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Christian Divorce Rate

The divorce rate for Christians is relatively the same as non-Christians. Why?

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 ---Leon on 5/26/10
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Hard Hearts #1 - What I am about to say, I pray is not taken as a license to sin but an attempt to provide sanity where insanity abounds.

Is it the hard heart of the mercilessly beaten and neglected? is it the hard heart of those who have been cheated on? Is it the hard hearts of the women who husbands spend their life savings on gambling or won't lift one finger to help when he cannot find work? Is it the hard heart of a man whose wife will never be happy with anything he does or establishes? Was it God's hard heart that divorced Israel?

No, it is the broken-hearted who has to suffer their spouses who refuse to treat others with dignity and decency for years, decades, and centuries. Yes, God hates divorce...
---aka.joseph on 5/31/10

Hard Hearts #2 -

...but He hates it not because it is not necessary. It is very necessary because of the hard-hearted and not the broken-hearted.

However, His pattern is always with reconciliation in mind. (don't tune me out yet). God reconciles to us and we reconcile to Him. I cannot reconcile to my abuser until both people reconciles to Him. Never reconcile to a man/woman who promises change. Only reconcile if the reconciliation is evidenced with fruit of the Spirit.
---aka.joseph on 5/31/10

Bingo Miche!!! That's it in a nutshell -- HARD-HEARTEDNESS, i.e., bitterness, an unwillingness to forgive & be reconciled. The exception however is when a spouse abandons his/her mate for another. In this case, the one that's dumped is free to find another mate.
---Leon on 5/29/10

It is hard to admit our "faults". Some of my relatives and friends have told me about how painful their divorces were. And how their own SELFISHNESS might have contributed.

Anyone, Christian or not, can be SELFISH. Admit it folks! We're all imperfect human beings. Sometimes, our "faults" get in the way.

I think that people in church leadership roles, like Priests and Pastors, can be some of the most hard-hearted, selfish people around. Look at all the "fallen" Televangelists.

But like I said, all people can fall into this SELFISH stuff. Anyone.
---Sag on 5/29/10

Interesting comments (opinions) -- Christian & non-Christian. But, what does GOD say the root cause of divorce is?
---Leon on 5/28/10

He says the root cause is a hard heart.
---miche3754 on 5/29/10

I've talked to several people who have been through the pain of divorce. They are all nice people. Men and Women.

However, I'm constantly puzzled, and amazed, that these people often seem to be "ignorant", or "unaware", of the pain that their own children are going through.

Many wonder WHY their children, youngsters or adults, never seem to get beyond the pain of their parents' divorce.

MY own opinion here is that some folks are living in a "dream world", or "fantasy land", instead of the "real world". Eventually, that all comes crashing down. It seems that these people, even Christians, choose to keep on living in DENIAL of things.
---Sag on 5/28/10


Yes, unfortunately, this is true. While I can't speak for Europe (or other continents, for that matter), it seems like people in America (and Canada as well) have largely cultivated an attitude of entitlement - i.e. we are entitled to a happy prosperous life, if something bad happens, it isn't our fault, it has to be somebody else's, etc.
---StrongAxe on 5/28/10

What KarenD say is true. As an auditor, with statistics, I can make a pile of dung smell like a garden of roses.

Come to think of it, changing dung smell into rose smell...isn't that what the Serpent did in the Garden of Eden when he said, "you can be as gods"?
---aka.joseph on 5/28/10

Interesting comments (opinions) -- Christian & non-Christian. But, what does GOD say the root cause of divorce is?
---Leon on 5/28/10

This is another stupid statistics question. There is absolutely no way that anyone can know what percentage of Christians were divorced unless they asked every single divorced person in the world. You can take 100 divorced people in a room and take your stats off them and they still will not reflect the true statistics. Statistics are stupid because they are not reliable.
---KarenD on 5/27/10

Considering the US national average, I would say that the people various denominational groups (and atheists) are doing relatively well.

But, studying the divorce rate by singling out one factor can be misleading considering that divorce is really multifaceted. (Google Your Chances of Divorce May Be Much Lower Than You Think.)

