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One Miracle From God

If God said He'll perform one miracle for you today, what would that be?

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 ---Donna5535 on 4/20/10
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I will pray to God to heal my face and body of Hirsutism, excessive facial and body hair growth, under eye circle, eye sight problem, acne, pimples, dark skin colorings and make me beautiful.
---Reshma on 5/1/12

update!family,thank God for so many things still able do myself!many yrs. I volunteer'took care of cancer patients/came to my! Jesus surely,been more than good to me! able get food together(usually cook alot)incase whennot feel good...can quick grab food already made!able wash my clothes,do housekeep' as able...take care still comb my own hair,etc.,the Lord put on my mind "be faithfull!" there are times yes,not feel good gratefull, my right eye lill' better :)make "room for my miracle!" God decides! myheart,mind,soul,body! what ever it be I know God working it out for my good! Reba gospel singer wrote prisoner of love a slave for the Master!"
---ELENA on 4/8/12

Hello,Mary,If you didn't get my post'n response to yours/saw you did robotic!had it too! today had horrible pain!In 15 min.Jesus came thru after pray hard! sister at church she thinks it's fr "having kids!" the Lord knows & he cares..I say If it doesn't turn out the way I like His way is best! I love the Lord 'n stand on Him,regardless how it looks or how I feel! Jesus is lord!
---ELENA on 4/8/12

God bless you Elena, praying for you hon, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 3/25/12

Got to say I'd beg jesus,forgive me for any sin,please heal me fr b.cancer,Lord be my help I wud help cancer & aids patients like before but,I wud give most all $to help them, & the veterans (disable)love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 3/25/12

God, I think you already know what I would ask for. I would ask that you bring me and Nick together. I would ask that you bring us into communication, so we can see where You would take us. I would ask you to help me fix my mistake and dissolve my regret, and show me that all hope is not lost, and that you truly desire for me and Nick to be together. I would ask you to guide and help anyone else who can help bring us into communication, so that they may unite us once and for all. Please Lord, I want this miracle more than anything. I hope you've heard all my prayers, because I want this more than anything else. I want Nick to be a part of my life. I want to let You guide me to him. Please God, bring us together. Amen<3
---Daniela on 7/28/11

I would ask God to send more Lydias
Acts 16:14
---michael_e on 6/3/10

I would ask for a better understanding of compassion I have for the lost. I realize this compassion is not from Satan nor from my fleshly self. But I tired and grow wary of compassion that I have no way to alleviate.
My compassion leads to prayer for that is the only way that I can get relief. My relief comes from turning it over to God. I would just like a better understanding concerning this.
---mima on 6/2/10

Just answering the blog question.

I don't need a miracle. I don't ask for miracles...that's why I'd have trouble thinking of one to ask for.

(BUT if the Lord offered to perform one, as the question suggests, I wouldn't say "no thanks".)
---Donna66 on 4/29/10

Miracles are "Not Finished" today, but only Christ's physical life that he lived on earth is finished by his death on the cross almost 2000 years ago, that mission he finished. Now Jesus commands all followers to do likewise, Take up your own cross and follow after him, and then one day you too will be able to say, "I have ran the race and fought the good fight, and now It is finished", but until then you are by no means finished with the daily work that Christ commands you to do and to go and finish it.
---Eloy on 4/29/10

Hi Donna, why would you need a miracle when
---larry on 4/28/10

I can think of a few I might ask for, but I'm not sure which is the most important. And since the question limits the miracles to ONE... I guess I'd have to tell God, "You choose!"
---Donna66 on 4/28/10

Donna, I know what you are saying and I understand more than you know. I think Paul felt the same way. Tonight, remember me in your prayers and I will you. You do not have to spend a long time on someone you don't know. Just please mention my name.
---aka_joseph on 4/28/10

joseph, I totally agree with you but there are times when we become discouraged and God even said He is reminded we are but dust, and having God perform a miracle in our life would make a world of difference.

For example, I've been living with spinal pain for many many years. I've learned to manage it by rest, exercise, vitamins, etc., but I surely would like to be pain free and live pain free for the rest of my life...I guess I was thinking more of a physical miracle.

I am truly grateful not only for God's Grace, but for Everything that comes forth from Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit, truly I am.
---Donna5535 on 4/28/10


sincerely, the miracle of grace is sufficient. it brings me to tears every time i truly stop to think about it or hear someone else talk about it. i am so small and He is Everything.
---aka_joseph on 4/28/10

God doesn't get tired of folks. Not in the New covenant.

Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

One of the fruit of the Spirit is longsuffering. If God put that in the believer, then it is in Him. He never gives up. He never gets tired. He never grows weary. He continues to be good to all. It rains (rain is is what waters the dry, dusty earth) upon the just and the unjust.
---Linda on 4/27/10

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God wouldn't limit the amound of miracles to anyone. Every miracles gives glory to God so why would he place a limit of only one?

