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How To Fix The Oil Spill

Any advice on what to do with the oil that's washing up on the beaches. Instead of saying, "how ugly it is"?

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 ---catherine on 6/5/10
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Strong axe --Even if people HAD such unlimited job opportunities that they could switch jobs to find the best retirement wouldn't matter.

It's almost impossible to find out what stocks are are included in a retirement fund's portfolio (Believe me, I've tried).
The fund consists of a mixture of stocks, dozens or more. And these change from time to time, according to what the fund managers think are the best and safest investments.
The managers choose, not only which companies to invest in, but how much stock to buy in each.
Those who are entitled to someday benefit from the fund, may get a periodic report on how the fund as a whole, is doing. But that's all. They may not get even that.
---Donna66 on 6/18/10


The retirees DID have a choice - by buying into that particular retirement fund (or by working for a company that chose that particular retirement fund). Admittedly, as one gets further and further away from the source, the guilt gets more and more diluted, but it's still there.


The drill site is at a depth far below where humans can operate. So it's not easy for BP (nor for the U.S. government) to fix, since they have to use machines and robots to do it remotely.

And while God COULD fix it, there are many other things he could also fix but doesn't (for example, natural disasters like the tsunami that devastated southeast Asia). For the most part, he seems to leave us to deal with our own messes.
---StrongAxe on 6/18/10

All the smart people in government. Oh they sound so good, look good, talk good, and don't knwo God. Why can't they fix a simple thing like an oil leak. How come they don't tell BP how to do it? Well, God could do it.
---catherine on 6/17/10

Strong axe --- The only mistake stockholders made was in buying the stock. (In retirement funds they had NO choice) They have NO culpability over the spill. The company decides quarterly how much per share the dividends will be...profits are only one of many considerations. Some stocks NEVER pay dividends at all. The stockholders hope to see the PRICE of their stock increase as the Company grows.

In any case, NOBODY but the officers of the corporation has any right to decide these things. .It is unprecedented and illegal for our government to to tell a FOREIGN Company how to handle their finances. The government and the company should MUTUALLY agree on an amount for the fund.. But HOW BP raises the money is none of our business.
---Donna66 on 6/17/10


SOMEBODY has to be responsible when things go wrong. If (say) you own one one-millionth part of BP, then you are entitled to one one-millionth part of their profits when they take the oil out of the ground, and when it goes horribly horribly wrong, you are also entitled to one one-millionth part of the blame.

The alternative is to say that BP is NOT responsible - basically, they can do risky things under the water, and if they go right, THEY keep the profits, and if they go wrong, WE must foot the bill. While many companies wish things should work this way (and many DO work this way - just look at other companies that cause a lot of enfironmental pollution that they don't clean up), it isn't right by any means.
---StrongAxe on 6/16/10

'atheist': "Creating generalizations really gets us nowhere"

True! All generalizations are false - even the "Everyone is connected to everyone else" rot.

"The motivation for profit, for the rich and not so rich, has driven more dangerous exploitation techniques."

Bunk! It was excessive government regulation by misguided left wing environmentalists that FORCED drilling so far from shore that created this untennable situation. Had the rig been in shallower water, the leak would have been plugged long ere this. Look at the environmental catastrophy such environmentalists have caused.
---jerry6593 on 6/17/10

The fact is that the world and everyone in it becomes more codependant on each other every day. Everyone is connected to everyone else. Creating generalizations really gets us nowhere, except to divide one against the other. The oil spill is a trajedy that was always possible and was probably inevitable. People will lose jobs and the environment will be damaged as we knew it forever. Our dependancy on oil has caused this. The motivation for profit, for the rich and not so rich, has driven more dangerous exploitation techniques. Then there is coal, but even solar has its cost. Using less energy is the best answer, especially using less energy, both physical but mental, to hate and kill one another.
---atheist on 6/16/10

Strong axe...// letting its own investors get rich irresponsibly //
Wow, what a stereotype you've bought!
The majority of stockholders in BP are not rich (and no I'm not among them). Some of the largest stockholders in BP are retirement funds for Brits and Americans. Many thousands depend on these funds to live month by month. And these people had no choice in the investments chosen by their retirement funds.
---Donna66 on 6/15/10

larry -- I'm not talking about oil field expertise! There is only a limited amount of this available. Even Obama's Nobel prize winning engineer doesn't have all the answers. Nobody does.

