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 ---Donna5535 on 5/21/10
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Mark, you can believe that if you want to ...A child could have understood what I wrote---Linda on 6/4/10

2Co 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Mark believes because of the power of Christ that rests upon him rather than him resting on an immature child's play that leads to anger and sarcasm instead of patience and kindness.
---aka.joseph on 6/4/10

Linda,don't stop. That's just what he wants, so he can rule. If that's not pride I don't know what is. If he rules everyone else will be full of pride as well. Don't let satan win this. Just stay focused on God & the Holy Spirit will use us. Faith cometh by hearing. How will anyone hear if we don't tell it. That's what the enemy wants. Mark doesn't attack theology, he attacks people. That's NOT God.
---fay on 6/4/10

MarkV: "...God determines when, where, and under what circumstances, each individual of our race shall be born, live, and die."

Your god is surely not my God - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Your god allows babies to be aborted when, in fact, evil men and women abort the babies to serve their own personal needs. We are told from the beginning to be fruitful and multiply. We continue the work God started.
---Steveng on 6/4/10

For those of you who God has answered your prayers...

Your faith has answered them. This goes to show you that with many prays that are said today few are answered because there are few people having strong faith.

The women touched the hem of Jesus' garment. Jesus turned around and when he saw her, he said "be of good comfort, your faith hath made you whole." And the woman was made whole from that hour.

But on the other hand, just because someone was healed, it doesn't mean it was because of your faith.

Remember, according to your faith be it unto you.
---Steveng on 6/4/10

MarkV: "Linda, Jesus did many miracles and so did the disciples. But many of those gifts are not around anymore."

Why is that so? Because man's faith has dwindled to practically nothing in these end times. They are hearer of the Word, but not doers. They have knowledge about God, but deny his power. They lack the confidence in their own faith. They say in their mind, "If I try to heal that person and they don't get healed, I will be the laughing stock of the community." In other words, they are afraid to try because they lack the faith so they don't try. Jesus said that we are to do greater miracles than he. Would he lie to us?
---Steveng on 6/4/10

MarkV: "Christ did not have to heal anyone. That He did was only for His purpose."

No it wasn't. He did it to glorify his Father and for his purpose.

MarkV: "You didn't see Him healing everyone, he picked who He would heal. is that cruel on His behalf?"

He healed everyone to glorify his Father.

MarkV: "He could have said, "Everyone sick be heal," and the whole world would be healed by His word, but He didn't, is that cruel too?"

He couldn't do that. Healing is a one-to-one personal experience. If he did tell the whole world to heal, many would not know why and many would believe that it was their own god that healed them.
---Steveng on 6/4/10

MarkV, you totally missed the point of that whole thing. I am not really surprised. You are literally saying that our Father, who has the power to heal would look at one of His very own children and say, "Not you. I don't want to heal you. I can. I have the power. I have the authority. However, I want you to suffer to prove a point. I do play favorites after all." Well, Mark, you can believe that if you want to but you attribute the work of the enemy to the Father. The last I heard, God and the devil AREN'T on the same side. I'm done. A child could have understood what I wrote and not so intellectualized it that it meant talking about someone down the street.
---Linda on 6/4/10

Linda, here is what you said, You said,
"his son came to him very sick and said, "Daddy, would you please help me? I am hurting so badly" and that boy's father said, "Son, I love you so very much and I have the ability and power to heal you but I don't want to (this is the will here), what would you think of, say to, and do about that man"
If the father (human father) said he had the power and really did, he should help his son. But you are assuming he has the power. Just because he says he has it does not mean he does. I'm sure that somewhere out there, there is one person or two whom God is using in some way to keep alive those whom He wants to keep alive. It is not the will of man, but the will of God.
---MarkV. on 6/4/10

Even what Jesus could do was limited by unbelief. There were places He could do no mighty works because of unbelief. And He would put the unbelieving out of a room to work a miracle. Mark, you say healing is spiritual only yet our salvation includes healing, peace, deliverance...and it is to be workd out by faith. We are to be as free from sickness as we are from sin. The gospel works effectually in them that believe.
---Linda on 6/4/10