Concerning the question at hand, though, I would probably pass on the miracle to someone who really needs it more than I. I already have eveything I need - having a very personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus and the joy of ministering God's truth to the world and to edify the saints making known to them all things to fulfil the word of God, a faithful minister and fellowservant in the Lord and I thank Jesus for counting me worthy enough for such a position. What more does a person need? Everything else I have is only icing on a cake.
---Steveng on 4/27/10

You MIGHT find a Scripture in the Bible to back you up?

I would be willing to go so far as to say that if more than one doesn't, then the prophecy is not of God. The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.
---Linda on 4/27/10

If I may explain to some, when you have the gift and I do have the gift, and when I use the gift, I do not need a scripture. God puts His words in my mouth. All I need is His words coming forth and out they go. And, if you look close enough, you just might find a Scripture in the Bible, which will back God up and the words He gives me. I am sure of it. Amen.
---catherine on 4/27/10

Well, I have had my break for almost one week. Today this person is coming home. I am sorter glad. Even-though God keeps me and keeps me company, I was starting to get a little bored, Not as much to do with him away. This person is my husband, we were married in 1969....God has revealed to me more about him since he has been in the hospital. I never knew these things while I was lost, if I had, I well anyways. Now, I am learning. God's advice to me, today>>>Watch, see, and believe. Thank you Jesus Christ.++
---cathine on 4/27/10

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I have had another miracle. God is giving me a break. This person with a mind of a five year old because of the devil and a reprobate mind because of the devil and that is not all, anyways he's in the hospital. Don't worry he will be home soon. God said the other day, "I am getting kinda tired of this. The next thing I know, this person was going to the hospital. What a break, yea. It has been soooooo nice. Just me and my Lord.
---catherine on 4/27/10

Catherine, A-men. Stay in love with Jesus, and keep on praising and thanking him daily.
---Eloy on 4/27/10

I do not know who your god is, and I don't want to know. But, I wish everyone knew mine God! He is teaching me everyday. Like for example, how to get out of so much yard work, by allowing His flowers to stay put in my yard. Some may call them wildflowers, but they are God's flowers. He gave them to me. When I was lost I never considered them. Cuts back on so much cutting of grass. He is also teaching me how to remain in faith when all hell comes against me. When I was lost I could not deal with anything....Only a fool would say there is no God. Everyday that He gets me through proves you a liar.
---catherine on 4/26/10

Tommy, you are right, the greatest miracle is our salvation. God did not have to save anyone, that He did is a miracle in itself. We love Him because He first loved us, we know Him because He first knew us.
When that miracle happens to a person it is the biggest moment in our lives for it changes our whole way of living, thinking. It brings love to our families, and peace to our hearts. And that is not even counting eternal life with Christ. Now that is a miracle.
---MarkV. on 4/26/10

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here's a true miracle of love, someone insulted God today in such a way that it made my blood to boil, and God did not send lightning to strike him,

God's miracles are of a different level then what we can understand.
---Andy3996 on 4/26/10

What greater miracle can there be besides bringing salvation to the lost? We ALL have miracles in our lives everyday. Jesus said in Matt. 12:39 and 16:4, "A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign." "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved." It doesn't get any better than this!
---tommy_3007 on 4/25/10

Just came back, to make sure the word was miracle!
Because thats what it would be, for anyone to uplift that name!
Yea a miracle!

To believe that no matter what you do. I still love you.
That he has opened a door. That no man or angel could open.
To believe he can take, real thick hard rocks! And make soft loving children!
To believe God can do anything. Well you did say miracle!
That what it would take a miracle!
For everyone to lift up his brother before himself, as he ask!
But then again, why should we. After all, all our brothers are sinners!
Not us, we've repented! we will never do it again. Right?
Blessed be thy name, my lord God!
---TheSeg on 4/23/10

When I first read this, I couldn't think of anything. So, I said give it a few days.
Well, it's been a few days!
So, what can a man who has nothing, ask for!
Riches, I feel my cup is full, it's over flowing.
Again, not because of anything I done or haven't done.
Ask for long life, certainly not in this life, that just dumb!
So, there is nothing for me. Maybe, ask for someone else.
That everyone is saved? No, why should I ask for what I believe!
That everyone believe it? No, then how will I be tested.
Should I base my beliefs on what we understand?

