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Seen Any Evil Spirits Lately

I'm interested in finding people who have seen evil spirits, dead people and angels. Since the age of 5, I have seen them. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son Of God. I want to find people like myself. I see shadows all of the time, I put crosses with olive oil on my walls. Maybe someone can help me?

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 ---sonya on 3/26/10
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Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Its not impossible to be able to see them, just know that evil spirits cannot be challenged by material artefacts, you have to command them in the name of Jesus to get out of your home, or they will torment you.

---Carla on 7/13/14

Hi Luke,

I make no excuses for my error many years ago when I spoke up in a friends house and I did not believe they had contacted evil spirits or in fact they were moving the glass or bangle as it were at the time. I asked the evil spirit unknowingly to let the dog bark three times and it did. We all scrammed and ran out of the house, these things were seen as games I was very young and it was an unfortunate time when these sort of games were popular( now banned). If my punishment is seeing them, then I see them, but I ever, never intentionally asked to do so.

However, my walk has been strengthened as thousands of people are speaking up about their experiences and Christian's everywhere are encouraging them just as I do.
---Carla on 7/13/14

Dear Carla,
I believe we can sense the evil spirits when they are around us. I believe it is the work of the Holy Spirit who is speaking to our hearts and warns us when they are around. Some believers are more sensitive to that then others.
I do not believe anyone can see them unless as you say, they are on some kind of drug or maybe even some who are bipolar not all. But the normal human being is not able to see them as they are invisible, but can sense them when an evil spirit is occupying the body of a person, you sense the evil spirit when you see or hear that evil person. Agape.
---Luke on 7/11/14

Biblically evil spirits fits, madness, physical disabilities,blindness and loss of speak from birth also having a super strength much like when there is drug or alcohol abuse. I now KNOW that evil spirits are spiritual but if you serve god in the spirit it is not the same as serving in the flesh, both soul and body have to come under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
However, spiritually you see them in a state of sleep or half sleep, but you can actually physically feel and sense their presence in the day or night.They can communicate physically manifest their presence through the use of energy, the latter professional acknowledge as Sleep paralysis .
---Carla on 7/10/14

if you could see evil spirits you would see them in war with angels. angels protect and satan destroys.
---shira4368 on 7/5/14

Well I ani't seen no Ghost's Ghouls except for the Halloween periods children dressed by their irresponsible parent's...I have never encountered a godly angel but I have experienced demonic spirits.

I was involved in a car accident and ended up with chronic back pain, I was given codeine/paracetamol and the demons I saw in my house before are exactly the ones I saw under the influence of this drug. I was advised to come off them as according to the GP at the hospital I am sensitive to the ingredient. (I now suffer very badly with back pain) I guess that's coke howbeit in medicinal values. Why people abuses substances are beyond me !

I'd never ever take them again if I have to bare the pain so be it!!!
---Carla on 7/3/14

I have never felt that an evil spirit is present, though I know they are present somewhere.

In the same way, while I know angels are present as well, I have never had the experience of meeting one.

I have had plenty of experiencing 'special occurrences', in terms of things that must have been from God, including one that did not conform to nature (i.e. must be a miracle)

But all these are from God
---Peter on 7/1/14

See them in people and animals.
---tigg on 7/1/14

//ever since then I have had a hard time sitting in church I become physically sick I don't know why does anyone have an idea?//

After hearing your story, I have a question for you.
What does sitting in Church and getting physically sick have to do with what you saw at home?
If you are sick at church, It could be the shadow you saw is with you, and doesn't want you to hear the word of God. Who wants to stop you from learning about God? If you are a believer already, you should know what to do. Read the Bible, get in the word of God, obey God and you will be freed. Maybe you are a Pentecostal, they seem to see demons everywhere. Not all Pentecostals but many. Maybe you need to change denominations. Think about it. Agape
---Luke on 6/27/14

I saw a black figure of a man when I was younger in my house when it walked toward me I felt cold overwhelming sense of fear and said nothing as it continued to get close I backed away but when it stood in front of me I lost my sight I reached up and felt my eyes were still open I could not see I could only feel my fear and darkness then after what seemed like forever it was over it was gone I could see. ever since then I have had a hard time sitting in church I become physically sick I don't know why does anyone have an idea?
---caroline on 6/25/14

My sister and husbands home has a demonic spirit that dwells there and her child's toy robot to speaks when you are on your own. lf you sleep over night the demon attacks you when you least expect it.