Fay, let me say that I have been praying for about fifteen years for sisters who have breast cancer. Only one out of so many has died. The rest are doing great. I have also been praying for a few kids who were kidnapped from this area, but God has not answered those prayers. I'm never disappoint on God. I know that if God wanted this minute, no kids would be lost out there. But I'm realistic, there is sin out there, and death is still around and God has not done away with sin or physical death. He could bring those kids home right now. I leave it to Him. I never question God on anything. No matter what He does, His decisions are always righteous.
---MarkV. on 6/4/10

Let me ask a question. If you went to a Christian man's home and, while you were there, his son came to him very sick and said, "Daddy, would you please help me? I am hurting so badly" and that boy's father said, "Son, I love you so very much and I have the ability and power to heal you but I don't want to (this is the will here), what would you think of, say to, and do about that man? You would think him abusive at the very least and an unbeliever at the most, yet a believer is made in the image of his Father. If you wouldn't ever expect a Christian man to treat one of his own like that, why would you expect the One who gendered him to? God never expects of us what He is not willing to do Himself.
---Linda on 6/4/10

Jesus made the will of the Father completely known and He went about doing good and healing ALL (not some) who were sick and oppressed of the devil. We may not have seen Him do those things, but they are recorded for our walk of faith. Paul never saw Jesus in the flesh, but he was an eyewitness through revelation. If we follow Christ, then we will express the image of God, the very same image He created us in. If you would not expect that kind of abusive action from one of His, you shouldn't expect it of Him. He is God the Father, not the Godfather. It is the thief who comes to steal the Word, kill the body, and destroy the testimony. It is God who gave us the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead to quicken our mortal bodies.
---LindaS on 6/4/10

Ahhh, so that's what it is. Let me guess, you prayed for someone close to you & they weren't healed. So you turned away from truth because you didn't understand why? I've been there too Mark.

I thank you for the prayer. I desire only to be ALL HE wants me to be, do ALL HE wants me to do, & say ALL HE wants me to say.
---fay on 6/4/10

Fay, your prayer was answered by God when He freed me from the chains I was in when I was a Pentacostal of the "Word of Faith" Movement. I always need prayer, and I also pray for you that your heart not be hardened to the Truth of Scripture. That God brings more revelations to you as you grow in Christ. That He will bless you and all others who love the Lord. I have everyone on the site in my prayers, even those who do not believe. May your life be full of joy, and that when you meet someone who wants to convey the Truth to you, that you are open to listen. Peace to you Fay and blessings.
---MarkV. on 6/4/10

Father, I lift up MarkV now . I ask You continue to bless him with Your unending love & I ask You to give him new revelations of Your Word. I ask you to set him on high. He is the righteousness of YOU through Christ Jesus. Your Word tells me that you watch over your Word being careful to perform it. I ask you this day that you watch over your word concerning healing & free him from any chains that bind him in the dark. Let him know you love him too much to take his freedoms away from him but you are always in his heart for your word tells us that the kingdom of heaven is within. I thank you & I praise you for MarkV. He has much to offer this world Lord. I ask you to use him in mighty ways, to do greater works than Jesus did. Amen
---fay on 6/4/10

Fay, everything that does not agree with your believes is from the enemy. No disrespect. Think before you write. Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, thats His character and nature. Christ can do anything, nothing is impossible with God. But not everything is possible with you. Do not compare youself to Christ. You say, MarkV, Why would God be so cruel as to only allow healing for one time period?"
Christ did not have to heal anyone. That He did was only for His purpose. You didn't see Him healing everyone, he picked who He would heal. is that cruel on His behalf? He could have said, "Everyone sick be heal," and the whole world would be healed by His word, but He didn't, is that cruel too?
---MarkV. on 6/4/10

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MarkV, the thought that healing is not available anymore is from tradition. The truth is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow. Why would God be so cruel as to only allow healing for one time period? I mean no disrespect but that is a trick from the enemy because he is the one who wants to see people suffer. He comes ONLY to steal, kill & destroy. God is always excited when people come to the full knowledge of himself. He delights in giving you your hearts desires. Wouldn't you do the same for your child if it were in your power? Why would our Sovereign Almighty God withhold anything from his children, except that they don't want or just haven't asked or aren't following all the rules.

