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Is Obama Against Israel

"President Obama reported walked out of his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlements. Are we seeing the real Obama?

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 ---mima on 3/26/10
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"We have had 13 years of socialist rule here, No slaughter, no death squads, not extermination camps, no secret polioe, no parliament burning, no disappearances, no gulag, no ethnic cleansing,"
Yea, that you know of. How is your policy on freedom to keep and bear arms?
If Socialism is so good keep it. The USA has too much to lose to embrace Socialism.
You give a list of no's in your comment. What have you lost that you'd admit to? How is your health care for elders working out?
---Elder on 5/7/10

Too many people don't know the mean of patriots. You think because you wave a flag, this makes you patriot. Well, it don't. You love God first and stop voting in dictators. Now, you can brag, "I am patriot"....Wait, I am not finish. Look to God for ALL of your needs and wants. Amen.
---catherine on 5/7/10

Peter, Alan,

The US has lost it Checks and Balances we have veered away from the constitution and on the onset of a totalitarianism. Both the Democrats (Now Marxist) and republicans (Now Liberals). Neither party will adhered to the laws of our nations anymore or the constitution.
What you view as American is now gone!

Both parties are seizing more and more power umhampered. Bribes are rampant now! Like Mexico/Greece.

You're viewing things of America years past. Which no longer exist. America is heading for a Second civil war. It's virtually inevitable, everyone here knows this, few will talk. People are stockpiling weapons, food,etc. Not extremists, but mainstream everyday folk.

We're at the precipice.
---John on 5/7/10

Do you people like dictators? Well, you must. You keep voting them into office. I don't like dictators. I am not going to worry about it. I've only a few years left and I am in heaven with the one, true, ruler. But, some of you have a longggggg time down here. So, all that I can say is this>>>KEEP VOTING THEM IN office. Please, no hallelujahs in that-- if you don't mind....Note: anyone who truly loves their country is not going to vote dictators into office. Again, God is the one, who first gave me this. He was the first One that spoke to me, and before the election. And I believe GOD. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, in that!++
---catherine on 5/7/10


We have had 13 years of socialist rule here, and it looks as if we could now have another few.

No slaughter, no death squads, not extermination camps, no secret polioe, no parliament burning, no disappearances, no gulag, no ethnic cleansing,
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/7/10

John: on the one hand, you comment that even Hitler took a long time to become what he became, and that is true

However, there have been other [socialist] leaders who started in the same way, but never became dangerous [I lived under one when I was a child, who was - eventually - voted out]

You are right to point to the potential danger, but I would not agree that is particularly likely - after all, the US has more checks and balances - like the three branches of government - that pre-war Germany did
---peter3594 on 5/7/10

John: this is my second comment about your statement commenting about similarities between Obama and Hitler. Whie you draw those similarities, I can see some cases where there are differences, as well

Nationalism (Hitler was, Obama certainly is not)

Militarism (Hitler was, Obama certainly is not)

I think you are taking the point rather too far
---peter3594 on 5/7/10

burned congress to declare martial law?
created special 'troops' to imprison those who criticize him?
develop a plan to conquer the world?
issued a decree to 'mark' everybody on earth on their hands or forehead?
signed an executive order uniting church & state?

I must be missing something
---mike on 5/5/10


You see Hitler took 10+ years to develope his plan. During that time he was a "Good Man". The majority didn't notice until it was too late.The pattern Obama is taking is indentical to Hitlers. BOTH ARE SOCIALISTS!

---JOHN on 5/6/10


so what you are saying is obama will start slaughtering people?

I have not seen political rallies like the one hitler had in nuremburg.
I have not seen any book burnings here in US.

I still have the freedom right now. and if he is paving the way for THE anti christ, then who is the anti christ?
---mike on 5/6/10

Gordon: why do you Americans have only one moral in your mind [abortion]?

God does not base His judgement on one matter

You may be against abortion but for something else that God also hates - looking at morals through one subject is VERY dangerous
---peter3594 on 5/6/10

Nenry Er have had socialism here in government for 13 years. I hope todays election whill sse them ejected from power.

