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Was Hitler A Christian

Was Hitler a Christian?

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 ---atheist on 5/21/10
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ger.tosahav, You cannot be with us Christians in heaven for all eternity because when you reject Christ you forfeit being with us, and instead you have chosen hell for yourself and have chosen eternal separation from Christ and us Christians for your eternal abode. And found in hell you will be occupying the same place as every wicked and violent antiChrist and antiGod person that ever lived, including the loser Satan and all his loser demons who hate all persons made by God. There are only two places you can spend eternity, heaven with all the born-again Christians, or else hell with all the wicked.
---Eloy on 5/27/10

Athiest, those people you are talking about are not Christians. You use the actions of those who claim allegience to God, do evil things in the name of God, when they are not members of the family of God. You cannot compare a genuine Christian with those who are not and come out with a right assessment.
If they have a true love for God they would not be doing what they do. Their works are evil. Nothing evil comes from God. So just because they claim something does not not mean they have it.
The whole world is fallen the Bible tells us and man is evil from the heart. And only through Christ can he be made right. Do not judge God by the actions of man. There is nothing wrong with God and everything wrong with man.
---MarkV. on 5/27/10


Atheism and Darwinism do not cause humans to act like animals. Humans ARE animals.

I don't understand your position. In your posts you point out that without the cooperation of the Catholic Church, Hitler's perverted agenda could not have been accomplished. But then you blame the whole thing on atheism?

One atheist is one atheist, if Hitler was indeed an atheist which I contest, but it took an organized religion with their birth and death records to help accomplish this mass murder. It's easier for the religious to be herded about, with a church pointing to god as a guide. Getting atheists to go in the same direction is like herding cats.
---atheist on 5/26/10

I was seriously thinking of becoming a Christian, but after reading the exchanges on this blog I've seen what Christians are really like. So I've changed my mind. I couldn't imagine spending eternity with y'all.
---ger.toshav on 5/26/10

\\Cluny- Hitler negotiated a concordat between the Nazi State and the Vatican.\\

So what?

Vatican diplomacy has never been based on what should be, but on what is.

Pope Pius IX recognized the sovereignty of the Confederate States and Jefferson Davis as president thereof. This doesn't mean he approved of slavery.
---Cluny on 5/26/10

The problem I have with god and religion is that people use god and religion to pretend that ultimately their actions are proper because those actions are guided by their god.

And you justify your actions by what entity that others should heed or respect?

Your sophistry around the edges serves as a bullhorn that you are without core. Christ fills your emptiness that compels you to remain in the company of believers, arguing day after day in a kind of endless death dance without music, purpose or conclusion.
We're praying for you and understand. We were all once pathetically rebellious as you.

BTW, foolish behavior by the creatures is not a "get out of jail free" card on what is owed the creator.
---larry on 5/26/10

Hitler was no Christian. He did not have the living God, living in him. Hitler was a mass murderer....Hitler is in hell as a speak and he will remain there FOREVER, BURNING. HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH. Ahh. A footnote: I do not cuddle the wicked man.
---catherine on 5/26/10

Atheist, incorrect, I do respond to what you write. You falsely claim that following Christ is harmfull to society. I have repeatedly asked: What evil is there in Jesus' teachings? You are unable to answer because you have no answer. This is wilfull dishonesty.

Your question: Was Hitler a Christian, is but an extension of your above claim. That you would even pose such a nonsensical question demonstrates you have no sensible question to pose!

Many decades ago at Dachau concentration camp I saw photos of medical experiments and tortures, carried out on inmates, done on Hitler's orders, proving he was an evil monster. To suggest he was following Jesus' commands in doing so is lunacy and deeply offensive.

You are amoral.
---Warwick on 5/26/10

atheist 'survival of the fittest' is a apt term to describe how some animal groups survive and some don't. Darwin said "In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment."

In the context of social Darwinism it aptly describes Hitler's attempts at extermination of certain peoples which he considered to be inferior leftovers of Darwinian evolutionary processes. He described these groups as sub-human.

Hitler was inspired by Darwin and put survival of the fittest into action.

