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Co-Worker Wastes Time

What do you do when a co-worker just fools around at work, waste time emailing, texting and your supervisor defends them?

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 ---bill on 4/29/10
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Amen Mark

Steven also made a point I forgot to include which is to do all you do all day for the glory of The Father in Heaven

once one sets their mind on Him all things that appear one-sided or others receiving special favors etc or for that matter any issues that have been dealt with "unfairly" seem to disappear

besides if one is truly focused on God then on their work and working to the best of their abilities documenting their accomplishments even if the current boss could care less it is a reminder of your results knowing you gave it your all and at the end of the day you were productive with what you were given
---Rhonda on 10/26/10

Rhonda, I agree with your answer and also Donna's, You see we do agree on things outside of doctrines. I too believe that Bill should mind his own business and do his work. Don't worry about what kind of treatment someone else gets that you don't get. There could be many reasons for the boss to do what he does. They could be good, or they could be bad.
I remember when we had our first lay-off at my last job, I was only six months at the job, and I thought I would be first. But when they announced who was going, many I thought were close to the boss were gone. They ate together and spend time together, yet I and others were kept and many of them were laid-off. Have peace in what you do. Forget all the other stuff. It is out of your hands.
---MarkV. on 10/26/10

You do nothing. But keep working diligently at your own job. The co-worker may be getting more done than is apparent to you.

OR the boss may be aware of your co-workers time-wasting...but just not want to discuss the problem with YOU.

This is a very common workplace problem. Unless YOUR work is directly impacted, you will not help yourself (or anyone else) by becoming involved.
---Donna66 on 10/25/10


Although it may be frustrating I know many supervisors who would then say to you - "You must have a lot of time you are wasting to know what your co-worker is/isn't up to during the work day"

Apostles told us to work out our own salvation Phil 2:12

likewise work out your own game plan at work ...where do you want to be/accomplish etc ...performing exceptional work ...document accomplishments etc and know where you stand out

many companies today promote teamwork yet it appears some employees slack ...however the supervisor could be defending because this employee stands-out in certain area's when he is producing
---Rhonda on 10/25/10

God is your true Boss-Work with your head up-praise Him for the job.
Pray on it-Pray for them-Pray for yourself.
Gods' will be done.
Mat 6:3-4
But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth, That thine aims may be in secret and thy Father Which seeth in secret Himself shall reward thee openly.

You may just be in "a mean time" position.
God sees your heart-he is a true and just God.
---char on 10/25/10

The age old rule:MIND YOUR OWN B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S! There are way too many people in other folk business. Do your work. The supervisor knows and is not doing anything about it, should tell you something. Look the other way and concentrate on your work. I see this type thing all of the time.
---Robyn on 8/6/10

You can do nothing in your case except three things: 1. Pray for this person, 2. Do the best you can at your job and be a positive witness, 3. Don't worry about this person - remember, "what goes around comes around".
---wivv on 5/2/10

If supervision doesn't care about how a worker works why should you? You thinking/saying supervision doesn't do anything and/or defends the person is really not within your job description, I'll guess.
There is always one thing that we know for sure... and that is that WE DON"T KNOW.
You don't know the contract or relationship that the employer has agreed to with your co-worker. This person may have an illness and needs the extra time. You were hired to do your job like expected so just do it.
My wife's dad was persecuted just like this because he had to take breaks to maintain his health with medications. He later died because he couldn't find work to buy his medications.
So, just do your job and relax.
---Elder on 5/2/10

Pray for their salvation and watch God at work in their hearts and minds.
I'll help..)))
---micha9344 on 4/30/10

Christians are to perform their job not to impress their boss, but to glorify God. If you're a waitperson, you clean the tables not to satisfy your Boss, but to glorify God. If you're a CEO of your own company you don't lead your people to satisfy your customers, you lead your people to glorify God. When you clean the tables or lead your employees to glorify God then your boss will be happy and your customers will patronize your business - God will make sure of that.

Also, do not fret or be envious of the wicked.

Proverbs 23:17
Proverbs 24:1
Proverbs 24:19
Romans 13:13
1 Corinthians 13:4
Galatians 5:26

Apply the love you have been taught to this person and pray for them and your enemies.
---Steveng on 4/30/10

Mind what you say,guard your mouth,and keep your job. Could it be you have just a little bit of jealousy because you can't do that too. If not then pray and ask God for his help in this situation. One thing ask God to remove from you those feelings against that person and your desire to control the situation. Theres nothing you can do,turn it loose,give all to the Lord and don't let it bother you,you are not the office policeman. Jesus said I will keep in pefect peace he whose mind is stayed on me. Try that and see if you don't feel better.
---Darlene_1 on 4/30/10

at least I'm not alone
---bill on 4/30/10

bill, three times in the last 2 years I went to my boss and told him I need more work, that I'm bored. Then I went to God and said, I go to work - to work!

My boss knows I get all of my work done in a timely fasion and do an excellent job working on legal contracts.

I have alot of time during the day where I have nothing to do. It drives me absolutely crazy and I go home at night and cry. I do help others, but I don't want to stand at a copier all day making copies for other people...I want my own responsibilities.

Please don't get involved. You don't know the real situation. Is that person getting their work done and maybe doesn't have enough to do? That's their supervisor's fault. Not theirs. Pray for them, okay?
---Donna5535 on 4/30/10

It really depends a lot on how much they produce. If they are not getting their work quota out they will eventually be found out. Of course, it would be nice if they used their "extra time" to help you I suppose, but what would it look like if they were sharing part of your load?

In my job as an engineer, it used to take 2-4 hours to answer certain design problem questions. When I got faster it took 15 mins or so. I found myself out of work at times, so I did a little email checking. They did not care as long as it was a reasonable amount.
---obewan on 4/30/10

I agree with Linda.

I know people who do that also!

I have a coworker who can go on her break when ever she feels like it (she isn't ever very late in going but she never goes when she should.

But she sure can tell us when we are to go.

Most of us do go on time -- and when we don't it is because we are helping customers.

She just likes to take her time in going -- she is hardly ever late on going because she is helping a customer.
---Jen on 4/30/10

WELLLLLLL.....You mind your own business because the supervisor has already spoken. Your supervisor has authority over you and the co-worker.
---KarenD on 4/29/10

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"What do you do when a co-worker just fools around at work, waste time emailing, texting and your supervisor defends them?"
Perform my duties to the best of my abilities.

What your co-worker does is between him/her the Father, and management.
"Aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands. And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."
1Th 4:11>Col 3:23 NKJV
---josef on 4/29/10

Mind your own business lest your bring yourself under serious scrutiny. Honestly, I know it is frustrating but if the supervisor is defending him, there must be a reason. Just know you have the favor of God and He is your promoter, not man. It does often seem like the wicked prospers, but it shall not always be so. True prosperity is the presence of God in your life...and that makes you successful at every thing you do and everywhere you go.
---Linda on 4/29/10

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