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I Had A One Night Stand

Im very discouraged, I was saved as a teenager, got married 2 years ago, had a one night stand with someone which I hate myself for and cannot believe I did. I have asked God countless times for forgiveness but I feel like I am doomed and cannot be forgiven and that God hates me now... is that the case?

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 ---Liz on 4/22/10
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Liz, Jesus forgave the very ones who nailed him to the cross. Do you really think God has any less forgiveness for you?

God, I ask You to take all guilt & shame from Liz now, in the name of Jesus & fill her with love & faith to move on Knowing that You have cast her sins into the sea of everlasting forgetfulness with a "No Fishing" sign firmly placed. May she walk in the water of Your Holy Spirit & give her the knowledge & words to help others who are tempted with the same sin. Amen & Amen. Thank You Jesus for Your infinite grace which is so much more than we could ever even think.
---fay on 5/21/10

Amen Linda,
Liz needs to hear the message of our posts!

Only Satan and her own guilt Condemns her no one else.


Jesus straightened up and asked (LIZ) her, "(LIZ) Woman, where are they?

Has no one condemned you?"


"No one, sir," she said.


"Then neither do I condemn you,"

"Go now and leave your life of sin."

---Jophn on 5/20/10

Really John, that put a big smile on my face!! SO TRUE...thank the Lord. I heard a sermon on this topic before & have always remembered it. The preacher said, when you ask God to forgive you,with a sincere,broken heart,Not only does He forgive but he casts your sin into the sea of forgetfulness. He chooses to never remember it again. So when we continue to beg for forgiveness,He doesn't remember it. Forgiven to God means forgotten. It's satan that keeps reminding us of our sins & failures- causing the guilt after we've repented to the Lord. Turn from the sin-don't repeat it- & lean heavily & completely on the merciful forgiveness of the Lord.
---Reba on 5/20/10

Praise God, John, that the only one among us who is without sin is Jesus Christ Himself...and He didn't throw a single stone. He slowly and methodically dealt with those who had them in their hands until no condemnation could be found. Woooooo....thank you Jesus!
---Linda on 5/20/10


We ALL got together here and decided the best solution for your guilt is to stone you for this.

We're just trying to find the first one of us who is without sin to start the stoning.

Hang in there sister!!! Its going to take awhile to find that person.

---John on 5/20/10

Still feel guilty? why? beacuse you didn't forgive yourself. You ask forgiveness from God. You are forgiven, but you, yourself could not forgive yourself. You imprisoned yourself with your mistake .Give it up completely to the Lord and move on with your life. No one could ever do that except yourself alone.
---myrna on 5/19/10

wivv is correct, if you have sincerely repented you've been forgiven, and there is nothing new under the sun since David and Bathsheba.

Your discouragement is part fear over the consequences including exposure of this sin for which you have no control.

Repentance does not remove the consequences.

I am praying for you.
---larry on 4/29/10

This reminds me of a wonderful Jewish tradition that is done between The Day of Trumpets and The Day of Repentance. Even though it is an orthodox tradition, Messianics (disciples of Yeshua, or Jesus) still carry on the tradition today. We go to a moving body of water, like a river or stream, and throw a rock into it with the name of the sin that we committed on it. This is to remind us that when we ask God to forgive us through the blood of His Son, He will throw it into the depths of his forgetfulness to remember it no more. If God has forgiven and forgotten, who are we to remind Him?
---Rabbi_Dean on 4/29/10

If you have asked for forgiveness, you have it. If you still feel guilty, it's satan not God who is making you feel that way. God convicts but satan makes a person feel guilty, especially after you have asked for forgiveness, and of course, have repented.
---wivv on 4/26/10

My dear, after that last post, I must re-iterate my own original post: if you have told God you're sorry, move past it dear--He has. :)
---Mary on 4/26/10

God does take such crimes seriously. Especially, if you were walking close to Him. I would be a shaking. However, assuming that you are saved, I cannot say that you have lost your salvation, because if that were to be the case, I doubt that you would have the mind to post this question. God is saying, "keep praying".
---catherine on 4/24/10

Liz, look at it from God's eyes...when God looks at you, He doesn't see your sin, He sees the blood of His Son that was shed for your sins.

1 John 1:9 says, IF we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and from ALL unrighteousness.....if we confess it is the key word here.

Have you repented? Father God I am truly sorry for the sin I have commmitted, I ask that you forgive me in Jesus name. I receive your forgiveness and understand that you see my sin covered by the shed blood of your Son, Jesus. Thank you for that Father. I love you and I know you love me and have forgiven me in Jesus name. Amen.
---Donna5535 on 4/23/10

Forgive yourself, and allow the Lord to Heal you from the pain. He have "Forgiven" you, and still "Love You" as His child.
---Kimbe7395 on 4/23/10

If you are truly sorry, God has forgiven you. You are not doomed. The word of God says ask and you shall recieve. God Loves You so much, that He gave His only Son, and thats whay He gave Him.
---a_friend on 4/23/10

satan is the accurser of the brethren,and we all accuse ourselves.
---tom2 on 4/23/10

Also remember this...

Satan is the accuser. He constantly accusses the Saints. And YES you are a saint IF ofcourse you believe in your heart Jesus is your Messiah etc.

Satan has accused Job, Moses, and all of us here. That is what he does for a living.


When you do that, you are sinning again. Since you did not believe The Lords ability to forgive and NEVER remember your sin anymore.

Your remorse and regret is proof of your forgiveness.

God Bless You Sister!

PS: As Paul and John have said remember we are ALL experiencing these weird and vicous attacks. We truly feel your pain.

It matches ours.
---John on 4/22/10

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It's not that he won't forgive you. More like a candle inside of you.
Is casting shadow on the walls and this is what you're looking at.
So, many of us look at our sins. As the worse thing we've ever done.
Instead of looking at the shadow, try looking at the candle.

Consider this, how many of us, believe God. Know he is!
And yet we know tomorrow, we'll sin again.
Is this not worse then what we have done, already?
Should we hide this from ourselves or try to hide it from him?

Say this to yourself!
Christ speaking! "I came here to save sinners!"
Not believe this, I think is the worst thing you can do.
It's a kind of denying him!
---TheSeg on 4/22/10

Read 1 John 1:9. Confess, repent and move forward.
---Trish9863 on 4/22/10

No Liz that is not the case. If you have truly repented, God has forgiven you. He is not like man. He does not hold grudges. It sounds as if you have not forgiven yourself.
---pg1 on 4/22/10

God forgives all sin,if you truly repented
So if God can forgive you,then you can forgive yourself...........His Word Never Changes.......stop beating yourself up when God remembers it no more
---Gabby on 4/22/10

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No honey, if you've asked the Lord's forgiveness and changed your ways, He HAS forgiven you, just need to accept it dear.
---Mary on 4/22/10

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