What is your disability?
---fay on 6/4/10

Linda 2: just so that they could report back to John that they had personally seen proof that He was indeed the Messiah (29:18,19, 35:5-10). Note, however that He offered no further explanation to John, knowing exactly how strong John's faith was (1Cor. 10:13). At the time Jesus was present and all who saw what Jesus did could preach what they saw. Who here can proof that it is Christ doing the work? no one. It has gotten so bad that even Eloy has quoted that Jesus made a special visit to his house spend some time with him and left in a hurry to go and continue to build a mansion for him.
People are beginning to come out with the most rediculous things that are just not true.
---MarkV. on 6/4/10

Linda, Jesus did many miracles and so did the disciples. But many of those gifts are not around anymore. When they were done they were to authenticate that Jesus was the Messiah. Right now no one can authenticate it is Christ doing the work. Not one person can proof it came from God, there is no eyewitnesses today. "Jesus said to them, Go and tell John the things which you hear and see. The blind see and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them, and blessed is he who is not offended because of Me" Matt. 11:4-6. Jesus send John's disciples back as eyewitnesses of many miracles. Evidently He performed these miracles in their presence
---MarkV. on 6/4/10

Donna66, Read Exodus 23 especially v.22-25. If we obey all his commands he will take sickness away.
Duet 7:esp. vs 11-15 same thing
---fay on 6/4/10

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Linda, thank you so much. You are so sweet. You are standing with me but we are standing up for God, yes our Sovereign Almighty God. Who can take over control any time He wants but loves us so much he continues to give us stubborn humans the right to make our own choices, good or bad, right or wrong.
Love in Christ
---fay on 6/4/10

MarkV, it appears that you feel threatened any time a subject comes up that you disagree with & you become obnoxious. That is a personal defense mechanism, not godly wisdom. And just for the record, you are the one who always demands everyone listen to you. You think you are the only one who is right about everything. You are always attacking someone, trying to rule this site. People usually do that because they can't control their own life. You disagree with one thing & you twist everything to make everyone else appear off their rocker. Maybe you wanted me to but I did not get upset that you didn't believe me. You are the one that got upset.
---fay on 6/4/10

MarkV, I never said God can't control the world and everything & everyone in it. What I said was God is not in control. Because He only controls what we let him control & he gives us the freedom to let him have control or control things ourselves. Satan is the prince of this world(Jhn 12:31,14:30,16:11,Eph 2:2)

And to be honest I never attacked the sovereign power of God, but you do all the time w/your biased opinion concerning healing or rather the lack thereof. Who said God wasn't on the throne? Mark you're putting words in my blogs again. Sorry, I don't want to be sarcastic even though you are always sarcastic.

What is your disability?
---fay on 6/4/10

..and the prayer of faith shall (not might) save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up. This implies that man (elders here) prays the prayer of faith first, then the Lord will raise him up. In other words, there is a response from heaven to a prayer on earth. The way God's already established will (expressed in the risen and seated Lord Jesus Christ) is done in earth is through a body. Hello body. Look at Elijah. He prayed for rain. God wanted it to rain but it was released through Elijah's prayer. Again I say, the Word has not failed me one time. I can share the testimonies if you would like. To tell me my Father is not a Healer every time is like trying to tell me I haven't eaten after I have taken a seven-course meal.
---Linda on 6/3/10

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MarkV, it indeed happened. I was accused of saying people had no faith when I made that statement. Fay, you are already being thrown into the fire, but I am with you.

StevenG, God uses His people to manifest through. When we remain in immaturity and refuse to yield to the unctions of His Spirit, the things that should take place don't. Man was made to be fruitful, to multiply, the replenish the earth, to subdue and have dominion. So far, the most dominion we have seen has been the enemy's dominion, which was given to him by Adam.
---Linda on 6/3/10

Steven G, I want to thank you for sticking out for the Sovereign Power of God Almighty. As its univerally admitted by almost all Christians who believe in the God of Scripture, that God determines when, where, and under what circumstances, each individual of our race shall be born, live, and die. Whether it shall be male or female, white or black, wise or foolish. God is no less sovereign in the distribution of His favors. He does what He will with His own. To some He gives riches, to others honor, to others health, to others certain talents for music, oratory, art, finance, etc. Others are poor, unkown, born in dishonor, the victims of disease, and live lives of wretchedness. God gives to some what He doesn't give to others.
---MarkV. on 6/3/10

fay: "I can't stand the phrase "God is in control" because if He was really in control everyone would be preaching, teaching & healing just like He did..."