The term therefore aptly describes His actions and those of atheists such as Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin and the psychopath in charge of North Korea.
---Warwick on 5/26/10


EVERYONE must submit to man-made authority on some level. In order to post on this blog, you must agree to abide by this blog's terms of service. In order to even access the internet, you must agree to abide by your internet service provider's terms of service. In order to live in your country, you must agree to abide by its laws, or else you can be fined or put in jail.

While you are free to accept or reject these authorities, you must also be willing to accept the consequences if you do reject them(inability to post here, inability to access the internet, going to jail, etc.)
---StrongAxe on 5/27/10

Cluny- Hitler negotiated a concordat between the Nazi State and the Vatican.

On July 20, 1933, at a ceremony in the Vatican, Cardinal Pacelli (who became PopePiusXII) signed the concordat.

The Concordat [with the Vatican] gave Hitler the moral support he craved. During the celebrations, Pacelli made Franz von Papen the high papal decoration of the Grand Cross of the Order of Pius.

Winston Churchill, in his book 'The Gathering Storm', published in 1948, tells how von Papen further used 'his reputation as a good Catholic' to gain church support for the Nazi takeover of Austria. In 1938, on Hitler's birthday, Cardinal Innitzer ordered that all Austrian churches fly the swastika flag, and pray for the Nazi dictator.
---David8318 on 5/26/10

I believe (and I may be mistaken) that the actual phrase that Darwin used is "survival of the fit" not "fittest."

There is actually a considerable difference between the two.

For one thing, "survival of the fit" allows for more variation, genetic and otherwise.
---Cluny on 5/26/10

Mark:"...Hitler believed many things alright, just like many believe many things. But the things he did is what makes him who he really was."

Yes. That is correct. My point is that that idea is true of everyone. People believe what they believe and do according to what they believe. The problem I have with god and religion is that people use god and religion to pretend that ultimately their actions are proper because those actions are guided by their god. Thus, responsiblity for what people do is taken from the individual and passed on to 'god', and those people's actions are considered righteous and justified.
---atheist on 5/26/10

Cluny,I am free from man made authority.
---earl on 5/26/10

The problem with atheist is summed up in his remarks regarding the nature documentary- "March of the Penguins"? What 'god' do they pray to for 'moral' guidance on family values? (atheist 5/26/10)

Of course, Penguins do not pray to any 'god'. But atheist's question and comparison with Penguins perhaps highlights the dangerous nature of 'atheism' and Darwinism, because it causes people to act and behave like animals.

Does atheist really put animals on the same 'moral' footing as humans? If so, then no wonder atheist Hitler and his Nazi killing machine acted in such a brutal, animalistic way toward other humans.

'This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is the earthly, animal, demonic.' James 3:15.
---David8318 on 5/26/10

Warwick, clearly you do not response to what I write.

RE: The phrase "survival of the fittest."---is not generally used by modern biologists because it does not convey the complex nature of natural selection. Despite the way the phrase is used on these blogs it does not mean who can batter who to death the better. It means that those organisms that are the 'fittest' are more likely to survive and reproduce. Nothing about the law of 'tooth and claw' applies, and the tendancy to care for one another does help animals survive to reproduce. Every watch a bird gather food for their chicks?

Ever see the movie, "March of the Penguins"? What 'god' do they pray to for 'moral' guidance on family values?

---atheist on 5/26/10

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Athiest, Hitler believed many things alright, just like many believe many things. But the things he did is what makes him who he really was. His fruits or his works were all evil in content. He acted on what he thought was the right thing to do for himself without regard to those he hated. A murderer of many human beings because they were Jews.
His connection to the Roman Catholic Church was that the Church had persecuted the Jews for centuries but he had a better weapon to take care of the Jews, and much faster, the ovens. He was going to do a better job, in a shorter time, then what the RCC had done through the centuries.
---MarkV. on 5/26/10

atheist, who denies "that Hitler used god, religion, Christainty and Catholicism (it seems some of your see these as different), to forward his insane agenda."

