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How To Fight North Korea

I have relatives who live and work in South Korea. If North Korea attacks, I would like to help fight back. Even if that involves KILLING some North Koreans. Is that un-Biblical? What does the Bible say we are supposed to do when God permits others to start a war?

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 ---Sag on 6/6/10
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Seg--Please understand the difference between "war" and "war games". "War games" are for the purpose of training. No one is killed or injured seriously (unless by accident). They may be held between componants of the same army or between friendly nations.

What you have been talking about is WAR... and that is no GAME!
---Donna66 on 6/14/10


I totally agree with you. leaders did not learn about vietnam. my obeservation about the iraq was about arrogance. bush wanted to project that the US is a superpower & he is the C-in-C.

I am not against the military but the result after sending soldiers to war-they suffer the mental, physical results of war including the civilians

---jim on 6/14/10


the north korea invaded the south & it was an aggression. truman had a good reason to stop it.

but in other wars, vietnam & iraq (especialy iraq) it was different. the war in iraq is not finish & bush just dump the mess to the next who will fix it.

and finally, opposing the war does not mean being against the military or being unpatriotic, or weak but the result of war. many will suffer soliders & civilians alike.
---jim on 6/14/10

//"war games" or whatever.//

War is what we see, 'whatever' is what we need to learn to "see".
---aka.joseph on 6/13/10

I agree Donna66.
It's was different with Japan.

Saq, That is very sad to hear about your doctor and the many others that have suffered.

I wish we would just pull out of all these regional open ended conflicts and start all over again. All you hear about are the dead American and British troops with no results
and no end game.
---John on 6/14/10

But I believe you enter a war to win or you should not enter it at all.

This seems to be a lesson we have not yet learned. (i.e Vietnam,Iraq,Afganistan etc)

The Korean war is technically still going on. Soon we will be calling it
"The 100 year War".
---John on 6/13/10

John: I agree with you.

I find it "very frustrating" that many veterans have been killed or maimed for life. All while the U.S. plays these political "war games" or whatever.

My family doctor suffered his whole life as a result of his Korean War injuries. What "responsible" President would let his soldiers suffer needlessly?
---Sag on 6/13/10

I doubt "the" bomb would have saved many lives in Korea (comparatively). At the end of WWII were we looking at a million casualties if we did NOT drop the bomb.
---Donna66 on 6/13/10


I'm not sure about using the Bomb in the Korean war. Would it have save lives like it did in WWII. I don't know.

But I believe you enter a war to win or you should not enter it at all.

This seems to be a lesson we have not yet learned. (i.e Vietnam,Iraq,Afganistan etc)

The Korean war is technically still going on. Soon we will be calling it
"The 100 year War".
---John on 6/13/10

Chaplain, Howell Forgy, was aboard the USS New Orleans during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was a Lieutenant (j.g.) that Sunday morning in December, 1941.

An officer in charge of an ammunition line on the USS New Orleans during the attack heard him give encouragement to the sailors in the ammunition line. He said "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition."

There are a lot of Christians that need to know that there is a time or prayer and a time for direction using the intellect that God gave you and quit using prayer as a cop out for in action. There is a lot of problems that are going to have to be solved with in your personal resources and the sooner you realize that the better Christian you are going to be.
---Friendly_Blogger on 6/13/10

Prayer can do more than bullets so leave the killing to the unsaved pagans.

Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman watches in vain. They don't know that or accept scripture.

Evil men must be stopped and there are plenty of unsaved willing to destroy each other. It makes sense for pagans to kill other pagans for they have no restraints on evil and after all we are stuck living with them. But we are preserved by a higher power not the lock on our doors or gun in our glove compartment.

Great question but remember the "invisible world controls the visible world."
---larry on 6/12/10

North Korea and Iran represent fixed point locations where you can effectively use salted nuclear weapons in area denial campaign. It is the type of tactic that can be employed when you don't not have the forces to occupy an area or when you don't want risk your forces during an occupation. You are going to kill every living creature in your target island grid and radiate the area so it remains uninhabitable or exploitable by other. This is deferring a problem to a later time when you have the resources to effectively cope with it.

With Al Qaeda and terrorism you don't have fixed point targets so this type of solution is useless, they have to be engaged were they are and you are going so have high attrition of your forces when doing it.
---Friendly_Blogger on 6/12/10

John .. You may wele be right ... but was not the MiG15 a surprise to the Americans when it appeared in Korea? I suspect the Yanks alrady had the Sabre under construction, but it was some time before it was introduced to combat the Mig15s

Are you sure the Russians did not have heavy bombers at the time ... they certainly did later, and we regarded them as a threat to us here.

