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Let's Introduce Ourselves

Let's introduce ourselves: what's your name, where do you live (state or country no details), what belief or denomination do you have, and what things do you like? I'll start. My name is Eloy, I live in a city in Pennsylvania, I relate to the Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus, and I like ministering and gardening.

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 ---Eloy on 6/10/10
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Welcome Eunice. My sister also lives in upstate New York. What Ive seen is beautiful, as is all of Gods creation. Its always a pleasure to meet, to share with others here. God bless you.
---xhria9396 on 2/10/12

My name is Eunice. I am a widow and a grandmother. I live on top of a mountain in up-state NY. I study the Bible every day, read books and bake in the winter. In the summer I garden, can and freeze. I also love flowers and have many flower beds. Before I retired I operated an assisted living home.
I'm new to this blog( or any blog) and enjoy everyones contributions, Thanks for all the insight!
---Eunice on 2/10/12

Sister Mary, I'm so glad you are doing much better. I wish that everyone here on CN who is going through a lot of trials will be strenthen with hope, faith, love, and God's healing power. Right now I'm doing great. Even though I don't answer much here, I read the post and pray for all of you. May the love of God keep blessing all of you. Peace and love I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 2/10/12

Hi Elena, so glad you are feeling better hon! :) Mikeman, welcome to the site and may God bless you. :) Hi Mark V, how's your day going? I'm doing better, radiation burns almost healed and went for a walk today with breast cancer support group and learned a lot! Y'all have a great day :)
---Mary on 2/9/12

Elena, as you can see many others are thinking about you also. Thank you for your words. I know many here who don't answer are also thinking of you, Mary, Darline, Trish and others who have posted. There is great need within the family of Christ and a lot to pray for. Keep up the spirit of hope, and trusting in the Lord no matter what, love you sister, peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 2/8/12

---ELENA on 2/6/12
May God bless you Elena. I have been thinking of you a lot lately, came here and was going to ask if anyone had heard from you, and there was this post:o)God IS good, I know it's been difficult. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble
---Chria9396 on 2/7/12

hello! Family,First let me thankyou esp. Bro. Mark I been thru alot 'n yes! I believe your prayers are working!!!I have not leave the apt.alot and there was suddenly,no more help! So,the lady got sick who help me out. Bro. Mark I felt today wow! ChristiaNet family prayin' for me! I just felt better last few days! My eye sees alot better! My hearing very good! Pain comes and always I pray for myself! Goes away! Love you all so much..thankyou a 1000 times! ELENA
---ELENA on 2/6/12

My name is Michael, I am a 45 year old father of 3. I have been blessed with an adorable wife for 18 years. I am a passionate musician, however I am beginning to pass the torch to my kids (who love music as much as I) Jesus Christ is my only Hope, and is my Savior. I enjoy reading all you guys, and have grown to have alot of respect. A body has many parts - our differences are our strengths as long as Christ reigns in our hearts. See you all up there!
---Mikeman on 11/18/11

Elena, you sound like you are leaving us. I sure hope not. you have been an insperation to me. Your kindness and love for others gives evidenece of the love of Christ in your heart.
I'm sorry you have been sick and pray that you will recover and be ok. I sure hope that you are just taking a few days off and come back. Love to hear from you.
---Mark_V. on 11/17/11

Hello,'s a update,want to say I have moved on...praying God lead me now take it slow and don't move in the flesh! In time I trust God will show me where to go and worship... Right now,I feel kind of run down....I am speak serious now... let the Holy Spirit saturate my mind... I truly believe God brought me that day while taking Chemo..find this website for spiritual reasons... Thankyou Father God,Jesus & Holy Spirit.
---ELENA on 11/14/11

ELENA,thankfull for ChristiaNet! reside in Michigan.Cuban,also a twin.Mygranmother was only christian in our family.She raised me.I attend aCommunity Presbyterian church. Love to play piano(God taught me! Glory to Him!)also,play organ.Previous gospel singer.Love to help out clean at church Always, attended church with my grandma.Enjoy write poetry & songs.
---ELENA on 8/16/11

I agree to a point with what Catherine is saying, She does not belong to an organised religion, that is what is wrong with the differing denominations and replies today, notwithstanding I believe that Cluny speaks for self and self only.

God is a spirit and they that worship must worship in spirit and in truth.

So Catherine gets her convo wrong so too cluny! okay (don't we all).....However the essence of Catherine serving is a progression of a godly a process in which we all need to follow and in learning through the word behave in a truthful,respectable and godly manner.
---Carla on 10/22/10

\\My name is Nancy. I live in Oklahoma...\\

**I am Catherine spokeswoman for the "living God". I live in Easley, S.C.**

How many people are you, catherine?