However you would have that He was using Jesus' word correctly, which is nonsense. This demonstrates the poverty of your argument.

If Hitler followed Christ he would have loved his fellow man, including his enemies. Did he?

I ask again: What evil is there in Jesus' teachings? That you have not answered shows you have no answer, showing you know you are being dishonest.

Yes I and others are concerned for your salvation.

Wherever atheistic rationality rules there is violent dictatorship-survival of the fittest in action.
---Warwick on 5/26/10

Nazism is an extreme form of Darwinism. 'Survival of the fittest' is a common denominator in both ideologies.

'Atheist' is correct to say "Hitler used god, religion, Christainty and Catholicism... to forward his insane agenda... That is a common and dangerous use of religion and god." (atheist 5/25/10)

But it was an atheist Hitler who "used god, religion, Christainty and Catholicism... to forward his insane agenda."

The absence of a 'God of love' is seen in atheism (or Darwinism) and Nazism. That is how these 2 ideologies are closely related- disbelief in a 'God of love and peace'.

Hence the diabolic, atheist Nazi fascist regime.
---David8318 on 5/26/10

Warwick, A-men. Millions of people "say" that they are Christian, even idolaters "say" they worship only Christ: however their actions betray their words, proving that indeed they are not Christian, and neither do they know Christ. You are absolutely correct in saying the each person is judged according to what he does: the "doer" is saved, and not the "lip-server". A real Christian has Christ Almighty living in them, and nonChristians do not.
---Eloy on 5/26/10

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\\rah rah rah denominations and religious christianity have NOTHING to do with Christ\\

That's why I'm Orthodox and not a member of the denominational churches, Rhonda.

\\Cluny,Can you say when you divested your attatchment to a religion to me?\\

And you actually think you're not divested of YOUR attachment to YOUR religion, earl?
---Cluny on 5/26/10

Atheist, I offer that Naziism and the Inquisition etc. were all malignant narcissism. Narcissists use whatever has power and prestige, in order to get their credibility. Jesus and the Bible, Roman Catholicism, other religions, science and logic all have credibility of different sorts, so we have narcissists who piggy-back on the credibility of any and all of these, however each one does, but the narcissist has no heart of love to get him or her what would really be good, because they use power and deceit and charm and intelligence, not obeying God (Genesis 22:18).

But Jesus is very clear that He does not authorize us to kill or hurt anyone, in order to get what is for the kingdom of God (Matthew 5:44, Luke 9:49-56).
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/26/10

earl, I have said repeatedly that I am NOT a Roman Catholic, but Orthodox.

Has that sunk in yet?

sadly it has not sunk in for YOU Cluny

Earl knows what he is talking about

rah rah rah ***GO orthodox***

rah rah rah ***GO catholic***

rah rah rah denominations and religious christianity have NOTHING to do with Christ

Christ was NOT divided per scripture yet religious christianity is determined to CLING to their religious BRAND and still claim they are christian and insist they live by the very Word they dismiss

unable to see their ACTIONS are inconsistent with the Word they claim by mouth to follow
---Rhonda on 5/26/10


That I should pose such a question is from curiosity about how many might admit to the fact that Hitler used god, religion, Christainty and Catholicism (it seems some of your see these as different), to forward his insane agenda.

And, that god and religion, are used consistently to justify and excuse all manner of belief and action.

That is a common and dangerous use of religion and god, and Christianty of one sort or the other is not excluded from that use. You seem to want to ignore that observation and digress into the topic of my 'salvation'.

Salvation for us all will come when we try to solve human problems rationally without the need of imaginary mediation and guidance from 'god'.
---atheist on 5/25/10

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Such garbage my eyes can hardly read it! Hitler was no Catholic. If he was, he was an unsaved one. I just frankly do not think he was one. Were we born back in those days, so what do we know? What other people tell us, I don't think so. HE WAS A DEVIL, REINCARNATED. HAA.
---catherine on 5/25/10