Do you think it would hve been a good thing to use the Bomb in Korea? What would the world have thought?
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/12/10

If hostilities erupt with North Korea the action will likely not be with conventional weapons.

The problem is manpower, we have reduced our operational troop strength to the point that we must depend on the reserve and National Guard to maintain out commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will not have the man power to respond with conventional forces so tactical nukes are likely part of the JOPES solution. and the situation will escalate from there.

JOPES is the Joint Operations Planning Execution System, it is what war planners build their Operations plans and predefine their weapons, manpower and logistical requirements to support military contingency operations to use for various world events.
---Friendly_Blogger on 6/12/10

A poor analogy Alan.

The Mig had an advantage due to is swept back wing. Giving it more speed and agility. It took some time for the US to update the Sabre. Basically it was a copy of the Mig.

However the only two countries in the world that had experience with heavy Bombers were the Brits and the Yanks.

Russia never develope one. Neither did Germany or Japan.

It was why we won the WWII.

---John on 6/11/10

John ... If the Russians had the MiG fighters that were then better than the best the US could provide (it was some time before the F86 Sabres were deployed and they only just matched the MiG15 but not in all respects) no doubt they had bombers that could have been used to deliver a bomb.
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/11/10


I don't think the Russians would have had the delivery system to use The Bomb in 1950 when MacArthur made the request to Truman.

I may be wrong.
---John on 6/11/10

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John ... Don't think that the Russians were not behind the North Koreans and Chinese.

The Russians made their new MiG 15 jet fighters available to the Chinese, and there may have been Russian pilots.

For a time these aircraft were vastly superior to anything the Americans, British and the UN forces had at their disposal

No doubt about it, had the West used nuclear weapons, the Russians would have responded
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/11/10

We weren't at war with Russia, but Korea/China.
---jOHN on 6/11/10

the soviet union detonated their atomic bomb on 1949. the korean war started 1950-53 so if we use the atomic bomb on the no. koreans the russians will retaliate. the US does not have a monopoly of atomic weapons during the korean war 1950-53
---mike on 6/9/10

If they would have allowed Mac Arthur to use the Nukes he asked for. It would have ended the war a long time ago.
---John on 6/9/10

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God says, "go for it". Have fun.
---catherine on 6/9/10

//We should all trade our politics and religion for a relationship with the living savior.// -larry on 6/3/10
I am certainly not trying to bash the people of America or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The hidden war is the underpinning of what's is real. Nationality in this world can be tricky. This a very hard process, but the truth is not in what we see (or hear). Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
It is not about us. To truly follow Him, we have to understand that God created one world and Satan stole it Ezekiel 28:1-13, and still trying make his own. Revelations.
---aka.joseph on 6/8/10

aka-joseph -- I was a teenager at the time. I don't document things back that far. If newspapers and radio don't count, I'm stuck. Those were our only news sources. We did not have a TV.
My eldest brother served in Korea. My father was an officer in the chemical Corps (Army). His explanation to me was that we needed to protect the South Koreans from invasion by the north. The fear was that North Korea would be backed up by the Chinese Communists who, following WWII, we feared might be bent on world conquest. WWII wasn't even ten years past and we were just beginning to recover. Belive me, nobody WANTED another war.
---Donna66 on 6/8/10


In the United States, the war was considered officially a police action. The US' involvement was not a result of a declaration of war by the US Congress. The US was participating as a military presence at the 'request' of the UN.

An armistice (not an official end) was reached on July 27, 1953, to halt the conflict and establish a demilitarized zone.

I answered your questions before you asked them. My question is why would the basically defenseless 'defenders of democracy' be put in the middle of two warring nations? and by whom?
---aka.joseph on 6/8/10

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aka joseph, have you ever spent time on the DMZ? I have.

Will you answer these questions.

Why was it when we were on patrols we were only given five rounds of ammunition?

Why was it whenever the North Koreans came across the border, which happened quite often, we had to receive permission from the rear to engage them?

