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Type Of Spirit Adam Had

John 3:6 That which is born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Did Adam have a spirit of any nature before God breathed a spirit into him?

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 ---mima on 4/9/10
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To my understanding-The man called adam(first adam) Had a pure soul before-deceived. His soul came from God-who is life-In him-life exist.God created every soul-therefore knows-before it is breath into flesh. The breath of Life is inhaled by flesh and it becomes of living soul-man."became a living being"(first-adam)..."lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of Life". Now-only In Christ(second adam) we have eternal Life-awakening-quickening-spirit-not just a living soul in flesh-as first adam. Created in His image(spirit)-but-formed from dust(flesh)-1Cor 15(ALL)Flesh and blood can not enter heaven. All souls belong to God and will return back to God who gave it.Gen2:7-Ecc12:7,Ez18:4,Jer1:4-5,Eph1:3-5,Rom9:11-23
---char on 5/27/10

Char Scripture says Adam was firstly and primarily a man-1 Corinthians 15: 45, 46 "So it is written: "The first man Adam became a living being", the last Adam, a life-giving spirit.The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual."
---Warwick on 5/25/10

I think Adam-as in-the man called Adam-origin was a pure spirit before the deception. As flesh he was form differently then adam (mankind) before a part was taken for Eve-some say the female gene-helix curve.(?) I'm, almost embarrassed to think about it-please forgive me-I mean no disrespect-but-I seriously don't Adam or Eve had a belly button.
Just a thought perhaps better left unsaid-but-am I mistaken?
---char on 5/22/10

I do not think mima asked about Adam's spirit before and after the fall, it was about his spirit before and after he was created. -I agree that Adam did not have a spirit befor his creation, and I agree that dust does not have a spirit (If you are a tree hugger, worship the Creator and ot the creation.)
However, when God breathed life into him, there had to be "wind" or air. In John 3, Jesus refers to a wind. In Acts, there was a big, ole wind when the Spirit blew INTO the Apostles. Perhaps, it is the same thing. Are not we dead in our sins until Life is breathed into us by the Spirit? Was Adam not dead before God breathed the Spirit into him?

Wow! What foreshadow! Praise God and i thank all of you for your responses!
---aka_joseph on 4/16/10

Ricky, when Adam sinned, all descendants of Adam are born physically, and dead spiritually to the things of God. The curse cause them all to die physically at a certain time, and spiritually at the moment they are born with a sin nature. "And you He made alive, when you were dead through the trespasses and sins" Eph 2:1,2.
When we were walking without God we were dead through trespasses and sins" That is the spiritual death that the Bible talks about. We were alive physically but dead spiritually.
"which we once walked following the course of this world. following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience"
---MarkV. on 4/14/10

The Hebrew word for Adams soul simply means "living being" he was no different than the animals, other than his "dominion" over them. His spirit is just that which moves him, no where does the bible say Adams spirit died. Adams death was when his "living being" became dead.
---rickeyFred on 4/13/10

NO! There cannot be no nature without a Spirit.
---catherine on 4/12/10

Josef- What you describe is the "soul"- the Mind, Will and Emotions. "Spirit" is a consistency of thought and action recognizable by Character (characteristics of good or evil). "Spirit" is a shared perspective in thought, action and response, like "team spirit". Spirit is the perspective of God, and He can initiate His perspective within us, if we are willing. Consider the words of scripture...that we are called to "be of like mind" "in" Christ's Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the agent and teacher of this perspective, that we might internalize (have written on our hearts)this Gift, for acceptance into the Kingdom.
---Elaine on 4/11/10

Nope! The Bible record says he was only a lump of dust before God "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life." (Gen 2:7) I don't believe in dust spirits.
---jerry6593 on 4/11/10

Cluny, I believe as you do. That Adam had a spirit, because he was in contact with God the whole time which made him spiritually alive to the things of God. When he sinned, his relationship with God ended, and he became spiritually dead to the things of God. When a person is born again, he is born of the Spirit and the Spirit again brings life to that person, to where he is alive spiritually to Christ and all spiritual matters.
All those who are born of the Spirit will always remain alive to Christ forever.
---MarkV. on 4/11/10

I think Adam had a human spirit before and after the fall.

mima, why did you ask the same basic question twice?
---Cluny on 4/10/10

"Did Adam have a spirit of any nature before God breathed a spirit into him?" No.
The Father breathed life into Adam, not "a spirit", and Adam became a 'living soul'-as one given vitality, vivacity, and made consciously aware of his being.
Adam's "spirit" (mental attitude or disposition, and habitual way of acting towards and relating to life and one another) was formed just like our own, through life's experiences.
---Josef on 4/9/10

Does it say that he did in the Bible?
---amand6348 on 4/9/10

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