Cluny,Can you say when you divested your attatchment to a religion to me?Never.
Therefore you are quite mistaken when you say "repeatedly".Therefore your snip snip is turned on you .
If you are not satisfied with an internet source observation then post one of your sources and share the comparrison.
But,I am sure the real message from you is you enjoy sniping others as opposed to discovery.
---earl on 5/25/10

A true follower of Christ will always be having the heart and desire to become more like Jesus in all that they say and do. Ones behavior will change to be more and more like Gal. 5:22-23 the fruits of the Spirit are.... This is and must be our goal. So, was Hitler a Christian or a Catholic. The outward actions do not say so.
On another note, we should not insinuate that some Catholics are not a Christian. Unfortunately, their are plenty that sit in our church services every week that are not right with the Lord but they think they are.
So, lets be more concerned that we ourselves our right in God's sight, then get out and tell people about Jesus and what he has done for us and that He is the only way to the Father.
---Daniel on 5/25/10

atheist you still don't understand because you will not understand.

What we think or claim changes no reality. I once met a psychiatric patient, perched in a tree, convinced he was a bird. Was he?

What we claim or think is irrelevant as it is Christ who deciedes who is Christian. Nonetheless it is simple to judge whether Hitler was a Christian as Jesus has made it plain what it means to be His follower.

It is Jesus whom you rail against but you hypocritically ignore what He says. How do you know anything about Him?

Indeed we would say "...A real Christian wouldn't believe that!" Spot on! A real Christian would never consider Hitler was Christian, he being violently antiChristian.
---Warwick on 5/25/10

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\\Of course Hitler courted the support of German Catholics and the Vatican, how else was he going to gain power\\

Apparently you've not read such papal encyclicals as Mit brennender Sorge (With burning sorrow). It was read from the pulpit in all Roman Catholic churches in Germany on Palm Sunday, 1937.

This encyclical by Pius XI (with input from the future Pius XII) condemning Nazi ideology was composed directly in German, rather than Latin.

You can find it on line, if you're interested in truth.

Of course, if you'd rather spread slander about Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church, truth will not interest you.
---Cluny on 5/25/10

Francis, you make a 'straw-man argument, i.e. America is a Christian nation, which (and individuallly) has done wrong, therefore Christianity stands condemned!

I have visited enough/studied enough to understand it is still a great country. However does America/Americans always follow Jesus' commands? No, because they are sinful falible human beings.

Compare it, faults and all, with Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Zimbabwe, for example. Is there not a massive gulf in corporate/individual behaviour between these nations?

The reason being the US has a Christian foundation, which is being destroyed by antiChristian elements, but enough remains to make it a truly wonderful country. Millions fight to emigrate there? Why?
---Warwick on 5/25/10

Herbert Spencer coined the phrase "Survival Of The Fittest" even before Darwin took his world cruise. Later Darwin wrote Origin Of The Species. But I was unaware they were Catholics and part of a Papal plot, and that Hitler was in league with them. And, did no one quite get Christianity quite right until the antisemite Luther got them all straightened out? It's all so confusing...
---ger.toshav on 5/25/10

David, I am shocked! I agree with you on something.

Well, and accurately explained.
---Warwick on 5/26/10

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Hitler was not a Christian, he was a Catholic, whose ideology led him into the occult and Social-Darwinism.

Hitler, in-between wars became a genuine Social-Darwinist who believed 'survival of the fittest' was a law of nature. Hitler took it upon himself to decide who was 'fit for survival'. Hitler was simply speeding up the Darwinian theory.

Of course Hitler courted the support of German Catholics and the Vatican, how else was he going to gain power. Hitler had the ideology, the RCC had the power base, money and influence.

A brilliant atheist conspiracy- world domination through 'survival of the fittest', under the cover of 'Christianity'. Hitler's final solution was to dispose of 'Christianity' after the war.
---David8318 on 5/25/10

\\If you are catholic then meby you know a historian who may reveal hitler's attatchment to the catholic church.\\

earl, I have said repeatedly that I am NOT a Roman Catholic, but Orthodox.