They say a shadows appears and goes and both are really serious about what they say occurs, and moved out the

house and 3 people that have lived there even the house keeper says the same thing happen to them.

coincident well it would have been only one of the occupants has a mystery illness that is still undiagnosed!

---Carla on 9/28/13

laura, what did the demon of pride look like? Did he look like a human being? Like a demon in pictures? like satan? like someone you know? can you explain this experience?
It is pretty hard to convince anyone that you can see a demon since they are invisible. Unless this demon of pride change to a human form. If it did, how do you know his name was pride? Did he say he was?
---Mark_V. on 9/28/13

I am sorry there has to be accusations as to who is in Christ . I know what gift my Father in heaven has given me. I went to a church 1 time where a demon appeared next to the preacher. this demon tried to represent itself as marble but it was to me very much plaster. this demon was pride. God has in times of near death shown me Angel and God said no one would be hurt. and what should have been a disaster was not. I am sorry for those who do not believe they exist. God is awesome and as in the old and new testament even today they are here.
---laura on 9/24/13

A lot of people on here claim to have seen evil spirits! I must say, I've had enough trouble from them. I sure don't need to see them, And, I don't want to see them, have no desire to see them, cause now I am saved!
---catherine on 9/24/13

Hello,Sister I am a christian and since age 3...seen & heard spirit beings, good and evil.
People do not believe it Now for ME..

I got to put all my trust in the Lord. It used to bother me alot. Now, it does not,

Satan will use any Deception KEEP My Mind away from the word ,prayer,etc.. NO Longer bother myself be occupied with this ....Nothing CAN take the place of Jesus in my life!
So, I find myself get more into his word, his desire, not my own.
---Lidia4796 on 9/23/13

I have seen demons , angels, spirits, visions, dreams . my baptism I had a vision when I came up out of the water. when I was 13 and all this began then.
---laura on 9/23/13

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Interesting,but we have to be carefull,the other spirit world existe! We who, know Christ, we.know the only thing you can do call on the name, the blood of Christ JESUS! His. blood can save, heal, the demons will go and have to obey His will! Oh yes, thankyou lord and Saviour Christ is our help n time of trouble.
---ELENA on 9/27/12

Demoniac spirits are very real. If you care to believe it, the spirit realm is just as, if not, more real than this physical realm in which we live. I have seen dark images, which I know to have been demons. I have seen demons in dreams, one in particular, repeatedly so. I have cast out different kinds of demons from people. Holy water, crosses etc do not work, only in the NAME of YESHUA (Jesus) can these spirits be cast out. That is a fact...
---georgefen on 9/15/12

Seeing spirits is one thing but you'll not get rid of anything with a cross unless it is a solid tangible object that can feel, bleed and breath... and violence is against Gods will...

However, If you want to know if what you are seeing are demons cast them out in Jesus name and repeat until you see feel or hear them go.

Other that that howbeit could be your imagination.
---Carla on 1/9/12

I have been in the presence of evil spirits and have seen one.These were only with me for about a week but they played with my mind and made me do the most rediculous things.I eventually went to speak to a priest and eventually I began to feel calm and peace again.
---Bob_Brain on 1/9/12

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\\NJ..For has far as i can say,i had seen good n bad spirits since i was about4yrs.old,im 29yrs old.,n i see them everyday,i talk to them n they talk 2me,everyday they need me2send some1 i kno a msg,\\

Jamie, if you're going to write on serious adult subjects, then write like a serious adult instead of in text speech, OK?
---Cluny on 12/14/10