They are I beleive a danger to the economy. and they have enacted much unneccessary, but it is laughable to suggest it is anything approaching communism (remember we in the UK have been threated by Communism so can see what is lik,
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/6/10

Ask him. Don't ask us. I actually like obama & though I didn't vote for him, I see he's a good man. All of you whom dislike him judge too quickly.God said we must repect the laws of our land. He doesn't appoint any president in any country, for his son is our King, Jesus Christ. until the new earth & new heavens are made again we are to pray for our leaders to hope they make the right descision,however the people elect & cchoose who is president, govenor,etc..again God doesn't do this.
---candice on 5/6/10

Leon, Look past Obama's exterior, and look at what he believes. By his fruits ye shall know him. Obama studied Socialism for 4 years in Chicago. What does one do with such knowledge of Socialism? His "CHANGE" is all about Socialism. He is all for Abortion. Abortion is a painful slaughtering and butchering of unborn, and partially born babies. It is killing INNOCENT human beings. A thing which GOD DETESTS. Obama is signing for and approving of laws that give every green light for Abortion. The man has tank loads of blood on his hands. No true Christian would approve of Abortion. It's only a matter of time before he gives the nod of this being the same kind of fate for Christians, and anyone else who opposes the New World Order.
---Gordon on 5/6/10

Mike you hope that people have forgot the true events. Your bedroom hero, Clinton, WAS able to capture Bin Laden but he chose to continue playing golf.
I was in the military under Clinton and Bush. I know some of what was and was not done to capture Bin Laden. He has been on the most wanted list for at least 20 years. So in your mind or lack of it you put all the blame on Bush.
You are seeing the protective cover that Bush laid even today. Give another year or so and you will see the result of Obama and his connection to our enemies.
You are a typical liberal. You have SCM. That is Selective Corrupt Memory.
To prove the above, how many of our enemies has Obama shook hands with or bowed to? (I'll get no answer from this question.
---Elder on 5/6/10

Mike, Give Obama time. Hitler did not become a dictator INSTANTLY. He slowly worked his way up the political ladder over a period of YEARS. THEN, when he won the trust and hearts of the German people, then he started slaughtering various kinds of people. So it will be with Obama. He is against GOD and His Ways. He is against true Christians. He claims to be a christian. But, his actions and words tell otherwise. GOD is 100% against abortion. Obama, on the other hand, is all for abortion, and is craftily doing EVERYTHING he can to make as many abortions occur as possible, in the USA and abroad. He is helping to replace American Freedom with a Socialist/Communist government. He is helping to usherin the real Anti-Christ's New World Order.
---Gordon on 5/6/10

Mike: he ignored the intelligence that resulted in SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Without being sure [and I'm not a fan of Bush] I think that each president is probably provided with so many pieces of information that unless one is presented as 'extremely important' it may be ignored just because there is too much information
---James on 5/5/10

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Peter, I agree about the validity of the story.

But, I must say it is very odd that not a single major news organization is even mentioning or inquiring on what the cause is.
Doesn't that strike you as being very odd?

Certainly In a Plane crash it is front and center. It is THE MAJOR question. Same with all other major accidents. But strangely not a wimper in this case.

Is there a News Blackout on this question?

I fine that very strange indeed.
---John on 5/5/10

John, your god is way to small. If you truly believe God cannot handle the stumbles of any American president I invite you to the alter where the God of Israel will be revealed. He is all powerful and sets the time for ALL kings and nations.
Hate of any president left or right is not a holy attribute, and since their is no excuse before God for such dispicable behavior why go there?

My God is longsuffering and not willing that any should perish and patient to put up with the unbelief of believers, including those of us who reject his commandment to lift up holy hands with supplications for all men including leaders.
Politics is Satan's lair - why sleep there?
---larry on 5/5/10


While I find a number of stories, I am a bit concerned that too many are either blogs, or seem to carry some blog comments, while themost direct (from examiner) seems to place a bit too much emphasis on reports from the Kremlin, not a place which I automatically consider terribly reliable

While it is certainly possible (the certainly have the technology!), I feel that even in the case of N.Korea, I ought to consider them 'innocent until proven guilty'

But I will consider gatherin information, and no, I don't consider the idea silly - just not, as yet, proven!