God is in complete control until he accomplishes his goal. He creates nations and he destroys them for a purpose. The game of life is like a game of chess between God and Satan - God does something, Satan interferss. Much like what happened in the Old Testament. God needed to protect the line of David so that Jesus would be born and Satan tried to sever that line so that Jesus wouldn't be born.
---Steveng on 6/3/10

fay: "...if He was really in control everyone would be preaching, teaching & healing just like He did..."

If christians would only do what they're suppose to do then there would be more healings, and preachings. Today's christians are only hearers of the word, not doers. They have the knowledge of God, but deny his power. They know that they must love, but don't have a clue about how to apply it. They don't have any idea about the true church. They stop only at water baptism and never going a step further and get baptised by the Holy Spirit - who is the real power behind the preaching, teaching and healing. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to do greater miracles than Jesus. Most christians today are weak in their faith.
---Steveng on 6/3/10

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Linda, I don't see anywhere why anyone would crucify you for what you said. I do believe God warns us many times and we just don't listen. That is very true. But to say that God is not on the Throne, you might as well be a cult member who do not believe God is who He is.
I believe that before someone gets angry they should think of what they are going to say before they say it. Once it comes out of their mouths it can never be taken back. While many do not understand all the actions of God they have no right to bring Him to the level of Man. Let it be known that God's providences are but the manifestations of His decrees. What God does in time is only what He purposed in eternity-His own will being the alone cause of all His acts and works.
---MarkV. on 6/3/10

Fay, so what you are saying is that God, Almighty God is not controlling the affairs of the heavens and the earth, is that right? Then what kind of god do you worship? Why even call Him God if He cannot run things? Are the people defeating His purpose? If they are they should be gods. Is Satan defeating Him also? If he is he must be God. Who do you say is God? We might as well put satan on the throne.
You get upset because we do not agree with your other statements concerning not going to see doctors no matter what, and now you attack the Sovereign power of God. you are getting deeper in a mess here.
---MarkV. on 6/3/10

"I can't stand the phrase "God is in control" because if He was really in control everyone would be preaching, teaching & healing just like He did & there would be no sickness or murders. He gives all of us the freedom to choose what to believe & how to behave. He gave us an instruction book to help but it's still our choice whether we believe it or not"

AMEN!!! Look out though. You're about to get persecuted for what you just said. One time I made mention of the fact that God warns us before we walk into dangerous situations and that many deaths could have been prevented if folks had listened to the voice of God. I was crucified for saying that, but any good NATURAL parent would do that much.
---Linda on 6/3/10

Fay -- When did God promise "no sickness, no murders"? Not in THIS life (the millenium
maybe). It's BECAUSE God is in control that we can't always make Him do what we want when we want it.
---Donna66 on 6/3/10

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I can't stand the phrase "God is in control" because if He was really in control everyone would be preaching, teaching & healing just like He did & there would be no sickness or murders. He gives all of us the freedom to choose what to believe & how to behave. He gave us an instruction book to help but it's still our choice whether we believe it or not.
---fay on 6/3/10

Maybe steveng but it's not His will.
---fay on 6/2/10

fay: "...It is His will that not one perish."

Unfortunately, most people will.
---Steveng on 6/2/10

Thank you Linda. God loves Catherine as much as He loves anyone else. It is His will that not one perish. That includes Catherine. Thanks for understanding. May God bless you beyond measure.
---fay on 6/2/10

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Point taken, Fay. Thank you for the insight.
---Linda on 6/2/10

Linda, I can assure you I do not know Catherine. And I have corrected her some. It's just obvious to me that she's very sensitive & needs to be handled with kid gloves. I used to be a lot like her, so I can relate to what she's going through. I wanted to share with her how I overcame but it appears she feels so attacked she won't reply. If she's really that far off base as you think she is then no one's going to believe her anyway so why attack her. 1 Cor 13 says knowledge without love is nothing.
---fay on 6/1/10

Catherine is "selling" her brand of prophecy in the Lord's temple as thus saith the Lord and as if the sacrifice of Jesus wasn't enough for even the vilest of sinners. The gospel is good news. The worst part of the whole thing is that she believes what she says. That bothers me, really, because it is a true indicator of her personal relationship with God. Christianet didn't post the apology I made to her the other day either for whatever reason. I haven't seen you correct her like you have others here, which makes it appear that you either know her or that you support the immaturity of someone who believes she is out-matured anybody in the church. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.
---Linda on 6/1/10