Why was it, if we were given permission to engage, we were also told four rounds of ammunition were to be used in defense, and we were told the fifth round was to be self inflicted on ourselves?
---Rob on 6/8/10

//The US was sure forsighted to think of that! As I remember, that wasn't the mindset at the time.//

The presence in the DMZ was from the mid-1953 to present. What time period along the 60 year presence are you referring to? Please tell us what you remember, and don't forget to tell us your information sources. (ABC, CBS, and NBC and any news media outlet like newspapers and radio do not count as credible sources.)


PS If you do not think that the real movers and shakers of this country (and world) do not have that kind of foresight, then you are already deceived and blind to warfare of the world and spirit.
---aka.joseph on 6/8/10

aka Joseph -- WOW. The US was sure forsighted to think of that! As I remember, that wasn't the mindset at the time. Where do you get your information about what the US government really intended?
---Donna66 on 6/8/10


Our presence in various places around the world have many reasons. One reason that is given is to help ensure democracy in troubled lands like Korea.

However, in reality, our military presence in the DMZ was a cold war tactic. If the Communists did advance again, US soldiers would be wiped out. Thus, there would be justification in going to war.

Now, the cold war is over. If we totally pulled out, the justification and support to wage war would be gone if the N. Korean's advanced.

War is one vehicle that drives man's economy.
---aka.joseph on 6/8/10

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Seq, you are correct the Korean war never ended and are troops are still fighting over there to this very day.

Most people do not know this. I guess this is why the Korean War is also known as THE FORGOTTEN WAR!
---Rob on 6/8/10

why yes it see most people have gotten so entitled, short sighted, guilt ridden, an lazy that us subversives do not need to hide our code anymore. We just go to the Pope and he dispatches us to destroy people who for some reason want to keep feeling sorry for themselves, yet want to enjoy their personal freedom for free.

I let you know what the code is:

To not confuse you, let's just say anyanhaseyo means, 'hello.'

I also asked him if he knows Korean.

OR did I? Mooooahahah!
---aka.joseph on 6/8/10

Rob, anyonghaseyo...hanngu mal haseyo?
---aka.joseph on 6/7/10

Is that a message from the Dear Leader Kimmy? Threatening war, or something else, again?
---Sag on 6/7/10

Rob, anyonghaseyo...hanngu mal haseyo?
---aka.joseph on 6/7/10

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I wonder the same thing as you do.

It seems to me that: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, at least, sounded like "wars with good purposes". After several years of fighting, I am not sure.

I've know many veterans from the wars. My family doctor worked for the U.S. Army. He was captured by the North Koreans and suffered kidney complications from being kept in the cold mountains. The U.S. Army never came to free my doctor and his buddies. They suffered until the end of the Korean War. And the war is still continuing to this day! A peace treaty was never signed. Why? Why? Why? I don't know.
---Sag on 6/7/10

Back in the 1970's I did a tour of duty on the DMZ in Korea.

Back then, and to this day, I wonder why we are still there.
---Rob on 6/7/10

i do not know much, but i know for a christian, bible should be the truth.
Romans 12:19 Do not give punishment for wrongs done to you, dear brothers, but give way to the wrath of God, for it is said in the holy Writings, Punishment is mine, I will give reward, says the Lord.
i wonder if it is right.that is to say, i wonder if i should be a christian.
---dsda on 6/7/10

Candace --- Is it wrong to be willing to die for something in which you believe strongly... or to protect those who are dear to you...even if you are not personally attacked?
The commandment says "thou shalt not kill" (murder), but the OT is full of commands by the same God for his people to go to war. They didn't always want to, when He commanded it. But God had a purpose. He was at work, even on the battlefield.
---Donna66 on 6/7/10

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This evening, I have to buy more gasoline for my car. The price is currently about $2.60 in the United States. In other countries of the world, gasoline sells for much more.

I am thankful to the troops who fought in Iraq and other places. Because of their sacrifices -- many of them were killed and/or wounded -- the rest of us Americans can enjoy cheap oil products. Like gasoline.

As was mentioned earlier, these troops went to war VOLUNTARILY. If they get hurt, that is their problem. They KNEW that they were going to an unpredictable, violent, and dangerous, workplace. Right?