Has that sunk in yet?
---Cluny on 5/25/10

...Your argument is that Hitler was not a "real" Christian, that determination is made not by the adherent, but by his action

I know people who were born and raised in USA whose parents were too - yet their grandparents were from another country and these people CLAIM they are THAT nationality not American ...never set foot on the soil of their grandparents "homeland" still calling it their own - THEIR actions have them living in USA claiming allegiance to another country

actions not words determine one's truth even it they mislead themselves by the lies of their mouths ...per scripture Hitler was not a christian no matter what any religious denomination like the catholics claim
---Rhonda on 5/25/10

atheist that you would even pose such a question, one with which you agree, shows you are motivated by fear and ignorance. However you have no need to live in fear and ignorance. I was once like you but now understand that Jesus and His followers wish nothing but the best for you.

We do not hate you but conversely pray for your salvation.
---Warwick on 5/25/10

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In his insanity, Hitler saw himself as God and also believed in fortune telling. This would preclude him from being a true atheist. In my opinion, he was demonic (demon possessed)and nothing like a Christian. Jesus would not incinerate Jewish people.
---jody on 5/25/10

Consider Hitler in this light. A Christian?
---Warwick on 5/25/10

I first considered the history of christianity in America, then the history of America's action as a christian nation, to include it's founding.
And if the history of America as a christian nation is a standard then....
---francis on 5/25/10

Warwick et al,

My argument:"God and religion then, as I said, are only an excuse and/or justification for actions and beliefs one wants to do and hold anyway."

But you attack this argument with the argument that Hitler was not a real Christian.

No one is a real anything, except to themselves. Warwick, Leon, and Trav are real Christians to themselves, but if you got down to the details there would be something where you would point and say, "A real Christian wouldn't believe that!"

The problem is adding an imaginary self- defined higher power to justify one's beliefs. It doesn't matter that Hitler was not a real christian to you, but he was to himself.
---atheist on 5/25/10

JESUS spoke often of Hypocrites. People who said they served GOD but in fact were only interested in their wants and followed their own desires.

History if full and even today we can find many Hypocrites who call themselves Christians. Which is one of the reasons that both JESUS and the Apostle John in first John make special notes of how to tell false christians from true one.

1Jo 2:3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.

1Jo 2:4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
---Samuel on 5/25/10

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I've also noticed that in most cases, when I read an article in the newspaper or a magazine or see a show on TV about a subject with which I am intimately acquainted, I am usually painfully aware of just how inaccurate (and sometimes even biased) such treatment often is. I've noticed this especially acutely in documentaries about religious subjects. This tends to make me somewhat skpetical about their accuracy in subjects about which I am NOT intimately familiar.
---StrongAxe on 5/24/10

Francis, a Christian is as a Christian does. Calling oneself Christian or attending church does not make anyone a Christian. A Christian is one submitted to Jesus as His Creator and Redeemer. The book of James says we will be known by what we do, as judged by what Jesus commands, not what we say we are.

A Christian who has a willingly evil lifestyle whether it be theft, adultery, hatred, or murder is no Christian.

Matthew 7:16-18 "You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act.... A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can't produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can't produce good fruit."

Consider Hitler in this light. A Christian?
---Warwick on 5/25/10

to even suggest that adolf hitler lived a christian life is a slap in the face of jesus christ,and those who follow him.hitler served his father satan.
---tom2 on 5/25/10

\\Trav and Cluny, I have no intention of leaving my country because I don't believe in your god.---atheist on 5/23/10 \\

Then why are you complaining about being surrounded by Christian and other religious influences, then?

I thought you'd be happy to live in a place where you were free of them.

You can't have it both ways.