What I'm talking about, is running a business like BP. The president doesn't need to be an expert in this either, but he needs to let those who are, determine how BP manages their money. If the pipe was plugged tomorrow, but the business goes broke... then where will the cleanup money come from? Taxpayers?

No. Most presidents have had SOME (maybe small scale) business experience before they held office. Obama has lots of academic, but not much practical knowledge, about anything.
---Donna66 on 6/15/10

Again, you can't fix the oil spill.

Let the well run dry or equalize the pressure gradient. Both are long term, the second is difficult to achieve and can't be completed before significant damage is done to the ocean and the coast.

In so many words the oil execs finally admitted what environmental professors have been saying since day one.

We can move around easier in space than miles deep on the ocean floor.

God have mercy.
---larry on 6/15/10

Donna66, the oil execs that came up with identical spill response plans for Walrus and a dead University of Miami professor had plenty of "business" experience.
As the President of Exxon said today, "we really don't have a plan to deal with a worse case scenario." As boy David proved...experience is so overblown. Give me wisdom. Experience gave us new Coke.

President Obama is not a great president, but none of the great presidents had much if any business experience.
Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, etc.

The country is not a business and can't be run like one. If so we'd have no public transit, FAA, NIH, CDC, SS, Medicare, public schools or anything else that doesn't make a profit.
---larry on 6/15/10

God helps those who help themselves is NOT biblical.

Sister Donna66, Jerry....don't waste your time responding to Atheist. His continuing opposition to the Holy Spirit is accomplished by continuing to do what his master does - spread doubt. We'd all do better not responding, praying and let the Holy Spirit work.
You want to see Satan in a diabolical fit...quit responding and he'll bend himself into a pretzel trying to engage the brethren .....and for what?
I am concerned about his soul but no longer his arguments.
---larry on 6/15/10


I won't quite agree with you, simply because it is clear that economically there really are no borders---e.g. the oil rig flys the flag of some small country in the south Pacific with very lax safety rules. So I really don't get behind any perspective that pretends all commerce in modern times is not without borders and without sensible oversight by any entity, other than that of the GOD OF GREED. Which I do not believe in, but many pray to.
---atheist on 6/15/10

Strong axe. It IS fair. But for Obama, who Has had NO business experience whatsoever, to tell BP (one of the largest corporations in the World) how to conduct their business...seems, well, inappropriate. I was glad to hear in his speech that he will insist BP set up a fund to repair the damage,
---Donna66 on 6/15/10

Why are the following not being hounded for compensation? ...
The Americans who designed the oil rig
the american comany that built it
The american company thatv owne it
The american comapny who operated it
the americans who staffed it
tje americas who demand cheap fuel for the gas guzellers

And when will American companies compensate Bhopal. or Piper Alpha, or Agent Orange, or for the sale of poison gas to Saddam, which he used on the Kurds
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/15/10


Since BP has caused millions (if not billions) of dollars of damage to the United States, that other people are ending up paying, the U.S. government is perfectly justified in telling BP that they had better keep enough funds available to pay that back in compensation, rather than letting its own investors get rich irresponsibly while others pay for BP's messes.
---StrongAxe on 6/15/10

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Strong Axe -- I agree. But not all investments carry EQUAL risk. There is a huge difference between one who makes a loan to BP $50,000 (just for example) and one who buys stock worth $50,000. Both are INVESTMENTS, but a loan carries the legal requirement of repayment in full. The buyer of common stock knows that the stock may eventually, not only not pay dividends, but become worthless. The owner of "preferred stock" assumes slightly less risk since he is to be paid ahead of those who hold "common stock".
My only objection is our government trying to tell BP how to conduct business, without concern for the fact that what they advise may be illegal.
---Donna66 on 6/15/10


