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Salvation Only Through Christ

Critique this statement from the Internet. "In order to find common ground with other false religions, Christians must first abandon the very foundational doctrines that are central to the Bible's message of salvation only through faith in Jesus Christ."

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 ---mima on 6/11/10
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Mima -- That surprizes me about Billy Graham.
I can remember people in our city practically "begging" him to come hold a crusade. But he would not. It was a larger city, money was no issue. He said, rightly, that our churches did not work well together.

He depended on local churches to do the follow-up and discipling. He didn't want churches "competing" for new members.
---Donna66 on 6/28/10

Mima, that is also true concerning those of the WOF. They will make a deal with anyone to speak with the hopes of scamming people out of their hard earned money.

They all fall into the category of those mentioned in Romans 1:26-32.
---Rob on 6/28/10

" I remember sharing the truth about Joel Olsteen with an individual. They became very irrate with me and have not spoken to me since."
---Rob on 6/28/10

Rob I understand completely. Years ago, after being warned by my father that Billy Graham would make a deal with anybody in order to get to speak, I decided to do a study on Billy Graham. If you do this you will be disillusioned and greatly disappointed.
There is a book by DR. Cathy Burns,"BILLY GRAHAM AND HIS FRIENDS" this book is a real shocker from a person that does research for the sake of research alone.
---mima on 6/28/10

When I think about the FALSE TEACHERS of the WOF, I can't help but think about people like Jim Jones and David Keresch.

I can't help but think about the tactics they used to control peoples minds through BRAINWASHING and DECIET.
---Rob on 6/28/10

Larry, the fact that Joel Olsteen repeatedly rejected Salvation IS NOT ONLY THROUGH CHRIST is sad but it is the truth. Don't believe me just because I said it, check it out for yourself.

A very serious problem we have in the world today is people will believe everything they hear but they will never check to see if what they heard is indeed true, Acts 17:11.

Donna, I also believe this is the reason Joel Olsteen and others of the WOF have "MEGA CHURCHES". This is evidence what is written in 2 Peter Chapter Two, 2 Timothy 4:3, and Matthew 7:13-15 is indeed true.

I remember sharing the truth about Joel Olsteen with an individual. They became very irrate with me and have not spoken to me since.
---Rob on 6/28/10

Larry, Rob is correct and so are you. I saw both programs in fact Osteen's outrageous comments are part of the reason the question was asked.
---mima on 6/28/10

C'mon Rob- did Osteen really straddle the fence on Larry King and remain mum when asked if Jesus was the only way? If so that is REALLY awful.

I saw that happen once before when King hosted a panel of clergy including some liberal theologians who got punked on the question not willing to offend the Rabbis on the panel. A Catholic priest on the panel that night also gave a mamby-pamby answer.

However John MacArthur, also on the panel, alone pulled on punches on NO OTHER NAME. Thank God for his boldness!
---larry on 6/27/10

Rob -- That probably explains why Joel Olsteen has such a large church!
---Donna66 on 6/27/10

Salvation comes only through CHRIST.

But according to JOEL OLSTEEN, Who claims to have the largest "church" in the United States" SALVATION IS NOT ONLY THROUGH CHRIST.

I believe is was in 2005, while being interviewed on live television by Larry King, JOEL OLSTEEN several times denied and rejected the SALVATION COMES ONLY THROUGH CHRIST.
---Rob on 6/27/10

---tom2 on 6/16/10(all-to much to reprint)

the statement other false religions is what these people must come to realize,belief in salvation thru christ alone is a non issue,without belief in him there is no salvation.
---tom2 on 6/13/10
---char on 6/25/10

NO you cant abandon the word,the message is repentence, and belief in christ,The message is about jesus,salvation and entrance into heaven is ONLY thru him,any other belief is useless. Heres are common ground ,we are all fallen,all lost,all doomed,christ came into the world to redeem us all,are common ground is now HIM,and him alone,thats the message we are to deliver,once this is done then we each make our own choice whether to believe or not. We must not we can not change the message,unless those who are lost are first made aware they are lost and in need of redemption they will remain lost,the bible plainly states that the only way to the father is thru christ,PERIOD iam the way the truth the life ,no one comes to the father but by me.
---tom2 on 6/16/10

the statement other false religions is what these people must come to realize,belief in salvation thru christ alone is a non issue,without belief in him there is no salvation.
---tom2 on 6/13/10

Earl, if you are going to quote Jesus, please prove Scripture so that others can check the context of the passages you speak of. Just saying, "jesus said this or that" does not do it. Where did He say it, to whom did He say it, what was happening at the time He said it, and what were the correct words. Do you get my meaning? It is so that others can know what it is you are talking about. It sounds to me like you are saying that Paul taught a works salvation. Sacrifice before believing. Do works to earn your way in. But I might be wrong, since you did not provide Scripture.
---MarkV. on 6/13/10

If literally "salvation only through faith in Jesus" is the foundational doctrine then what do we do with the question a man asked Jesus where he said "what must I do to have eternal life?"
Jesus did say that we are to believe in him who sent him.That his father has given him truth to be revealed to mankind.This eliminates errors in who we are to believe in and have faith in.
Christianity's roots are centered upon Paul's atonement doctrine-sacrifice before salvation and sacrrifice before forgiveness.
Those who do not believe this doctrine are not in the christian ranks even when Jesus answered what is required to have eternal life and explains what is forgiveness.
---earl on 6/12/10

The statement is 100% true and also 100% historically acurate.