Fay, thank you for your answer. I really know you mean well. I really do. I also know that Catherine statements are outragious so many times. And also know she speaks the Truth about Scripture so many other times. I know something has happened to her because we can all see a change. I don't know and will leave it at that. I can discern that when she answers Scripture she means to help, but she has been including herself now in many answers. I am worried she went to far to the left. But that is not up to me to question. Many don't like her answers anymore and that is a shame. We all still love her, just not her statements to others.
---MarkV. on 6/1/10

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MarkV & Linda, I did not mean to belittle either of you. If I made you feel that way I apologize. I was only meaning to say that you have both exhibited love in your last 2 posts. And what is truth without love. 1 Cor. 13. I am not on here just to make friends but Jesus taught in love. Correct me if I'm wrong: The only time he got angry was when goods were being sold in the temple. Am I right about that?
---fay on 5/31/10

Fay, I do not believe there is any bickering on my part at any one post. All I ask was if something happen to her. She never answered so I didn't pursue the issue. I have not made one comment on her again. I read all that she writes and just let it go. I pray for her. So please do not put me in a group. You are welcome to come back and if you feel the Lord let you back, that is wonderful, but you have to remember that in this site you will be questioned. Some things people say have to be questioned or others will think what they say is truth. We are only making sure that the Truth is defended. You do not have to defend the Truth, others can, you can just pray for others and make friends, many do that.
---MarkV. on 5/31/10

catherine: "I am not any of your business..."

We are all each other's business. Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "comfort" to know what living a christian life is all about.

catherine: "...I call it as I see it. Bite the dust. Time is short."

How about calling it as God sees it.
---Steveng on 5/31/10

// "Anyone who is guilty of blaspheming one of God's own thinking they are doing God a favor is in GREAT danger of hell's fires.... Now, these are the words which God has just given me......
---catherine on 5/31/10//

Fay, I don't need to say anything else. The Scripture testifies against her prophecies. The blasphemy against the HOLY GHOST is what is never forgiven. The Word even says the very Son of man could be blasphemed without such a destiny imposed upon the blasphemer (Matthew 12:31-32). That makes her prophecy a figment of her imagination, filtered through her own idea of God. Look at Saul, he was a blasphemer who was gloriously saved and became such a lover of the body of Christ he willingly spent his life for it.
---Linda on 5/31/10

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Linda & MarkV, I appreciate your concern for Catherine as her blogs don't seem to be exhibiting love. However the last comments the both of you made on this subject seem to be among the first ones in which you have exhibited the same love you expect her to exhibit. God doesn't want foolish arguments. I quit with this site before because of the constant bickering. It hurts me to see my children bicker so I know it hurts God when His children bicker. I came back to the site because I felt God was leading me back to agree or disagree in love. Bickering does nothing to prepare us to be the bride of Christ.
---fay on 5/31/10

Catherine, I would love to be able to talk with you. My complete mail on this site is "faye5984". I would like to introduce you to a prophetic course I took. It is fantastic. I believe God is calling you into the prophetic.
---fay on 5/31/10

Catherine: I call it as I see it.

That is not actually what you do, though it is close..... you call it as you believe it should be seen

But we all sometimes make mistakes about how something should be seen

This blog has become a bit too argumentative, maybe you, Linda and MarkV should not send any more comments to each other, as it seems too damaging
---peter3594 on 5/31/10

Steven G, You are probably tired of trying to explain to me Bible only, and not to use any material because they are all from man. But you use the words Metaphor and similes, and no where in Scripture are those words found. Or even what they mean and how they are use.
In order for you to know there are metaphors and similes and what they mean, you would have to use books on how to interpret Scripture, those are Bible tools I spoke of. You say not to use any man books, Bible only. Then you say you need to know what metaphors and simile are in order to understand the concept of love. What kind of stuff is that?
Every genuine believer has Christ, He is Love, He teaches and directs our lifes and influnences our hearts how to love.
---MarkV. on 5/30/10

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I am not any of your business. I am only God's business. I call it as I see it. Bite the dust. Time is short.
---catherine on 5/30/10

Back to the question at hand...