Or are you claiming to be able to bilocate?
---Cluny on 10/22/10

My name is Nancy. I live in Oklahoma. I enjoy blogging and all sorts of stuff. Cluny stop misusing my name.
---catherine on 10/21/10

\\I am Catherine spokeswoman for the "living God". \\

Too bad it's not the God of the Bible.

\\ And I hate what God hates\\

God has made it clear that He hates people separating themselves from other Christians and preaching to the walls as you claim to have done.
---Cluny on 10/21/10

I am Catherine spokeswoman for the "living God". I live in Easley, S.C. It's where God has got me stationed. Yeaaa. No denomination. If I had one it would be Baptist. I like the things that God likes. And I hate what God hates. My days are full, Learning, growing, praying, praising God. I serve a GREAT GOD. He is not religious, a great sense of humor. Well, we laugh a lot. Yes.
---catherine on 10/19/10

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Hi, my name is Mary and I live in Oregon with my beloved husband of 6 months, Dan. :) We attend Set Free Christian Fellowship although Dan most often has to work Saturdays when we meet, but we do go to Wednesday night Bible studies often and enjoy those a lot. I am a dog lover to the 10th degree and am looking forward to getting a therapy dog soon for my anxiety disorder. Definitely like your idea for the blog, Eloy, God bless you all. :)
---Mary on 10/19/10

My name is Frank.
The Lord is my first love.
I am a licensed and ordained evangelist through 3 non-denominational organizations.
I have studied the word of God since 1980 and the ministry for 16 years.
I have a wife of 33 years whom the Lord brought to me. (I did not choose her. He brought her to me by his Spirit) She is a part of my ministry.
I have had an out of body experience and have met the Lord face to face.
(If I had known at that time who he was I would have fallen on my face before him and worshipped him on the spot)
I believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost and I do speak in tongues.
As for me though, I am nothing. If there be anything good in me it is his Spirit.
---Frank on 10/19/10

my screen name is Gaber.

I am from a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean.I am methodist

mum to a 4year old boy.

love to meet someone christian, and caring.
i like gardening, swim, walk on the beaches and fishing
---gaber on 10/18/10

I am Robyn. I live in Texas, Very hot and humid here this time of year. I am a Christian(pentecostal). Long time married. Have grown kids. Love cooking,baking (the best sweet potato pies) this side of the Rio Grande, growing roses, studying the Word of God. Favorite thing to do: make sack lunches for the homeless and needy on the streets of my city. I am a holy-ghost filled prayer warrior, also. I love christianet and blogging on this site. I send my love and prayers to all.
---Robyn on 8/4/10

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My name is Henry, and I'm from a small town northeast of Grand Rapids, Mi. I attend a great Baptist church and conduct preaching services for several rest and nursing homes in the area.

I was raised in a Baptist preacher's home, started preaching when I was 14 years old, and attended two Bible colleges. But when I was 38 years old, the Lord showed me I WAS NOT saved, I was just a professional christian who did not possess Christ. Then when I truly found a PERSONAL relationship with Christ, it changed everything about me.

I've found as important as church is in life, having a personal relationship with Christ is so much MORE important. While being religious can make you happy, truly knowing Christ can give you joy, even in sorrow.
---Henry on 7/19/10

What a great idea! Helps to know a little about the people whose posts I read and reply to. I hope I haven't been getting Sag and TheSeg confused with one another.!

I was born and raised in CO. Lived in Denver area and also in the mtns. at about 10,000ft. alt. I love wildlife, the forest, and all animals. (Share my home with a 20 lb cat) Have always had a "wunderlust" and have traveled on all continents except Antarctica. I'm an RN with 30+ yrs. experience.

I wasn't raised in church, but I found the Lord as a teen in the Baptist Church. Then to a 4Square (a pentecostal church) for years. And now that I've retired to the Texas Coast, I'm back with the Baptists. I love to study and teach the Bible in my present church.
---Donna66 on 6/29/10

My name is Mark, I live close to Sacramento Ca. have lived in California for over 46 years and was born in Southern Texas. I have been retired since 2003. My passion is to study the Word of God, and to know everything I can about God. Since my conversion God has saved many in my family, have a grand son who graduated from San Deigo St. who is attending the Southern Baptist theological Siminary. I was saved 20 years ago. Came from a Catholic background into a great Pentacostal Church, to a reform Baptist church now. I'm not afraid to answer anyone. I love everyone, and pray for everyone on line, but do not like what everyone teaches and is the reason I answer.
Tommy, thanks for your previous post of support.
---MarkV. on 6/29/10

