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Oil Spill In The Ocean

How bad of a problem is the oil spill in the ocean going to be for the USA fishing industry? Can I get money from BP since I was coming to the USA to start fishing, but now I am stopped due to no fishing on the coast?

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 ---Simbo on 6/5/10
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larry: Are you sure about the 70 Kpsi number? 7 Kpsi would be more likely.
---jerry6593 on 6/28/10

Simbo, I mentioned on another blog about just how bad this spill will be because we can't stop it and the longer it goes increases the chance of a methane bubble and second explosion.
BP is trying relief valves but is concentrating on containing and not plugging the spill.
There was some show-and-tell attempts at plugs in May for public consumption, but with the building Methane pressure with no relief at up to 70-thousand PSI, the situation beneath the earth's surface is growing in danger and volatility.
I remember going 100 miles west of Clearwater to catch Grouper and Red Snapper- no more?
I heard today that even guys on the wells that are shut down are eligible for money.
Go for it and I'll pray for you.
---larry on 6/27/10

Where is FEMA in all this? When Katrina hit, there was a great clamor over the slowness (5 days) for FEMA to act. We're at 60 days on this one and the only federal action is to "blockade" cleanup efforts, and to shake down BP. What a joke this president is!
---jerry6593 on 6/27/10

\\Didn't BP come out and say that they are going to start paying the claims much quicker now?
---Alan on 6/14/10\\

Moving from the speed of decomposition of ferns into coal to the speed of glaciers is moving faster, I'll admit.
---Cluny on 6/26/10

Didn't BP come out and say that they are going to start paying the claims much quicker now?
---Alan on 6/14/10

"And the sea became like the blood of a
dead man and every living creature died."

Interesting. Until now it was hard to imagine what could cause such a condition or what it would look like.

From above, the oil spill DOES look reddish, like blood. And virtually every creature caught in the path of the spill is, crustaceans, birds, dolphins, turtles.. any sea creature too small to flee a long distance. Even microscopic organisms (food for aquatic life) dies.

We need no longer wonder what it looks like. We see it live on TV every night.
---Donna on 6/8/10

Eloy-- I believe BP IS paying local commercial fishermen to help with the clean up. They have to pay somebody...might as well be those whose livlihoods have been destroyed by the spill.
The fishing industry brings in millions of dollars every year...(most shrimp and oysters come from there). Also those who make their living chartering boats for sports fishermen and those who depend on tourism are also out of work.

Just what the country needs...more unemployed.

About the only place left these fishermen can still work is the Texas coast, which is relatively unscathed since the currents run west to east. (But there are deep sea oil rigs there, too)
---Donna66 on 6/8/10

The oil spill can also happen anywhere else there is oil. Go fish somewhere else! or better yet, you can help them work and clean it up, then maybe they will pay you for work which you have earned. But BP does not have to pay you, because the oil spill personally prohibits you from fishing.
---Eloy on 6/6/10

"And the sea became like the blood of a
dead man and every living creature died."
---Michael on 6/6/10

Alan of U.K., your information is correct just not complete. The U.S. drillers warned BP engineers of the danger. BP gave orders to keep going, no subcontractor had the power to over-ride it.
---Cowboy on 6/6/10

How bad is it? Well lets just say that without God's direct intervention there will be a sign that reads " Out Of Order " hanging on the gulf of mexico for a generation or more.
---Cowboy on 6/6/10

This sounds just like a scam to me. You have lost nothing yet you want to be paid for what you might have lost if you had something that you never had.
In this case, I was going to open a chain of 100 gas stations. Now I am scared because of off shore drilling. How much do you think I should be paid?
---Elder on 6/6/10

I understand that the operation which went so badly wrong was run by an American company, with that company's equipment and staff.

They were drilling on behalf of BP

I wonder why it is BO that has to carry the can and get all the stick?

Or is my information wrong ... ?
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/6/10

Since you do not have a current fishing business in the affect region you are eligible for Amy monetary claims against BP for loss of business as you would be required to prove that you were in fact a going business concern in the affect area for some period prior to the accident to be eligible for any compensation.

Since you have no capitalized investment at this time I would suggest you consider relocating to the Pacific coast of South America as I know of no off oil shore drilling activities in that area. If you are going to try to go head to head with the Russians and the Japanese you had better have a really good boat and an agreement with a factory ship to process your catch.
---Friendly_Blogger on 6/6/10

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