Got it!
That my father gives me the strength!
To uplift the name "Jesus Christ!"
---TheSeg on 4/23/10

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\\cluny....Well,bud, I certainly disagree with you. If you ever get saved, perhaps God will give you my job. Hallelujah.
---catherine on 4/23/10\\

The very fact you say this about me means you're not saved.
---Cluny on 4/23/10

Donna: I meant no offense. Please accept my apology. I was just trying to point out God does the miraculous in our lives every day without our even thinking to ask. I implied its inappropriate to ask miracles of God & I was very wrong. :)

As you know, many in the Bible (Old & New Testament) did ask God to personally work miracles for them & on behalf of others, & God did so. The Lord is the same today as always & yet delights in doing the impossible (miracles) for His faithful followers.

Good question -- God bless!
---Leon on 4/23/10

Leon, did you REALLY read my question? I said nothing about granting wishes.

I said MIRACLE...big difference than a wish, right?

To be honest with you, my miracle would be to have an angel of the Lord appear to me, sit with me for a couple of hours and minister Spirit and Life to me - I would cry alot during that time because I am so sensitive.

But PLEASE LEON, don't accuse me of asking God to grant wishes....I said MIRACLE!!! We all need a miracle in our lives and we all need to see one soon, amen?
---Donna5535 on 4/23/10

cluny....Well,bud, I certainly disagree with you. If you ever get saved, perhaps God will give you my job. Hallelujah.
---catherine on 4/23/10

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\\I am a prophet in every since of the word. God still gives some open visions. And God still talks to His chosen people through dreams.\\

False prophet, maybe.

God told me to tell you that you're not a prophet, and He never said you were, and if you disagree with me, it means that you are suffering from delusion and have a reprobate mind.
---Cluny on 4/23/10

Donna5535: Please, I hope you don't get me wrong. God isn't a genie who goes around granting wishes. Christians would do well to not presume upon God & be grateful for the daily "miracles" He performs on our behalf & we casually take for granted, i.e., waking us up in the morning in our right mind & having activity of our limbs, allowing us to rest/sleep at night, providing our daily bread, giving us shelter, a source of income, a loving family & friends, delivering us from evil, etc.
---Leon on 4/22/10

John.11:25-26: "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?"
In the broader sense (including eternity), to live or to die is not written in stone, and it rather appears to be written with our blood in our hearts with the pen of faith or the pen of disbelief. Blood also in the broader sense of life force, given that a dead man must have some life in him and be and apprehending entity, how else could he believe "though he were dead'?
Eclessiastes 7:16-17
---Nana on 4/22/10

catherine, if someone were to come up to me and say that I was going to be murdered, I'd report that person to the police department for giving me a death threat.

1stCliff, are you saying that these deaths you mentioned are accidental and fortuitous, and the One Who said He held the keys of death had no power to prevent them?

That's the only alternative.
---Cluny on 4/21/10

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Cluny: "God appoints the hour and manner of our deaths"
He appointed all those killed 9/11 ??
He appointed 6 million Jews to die in Nazi death camps??
Babies to die stillborn???
Cluny you're one sick puppy!
---1st_cliff on 4/21/10

\\He is going to be murdered. I have warned him, ofcourse, he pays no attention to my warnings.\\

catherine, would it not be more to the point to pray that God will change the heart of the would-be murderer, than that the supposed victim will listen to your prophecies of doom?
---Cluny on 4/21/10

True, KarenD, so true, thank you.
---Mary on 4/21/10

I am a prophet in every since of the word. God still gives some open visions. And God still talks to His chosen people through dreams. The reason this individual pays no attention is because he doesn't know these things. He has a reprobate mind. The rest is personal.
---catherine on 4/21/10

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Mary...Many of the decisions we make regarding our daily life are more dangerous than travel. When we chose to become involved with people who are not Christian or who abuse us. When we chose to trust people who have proven to be untrustworthy. When we do not listen to those Christian advisers who are helping us.
---KarenD on 4/21/10

Cat': How do you know, "He is going to be murdered"? Why do you think he doesn't pay attention to your warnings? Who is this person in relationship to you? Are your dreams/visions prophetic in accordance with what God says in Scripture?
---Leon on 4/21/10

To heal my wifes kidney disease.
---JIM on 4/21/10

\\ I have warned him, ofcourse, he pays no attention to my warnings.\\

I think that shows his good sense.

God appoints the hour and manner of our deaths. Or haven't you heard?
---Cluny on 4/21/10

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To spare this one individual's life!+ He is going to be murdered. I have warned him, ofcourse, he pays no attention to my warnings. Have carried this vision of his demise with me, now for six years. Have had dreams too.
---catherine on 4/21/10

Mary, if this helps, some fears we need to simply make the conscious decision to face and not let Satan steal from our lives.

You also need to ask yourself WHY you are afraid to travel.
---Cluny on 4/20/10

I sure wish He'd take away my horrendous fear of travel.
---Mary on 4/20/10

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