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Get New Wife While Married

I have a friend that is Christian and married (very unhappily) for 26 years and his wife is not saved. He says God has shown him who his next wife will be and he knows her. Do you believe this is of God?

Moderator - Nope.

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 ---Lea on 6/4/10
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happiness is a momentary thing,peace comes from knowing far as this statement from your friend,God doesn,t think that way,thats his mind trying to convince his conscience,and his flesh is right in there too helping.
---tom2 on 6/6/10

Nope, it isn't. The provision is that if the unbeliever desires to depart, she can. However, the man is acting as much as unbeliever as he assumes her to be.
---Linda on 6/5/10

Lea...Are you so naive that you don't realize that he is talking about you?
---KarenD on 6/5/10

Lea: What does , "I am just someone that has been ministering to this [married] man", mean? How did you become his friend & in what capacity is your friendly relationship defined? Do you know his wife & are you her friend as well?

Has he told you who the woman "in his head" is? Have you told him the Bible says he's committing adultery by desiring someone other than his wife? Also, if the fantasy woman is playing (feeding) into his delusions she's committing adultery as well.

He told you his wife is going to die? Whoa!!! He appears to need immediate pastoral counseling & /or other professional help. As his "friend", are you willing to lead him there?
---Leon on 6/5/10

While it's certainly possible for God to give such messages (and legitimately too, as in the cases of widowhood mentioned in previous posts), many such "messages" are also likely to be deception or at least wish-fulfilment. God wouldn't likely on one hand condemn divorce, but on the other hand encourage someone to get one.
---StrongAxe on 6/5/10

\\No. And if unbelievers don't stop this nonsense of saying God told me this and they only say this to put down one of God's own who certainly has the ability to hear from the one, true, God, well, I just do not know what I am going to do.\\

Look in the mirror and say that to yourself, catherine.
---Cluny on 6/5/10

This man's attitude is noth Christ-like. It is self-centered and pathetic. However, I have known men and women who have been told in their hearts by the Lord that a certain person was going to be their spouse. In a couple of cases, the person was happily married and lost their spouse within a couple of years of this. At the time the Lord spoke to them they had no idea the spouse was going to die. They both thought they were imagining because they loved their spouses.
---KarenD on 6/5/10

A married man once told me this back when I was single. I was not stupid and neither was his wife. They were soon divorced.
---KarenD on 6/5/10

in answer to some questions "No " it is not me, i am just someone that has been ministering to this man. He and his wife have been married for quiet a few yrs he is Lutheran and i have taught him more about the word than he has ever known and he knows the bible only thing is he needs to be filled with Gods Holy Spirit.
The woman he says is to be his next wife is mostly in his head or mind , nothing he has moved on, as he is still honoring his wedding vows, but his marriage is as he says like being room mates and he said God has told him his wife will die , he wont discuss this much, and that God has shown him his next wife , i told him i don't believe this is of God because God is not an author of confusion.
---Lea on 6/5/10

I believe that he should talk to his wife about his feelings. Also, they both need to talk to a Christian Marriage Counselor so that they can be directed into the right path with Godly sound wisdom. Therefore, a marriage is committment between two people who have taken vows before God. So I do not agree with seeing someone else, if you have not closed the door on the relationship you are in. Pray about everything, because some things are not of God.
---Kimbe7395 on 6/5/10

Lea: What makes your "married male friend" a Christian? Are you a Christian? Why did he say TO YOU God has shown him who his next wife will be & he knows her? Would that "her" just happen to be YOU?! :/
---Leon on 6/5/10

Nope. And that is the sad thing, you cannot convince him that he is dead wrong.
---francis on 6/5/10

"NOPE" is right Moderator!!! God does not work that way.
---Reba on 6/5/10

No. And if unbelievers don't stop this nonsense of saying God told me this and they only say this to put down one of God's own who certainly has the ability to hear from the one, true, God, well, I just do not know what I am going to do. I am glad that my Savior can talk. I am so very happy that God is not deaf, dumb and blind.
---catherine on 6/5/10


"If any brother has a wife who is not a believer and she is willing to live with him, he must not divorce her." 1 Corinthians 7:12

Your friend's vision cannot possibly be from God because it directly "contradicts" the Bible. God's own word. Therefore, your friend's vision is from: himself, the world, or Satan.

Your friend needs to see a marriage counselor. If his wife will attend, she should.
---Sag on 6/5/10

It sounds like he has made his mind up about a "new" relationship. Maybe his attidue is the reason his wife has not come to Christ.
God does not go against His Word. I don't think God has told him anything like this.
---Elder on 6/5/10

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Missionary friend named Frank Perry says this very thing happened to him. And today he is married to the very woman God showed him would be his wife. This took place after the death of his first wife and the death of the husband of the lady who is now his second wife. Are you confused yet!!
Was the message from God. I believe it could have been.
Something akin to dj vu maybe.
Perhaps there is a reservoir of Godly knowledge and sometimes those who are close to God mentally dip in to that knowledge.
I say the above because of certain things that happen to people I know.
---mima on 6/5/10

Along the same line of reasoning I would like to ask this question. Have you ever had the experience of seeing a person "glowing" during their conversion and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ.
When this takes place their countenanced completely changes. Both my wife and I have seen this happen a few times and it is very revealing as to the intent of the person's heart at conversion. We saw this on on an Indian servant girl in a home in Mexico. We saw this on a grocery store parking lot after witnessing to a man. We saw this happen to a lady sitting in her car after we witnessed to her. We saw this happen to a lady who happened to ask us what are you doing and we witnessed to her.
---mima on 6/5/10

No. God doesn't show anyone someone else while united in marriage. Once they're leagally divorced then he might, but who's to say he'll allow the man to remarry? If they're unhappy that is not a biblical reason to divorce, only socially,or worldly. I love my husband of over 10 yrs. We have 3 boys.Everyday is NOT sunshine, but I wouldn't file for divorce because of my mood swings. Adultry or abandonment would qualify for a divorce.
---Candice on 6/5/10

I don't, either.
---Cluny on 6/4/10

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