Freedom of religious exercise does NOT mean freedom from exposure to religious influences and cultural traits.
---Cluny on 5/24/10

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Trav:"your own kind"

I have no doubt that you have passed yourself through the test of being a real or true Christian, so tell me what are my own kind? That statement implies bigotry. Was Jesus a bigot?
---atheist on 5/24/10

Cluny, do you have an alternate other than common internet sources that are in contrast with wiki sources?If you are catholic then meby you know a historian who may reveal hitler's attatchment to the catholic church.
---earl on 5/24/10

atheist, Hitler, Satan, and all fools using the Bible to miscontext and misapply scripture does not make them Christian. The devil said to the Almighty Jesus, "If you be the Son from God, throw yourself down: for it is written, He will give his angels charge concerning you, and in hands they will bear you up, else at any time you dash your foot against a stone." Mat.4:5,6. But the Creator Jesus knowing that the scripture in Psalm 91 is speaking about trusting in the safety of the Almighty to keep one safe from the arrows's of the wicked and from plagues, and not speaking about comitting suicide. So the Lord God Jesus replies, "It is written again, You will not tempt the Lord your God." Mat.4:7.
---Eloy on 5/24/10

atheist you wrote "it is your judgement that his actions are "un-Christian..."

True, a judgement, an easy one. Jesus is Lord, and Christians must therefore follow Him. We judge Hitler to be an antiChristian monster when we compare his actions with Jesus commands.

We make judgements when approaching roundabouts, and traffic lights. We know the rules, so easily, correctly, judge any driver who disobeys these rules. You do! Ten year olds can.

That you argue this way demonstrates the poverty of your argument. You are angry, so bound up in nihilistic philosophy that you resort to nonsense.

False-Jesus gives no excise for evil. If He did you would be able to answer my repeated question.
---Warwick on 5/24/10

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Trav, please remember Atheist is a perfect candidate for salvation so try to be both incisive and encouraging.
This exercise of trying to give meaning to meaningless life seems silly to you and me but he's actually wrestling with God.
Unless your born again you can't see, so don't expect Atheist to see the light. At the end of the godless life he seeks where everything just ends with the last breath there is no room for purpose, altruism or even good and evil because all require the moral agent he claims does not exists. This is what is most pathetically sad as Atheist argues against his own beliefs and conclusions. Since he is blind he doesn't perceive his error and is convinced he's right in his "own sight".
---larry on 5/24/10


I don't think Nazis were under any delusions they were doing anyone any favors by exterminating them. They called the elderly, sick, disabled, mentally challenged "Useless eaters". In an efficient war machine like Germany, there was no room for inefficiency. If you didn't (or couldn't) contribute effectively to society, you were useless and tossed on the trash heap.

The corporate world today also seems to run the same way - you're expected to have company loyalty, but the moment they can save a few bucks, you're out on your ear without so much as a thank you for decades of loyal service.

This is the very antithesis of Jesus's ideals of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, caring for widows, etc.
---StrongAxe on 5/24/10

Trav and Cluny, I have no intention of leaving my country because I don't believe in your god.---atheist on 5/23/10

Hah, well it's just a fantasy. We figured if you were dumb enough not to see GODs blessings on this country you might be dumb enough to go live with your own kind. But, once again you proved you know "where", your bread is buttered....even if you don't acknowledge "who", or where the bread and butter come from.
What is mannaworthy is GOD's people have had this problem at times too.
Goats that share same pasture as sheep, still do as a goats do...for a while. Matthew 25:33
And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.
---Trav on 5/24/10

\\The sources in wikipedia say hitler was in good standing with the catholic church in Rome until he died.\\

Consider that Wikipedia is NOT always the most accurate historical or ecclesiastical source.

Much can be said about TV shows, especially those purporting to tell history.
---Cluny on 5/24/10

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HHMM good question

To best answer that, we should ask ourselves: " Is there a history of christians kiling people who are different than they in culture,and religious beliefs?"

If the answer is yes, then we could consider Hitler a christian.
If the answer is no then we cannot consider him a christian.
---francis on 5/24/10

Hitler was closer to being an atheist then a Christian. The SS on his leadership used to destroy churches.

Hitler if you do a little reaserch basde much of his teaching on a Pagan belief system that set forth the aryans as the perfect people and combined it with some ancestor worship.

The History channel has some shows about this.
---Samuel on 5/24/10

Google CONSTANTINE'S SWORD & watch the video. james carroll will explain the dangers of union of church & state.
---james on 5/24/10

Hitler claiming to be Christian, referenced scripture to validate his actions and opinions, and remained in good standing with the Catholic church, Your argument is that Hitler was not a "real" Christian, that determination is made not by the adherent, but by his actions.

