart completely, you cannot know a man or a woman through appearance 1 Sam.16: 7b.
---Adetunji on 3/31/10

I am going through a divorce myself..I understand your desire to have a God fearing spouse..I too want to one day remarry but only to a true christian women..To be a true christian women you cannot be looking at married men..

Gods will always supercedes your will..So ask for God to make His will your own and you will find your man in His time not yours..After all you don't want to end up with a lemon when you could have had a Mercedes Benz..right
---Roberto on 3/31/10

Bittany, PROVERBS 18:22 says A man that finds a wife finds a "good thing" Do you honestly think that God will let that "good thing" be you, if you've got your mind on being with another woman's husband? First of all it's not you that need to be looking for him. You need to be seeking a relationship with Jesus dear, because He knows whats best for you, and it is He that can give you the desires of your heart.
---BABS on 3/25/10

The bait you use
can be what chooses
the fish you catch!

If God knows you are willing to go after a married man, He is not going to trust you with a really Christian brother. And the real guys can tell the difference, so if you hook someone while you're willing to be a betrayer of another woman's marriage, you have hooked a sucker.

'"rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God." (1 Peter 3:4)

And a real man who you belong with is your "head" (Ephesians 5:23) who will be your example (1 Peter 5:3) of this, like Jesus.
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/23/10

Looking for a married man is called desparation. No one should be that desparate, especially someone in Christ. You need to pray God will send you a mate in his time. If it's not his time and he's doing a work in you so be it. Wait!!!!!!

---Shary on 3/23/10

You should pray and ask the Lord to pick out a Christian man for you, then wait on the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Do not look for a married man unless you want to be called an adulteress woman and that's according to Jesus. Why would you consider committing adultery?
---Donna5535 on 3/23/10

There are lots of good, Christian men available. But none of the ones I know would date a woman who would ask such a question about married men.
---KarenD on 3/23/10

the good ones seem to be all taken,because good ladies,took a not so good fella and invested alot of love,and,finally got herself a good one =)
---kevin on 3/23/10

Try gardening instead
---chris on 3/23/10

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Btw, Brittany, if you're considering going after a married man, this doesn't exactly augur well for you to be considered a good woman, now does it?
---Cluny on 3/22/10

So you want to go after a married man?

Don't you realize he would be as faithful to you as to his first wife?

There are worse things in life than not being married. Most of them are being married to the wrong person. Just look at how many posts there are from women who are unhappy even with their Christian husbands. In fact, I've seen only ONE post from a woman who IS happy with her husband.
---Cluny on 3/22/10

The good ones are not all married. I'm 62 & it seems like I'm rejected because of some phys prob's. I don't think I expressed it though in my profiling. I'L say so if I'm asked.
It takes prayer & just be patient.
---Lawrence on 3/22/10

SSHHH let me tell you a secret


Not all good christain men started out as good christian men.
many were just O.K. until they got married

SSSHHHH it's a secret.

But after marriage, they became good men.

What you need to do is prepare yourself for a good man, and remember they did not all start out as good.

SSSHHHH it's a secret
---francis on 3/22/10

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"Do I look for a married man?" Brittany, 3/22

Now, that wouldn't be a very Christ-like thing for a Christian woman to do, would it? Who lied & told you all the good ones are already married? :)

If you want to find a good, Christian man you must be a good Christian woman by following the Bible examples of women of faith who showed themselves to be Godly assets (helpful fruit of the spirit types), not liabilities (ruinous socio-economic snares) to men. Also, get with Godly Christian, married elder women in your church community. Observe them & follow their Godly advice.

Let your light so shine (inside out) & you'll soon become very attractive to good, Christian men!
---Leon on 3/22/10

Why on earth would you want someone else's husband?
---TT on 3/22/10

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