---Peter on 5/5/10


'our enemies are found in NY'

It was GEORGE Bush who was president on September 11, 2001. the worst attack on US.

Bush did nothing to capture binladen.


our enemy saddam was in a hole? Reagan supported saddam in 1980s & rumsfled shook hands with the 'enemy'

did saddam plan 911?

BUSH IS THE WORST PRESIDENT OF THE US bec. he ignored the intelligence that resulted in SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.
---mike on 5/5/10

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Peter, no problem I enjoy the dialogue!

All you need to do (as with any post claim) is to Google it.

In this case Google OIL RIG NORTH KOREA and you will see all the News articles on it.

Jacob you can do the same.

G-d Bless!
---John on 5/5/10


obama has the spirit of HITLER?

will he be rounding up all the 'non' blacks in this country & putting them into concentration camps?

burned congress to declare martial law?

created special 'troops' to imprison those who criticize him?

develop a plan to conquer the world?

issued a decree to 'mark' everybody on earth on their hands or forehead?

signed an executive order uniting church & state?

George Bush DID NOTHING during his 8 years as president.

I must be missing something
---mike on 5/5/10

I don't think that we have had a qualified president since Abraham Lincoln, or perhaps George Washington....Well, what do you know? NOTHING.
---catherine on 5/5/10

FALSE ACCUSERS BEWARE!!! "You are of your father the devil, & the lust of your father you will do. He was a murderer [even a character assasin] from the beginning, & stayed not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own [of himself], i.e., for he is a liar, & the father [originator] of it." (John 8:44, 2 Timothy 3:1-9, Proverbs 6:12-19)
---Leon on 5/5/10

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Yes, The OBAMA, who got up abruptly in the middle of Netanyahu's meeting, was showing his true self. He is against Israel. He's already showing to be against America. He certainly is all for slaughtering the unborn. The spirit of Hitler has indeed risen again. The Church needs to quit turning a blind eye to this man, thinking that somehow he'll work out alright. Obama will not. He is a wicked leader. Just as GOD's chosen Nation of Israel had had wicked leaders of which GOD did not approve.
---Gordon on 5/5/10


Could I ask where you got that information?

Of course, if it is true, it is very bad

But we have had some differences of opinion in the past about evidence for statements

I do not feel you are making a mistake (I think you are more easily convinced that I am), but could you provide some evidence (rather, where you found the evidence) so I can consider whether I will believe it as well

Can you please send me the source and I will be happy to investigate it

PS - I have ABSOLUTELY NO problem with you - we are brothers in Christ!

---peter3594 on 5/5/10

John: Will you please stop your 'cry wolf' method

You persistently provide accusations with absoutely no evidence

The only evidence you require (and it is not Biblical) is that you personally dislike Obama

If you think that is enough, then maybe mental care is necessary for you

you are becoming similar to Hitler's accusations about the Jews
---Jacob2123 on 5/5/10

Donna66: I agree with you. My problem is that NO-ONE has provided ANY evidence about Mr. Obama BEING Muslim

Since this is a heavy accusation, it ought to be accompanied by some evidence

And (to all you out there who believe this about Obama)..... I do have a warning

If you are correct, fine, for I may be wrong, though I can find no reliable evidence

However, if you are wrong, we are told 'do not bring false evidence' - remember
---James on 5/5/10

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Don't worry, God's plan covers the stumbles of Presidents Obama
larry 5/3/10


Obama is NOT stumbling!
He is following his plan to the Tee. He wants to distance all our closest allies and align himself with the Muslim world and non-white third world countries.

He/Michell said/wrote they hate the British. Mainly because of the colonies they had in Africa and that Obamas Grandpa was killed in the Moa Moa rebellion.

So he sent back the Bust of Churchill that was a gift to the American people for 911. NOT Obama's property.

We all know how he treated the PM and The Queen. The French PM. Now the Isreali PM.

If we go to war again will he call for help from these third war armies. LOL!