Right. He would stagger and swagger, and then say something totally unintelligible, and then his handlers would re-say-re-interpret-re-mean and spin what he said that couldn't be understood into a tasty bovine bolus stew of utter nonsense that you and yours would eagerly lap up.
---atheist on 6/15/10

800,000,000,000, INTEREST. I may have too many zeros. 13 TRILLION AND CLIMBING THE NATIONAL DEBT. What a good job our government is doing. Lets just all keep praising man as if they were some kind of a god. Well, the righteous must suffer for what the wicked does. So, I guess that we are all in this boat together. Ahh, good news for the righteous "This is not our home". Hallelujah, thank You Jesus.
---catherine on 6/15/10


It's curious you call the spill "Obama's Katrina" (a disaster magnified by Bush's bungling and inaction), and in the same breath claim Bush would have handled it better. He didn't do it right the first time - what makes you think he would do it right the second time?


Investments involve risk. When a company invests in something like an oil rig, they hope the profit outweighs the cost. The cost includes fixing anything broken along the way - in this case, the environment. If BP gambled and lost, it's their choice, and their loss and their investors'. They shouldn't reap the profits from a successful gamble while forcing the rest of the world to pay for an unsuccessful one.
---StrongAxe on 6/15/10

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Investors can lose money,it's part of investing. Investors are not owed money.

If banks have made loans to BP, that's another thing. They may need a bailout for the U.S. government in that case. Again, were get it in the butt...

The problem here is that the risk of failure however real was not contemplated as real.
---atheist on 6/15/10

Obama's Katrina! Too bad Bush isn't still president. He'd do something other than pointing fingers and threatening.
---jerry6593 on 6/15/10

Atheist--BP's debt is BP's problem. They can decrease the dividend on shares of common stock (which they are doing). But some of their debt to investors is as legitimate as their debt to us. We have no place telling them to neglect their other just debts in favor of ours.

The US borrows 45 cents of every dollar and doesn't even have a budget to address it's own expenses.
---Donna66 on 6/14/10


Right. BP should pay out massive dividends to its shareholders, use up its cash reserves, declare bankruptcy, get sold to Exxon for a dime on the dollar, and then the Federal government can get stuck with the cost of the cleanup.

And then you can complain that Obama let that happen.

As far as this question,---you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.
---atheist on 6/14/10

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In that case, why are you worried about this issue, since you obviously won't be affected by it?
---StrongAxe on 6/14/10

---catherine on 6/13/10

catherine, you came here looking for advice--your exact word--on what to do about the oil spill.

We have asked you repeatedly what you claim God is telling you, and you are silent.

You even complain that nobody has been asking God.

Apparently, this includes you yourself, since you started this blog to ask others instead of God Himself.
---Cluny on 6/13/10

40,0000 barrels a day gushing into the gulf. How many vassals can we put in the ocean? A touchy thing way under the deep. The locals are still complaining about ALL THE RED TAPE, YUK. And nine years in Afghanistan.
---catherine on 6/13/10

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I guess this is off topic a bit...BUT
I hear that Obama is telling BP they should not pay dividends to their stockholders (some 30 million of them, I think ...including retirees on both sides of the Atlantic) until the spill is cleaned up. Doesn't he know that BP stands for BRITISH Petroleum?

He may get away with telling GM to illegally withold what they owe to owners of preferred stock... but HOW the Brits manage to pay what they owe....
Isn't that THEIR problem.?
---Donna66 on 6/13/10

catherine--Most of the Louisiana coast is comprised of National Preservation Districts, National Wetlands, National Wildlife Preserves, and National recreation areas.
---Donna66 on 6/12/10

No guts! The locals do not have authorization FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, to stop the oil from coming on shore. The beaches DO NOT BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT. Why doesn't someone go ahead and do something?
---catherine on 6/12/10

Catherine ... "No one is asking Him. They are going to other people for help, and are finding none. NONE.