NJ..For has far as i can say,i had seen good n bad spirits since i was about4yrs.old,im 29yrs old.,n i see them everyday,i talk to them n they talk 2me,everyday they need me2send some1 i kno a msg,even help me in some ways,i have 4angels with me since i was4,my ppl says im a devil cuz i kno whats goin2 happen instantly,but thats cuz the spirits tell me some ppl r in denial n cant believe it,n jus keep sayn im jus lucky,but they have no idea what else i can do,similar what chris angel could do,i used2go2church when my hands was leakin oil since age11,n i had healed sick relatives n ppl,I can b evil but I'm a good person..its ok.glad 2kno there's mor ppl like me ,I'm still unique,no1z like me,God doesn't like compeition.
---Jamie on 12/14/10

Helen, I understand what your going through. I called different churches in my area to help my son. I found one and they prayed a deliverance prayer over him and anointed him with oil. It has helped his behavior so much!!! Both of my children see shadows. It is very frightening to them. I have seen them a few times. When the kids see them we say I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. You are not allowed here! Go! We are Jesus' children. We pray for God to sourround us with His Angles and to protect us, our hearts, minds, body, soul and spirt. I also have the kids put on the Armor of God each morning. It helps to empower them through Gods promises. That's the key I think, is to empower your children through God's promises and His word. God Bless.
---Taylor on 12/8/10

You can see in the eyes of people. Jesus referenced this as to the eyes being dark and how great is that darkness. To reject God's love is to have joined the rebellion.Question. If the war in heaven with Michael and his angels in Rev 12 has not occurred, what are demons? Something to chew on
---David on 12/5/10

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While compassion is what we should show for others in need, on this case I suggest what some here have said. I believe that Aka has good advice, and so does Paul and Carla. Paul and John in Scripture warned believers that in the end times the activities of Satan and his demons will be on the increase. Though demons are real and powerful, there is no reason to believe that they can ever possess a Christian. We may be harassed, tempted, or accused by demons, but never controlled by them. Every Christian is indwelt by the Holy Spirit. His presence guarantees liberty from demonic possession. The best thing is to not mess with them.
---Mark_V. on 12/5/10

Helen --Are you a Christian? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? That's a very good place to start, if you are not sure. Many people here can help you make sure!

Then you might take your child to a Christian pastor who has experience delivering people from demons....and one you personally trust.

Be calm but determined.I'd suggest you in no way convey to your child any fear you personally may have of this situation. That will only magnify her fears..
---Donna66 on 12/4/10

What type of help are you looking for?

There is no need to put crosses and olive oil on your walls if you have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as YOUR master, and savior. Once He becomes your Lord and you have submitted unto Him...once you KNOW the will excercise authority over every evil spirit and demonic situation..and it will flee from you...not be drawn too you.
---L_Will on 12/3/10

I see evidence of evil spirits every day. Go to the mall and you will see them too. I have seen people under the influence of evil spirits.
---shira3877 on 12/1/10

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Carla let me first start by saying I am shocked that you would be so void of compassion and Christian ethics that you would immediately attack some one who is asking for help. I pray you will reconsider this stance. Now Helen I have delt with many evil spirits and realize that we can do things that welcome them into our homes. You must first rule this option out. If this is not the case then you must search for wickedness that could be around you through other people. Find the source and banish it cut all ties. Then you need to seek God and fast for some spirits come out only through prayer and fasting. Resist the devil, draw nigh to God cleanse your hands and purify your heart. Were praying for you, If I can help let me know. Paul
---paul on 11/29/10

I see evil spirits everytime I may tune into the Daystar Televisiob Network or TBN.
---Rob on 11/29/10

My kid is 6, something is very wrong she gets real ugly at night bout 4 to 6 am, I CAN NOT explain it she talks different she cry's trembles get panic attacks took her 5 times now to the Emergency room they find nothing except her heart rate and blood pressure real low. Its beyond a medical condition.Iknow I feel it she says the demons are helping the devil she shakes she gets very tense her body temperature drops she shivers I NEED help
no one dare tell me I need to take her to a psychiatrist because this is beyond that its been happening occasionally since shes 1 but now its out of hand,not to mention she HATES nights because she hates the dark and having to go to sleep ..HELP!
---Helen on 11/28/10