---John on 5/5/10

Jim: Your comments about Mr.Obama's your are in great variance with what is generally publicised about him.
There are two possibilities:
(1) There is a long-running conspiracy to hide Mr.Obama's background (for which I would require some verifiable evidence) or
(2) The life story as published (5 years in Hawaii, 5 years in Jakarta, where he spent time in two schools on logically Muslim the other definitely Christian, then returining to the US at the age of 10)

In the absence of other evidence (which perhaps you can provide to me, and in this case I will be very happy to study it in great detail) I feel forcd to accept the published data. you have extra evidence, please do indicate where I can find it.
---Peter3594 on 5/5/10

Donna, what was his up bringing like being raised in a muslim population of Kenya for 10 years? He went to the special schools (medrass?) He does "bow down" Do you remember him bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia? Why did he bow down? He was not raised in a Christian home but a muslim home. Yes, the muslim world sees him as one of theirs... He is pro arab and anti Israel...I do not see him as an American. This is my opinion. I think his version of America and mine is 180 degrees apart.
---Jim on 5/4/10

Obama is a pretty poor Muslim, if indeed he is one. He certainly doesn't bow to Mecca five times a day in prayer or refuse to eat pork. I don't think he's a Muslim at all.

// his father's family is Muslim, but that does not automatically make him a muslim//
Not to us, but to many Muslims, it makes him a Muslim.

Perhaps that's why he will not call America a "Christian" country or why he cherishes the notion that he can "reason" with Iran, whereas no one else has been able to.
To Obama it's always about him. But his elite lawyerly charm doesn't impress everybody....least of all, Ahmadinejad.
---Donna66 on 5/4/10

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Mima, I shared some concern until I remembered God plus one is a majority. The U.S. is inconsequential to Israel's existence. All American presidents have tried and failed to broker peace in the Middle East and that has more to do with Isaac and Ishmael than U.S. politics.
Remember a lot of Israelis were furious GWB insisted, over Ariel Sharon's objections, that Hamas participate in elections in Gaza and the West Bank. This became a nightmare as Hamas is now in control of Gaza and is the gravest threat to Israel on a day to day basis. Hamas is also behind most of violence and resistance to rebuilding Temple Mount. Did you forget?

Don't worry, God's plan covers the stumbles of Presidents Obama and Bush.
---larry on 5/3/10

President Obama has and will continue to play his role in history. I believe his insulting Israel such as the incident that occurred in a recent meeting with the prime minister of Israel is just a shadow of things to come. Obama will separate what unity exist between the United States and Israel, and in doing so he will be encouraging Israel's neighbors once again to attack Israel. If you do not see the importance of Israel of course the above statement is foolishness to you. If you do see the importance of Israel and the unity that exist between Israel and United States you understand that President Obama's actions are dangerously close to the edge of Middle East war.
---mima on 5/3/10

The declaration of United States as "not a Christian nation" was declared in the Treaty of Tripoli between the U.S. and Britain and signed by then president John Adams. What was Adams, a secret Islamic cleric?

C'mon fellas, you can't even hide the hate behind these "birther" and re-written historical absurdities from the wing-nuts.

There's more evidence for evolution then this suggestion of a single 19-year old white teen fooling the world 48-years ago because she knew her son would some day become president?

What's next, the lefties attempting to prove Bush never was a Christian because of his pathetic confession to CBN that he doesn't take the bible literally?
---larry on 5/2/10


It appears the Oil Rig was Torpedo by North Korean warship in the area. Possibly under China's direction. Obama's silent!

According to engineers and scientists, Like Nuclear Power Plants, the reduntant safety features of an oil rig would rule out an accident!


Obama has sent the Federal Swat team to the area along with other Special Ops, FBI to investigate. In the mean time he has declared a News Blackout of the incident.

No interviews with any of the survivors No list of who was there on the rig or what they were doing at the time. This is basic news coverage of any accident (i.e Virginia Coal mine)
---JOHN on 5/2/10

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Jim, if he has converted to Christianity, though he may be a marked man for muslims, I don't think that is something we must object to

I had the impression his father's family is muslim, but that does not automatically make him a muslim

Of course, he may be, but the evidence is rather limited
---peter3594 on 5/2/10

Whatever Obama is I know that when Bush was president our enemies were found hiding in holes in the ground. Now our enemies are found in New York City standing on the UN platform stating they will destroy the USA.
I also know he kept his promise of not formally swearing in on the Bible as had been US tradition for years.
His unrestrained spending is and will bankrupt this country.
We will know how far we have fallen away from God by the midterm elections and if we reelect Obama at the end of his term.
---Elder on 5/2/10