Not even you Catherine?
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/12/10

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Catherine -- How do you KNOW no one is asking Him? Do YOU know the prayers of all other people?

It's not just a "quick" fix that's needed. It's knowledge of how to prevent a similar leak and how to stop one that's started.

MOST OFTEN the LORD answers through "other people" who have knowledge and experience...and creative ideas.
---Donna66 on 6/12/10

GOD is not going to give you a quick fix. Why should He? No one is asking Him.

What do you expect from God? If people went to him instead of "others" do YOU promise for HIM that he would plug the leak?

Of course he COULD plug the leak because he is God, but it is silly to say that he could not also work through others to plug the leak.

God helps those who help themselves.

And, just how would God plug the leak that MAN made? He would have to work against nature for sure.

If I was sick, I would first go see a doctor so God could work through him. People in "healing cults" let their children die all the time because they only trust God and not doctors.
---obewan on 6/12/10

\\GOD is not going to give you a quick fix. Why should He? No one is asking Him\\

Not even, YOU, catherine?

Why not?

You claim you hear from Him all the time.

Have you asked Him about how to fix the spill?

What did He say?

If you've not asked Him, or He's not replied, why not?
---Cluny on 6/12/10

GOD is not going to give you a quick fix. Why should He? No one is asking Him. They are going to other people for help, and are finding none. NONE.
---catherine on 6/12/10

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We can scrape it off the beaches which is the easy part, its the estuaries and contamination of fish and crustacean generations which take decades to recover at a minimum. We are looking at Lake Erie.

The problems is you can't fix the spill. The oil will continue until the well is dry or until the pressure gradient equalizes which is very difficult.

The gush is 7 times the strength of a fire hose even at that depth and pressure.

We have very little control of anything at the bottom of the sea and we should stay off the ocean floor or live with the consequences of accidents now and then.

I understand BP is getting 5000 suggestions on how to clean up the spill daily.
---larry on 6/12/10


OK, split hairs and rename "body and spirit", to "physical and spiritual bodies".

Physical bodies have several characteristics (lungs to breathe, livers to process food, kidneys to eliminate waste, lymph nodes to fight off infection, genitals to reproduce, etc.)

Spiritual bodies are different in most ways other than the superficial.

We have no record of angels dying, nor eating, nor reproducing (God did, but not by "laying with Mary", unless you are Mormon), gender of angels is irrelevant (Matthew 22:30 and Mark 12:25). Brains are never mentioned. There is no reason to suppose that spiritual bodies have any internal organs at all, other than conjecture.
---StrongAxe on 6/12/10

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I believe the oil spill is just one of many impending judgments upon the United States. Our government sent troops to the Middle East, not because of 9/11, but because Corporate America considers oil to be a commodity worth killing for.

Exxon/Mobile makes more profit every year than the number 2 and 3 Fortune 500 companies combined. U.S. troops have killed over 500,000 men, women, and children while in Iraq, maimed another million, not to mention making four million homeless.

The Afghan war started because Afghanistan sits where UniCal wants to lay pipes. The Caspian Basin has over 4 trillion dollars worth of natural gas reserves and Corporate America is willing to kill to get it.
---Higgins on 6/11/10

I shutter (sic) to think what this oil spill is going to do to our nation. Now, I am serious.
---catherine on 6/11/10

We will recover. The amount of oil lost so far would have been burned up in just 5 mins of normal use according to the news media.

The price of fish and shrimp will go up, but we have fish from other sources.

Hopefully, we will learn from it and never make the same mistake again.

The worst thing that could happen would be to give up on ALL offshore drilling.