But it is your judgement that his actions are "un-Christian", and your decision of who is Christian or not is only that, your decision. But to others his actions were, and to some even now, quite "Christian", as was the keeping and treatment of slaves, or torture during the inquisitions.

God and religion then, as I said, are only an excuse and/or justification for actions and beliefs one wants to do and hold anyway.
---atheist on 5/24/10

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Whatever "beliefs" Hitler believed in, his "actions" manifested that he was no Christian, but instead he was a barbaric and heinous murderer. He was responsible for such monstrocities as gassing live men and women and children in gas chambers in the nazi concentration camps, and he ordered his doctor Mengele to do horrible experients and surgeries upon the people. It is always a long time coming for the wicked to get what they deserve, so when they finally do get their just deserts their eternal torments is never enough to appease me. I delight greatly to see every single criminal to be eternally tortured for their unspeakable evil against the innmocent.
---Eloy on 5/24/10

atheist you ask how we decide if someone is a 'real Christian.' By seeing if their lives demonstrate they are submitted to Jesus Christ as their Creator and Redeemer, and seeing if they follow His commands.

Even one of limited intellect would figure it out that psychophic murderers such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin et al were actively antiChristian.

Painting all atheists with the one brush? No, only showing that when atheism rules, official murder, racism and intolerance abound.

Conversely countries with a Christian foundation (though far from perfect) are by far the best places to live. What other countries give the freedom, law and equality that Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and much of Europe and the US, give?
---Warwick on 5/23/10

Obewan, on what basis do you say "As twisted as it seems, Hitler and the Nazis thought they were doing acts of mercy by putting disabled people out of their misery. They saw it as the Christian thing to do..."
---Warwick on 5/23/10

today's "christian" is similar to having a favorite sports team ...notice scripture does not have denominations and Christ stated he is not divided

the "christian badge" is worn by those who follow a religion about Christianity

Apostles stated those who are brothers of Christ followed Christ in action

nothing Hitler did emulated Christ

however the question is playful and amusing aside from contradictory if Christ who never killed anyone would have a follower who ordered killing of millions and brainwashed many into following himself NOT Christ

anyone can call themselves anything it doesn't indicate they believe or subscribe to the beliefs
---Rhonda on 5/23/10

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I saw a documentary years ago that said that Hitler and Joseph Stalin BOTH "studied" in the church. I don't remember all the details as it was so long ago, but,even standing behind a pulpit "preaching" the word of God doesn't automatically make you a Christian. Judas Iscariot was one of Jesus' 12 and did all the things the other 11 did, but, he still betrayed Christ and died lost.
---tommy3007 on 5/22/10

"Was Hitler a Christian?" Hmmmm! Can Elmer Fudd articulate the letter R? Hitler was about as Christian as any agnostic (unbeliever) could be -- in name only!
---Leon on 5/22/10

He was what you are atheist "an" anti-Christ, or one who opposes the works of Jesus, the worship of God and stands in blaspheme to the Holy Spirit.
Both of you were and are evangelically obsessed with destroying any vestige of God, both of you were are are incapable of critical self-reflection and were and are highly delusional and prideful.
And as the question proves both of you were and are incapable of edifying.
Wow, a perfect candidate for salvation.
Hope that helps.
---larry on 5/22/10

Mat 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. be considered a prophet, an exorcist, a miracle worker, christian in Jesus' name, does not mean a thing until you not turned away by Jesus in His Day. Mat 7:19-23
---aka_joseph on 5/23/10

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\\The sources in wikipedia say hitler was in good standing with the catholic church in Rome until he died.\\

I suppose it depends on what you mean by "in good standing."

He had not been publicly excommunicated, that's true.

OTOH, he was not practicing any Christian faith, either.