I believe that he is a muslim. His background says it all. He denied that we are a Christian nation... If he was a muslim and converted to Christ, he would be a "marked" man. If you turn your back on the muslim faith, you are to be "stoned/killed" Think of the black leader that he sat under for 20 years Pastor Wright a friend of Louis Farrakan. This is not a Christ following church. The muslim world "rejoiced" in the fact that he was elected president of the USA. America, in my opinion elected a muslim man.
Jim King
---Jim on 5/2/10

John, while I have not yet been able to find the Los Angeles Times article, the statement you make does not mean he is a muslim.

Whatever it may mean that 'is' would be similar to saying that when Paul went preaching he was still (in his faith) a Jew, not a Christian

Actually, now I do find an article in the Los Angeles Times denying the statement that Obama is muslim
---peter3594 on 4/28/10

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Peter Google it. Here one article..


Paul Watson/Los Angeles Times reported that the Obama campaign had retreated from that absolute statement that Obama has never been a practicing Muslim."

Obama went to Friday prayers at the local mosque.

The Times account contains quotes that Obama "went to the mosque," and that he "was Muslim."

Summarized, available evidence suggests Obama was born a Muslim and for some years had a reasonably Muslim upbringing. It appears false to state, as Obama does, "I've never practiced Islam." The campaign appears to be either ignorant or fabricating when it states that "Obama never prayed in a mosque."
---John on 4/27/10

John: can you provide some decent evidence for your accusations? Especially the Muslim one, which so many people claim

Do you really think the US security is that stupid?
---peter3594 on 4/27/10


Our MOSLEM "president" has issued an executive order exempting ALL Moslems from the New X-ray scanners at the airport. Citing that it is against their religion to have their bodies exposed. Since in his mind only Right Wing Christian Tea Partiers are terrorists!



---John on 4/26/10

Yes, ofcourse.....Only the wise will seek God's advice, not the foolish. Do you know how many people in high places are foolish? Too many!
---catherine on 4/25/10

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It seems to me we have a choice between supporting a long time ally struggling to survive
being dependent upon a country that supports those who would attack us and other free democratic countries.

We've actually been doing both, so maybe it isn't an either/or proposition.

But if we must choose, as a matter of principle, I'd choose the first. We COULD survive without Saudi Arabia. Our own oil industriy would provide thousands of jobs if it was up and running again. And we could buy more oil from Mexico and other countries who need the money and who would NOT turn around and use it against us.
---Donna66 on 4/25/10

No, we are seeing the real Bibi.
There is no interest by the current government in Israel in dividing any more land with the Palestinians. They've had it up to here with the Palestinians as the calls for ceding more and more land never end. The fight between Ishmael and Isaac will continue until Christ returns.

Any president or prime minister from any place in the West is insignificant in Eschatology so quit stumbling over this president.

IF your claim was correct it would have not been the first time someone left a meeting with furrowed brow as Reagan former Sec of State James Baker recounts a similar episode more than 2 decades ago.

Slipping up on your history?
---larry on 4/25/10

peter3594 on 4/25/10 "having elected a Moslem president." It's Muslim!

---denny on 4/25/10

Obama is fulfilling whatever God wants him to fulfill.
No matter what Obama does,
Gods Will, will be fulfilled...
Take comfort in that :)
---YLBD on 4/25/10

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Peter3594-- // I do not think the Obama would do something so insulting, and I have not been able to find evidence in the large new agencies of such a walk-out
---peter3594 on 4/25/10

Believe it.
Headline from the New York Times Mar. 26th 2010:

Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama 'dumped him for dinner'

This was only the final insult of many that occured in their meetings earlier. Did you read ANY of the news stories about this!? What DO you read?
---Donna66 on 4/25/10

Donna66: When I wrote that the US has been more friendly to Israel, I did not mean that was wrong..... Your comment about Palestine not making and consessions is true....

My point here is that here, the US is in a no-win situation

If it supports Israel too much, we have the Arabs against us (the old oil problem)

If it supports Palestine too much, it's a waste of time because Israel will not give anything up

So the US is stuck. I do not think the Obama would do something so insulting, and I have not been able to find evidence in the large new agencies of such a walk-out
---peter3594 on 4/25/10

Mima: you commented 'having elected a Moslem president.'