Think positive.
---obewan on 6/11/10

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Strong Axe, Your assumption that spirits are not contained in any kind of "body" is pure speculation and has no basis in fact!
"The sons of God got to see that the daughters of men were fair and desired them.." is a physical lustful emotion and came from a central thought mechanism (IE a brain)
Job.1.11 "but stretch out your HAND and strike every thing he has and he will curse you to your FACE"
How would Job curse God to His face if He never had one???
Certainly not a physical body as we know but some kind of "containment" in an element we are not familiar with!but with a central point of intellect!
---1st_cliff on 6/11/10

I shutter to think what this oil spill is going to do to our nation. Now, I am serious.
---catherine on 6/11/10


You could be correct in saying that God has an intellect superior to any other beings. However, since God is Spirit and has no flesh, he has no brain - as well as no lungs, no liver, no lymph nodes, no hair follicles, no bones, etc. He doesn't need any of those.

The fact that carbon-based human beings an animals HAPPEN to need a brain to think is a feature of our flesh nature, and is not necessarily true for beings which do not share that nature.

Our common expression of "brainless" meaning "mindless" can also only apply to beings of flesh, and is inapplicable to any others.
---StrongAxe on 6/11/10

Wow a brainless god???I can't believe you said that!Surrounded by brainless angels (they are also spirit beings)
Must be the "Straw-man cult"
My God has a brain far superior to any creature on earth attested to by the marvelous intelligent design of all flora and fauna and inanimate material found on earth!
Fact= You cannot see anything with your eyes,hear with your ears these images are seen /heard in the brain!also sensations,fear,love,hot cold "are" your brain!
---1st_cliff on 6/11/10

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\\What part of God's anatomy contains the brain??\\

Are you saying that the Father and the Holy Spirit have physical anatomy?

That's mormonoidism, not Christianity.
---Cluny on 6/10/10

As for this brain question, God does not need a brain..... He gave US a brain because we are not spirits, and so the body needs that organ to be able to think

GOD DOES NOT need one, so why ask such a question?
---peter3594 on 6/10/10

My cousin had a good suggestion,give all the big shots slurpee straws!
---fay on 6/10/10

HTCM/MDV_USN --- Maybe by now they have.
There was a plan for such an oil spill "approved" by the government...but when the spill actually happened, they did not implement any of it.

The government did not have enough booms available, the EPA wouldn't approve burning off the oil (which had been approved beforehand), there was no "environmental impact statement" for the building of sand berms. So immediately available solutions were tangled in bureauocracy...and nobody had thought of alternatives.

Maybe the Navy can get by this impasse and the EPA to actually get something done.
---Donna66 on 6/9/10

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Any of these geniuses think of talking to the Navy? NAVSEASYSCOM/OOC? The Navy has assets at Cheatham Annex--oil spill assets.
---HTCM/MDV_USN on 6/9/10

Cluny,Jesus said "if you've seen me you've seen the Father" The Father must be able to be seen, also we are made in His image and we are not invisible!
What part of God's anatomy contains the brain?? Are you going to say He doesn't have a brain ?? or head??? Jesus displayed both! All living creatures have a central point of motivation containing intellect or instinct. God displays "emotion" from where does it emanate? Stay with reality!
---1st_cliff on 6/8/10

\\Jesus has a brain, the Father has a brain and also the Holy Spirit (according to trinitarians is able to think independently) are they not located in their heads\\

The brain, like the head, is part of the physical body. Neither the Father nor the Holy Spirit have physical bodies.

Do the math.
---Cluny on 6/8/10

The thinking part of any being is the brain located in the head,right?
Jesus has a brain, the Father has a brain and also the Holy Spirit (according to trinitarians is able to think independently) are they not located in their heads? How many heads do you count?
Do the math!
---1st_cliff on 6/7/10

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Well, Donna66>>I think that you may be right. Ordinary people could do better, than these well trained people. Uggg
---catherine on 6/7/10

Has anybody ever tried burning those tar balls as fuel? If a stove or heater could be developed that would utilize them for heat, anybody could collect them and save on the cost of electricity. There will be an unending supply for years. And how much easier to let ordinary citizens clear the beaches of them.
Just a thought. Maybe it would work.
---Donna66 on 6/7/10

First I want to say I love Catherine!!!