I do Actually See Evil Spirits Everywhere i go i used to be scared but now i am really used to it as if it was nothing at all ever since i was little i could see them ounce i turned about 14 i couldnt see them anymore im now 16 and i feel them back into my life for some reason i see them everywhere ounce again.
---laura on 9/20/10

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I started seeing and sinceing things around me when I was about 4 or 5. I've learned to block it out, or not iknowlage it, and its less powerful. I pray every and I wear a cross that never comes off. I have alot of faith in not only jesus and saver but in my guarden angle. I have been through alot, and lost alot of people around me. I since the evil around me and Ignor it. Its been happening to me since I was 8 or 9 when he frist apeared at the foot of me bed. If you are a good person then evil cant have you. A presist can alway bless you, home and car. It could might work. For me it just made the good stranger for a while. If you find out how to get rid of it please let me know too...!
---Lindz on 7/19/10

You may know the Son of God, but, He does not know you. You are worshiping the devil!
---catherine on 5/14/10

We all have a degree of discernment but the gift is 1Co 12:10 ...discerning of spirits...

Read Act 19:13-16 Prepare yourself with reading the Word and prayer.

//The main thing is to be Saved by the blood of the lamb not just know that Jesus is the son of God,// J.

that is the absolute Truth!
---aka_joseph on 5/14/10

I too have been able to see evil spirits since I was a little kid,And thats what they are evil spirits. The so called "dead people" are evil spirits as well,they are just demons pretending to be that person.I believe this ablitiy is called the gift of Discerment, but it is to be use as the gift that God intended it to be, to help the body of Christ and warn them when such things are around. This is somthing you dont just go messing around with especially if your not saved.The main thing is to be Saved by the blood of the lamb not just know that Jesus is the son of God, even the devil knows that Jesus is the son of God.I pray that the Jesus Christ would help you to understand this ablity.
---L. on 5/13/10

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Well said Carla...please heed her warnings!
---aka_joseph on 5/9/10

I hope the help you are asking is one for yourself( in terms of leaving them alone) rather than for theses spiritual experiences. They are demons and need to be left well alone.

They are strong enough to be able to possess you if you think their their existence is to befriend anyone. They are lost souls without a dwelling place and can posses the right kind of ignorant persons. Right now it is the grace of God keeping you So while it is safe,

LEAVE Them WELL ALONE! You are warned: by your post your not experienced enough to understand.
---Carla on 5/8/10


Welcome! Please forgive catherine, then ignore her. Others here will show you good things, she will show you the meaning of hypocrasy in action.
---aka_joseph on 5/7/10

First I want to welcome you Delaney. You mentioned seeing and hearing ghosts, and then you mentioned God's name. We have enough hypocrites on here. We don't need another one....I will not say God bless you. We need some Bood-bought people, who blesses God.
---catherine on 5/7/10

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//I know that Jesus Christ is the Son Of God.//

Thou believest that there is one God, thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

//I put crosses with olive oil on my walls.//

Maybe, since you continue to practice witchcraft, you have opened a portal and that is exactly why you are seeing evil spirits.

//I'm interested in finding people who have seen evil spirits, dead people and angels...I want to find people like myself. //

The latter goes without saying. Satan does not discriminate.

//Maybe someone can help me?//

Instead of just acknowledging who Christ is, bow to Him and you will get to know a different kind of people.