Rethink remarriage. 47% of first marriages end up in divorce and 60-80% of remarriages end up in divorce. (Sorry no source provided ...rule 5. NO web...addresses posted.)

One more note, just because I claim Christ does not necessarily mean He will recognize me in the end. Just because somebody claims "to be saved" does not make it so.
---aka.joseph on 5/28/10

Strong-axe---EVERYONE (Christian or not) used to have a "more finely-defined sense of personal responsibility". We live in a "no fault" society now. Belief in Grace has no relationship to responsibility,
where the true Christian is concerned.
When things get tough, it is a great temptation to fall back on today's societal norms.
---Donna66 on 5/27/10

It's not good to defraud your customers but that can not be compared with divorcing your spouse. If your spouse has committed adultery, or been abusive to you, you have no obligation to stay with that person. Why would any person want to spend the rest of their life with some body that broke their marriage vows and doesn't treat them properly? I am religious, I believe in God and have brought my 5 children up to be God fearing. But I would advise each and every one of them that, religious or not, if a partner was abusive to them or committed adultery while marred to them, that person has no place in their lives and they should divorce them.
---grainne on 5/27/10

After all, who cares if you divorced your spouse or defrauded your customers? As long as Jesus forgave you, it's all good (except that it isn't really).
---StrongAxe on 5/27/10

Yes, i do agree with this post. I actually love it.
I must add this:
In my experiance as a christian, I have noticed that in some if nor most marriages one spouse tends to push the other to the limit, in hopes of forgiveness.
Spouses tend to take advantage of people's " christiasn nature."

It is the same reason we sin, because we know that God will forgive, we do our spouse and ourselves harm, in hopes of forgiveness.

---francis on 5/27/10

One thing that I have noticed over the years is that those people who are raised in traditions that heavily emphasize works (for example, Catholicism, Judaism, etc.) often tend to have a more finely-defined sense of personal responsibility than many who are raised in traditions that heavily emphasize forgiveness (based on the notion that "I repented, so Jesus forgave me", which can sometimes lead to a more superficial attitude towards the temporal consequences of ones actions.)

After all, who cares if you divorced your spouse or defrauded your customers? As long as Jesus forgave you, it's all good (except that it isn't really).
---StrongAxe on 5/27/10

Who is Donald Hughes?
---Leon on 5/27/10

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I have collected rabbit's feet since I was younger and I still ended up divorced.

In hindsight, I think that divorce involves either the "unwillingness", or the "failure", to resolve problems BEFORE they become out-of-control disasters. This applies to both "Christians" and "Non-Christians". Some examples are:

Sickness & Death
Living Arrangements
Family Devotions & Time Together
Business Decisions & Employment

It often seems that "Christians" choose to divorce if something isn't 100% perfect according to the Bible.
---Augie on 5/27/10

The divorce rate is the same because God is no part of our marriages.
Being Christians does not guarantee biblical wisdom, maturity or discernment.
Young people are still motivated by passion, urges, appetites and internal clocks that cannot wait.
We can do anything but wait -- on God.

It's a horrible witness.
---larry on 5/26/10

The general divorce rate fluxes at about 50% in the USA

On a world basis the US is highest in the world with 4.95 per 1000 people and Sri Lanka is 34th with 0.15 per 1000 people with a world average of 1.3 per 1000 people.

Data source: Nation Master/statistics/people statistics
---Friendly_Blogger on 5/26/10

Tell me and we'll both know.

It's something that saddens me greatly.
---Cluny on 5/26/10

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Donald Hughes, author of The Divorce Reality, said:

"In the churches, people have a superstitious view that Christianity will keep them from divorce, but they are subject to the same problems as everyone else, and they include a lack of relationship skills. ...Just being born again is not a rabbit's foot." Hughes claimed that 90% of divorces among born-again couples occur after they have been "saved."

Divorce rates:

Non-denominational 34%
Baptist 29%
Episcopal 28%
Pentecostal 28%
Methodist 26%
Presbyterian 23%
Catholic 21%
Lutheran 21%
Atheist/Agnostic 21%

Now isn't that interesting?
---atheist on 5/26/10

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