But don't forget: Fred Phelps presents himself as a Baptist, and has not been excommunicated by the Baptist Church, either, so he would technically be "in good standing."
---Cluny on 5/23/10

I believe the word christian had its first use almost immediately after christs resurrection,and I believe its first use was in antioch.the word was and is used to descibe FOLLOWERS of jesus.Followers implys doing as he did,live as he lived,hitler didn,t even come close,thats my opinion,but I am sure God will judge him rightly,how many millions of people have you exterminated in your life?would you consider yourself a follower of christ afterwards?would the world?
---tom2 on 5/23/10

As twisted as it seems, Hitler and the Nazis thought they were doing acts of mercy by putting disabled people out of their misery. They saw it as the Christian thing to do perhaps and could not see how sick they were. Our own society is headed in the same direction with mercy killings of old people and abortions of defective babies.

I am not sure how they justified killing the Jews, but it was just as sick.

The only answer is that they were sick as most humans are.
---obewan on 5/23/10


God sent the Great Flood upon the earth to "cleanse" it of sin. However, because of people's sinful nature, the land became "unclean" again.

I believe that God saw that people were trapped in a sinful world, yet at least some of them yearned for fellowship with Him. That is when God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Lord and Savior. Whoever believes in Jesus Christ will again have eternal fellowship with the Father. We are now living in the NT.

If Adolph Hitler had been a Christian, he would have known that the OT ways have been replaced with the NT ways. And belief in Jesus Christ instead of "cleansing the land".
---Augi on 5/23/10

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The sources in wikipedia say hitler was in good standing with the catholic church in Rome until he died.The question is ,what do the catholics in Rome have in their archives to support or discard this statement as true or untrue.
Every day, people claim they are christian and commit crimes.
The question is not about moral conduct persae but attatchment to a religion.
Hitler, with his inconsistencies, also stated,from another source that he disapproved of christianity.
Ask a catholic historian.However christians do not wish to claim him as one of their own.
---earl on 5/22/10

In the OT there written of God instructing "his people" to go fourth and destroy all surrounding races of men ,women and children and leave no trace of their existance.God believed "his chosen" will be corrupted (breeding and false gods)and the racial purity and God's will will be compromised.
Did not the OT writer depict a racial war God to cleanse the earth of inferior stocks?Does this sound familiar?
---earl on 5/22/10

Hitler was a Catholic as was Mussolini. Both of whom at one time trained for the priesthood. I do not believe either was a Christian in the truest sense of the word.
---mima on 5/22/10

Only God truly "knows" the heart of a person.

Some people believe that Adolph Hitler was a Christian. Other people, including myself, are doubtful about Adolph Hitler being a Christian. Here's why:

The Bible says that "Thou Shall Not Murder". Yet, Adolph Hitler ordered the killings of a countless number of Jews. A REAL Christian would have been convicted at some point and pleaded to God: "I've Done Wrong And Sinned. Forgive Me!"

Adolph Hitler never got to that point. He committed suicide [Self Murder] and never repented for any of his murderous sins.

A REAL Christian wouldn't kill themself. We are God's people and HE decides the time of our life.
---Sag on 5/22/10

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I heard he was Catholic. There is an obscure photo of him that I once saw showing him leaving a Cathedral after a Sunday church service.

There WERE Nazi's who were Lutheran though. Martin Luther said that the Jews were cursed Christ killers whose synagogues should be burned. Those Nazis used those writings to justify doing just that.

No offense to present day Lutherans. My uncle was Lutheran and fought against the Nazis.
---obewan on 5/22/10

Hitler, is burning in hell. Hallelujah. Forever. I am a prophet first and then a Christian. I don't go around as some, sweet all day long. Not my calling.
---catherine on 5/22/10

I would say, no he was not a Christian, atheist. I went to an art exhibit which claims Adolph had tried to get into art school. He did an amazingly detailed card of a German square with very complicated architecture, quite well I'd say. Yet, he was refused. To think, if they had accepted him, perhaps his interest would have been art. Art could have given him his image, instead of conquering and controlling people, maybe. Narcissists try to piggy-back on what has power and/or prestige, so they can feel so important. Art could have done that for him, though that would not be denying himself and taking his cross and following Jesus.

And, no, you did not say his murderous narcissism is representative of all religious people (c:
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/22/10

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