Will you be so kind as to provide some genuine evidence....

I do not think you can find any, except on very dubious sites, which does not count as 'the truth' which will set us free
---peter3594 on 4/25/10

Glenn -- Mr. Obama has advisers whose job it is to explain manners and deportment. And he has some knowledge of eastern customs, and so it is improbable that he so insulted Mr. Netanyahu

All the more reason why his snub is inexcusable. He invited Netanyahu to a dinner and then before the food arrived, he left to eat with his family. One characteristic feature of Middle Eastern Culture is their belief in the importance of HOSPITALITY! Obama surely knows this.
---Donna66 on 4/3/10

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The U.S. interest in the region concerns petroleum, free trade, and preventing warfare. Israel's first need is to survive. Yet, there is a conflict between God's will and purported national concerns at times. Many national leaders complain about other countries, especially the U.S., meddling in their affairs. But is Israel expected to permit others to interpose in their business? Mr. Obama has advisers whose job it is to explain manners and deportment. And he has some knowledge of eastern customs, and so it is improbable that he so insulted Mr. Netanyahu. However, many Israelis complain that Mr. Obama over focuses on Israeli actions, but not Palestinian deeds.
I misent the 4/1 blog, but the first paragraph still applies.
---Glenn on 4/2/10

peter3594 --- The US has always been "kinder to Israel" than any developed country that I know of. The modern nation Israel has been one of our strongest allies sine 1948. We shared with them technology, material and intelligence.

No matter their Biblical history. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and is surrounded by those who wish their destruction. Obama has publicly insulted them and privately snubbed their prime minister.

I believe he hopes (again rightly or wrongly I don't know) that maybe they could be more friendly and then would have more friends. Ah, if only being "friendly" could heal this centuries old conflict!! Israel has made all the concessions. Palestinians none.
---Donna66 on 4/2/10

Maybe a stupid question, but lets try.... Are we copletely sure that God's promise in the Old Testament to be with Israel still applies now? And my view (from outside the US) is that Obama is being much kinder to Israel than any other 'developed' country is, so maybe he only trying (rightly or wrongly I don't know, see above) to be moderate. He is certainly not trying to damage Israel directly, I beleive he hopes (again rightly or wrongly I don't know) that maybe they could be more friendly and then would have more friends. Not that many Arab countries even want to, but......
---peter3594 on 4/2/10

God will neither force Mr. Obama to seek wisdom, nor submit to the Lord's will, Romans 1:18-2:11, Jude 1:14-16. It is wrong to support any political platform, and ignore any faults therein. By some of your reactions and the use of sophistry, you are worshiping Mr. Obama, Isaiah 41:28-29, 1Corinthians 1:29, 3:18-21, 6:9-10, James 4:1-6.
Atheist: A RFID chip could be injected for less than a vaccination, and a nano-chip could be included in any vaccination.
Eloy: why would Mima particularly have to ask Mr. Obama (or Mr. Bush, or Mr. Castro, or Mr. Chavez), rather than make a judgment based on a man's actions, principles, and statements - i.e. clear evidence.
---Glenn on 4/1/10

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mima, If you need to know, then ask President Barack Obama of the U.S.A.
---Eloy on 3/30/10

"...the anti-Israel sentiments of Obama will quickly be exposed."

"...the American people will suffer from the folly of having elected a Moslem president." Mima, 3/29

Not so! These statements are just more of your false, self-agrandizing & slanderous prophecies. Self-styled Obamanators (haters) like you, T. Stevens, etc., need to repent of the evil speaking you practice with religious fervor -- in the name of Jesus? Incredible!!!

By the way, the U.S. Constitution places no religious yoke upon the President of the United States.
---Leon on 3/29/10

>He (Obama) has stated rather strongly that he is a Muslim.

He has never, ever said such a thing.
---djconklin on 3/29/10

TSteven-- He (Obama) has stated rather strongly that he is a Muslim.