Today's christians use today's standards of language to understand the bible. Metaphors and similes are used in the bible to make something easier to understand so that humans can comprehend it better. Humans could never really understand the concept of "true" love. The bride and groom in the Jewish culture is the ultimate in intimate love. But imagine a love greater than this. You can't. So, what is the next best thing to describe this relatiosnhip between two people? The use of metaphors and similes. Many of today's christians have the knowledge of love, but do not know how to love or even apply it. Fear has gripped the world making the word "love" harder to apply.
---Steveng on 5/30/10

\\You people are stupiddddddd.
---catherine on 5/28/10\\

Thank you for blessing us, catherine.
---Cluny on 5/30/10

Catherine: 'You people are stupiddddddd.'

Catherine, is that really the way to speak of your brother or sister in Christ?

This is a Christian site, let us all act like it really IS CHRISTIAN

---peter3594 on 5/30/10

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Fay, I have seen many of Catherine's "works". No matter what is said to her in the realm of help, she does not receive it. I speak the truth in love and some have even asked her if she is hurting. Prophetic gifting or not, she should be open to the same correction you expect me to be open to. However, I will receive the correction and stop speaking to or about her on this forum since she has not placed herself in a position to receive Godly counsel from anyone (or the Scripture for that matter). I am just of a mind that anything spoken of the unbelieving or a baby Christian that does not reflect the heart of God is detrimental and does more to foster the "self-righteous" agenda than anything else.
---Linda on 5/30/10

Fay, I'm sure you have good intentions concerning Catherine, I do too. When it comes to the Sovereignty of God she is right on. But when she speaks outside of Scripture she is wrong the way she speaks against others. You say,
"Then help her change Linda"
We cannot change anyone, only God can. We can avoid answering to her comments or we can answer. Catherine is my sister and I want to correct her. Example, I answer Steven G, not because of what he says about Scripture, but about what he says negatively about Christians and the Christian Church.
Do we call our brothers and sisters stupid? Is that the way God uses someone in a prophetic way? When God does something, it's always perfect.
---MarkV. on 5/30/10

Then help her change Linda. Don't attack. It's the Holy Spirit's job to convict, not ours. Put your trust in Him & let Him do His job. You do your part by sharing your beliefs & let Him convict. Perhaps Catherine has been condemned so much she feels attacked by anyone who disagrees. You never know what has happened. I just think we should always be understanding. Did anyone ever reveal truth to you by attacking you? Maybe she simply needs to feel loved. In my honest opinion I believe God may be trying to use her in the prophetic realm but people close to her are condemning her. So she's getting mixed messages.
---fay on 5/29/10

I apologize. However, I remember that Jesus didn't keep quiet about those who regarded themselves in such a manner. Obviously I don't believe I am holier than anyone or I would have said the same thing you said way before now. Perhaps if we should spend some time praying for her, she should spend some time praying for us "self-righteous hypocrites" that she can't stand. I never said I couldn't stand her, but her speech betrays the very image she is trying to promote of herself.
---Linda on 5/29/10

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Linda, I did not mean to insinuate that you didn't pray at all, but I was meaning to pray for her on the blog so she knows you are not attacking her but that you love her, and prove to her that you don't consider yourself better than her. And I won't attack someone in open forum or in person. And that does not make me holier than anyone. I'm just trying not to say anything I wouldn't say in front of Jesus. That may not always be so easy in person but it should be easy in this forum.
---fay on 5/29/10

Fay, I have. If you are concerned that we don't, why don't you pray for us instead of insinuating here that you are so holy you wouldn't make such a comment in an open forum?
---Linda on 5/29/10

Catherine, God does reveal secrets to those who are closest to him. Calling everyone stupid is not going to convince anyone of that truth. Please know that I love you with the love of the Lord and am concerned only with your peace.