"The retention of the old pagan name of Dies Solis, for Sunday is, in a great measure, owing to the union of pagan and Christian sentiment with which the first day of the week was recommended by Constantine to his subjects - pagan and Christian alike - as the 'venerable' day of the sun." Arthur P. Stanley, History of the Eastern Church, p.

."This was in order to draw the faithful away from the seduction of cults which worshipped the sun, and to direct the celebration of the day to Christ, humanity's true "sun"." John Paul II, Dies Domini, 27. The day of Christ-Light, 1998
---Francis on 6/12/10

Hi, Mima . . . if you are quoting the "former Catholic" who is now a Reformed Presbyterian, I think the person didn't mean to say Christianity is a false religion, but meant we would have to abandon what the Bible says, in order to find common ground with religions that are false. Plus, the "former Catholic" may not understand how ones of us would say Christianity is not a "religion" but is our relationship with Jesus. The person clearly seems to be saying "Jesus was God" on earth and we are saved "only through faith in Jesus Christ." You have quoted him correctly, I'd say, but what Gary wrote in the quote is not what he meant, I would say from the overall context.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/12/10

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1. Christianity is not a "false" religion.
2. Christianity does not "seek common ground" with other religions.

However, the statement is correct that if Christians wanted to establish common grounds with other religions, they would have to "abandon the very foundational doctrines that are central to the Bible's message of salvation only through faith in Jesus Christ."

This fundamental belief is the one most objected to by non-believers.

---Donna66 on 6/12/10

The biggest method that apostates use is using similar terminology. 'Twice born' does not mean saved or 'born again' the way that Christ teaches.
---aka.joseph on 6/12/10

It is a false statement, because there is no common ground between religions and Christ, either you worship and obey Christ alone or you don't.
---Eloy on 6/12/10

To---Higgins or anyone else,
How is it possible for the "Untouchables" of India to be saved? This question was asked of me by a fellow Christian. And I truthfully replied I do not know. What are your ideas?
---mima on 6/12/10

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Rereading the quote mima gave here, I see it says that Christianity is a false religion.
---Cluny on 6/12/10

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I can tell you for a fact that not all religions are instructed to love their neighbors as Christ instructed His disciples. Just look at Budhists for example. Did you know that Budhists believe in karma, therefore it is wrong for anyone to intervene in anothers trevails.

Indeed, if a person is starving to death, one must not intervene because that person must have done something in another life to derserve such treatment. No, there is really nothing that Christianity has in common with the false religions of this world, when we cannot even agree on the treatment of thy neighbor.
---Higgins on 6/11/10

I would like to know the context in which this statement was made and by whom before I attempt critique it.

In MERE CHRISTIANITY C. S. Lewis said that up to a point, there's very little in which pagan religious and philosophical morality differs from Christian. (This idea if developed more thoroughly in another book which title escapes me.)

However, only Christianity comes up with a solution to human sin and sinfulness.
---Cluny on 6/11/10

JESUS CHRIST is the only means of salvation and that is a truth we cannot comprimse on. But with other relgions we can agree on certain points and truths that we do hold in common.

The diginty and care for all humans can be agreed to with a different relgion. That we should live moral lives can be agreed to by both Christians and Hindus.

So no we do not have to give up the centrality of salvation to find common agreement.
---Samuelbb7 on 6/11/10

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I can find common ground with any person from any false religion. It is called Earth. However, if I have to abandon the rock upon which I build my house, the only other option is to build my foundation on shifting sand as the tide rises.
---aka.joseph on 6/11/10

Any person who has been truly converted by God, to Him, knows that we cannot do that. We have a testimony, a "Blood" Bought testimony that Jesus is indeed God and that Jesus did indeed come in the flesh, and that Jesus does indeed save lost men and women, whom He has chosen before the creation of this world.... To deny Jesus is handing your very soul over to Satan on a silver platter. And, of course, head-knowledge and saying the name, Jesus, is absolutely no guarantee that you shall inherit the "Kingdom of God".
---catherine on 6/11/10

Yes salvation only through Jesus Christ.
He Is The Author & Finisher of His 1 & Only salvation plan. You got to have Faith to receive it which Is according to Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20, to the Jewish people First on the day of Pentecost deliverd to them by Apostle Peter. Jesus Christ, there's No other name given whereby we must be saved. It's a clean & holy life from then on. Matt.24 v 13.

You canNot flirt with the devilish pleasures of this world & be saved, because it says here, 1st.John 2 v's 15 - 16.
---Lawrence on 6/11/10

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