He has? When was this? I think most people missed it.
---Donna66 on 3/29/10

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YES, YOU AND WE ARE. And I have got to tell you, I am a bit worried. Obama will make a grave mistake, and it will cause his popularity to plummet. So, God tells me......Off the record. We are stuck with an godless government.
---catherine on 3/29/10

Insiders in Washington are up in arms about this, many of whom are Jewish. Israel will not go down the road of appeasement. Almighty God himself will uphold the Jewish nation and we the American people will suffer from the folly of having elected a Moslem president.
Always bubbling under the surface the anti-Israel sentiments of Obama will quickly be exposed.
I often wonder if our leaders ever read the Bible?
---mima on 3/29/10

Obama has expressed his faith in Allah, many times. He has stated rather strongly that he is a Muslim. He has shown his support for his Arab brothers. He apparantly has refused to deliver some arms recently paid for by the Israeli government. Can there be any doubt about his allegience?
---T._Steven on 3/28/10

We ain't seen nothing yet...
---kevin on 3/27/10

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I agree with Bibi on building but the settlements have been considered illegal under international law by even Canada.
Further, Israel ITSELF removed many settlers from East Jeruselem as Israel's own Supreme Court ruled most settlements illegal.

The question shows a great deal of ignorance concerning history in general and U.S. presidents in particular as Nana, Leon and ger toshav have mentioned.

The U.S. policy has been consistent since Daddy Bush declared the settlements an impediment to peace 20-years ago this month. Of course back then Democrats were up in arms asking the same pathetic excuse for a question posted above.
---larry on 3/27/10

Obama seems to be much more friendly to other Museum countries than Israel. But what do you want ethnically he is 7/16 Arab and only 1/16 Black.

---Friendly_Blogger on 3/26/10

Your puffery is underwhelming.
---NurseRobert on 3/27/10

I'm afraid we are. He apologizes to those who intend to destroy us...and offends those who have remained loyal allies and depend on us...while the whole world watches.
Even his insults to English Royalty didn't rise to this level.

Does he think OTHER nations will ever join with us if WE need help?
---Donna66 on 3/27/10

The president or any one that is against Israel Will Suffer the consequences Greatly. The consequences may start in this life & it may lead to their repentance, but if not, It Sure will be at the white-throne judgment of God, then they'r delivered to the lake of fire.
It's they'r choice because they didn't repent.
---Lawrence on 3/27/10

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"Some Christians are so hateful & paranoid...", ger.toshav, 3/26

True! Leaves me wondering if they're really Galatian 5:22-26 Christians or just Galatian 5:19-21 Christians "in name only" people. There's an awful lot of the infectious "in name only" epidemic going around on the CN blogs.
---Leon on 3/27/10

Nana, thanks.
---ger.toshav on 3/27/10


I agree with you. This now Presidet and during his campain, has brought out a side of many a christian here which is quite unbecoming. But, this too will pass.
---Nana on 3/27/10

He did the same to Gordon Brown and The Queen. He (on his personal prejudice) has offended our greatest allies and has now tried to ally himself with the 3rd world.

He speaks for himself and not Americans.

Americans are appalled at how he treats are best friends.

Just better hope there are no wars, because he will fight it alone. Or with some 3rd world Army.

As we did with our friends in the UK, The embassy of Israel is being flooded with apologies from Americans who are both embarassed and shock of this usurper in the Whitehouse.
---John on 3/26/10

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Still more rumor, innuendo, and just plain wackiness about the US president. My goodness! How is it that Paul in his letters never slammed any of those evil Roman emperors, but just asked that we pray for the powers that be? Some Christians are so hateful and paranoid...
---ger.toshav on 3/26/10

"Happy is the man [person] that walks not in the counsel [advise] of the ungodly, nor stands in the way [stews in the juices] of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful [the contemptuous]..." Psalms 1

FB: You're far from being 8/16 (half) right. In fact, you're all wrong! By the way, that's "Muslim", not "Museum".
---Leon on 3/26/10

Obama seems to be much more friendly to other Museum countries than Israel. But what do you want ethnically he is 7/16 Arab and only 1/16 Black.

And with the results of this new weapons treaty with the Russians he is not that friendly with the People of the US either because he is selling us out in more way then I can count.
---Friendly_Blogger on 3/26/10

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