Love in Christ,
---fay on 5/28/10

You people are stupiddddddd.
---catherine on 5/28/10

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Lord God, since our brother MarkV has been so caring as to have noticed enough of a difference in Catherine to be concerned I ask You to watch over her and let her understand that we are her family, & ask that You guide her to resolution. Let her know Lord that we understand how easy it is to be pulled in the wrong direction and want only to lead her closer to Your throne. I ask that You give her absolute peace in the knowledge that she is loved & valued. In Jesus name we ask. Amen
---fay on 5/28/10

Fay, let me explain myself to you this morning in case you have not heard me mention this before, Everyday I pray for everyone on line. I mean everyone and those who need prayer who request prayer. I find that praying is the most important part of my life. So yes, I am praying for Catherine. I was asking what happen to her because of many different answers she is giving and hoping she would mention what did happen. It is just not like her anymore. Hoping you understand, peace.
---MarkV. on 5/27/10

MarkV & Linda, if you are concerned why don't you pray for Catherine?
---fay on 5/26/10

MarkV, anyone claiming to have secret knowledge of Jesus Christ is in clear violation of the Scripture that testifies that the mystery has now been revealed. There is no secret. God made Himself fully known through His Son and the work of Calvary. To claim that there is something more to Him than what has been revealed through the One who was "the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form" and "the express image of His person" is more deceived than they know.
---Linda on 5/26/10

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Linda, thank you for your response. I do see a big change in Catherine. I remember that before she would answer very good and to the point in a very short space. Nothing out of the ordinary just the plain Truth. It seems that somewhere or somehow something really big change in her responses. Just very weird. When she doesn't speak about herself her answers are great. Just puzzled.
---MarkV. on 5/26/10

MarkV, one cannot live isolated from the body as though he/she were the only one right and remain on course. One so caught up in his/herself that every post is a reminder of who he/she is and how secrets are only revealed to him/her is not really caught up in Christ, now is he/she? One cannot sow to his own flesh without having the need to satisfy that flesh with more and more attempts to prove how right he/she is and how wrong everybody else is. Catherine stated years ago that God had called her out of the church. At that time I told her that if He called her out of the church, there was only one place left to go...back into Adam.
---Linda on 5/25/10

Just thinking this is an odd blog question, in that in the past, there is a lot of disagreement as to who is the bride of christ or if the term is even found, possibly like trinity.
---michael_e on 5/25/10

Catherine, I have to ask you again, what has happened to you in the last five months or so? You use to answer great and with great responses, and too the point.
Now you still answer great many times, but now you come out with some off the wall responses that just do not make any sense whatsoever. And it is all about you and who you are and how you and God know things that others don't know. Something changed you in five months. It just doesn't seem like the old you. Did something major happen in your life?
---MarkV. on 5/24/10

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once truly saved we all become the church,christs bride,the real issue is are we all following him as commanded.
---tom2 on 5/25/10

By The Word of God. Received His 1 & Only Salvation Plan which Is Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20. Being obedient being in Church services when the doors are open, living a clean & Holy life, staying away from the worldly pleasures that the devil being like the pied-piper has to use, falling into his deceiving ways by his devices.

If I lived like the way of the Man-made relig-org's churches, trying to live with 1 foot in for God & the other in for the world(satans deceiving worldly pleasures), I'd be lost with them & the devil is Not worth it.
God Is strict, I canNot serve 2 masters.
---Lawrence on 5/24/10

There are some very good answers on here. I'd just like to share a thought. If our fiance/fiance' gave us a book all about him/herself we would study it thoroughly as we talked with him/her about everything. That would be called "getting to know him/her." God has done just such a thing. He has given us the means to know just what is/is not acceptable with our fiance: the Bible & the Holy Spirit. I am getting to know Jesus better. I wear a ring that says "JESUS" on my left ring finger to remind me to consult Him & His Word about everything without ceasing.
---fay on 5/22/10

Catherine -- You have a relationship with the Lord that Biblical writers wouldn't understand? Do you think you, alone, are the bride of Christ? You are on dangerous ground if you do not base what you believe on God's word, the Bible.
---Donna66 on 5/21/10

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Well, my feelings are hurt, because no one reads well.
---catherine on 5/21/10

Christians would appear already to be the bride of Christ, no preparation necessary, once you became saved you were automatically in the church(the called out ones) and thereby a member of the bride of Christ.
---mima on 5/21/10

catherine, I don't know what you're smoking, but you need to get off of it now.

The New Testament is filled with talk about the Bride of Christ. The Gospel of John, Revelation, Paul said I betroth you to one husband. "And the Spirit and the Bride say come."

You can't just say you're a bride and assume you're one because YOU think so...doesn't God get to pick His brides?
---anon on 5/21/10

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