Next I want to say after reading this post,
"Well, God shall get the credit. He is the One who gave me this idea, "that we ought to make some use of the oil coming up on the beaches"....I was thinking maybe suntanning. Maybe liquefying it and using it."
---catherine on 6/6/10

Next I want to say I love this website, the freedom of expression practiced on these blogs gives me encouragement.
---mima on 6/7/10

\\Cluny, Any English dictionary will tell you that "tri" means three as in "trinity" I suspect you know lots of them!
---1st_cliff on 6/6/10\\

This is not the same thing as a three-headed god, as you claim.

Again, I know NOBODY who worships a three-headed god, and you don't either.
---Cluny on 6/6/10

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There is an oil dispersant (not the toxic one they use in the gulf) that can be spread by crop duster planes across the swamps. It is an enzyme-based compound that "digests" the oil. Thus it "cleans" the area.(A friend of mine told me he has just cut a deal with the US government to use it) It is harmless to humans and wildlife, but cannot undo damage that has already been done. And probably it cannot reach every nook and cranny of this area.

I live on the gulf and can tell you "tar balls" are nothing new. They have multiplied greatly since the spill. They will never be eliminated entirely.

The commercial and sport fishing industries are dead, and will be for years, most likely.
---Donna66 on 6/6/10

\\God could cause every nation to turn against us. Homeland security, oh my yes, COULD DO NOTHING....Hallelujah,\\

Saying "Hallelujah" at the idea of our being attacked by other countries shows clearly that there's something wrong with your view of the world, catherine.

And you STILL have no clue about how to clean up the mess, now do you?

Sorry, but you've given more than adequate proof that you do NOT hear from the real God of the Bible.

I'm sure that everyone here has his/her own ideas about from whom you are really hearing. At best, you're just speaking in yourself, and we are NOT impressed.
---Cluny on 6/6/10

Because nothing else has worked, the only solution may very well be the "relief wells" as BP has pointed out. BP has said that this will take until sometime in August.

By that time, about 1+ MILLION gallons of oil will have gushed from the blown-out well.

As for cleaning up this mess, I think that it's anyone's guess as to how to go about it. There just isn't any good way to clean up an "oily" mess. Whether in your kitchen sink or in the Gulf of Mexico.

But before any type of cleanup can begin, the oil spill has to be STOPPED.
---Sag on 6/6/10

Cluny, Any English dictionary will tell you that "tri" means three as in "trinity" I suspect you know lots of them!
---1st_cliff on 6/6/10

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God is not interested in help a people who cares nothing for Him. So, you might as well pipe down. Americans needs to come off their pedestals, and call out to God. "HELP US, PLEASE, HELP US". God could cause every nation to turn against us. Homeland security, oh my yes, COULD DO NOTHING....Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus. Ahhh.+++
---catherine on 6/6/10

Just joking Augie! Thanks for having a sense of humor. :)
---Leon on 6/6/10

\\Simple.. You get all these super evangelical fundamentalists to hold hands along the gulf coast and pray to their 3 headed god to remove the oil\\

I don't know any Christian who prays to a three-headed god, and what's more, YOU don't, either.
---Cluny on 6/6/10

The government has advocated the use of chemicals to break down the oil. The press has also embraced this idea. That should let you know what a extreamly bad idea this is. These chemicals are highly toxic and DO NOT remove the oil, nor do they render it safe. They do just as implied they break it down and make it smaller, thus making it even harder to clean up. Oil companies love them because they hide the problem from view, yet do nothing to remove it. From oil slick to toxic soup, just add chemicals. May the Lord give them the wisdom to not do this.
---Cowboy on 6/6/10

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Well, God shall get the credit. He is the One who gave me this idea, "that we ought to make some use of the oil coming up on the beaches"....I was thinking maybe suntanning. Maybe liquefying it and using it.
---catherine on 6/6/10

Hi Leon!

