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Known In Heaven

Does anyone know where or if there is a verse in the New testament which says something like, we will be known in heaven as we are known and what do you think it means if its there?

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 ---Darlene_1 on 5/1/10
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The scripture I believe is being alluded to here is the verse that reads "For now [currently in this life] we see [Jesus] through a glass, darkly, but then [at His return, and the resurrection, we will see Him clearly, and personally] face to face. Now [we] know in part, but then shall [we] know even as also [we are] known". 1Co 13:12>2Co 3:18
"What do you think it means if its there?" "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it does not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him, for we shall 'see" (perceive and understand) Him as He is." 1Jo 3:2 I personally believe, that at that time our minds will simply be further opened, to that understanding.
---josef on 7/27/14

That particular phrase does not exist in Scripture.
---love.jesus on 7/27/14

You all must be in Washington.
Simple question does anyone know where in the Bible it says "you will be know as you are known." I know I have read it but cant find it. I don't need anything but Scripture no conversation.
---don_duvall on 7/27/14

Except for the Tetra Grammaton, Hebrew ground form for words are composed of three characters. There are only 22 characters in the Hebrew alphabet. You can add prefix and suffix modifiers to the ground form but 22 characters taken three at a time allowing for repetition of characters only allows you to have only 10,648 possible ground forms. Well the Hebrew vocabulary is much richer than that and they have to use ground forms over again. So ground forms can have multiple meaning. The only way you can tell the exact meaning of some Hebrew ground forms is from the usage in surrounding verses. That tell the reader which meaning of the ground form applies in s specific verse. That is why you don't want to take Bible verses out of context.
---Friendly_Blogger on 5/6/10

We tend to see this type of abuse all the time in the media, politics, and in the courts someone makes a speech puts out a written statement and people rip it apart extract segments and rearrange them to change the meaning.

The same thing applies to scripture verses can't stand alone each verse is supported by the verses around it to give it supported meaning and to clarify it meaning. sometimes the clarification is not that close John 10:30 is a great example, but the clarification for this verse is way back in John Ch 17 is this case "One" does not mean "Sameness" It simply means they have attributes and motives in common or a unity in purpose. YHWH and Jesus are both divine but not the same entity.
---Friendly_Blogger on 5/6/10

Several bloggers were offended by my post on 5/2/10.. Scripture is only valid when presented in the full context in which it was written. you cannot take a single or partial verses out of context and have it mean anything. but we have a lot of blogger on ChristiaNet who attempt to do it. Some of the other worst offenders are ordained clergy who will try to take one or two verses out of context and try to build a sermon out of it. As soon as you remove a verse of scripture from it surrounding context you are opening the possibility of abusing the verse's meaning and that is prostituting scripture. Doing it knowing or by ignorance is irrespective for it is the same Blasphemous act. STOP IT!!!
---Friendly_Blogger on 5/6/10

Thank You all for your input and help. I look forward to doing some Bible study on that verse. Let me just say to me being known isn't just about our looks but about who we are as a person. What our personality,behavior,love we display to others,who we are in God and all the total package of our being,without our looks.
---Darlene_1 on 5/5/10

It is in the Bible but I have misplaced my Franklin. The verse goes something like this, we will set down with the saints of old and discuss things with them, if that is true then we will need to know them as well as each other in heaven.

I believe we will know each other in heaven not as wife or husband, son or daughter, or friend but somehow know them in a clearer more complete way.
---mima on 5/3/10

Blasphemous Idiots who prostitute scripture.
---Friendly_Blogger on 5/2/10

FB, this is totally out of character for you....why would you call others blasphemous idiots? Are you having a bad hair day? Gosh, that's such a very evil thing to call us.

I have heard MANY interpretations on absent from the Body Present with the Lord and you know what FB? ONLY the Holy Spirit can reveal the TRUE meaning of this scripture, maybe He hasn't revealed it to you and met yet? Or maybe you're the ONLY ONE on this earth who knows the truth of this scripture? I doubt it...(((huggss))) totally out of character for you to talk trash like this. You shocked me.
---Donna on 5/3/10

by Blasphemous Idiots who prostitute scripture.
---Friendly_Blogger on 5/2/10
I wonder how God appreciates your choice of words towards other brothers and sisters in Christ?
---JIM on 5/3/10

its first corinthians chapter 13 verse 12
---tom2 on 5/2/10

What does it mean to be "known"?
Many places ask for photo ID to verify who you are.
That's how we are "known"!
Since the body with all of it's facial features are left in the grave, the idea that a whiff of smoke leaves the body at death has to be "featureless"
Who can recognize an invisible puff of air???
Your resurrected body will have enough of your features (less the blemishes) to be recognized by those who know you!
---1st_cliff on 5/2/10

I think it's in 1 Corinthians 13, towards the end of the chapter. It's sooo beautiful! :)
---Mary on 5/2/10

paul wrote now we see dimly,but one day we will know,as we are known.
---tom2 on 5/2/10

You will get a resurrection body at the time of the resurrection of the dead and judgement. If YHWH deems it proper for you to be known by others it will be so.

In the interim your soul [nephesh] is dead and has decomposed. You are dead you have no since of any thing until you are resurrected by God and he put us back together the way he wants you with the memory and personality that is appropriate for your future existence at a location and accommodations of His choosing.

"Absent from the body present with the Lord" is just a fragment of a verse ripped out of context by Blasphemous Idiots who prostitute scripture.
---Friendly_Blogger on 5/2/10

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