I guess I'll log in as a representative for the "Sunshine" state. I have lived in Florida most of my 55 years. I can say that God has been very merciful to me as I was one of the worst sinners there was(IMHO). I grew up in a Southern Baptist church and still attend a church in that denomination. The more I read through Scripture though, the less denominational I am. After 20 years of hell-raising, God saved me in 1993 and now I am a lay-preacher in prison ministryand thoroughly enjoy it. God bless you all.
---tommy3007 on 6/16/10

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There are so many wonderful people here, bless you all. Yes, God is good, and God is always good. Although we may have come from different parts of the world, and may have been raised with different kinds of beliefs, I believe that we all share a common belief: that Jesus has changed each of our lives for good. Let us keep on sharing this what Jesus has done and is still doing for us, with others: with thanksgiving, with one person at a time, we can caringly bless others so that they too may come to know the reality of Jesus' life-changing goodness for them.
---Eloy on 6/13/10

Hello,I'm Reba. 48yrs old.Married with one daughter(married now). I'm the daughter of a 73yr.old missionary baptist preacher who has been preaching for over 50 yrs. My husband, daughter, son-in-law & I do the music for my dad's small baptist church. I love the Lord with all my heart. I read & respond to these blogs to get & give encouragement to my brothers & sisters in Christ.
---Reba on 6/14/10

I'm the Bill you don't have to pay (c: My church is Gospel and they seem to believe in free will deciding what happens to a person, though I personally understand God is all-controlling but wants me to love people as though they are free to choose (1 Peter 5:3). I especially enjoy sharing with God in His peace, and caring for any and all people like His love has me doing, and getting wise to my paranoia and then not keep on going along with it, but then bless the people I have been cursing with my suspicion and criticism. And I do hand-made whole wheat bread, with God discover what I didn't now I would like, and enjoy mixing with various people but not getting too involved while I am still needing to find out how to really love.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/12/10

Man, I love NYC! I think I live here because if God going to start at the top. This is it!
Talk about putting your life in your own hands. Just kidding!
Faye, I agree this was a great idea!
Eloy, you have warmed my heart with this!!
This 1 is for you.
God Bless You!
---TheSeg on 6/12/10

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Amen, Eloy, Amen!!!
---fay on 6/11/10

RebeccaD: I have friends in the Clarksville area.

Frank: My son lives in Queens, Astoria to be exact. We walked halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge one beautiful night in March.
---Trish9863 on 6/11/10

I live in Easley, S.C. I love outdoor yard work, I love indoor work, I love studying, when God is in it. I'll be glad when He gets more in it. I have three cats, plus other responsibilities. I love music, gospel. I have two websites. I like the Bill Cosby show, what an actor and I believe he is saved and his TV wife, too. I enjoy blogging, and ChristiaNet. I enjoy piddling like placing rugs, and whatnots in different locations. I really love the news when exciting things occur.
---catherine on 6/11/10

fay, A-men. You will not be disappointed. I have seen the Lord more than once, and he personally visited me in body and ministered to me when I was dying. Jesus is the most radiant and glorious and awesome and unspeakable and magnificent glory you could ever imagine. There is no person that shines like him, and his eyes looked right through me. To know that we will live and be with him forever and ever makes me fall upon my knees in awe. He is worthy to be praised in all the earth.
---Eloy on 6/11/10

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eloy, great idea for a blog.

My name is actually Faye. I live in the outskirts of Baltimore, MD. My one burning desire is to see Jesus face to face. Nothing else really matters.
---fay on 6/10/10

My screen name is Karen, but it is not my real name for privacy reasons. My husband and I pastor an Assembly of God church in Arizona. We live in a very diverse city which we love. Our children are grown and we have several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We love serving the Lord.
---KarenD on 6/10/10

My name is Lea i live in Indiana, born and raised in Kentucky.
i am 60 yrs young, been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost 20 yrs now. I had one child Amber she is deceased, lost her when she was 23,now she lives with Jesus. I am Pentecostal but denomination wont save a person only Jesus can do this.
I love to cook, decorate and do floral arrangements,also indoor plants and some gardening outside.
---LEA on 6/10/10

I am Frank. I am in NYC, Brooklyn. I was raised a Roman Catholic. But, have come to believe no one religion is the right one. I believe all they do (although they try to help) is separate us. By telling us this is the right way and this is the wrong way. There is only one way! The word of God which I believe was given to you by Jesus Christ. I also believe he is his first begotten Son of the father! I look at him as my big brother. You know the one who will defend me with his life to the end. I would also like to say he is going to do the same for you.
Because all have sin!
---TheSeg on 6/10/10