Does this sound fair? Some people fight and kill so that others can enjoy things on the cheap? Sometimes, I feel very guilty.
---Sag on 6/7/10

\\Seg -- The DRAFT no longer exists. It is history\\

Don't be too sure. It can always be resumed.
---Cluny on 6/7/10

Seg -- The DRAFT no longer exists. It is history. Nobody in Iraq or Afganistan is there against their will. They know when they voluntarily enlist that they will probably be sent to a combat zone. Combat means the probability of killing. If, for religious reasons, they object....they should not sign up!
---Donna66 on 6/7/10

Cluny, no South Korea isn't my homeland. My sister, her husband, and their daughter are in Seoul. They work for the U.S. government. My parents, and my sister's husband's parents, are unsure if the U.S. government even cares anymore. Look how badly they treat some veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
---Sag on 6/7/10

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I just remembered that a friend of mine is a veteran from the Vietnam War. He told me some things that really "struck" me:

The report about North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacking U.S. destroyers was "fabricated", or made-up, as an excuse for going to war. My friend was DRAFTED.

He was ordered to "shoot and kill" anything that was moving. Many soldiers later regretting following government orders to KILL.

I'm curious now. We should OBEY our government, and the DRAFT, even if it feeds us a lie? We should KILL when our government so commands, even if we know that it isn't right?

My veteran friend told me that much the same thing happened in Iraq as in Vietnam.
---Sag on 6/7/10

Sag, this is the 21st century the name of the game is out sourcing. There is a Delta class skipper out of Severomorsk and another out of Bolshay Lopatka who's crews have not been paid for a goodly number of months and are interested in privateering for the proper monetary insentaves. Yah I know they are not Typhoon class but those but those are still premier crews and paid more frequently. The workers in the yards at Roslyakova and Malaya Lopatka arn't being paid either and won't service the subs. So you have two fully loaded delta class boats available with full tubs and full packages on each missile. They could possibly help you with your North Korea problem.
---The_Broker on 6/7/10

Sag: Because God has allowed, for whatever reason HE, and only HE knows, people to do what we want to, for a limited time (until the end of the world)

I understans that many prefer that God had arranged the world differently - sometimes I find myself wishing that as well

But then, I go back and think, and find that actually what I want (that only the bad things that result from people doing things we want be stopped) go along with ME doing what I want, even if that is not goo d in itself

These questions, while reaonable, can become dangerous!
---peter3594 on 6/7/10

Killing is wrong. that foes against, thou shall not commit murder. If the person isn't physically attacking you where you need to defend yourself leave it alone.Iti s frustrating, but let them battle out their own problems.
---candice on 6/7/10

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Sag, is South Korea your homeland?
---Cluny on 6/7/10

if there is war in the korean pennisula then the war would be conventional - tank vs tank, f-16 vs migs & soldiers will have uniform to identify the nationality.

if there is one i will support it bec. it is a just cause kim is brutal, & it will not be insurgency unlike iraq.

if the north is the aggressor, self defense is justified, unlike iraq.
it is not bec. of oil, unlike iraq.
---jim on 6/7/10

Cluny -- thanks for the informative reply.

I don't think that defending my relatives, even if that involves KILLING enemy soldiers, is out-of-line with God's word.

I believe that God is as GUILTY as anyone else for allowing war. If God doesn't want any killing, then WHY does He allow wars? Examples of brutal wars that God permitted, with massive KILLINGS:

Egyptians, chasing the Israelites, during the Exodus across the Red Sea.

Argentina's ruthless invasion of the Falkland Islands iin 1982.

Germany's starting World War II by invading Poland in 1939

Japan's "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor.

Israel's wars with it's terrorist neigbors.

Somali pirates attacking cargo ships.
---Sag on 6/7/10

In this world the right of self-defense must be upheld. In the world to come there will be no need of self-defense.
---mima on 6/7/10

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The defense of one's homeland against an attack from outside is fine

WE are tiold to be man/women of peace, but if an outside enemy does not desire peace, we do not have not have to be peaceful then

If we (our governments) can find a way that avoids way, so much the better

If not, thouse who have the obligations to fight, must fight
---peter3594 on 6/7/10

St. Innocent Kassatkin, Russian Orthodox Christian missionary to Japan, was asked a similar question by his spiritual children during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905.

He said that one should never hate anyone.

If one goes to war out of hatred for the enemy, this is wrong and sinful.

if one goes to war out of love of one's homeland to defend it, that's an entirely different matter.

It's significant that neither St. John the Baptist nor the Lord Jesus Christ told any Roman soldiers (with whom they had frequent dealings) to lay down their arms and desert.

That you desire to kill people shows something seriously wrong in your heart you need to bring before the Lord.
---Cluny on 6/6/10

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