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Dating Christian Girlfriend

I have a christian girlfriend. We have been courting for three years. She has always been actively involved in church but it seems to be getting too much. She hardly has time for our young relationship. We hardly spend any time together. It's all church, ministry and friends. Is this normal?

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 ---Willie on 5/20/10
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UHM listen here!

Three years is NOT a courtship. It is leasing with an option to buy.
---francis on 6/25/10

Luke 14 v 26. I don't think it means actual hate. You must Love God first. This doesn't deny the love of your family etc. If you put the love of your family etc before God, then it's Wrong.
---Lawrence on 6/22/10

Why don't you join her in those activities?

Part of this may be for you. With little time to be tempted, she is saving herself for you.
---amand6348 on 5/28/10

Hey Willie! If you're jealous of the time she spends with "church, ministry and friends" now drop this relationship now. Most Christian men would be happy that their girlfriend is active in church and ministry. Maybe GOD is more important to her than you.
---KarenD on 5/27/10

\\Arranged marriages is a cultural, rather than Biblical thing.\\

How do you determine what in the Bible is merely cultural and what is of precept?
---Cluny on 5/27/10

Children children, stop bickering like children.
---fay on 5/26/10

Trish...You still don't know for sure. There are only two people who know for sure. LOL
---KarenD on 5/25/10

KarenD: You brought up the "proving it" idea. Not me.
---Trish9863 on 5/25/10

Think on these words..A family that prays together, stays together..A house devided, can not stand.
---a_friend on 5/24/10

Trish...LOL....Too much information!
---KarenD on 5/24/10

KarenD: My daughter and I have a terrific relationship where she spilled her guts to me on a regular basis, because she is sensitive to the leading of the Lord. When she was in high school, she cried her heart out that she gave up her virginity to the boyfriend she had then. She hated that she was not able to give her virginity to her husband on her wedding night. She shared all of this to me during heart to heart talks when she was living nearby. She always was sensitive to the Lord, and her conscience always guided her.
---Trish9863 on 5/23/10

Trish...There is absolutely no way that you can know for certain that your daughter and her husband were "chaste" before their wedding unless you took her to a doctor and had her checked out! LOL
---KarenD on 5/23/10

KarenD: My daughter and her husband dated four years before he popped the question and then they married within five months. They have been married nine years. They were chaste during their dating and engagement. His brothers dated similar lengths of time with their wives. There is no timetable on dating and engagements.
---Trish9863 on 5/23/10

Willie...Why haven't you married here? Three years is an awful long engagement.
---KarenD on 5/22/10

The Moderator asked a good question. This could become a problem among Christians and their Christian friends and spouses. God can straighten it all out. Have a good weekend everyone.
---catherine on 5/21/10

Willie, I pray God reveals His perfect Will to you. Earthly relationships are secondary to your relationship with Jesus. Perhaps if you concentrate on His Will & preaching the Gospel you will be able to see clearly. We, as humans, put too much stock in human relationships when our relationship with Jesus is the only one that propels us into our purpose. Concentrate on Him.
---fay on 5/21/10

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this is not normal.
Take a hint, you are yesterday's news!
---francis on 5/21/10

Arranged marriages is a cultural, rather than Biblical thing. I know a Hindu young lady who married in an arranged marriage. They courted, and developed a loving relationship prior to the wedding.

Our dating, courting, love relationships are more of a Western, rather than just the USA.
---Trish9863 on 5/21/10

// The Biblical pattern is arranged marriages.

Most Bible-believing Christians today would rather be shot than follow this Biblical practice. //

---Cluny on 5/20/10

Most churches that I have attended seem to have some unmarried single mothers and/or pregnant single women.

Many of these churches, Catholic and Protestant, seem to use the Biblical pattern of "arranged marriages" in their efforts to help these women out.

I understand that the churches are only trying to help, but most men don't seem to like being pressured into a marriage that they didn't have any "choice" about, and children that are not theirs.

I'm not sure if these "arranged marriages" would work out.
---Sag on 5/21/10

\\In biblical day there was no courtship just betroval and marriage.\\

Not only that, but the Biblical pattern is arranged marriages.

Most Bible-believing Christians today would rather be shot than follow this Biblical practice.

This makes the Aposotlic injunction, "Husbands, love your wives," which sounds self-evident today, really revolutionary for the time it was written.

(Note, btw, that wives are not commanded to love their husbands, but merely to submit to them. I'd rather be loved, myself.)
---Cluny on 5/20/10

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Good question Cluny.

In biblical day there was no courtship just betroval and marriage.

I agree with Cluny.
She seems to be making distance from you likely because she sees her clock is ticking and you're a waste of her efforts and time.
---John on 5/20/10

It sounds to me like either she's taking you for granted, OR she's trying to deliver a message.

In all this time, have you ever asked her to marry you?
---Cluny on 5/20/10

Courting for three years is a long time at your age. Why have you guys not married? The answer to this question may answer your original question.
---Moderator on 5/20/10

Yes i'm also an active christian. I'm 29 and she is 28
---William on 5/20/10

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If you've been seeing each other for 3 years, I don't think your relationship is that young.

You've also not told us how old you two are.
---Cluny on 5/20/10

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