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My name is Rebecca. I will be 35 tomorrow:) I am married to a Preacher/Police Officer/Business Owner of lawn maintaince. Whew, that's alot of slashes. I live in the central part of WV. I have a huge garden and I love it. The church we go to is Hilltop Family Worship Center, it is a non-demonational church. I love going camping, being among friends, and spending time with my family.
---Rebecca_D on 6/10/10

my name is tom,I live and was born and raised here in southwest pa in a town called coal center,near california pa.I attend a non denominational church,and was saved nearly 35 years ago,have traveled world wide working as a ironworker superintindent,and on several missionary trips to africa,and central america in my spare time.
---tom2 on 6/10/10

Well, I am Alan and I live in the UK
I am retired after a varied career in the insurance business.
I'm widowed for seven years, have four daughters, and one granddaughter.
I am an Anglican, but I expect that most of you won't know what that actually means in the UK.
I enjoy walking ... have today been for 10 miles of up and down in the Cotswolds, and sing in a choir, although I don't read music.
---alan8566_of_uk on 6/10/10

I am Candice,age 32 & live in Austin,tx. I associate with many different people in many denominations, but I'm a bible student.
I come on here & love to chat with others. I'm a mother of 4 children & a wife of over 10 wonderful years.
---Candice on 6/10/10

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My name is Jim. Live approx. 12 miles south of Fort Worth Tx., in Burleson Tx.
I am a Christian and enjoy telling others how much God loves them.
Lawrence....good to see another harley rider. I ride an 05 electra glide.
Have to let those bikers know that "Jesus Loves Bikers To".
---JIM on 6/10/10

My name is really Darlene. I live 7 or 8 miles,from Ft Hood,Texas. I grew up in Killeen and Mom is still there only a block and a half to where the FT Hood reservation begins. I am a member of the Assembly of God church,belonged to Baptist for a short while,grew up going to Baptist Vacation Bible school and sometimes Sunday School,went to a Luthern Church with our German neighbors as a child and on weekends staying with Mom's parents to Old Time Pentecostal church. Before a back injury in 1994 I had been in two different AoG churches where I was the Leader of our womens group. I led,taught the Bible and sang to them. I was praise leader at home prayer meeting,wrote Gospel songs/poetry,and God moved through me in the Gifts of the Spirit.
---Darlene_1 on 6/10/10

My name is Lawrence & I live in Indiana. I attend Good Tidings Apostolic Pentecost Church.
I play the harmonica & tamborine in Church & I've been involved with nursing home ministry about 20 yr's. I like to cook some & even dine out. I enjoy riding my ole Harley.
I'm befriended with a Church Sis that lives down in Tn.
I enjoy replying to some of these blogs.
---Lawrence on 6/10/10

My name is Kim. I live in North Carolina, and I'm Christian who enjoy during Internet Ministry by reaching out to others in time of need. It allows me to be a Soul Winner for the Kingdom of Heaven to edify the Body of Christ. Amen.
---Kimbe7395 on 6/10/10

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My name is Sag and I live in Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes. I like our former Governor, Jesse Ventura. I think that the United States needs a President like him. I like animals and feel bad that they are suffering a lot because of the messy Gulf of Mexico oil spill. As you can see, I like to "write" a lot, and my long blog postings might have been what made the 125 blog word MAXIMUM necessary.
---Sag on 6/10/10

My name is Joseph. I live in Tennessee, but my heart is in the Northern Panhandle of WV. I have no denominational affiliations nor am I part of any religious order.

I love my children, and I like anything about cooking and dining. (This is where real fellowship starts and communion should be.) I particularly like to find individual restaurants and diners is not franchised.

I love Jesus Christ and Messiah. Right now, I am enjoying being away from denominational thinking, so I can learn on my own. This blog sight has really opened my eyes.
---aka.joseph on 6/10/10

My name is Arthur, I live in Boone Terre,mo. I just moved here one month ago, in order to get closer to my son. I attend no certain denomination regularly. I sometimes speak in different churches. I am a street witnessing soulwinner. I am a strong believer in unconditional internal security. And I pray in tongues. This website I find very exciting for the incredible give-and-take and opinions expressed here. Along with my street witnessing I usually also have a radio program. But because I moved I have not yet set up a new radio program here.
---mima on 6/10/10

My name is Trish. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia. I attend an independent evangelical Bible teaching church. I love to sew, crochet and knit, and play with my grandchildren when they are in town.
---Trish9863 on 6/10/10

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