BTW Olive oil goes well on salads.
---aka_joseph on 5/7/10

Hey, my name is Delaney, I'm 16. I have not seen a ghost completely. Or perhaps I did not pay much attention, however, I went for a walk with a friend of mine since pre-school. We ended up walking past a house that is said to be haunted and also through the old town cemetary. While there sometime my favorite necklace (a good sized jeweled cross) fell off. I saw the face of one of the youngest members and felt a cold presence while in there. My dad and I drove through the cemetary twice last night and I felt so many eyes watching me, studying me. I would love to talk to you further if you would like. God Bless ~Delaney
---Delaney on 5/7/10

You are not alone. My daughter sees spirits as well & she's 10 1/2. been able to since age 4. I see them time to time though they are always there. I too follow God, but doesn't mean that evil will hide from us. I ignore them & know God has protection around me. the oil isn't nessecary for me. I rebuke them in the name of Jesus if it gets ugly. however 99.9% of the time they leave my family alone because they know who they have to mess with if they mess with us (umm the answer is God) Godbless & have no fear, for God can protect you.
---candice on 5/6/10

Lately no. Felt the present of an evil spirit on people before, yes.
---Suzy on 3/31/10

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BTW--The Christian custom is to anoint (note there is no double n) in the form of a cross, and olive oil is the basic oil that is blessed.
---Cluny on 3/29/10

sonya, seeing shadows doesn't necessarily mean you are seeing evil spirits and definitely not seeing dead people and angels don't appear to scare someone.

If I were you, I'd anoint myself with Oil and pray in the name of Jesus, GO in Jesus name. Seems like something is being tormented in your mind.

I have seen demons manifest but only in large deliverance meetings where the minister is calling out a demon in someone.

I have never seen a dead person's spirit and never seen an angel, I have smelled roses one time at a Kathie Walters conference, but never seen an angel from heaven.
---Donna5535 on 3/29/10

\\Have you ever Annointed your House?
Have you ever commanded them to leave in Jesus Name?
Do you truly believe that where Jesus dwells no evil spirits can dwell?

A cross w/olive oil does nothing,Annoint your house and command anything that is NOT of GOD to leave in Jesus Name AMEN!!!!!!!!
---Gabby on 3/28/10\\

There is NOT a doubled N in the word ANOINT and its inflections.
---Cluny on 3/29/10

Have you ever Annointed your House?
Have you ever commanded them to leave in Jesus Name?
Do you truly believe that where Jesus dwells no evil spirits can dwell?

A cross w/olive oil does nothing,Annoint your house and command anything that is NOT of GOD to leave in Jesus Name AMEN!!!!!!!!
---Gabby on 3/28/10

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Seeing dead people is NOT of God, but of the devil - they are demons, NOT something from God. If you want to be free, you MUST repent (confess and turn away from) of ALL known sins, forgive God, yourself, and others, and renounce ALL ties to the occult and false religion. This will break any legal access demons have to you. Then use the name of Jesus, and tell them to leave in this name. Also, let these demons know that the blood of Christ is against them, and they can NOT cross the bloodline.
---Leslie on 3/27/10

You need to BELIEVE that Jesus is your saviour. Accept him as your saviour. Speak to the pastor of your church.

Seeing anything of the spirit world, is absolutely ''the devil's work''.

God may have given you a gift, so pray at all times to God and in only Jesus's name, to give you strength and guidance. Ask him to send someone to you who can give you help and encouragement.

No , there is nothing wrong with ''your head'' and you don't need a doctor. Doctors are scientists and do not believe in God - psychiatrists.

I will pray for you also.

You are not alone. Remember always, God is with you.
---Clarice on 3/27/10

"Sonya, my first suggestion would be to see an M.D. that specializes in psychiatry. He will run all sorts of tests that may conclude that what you are experiencing is a physical disease, and not demonic or angelic visions." (Father Brendan)

Such signs can be associated with schizophrenia or a delusional disorder. Many assumed that it is demonic or angelic visions, but at times, such characteristics are Psychosis in nature.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 3/26/10

Sonya, my first suggestion would be to see an M.D. that specializes in psychiatry. He will run all sorts of tests that may conclude that what you are experiencing is a physical disease, and not demonic or angelic visions.
---FatherBrendan on 3/26/10

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This is a phony blog question if I've ever seen one!
---ger.toshav on 3/26/10

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