I hope that your question about my using dynamite was a joke, because I don't possess any. I believe that you would need a special license from the Federal government to use dynamite too.

The joke about evangelists holding hands and praying was good. I would ask Jimmy Swaggart to ORDER the "oil well" to "cease & desist". I wonder WHY nobody has contacted the evangelists yet. Their powerful prayers are needed at this time.

I should add that I fell very sorry for all the animals that are suffering the effects of some corporation's stupid "accident".

I think that "time" & "nature" are the "best" ways to clean up the oil.
---Augie on 6/5/10

They are not going to nuke the well, the two relief wells will plug the leaking pipe sooner or latter. A third well will tap the existing oil, they are not going to abandon this well as many would like to think.
Every effort must be made to keep more oil from comming ashore. They need to build barrier islands by dredge and skim off as much oil as possible while still in the ocean. There are so many people out of work right now, why not put them to work on the clean up and make the oil company pay them.
---Cowboy on 6/5/10

Cliff: A! Is that you ol' bud raising your oil slicked head up out of our American Gulf waters? :)

Augie: You probably fish with sticks of dynamite, don't you?! :/
---Leon on 6/5/10

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As for cleaning up the oil that has reached land, there are a few things that can be done:

Vacuum up the oil and separate it from the water.

Wash down the land, rock, bird, and animals.

Maybe use chemicals to help break-down oil.

Etc. Etc.

However, all of these suggestions have limited effectiveness. Time will tell just what "works" and what "does not work".

The Alaska waters, site of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, are still not clean yet! 20+ years later.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill will take much longer to clean up.

The sad thing is that Most, if not All, of this disaster could have been Prevented. The Best cure is Prevention.
---Augie on 6/5/10

Augie -- If the EPA considered the (already approved method of) burning off the oil, a hazard.... if they worry about the "environmental impact" of building sand berms,(could it be worse than the effects of the oil spill?), I don't image they would approve of a nuclear bomb!
They don't even approve of nuclear energy for producing electric power!
(though it is approved by our president for Iran).
---Donna66 on 6/5/10

You continually say to us that God tells you things, catherine.

Why ask us?

Better--why haven't you heard from God on this important issue?
---Cluny on 6/5/10

Augie...That should take care of all the problems in the whole world pretty fast!
---KarenD on 6/5/10

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Catherine, "How to fix the oil spill"?
Simple.. You get all these super evangelical fundamentalists to hold hands along the gulf coast and pray to their 3 headed god to remove the oil!
Know what?? Next day the oil will still be there.. how do I know?? ask me sometime!
---1st_cliff on 6/5/10

Look up an article called "MUNITIONS DUMPING AT SEA".

1) the underwater VIBRATIONS from an explosion can be very damaging (don't want to unsettle the munitions, do we?).

2) even in a very small, controlled explosion, the residual radiation might very well cause the decomposition of the live munitions.

Since the explosion will be confined to a GULF (and CONFINED/condensed), will the ripple waves cause a tsunami?.

As far as RUSSIA'S 'helpful' advice, read Sorcha Faal's article called "North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig" and remember that the sinking of the Cheosan warship is now believed to have been U.S. sabotage.

I cannot truly believe that RUSSIA is offering GOOD ADVICE.
---more_excellent_way on 6/5/10

The Federal government has already said that they don't want to do this, but eventually we will reach a point where we have NO CHOICE. Everything else has failed.

Explode a NUCLEAR bomb in the oil well.

The extreme heat of the explosion -- hotter than the surface of the Sun -- will melt, and seal off, sand around the oil well, ending the oil spill. This method has been tried, and proven, by the Soviet Union, on LAND, with gas wells. The United States could be the pioneer of doing this UNDERWATER, with an oil well. A small NUCLEAR bomb the size of what was used in World War II should suffice.
---Augie on 6/5/10

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