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What Is Witch Craft

What is witch-craft?

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 ---catherine on 6/17/10
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\\Any attempt to invoke the invisible world into the visible world. Don't go there.
---larry on 7/28/10

Isn't that what intercessory prayer is? Asking the invisible God to work His power in the visible world?

I think you'll have to come up with something better, larry.
---Cluny on 7/30/10

Any attempt to invoke the invisible world into the visible world. Don't go there.
---larry on 7/28/10

I think first we have to decide what "witchcraft" meant in the context social and spiritual and cultural context of the time the Bible was written.

It might be something quite different from today.

Does anyone actually believe there are people who can fly through the air invisibly, even if on a broom, or make charms and spells to blight crops, kill livestock, or make others sick?

I for one do not, and I don't believe there ever were.

But I do believe there are foolish, deluded, and ignorant people who think they can--or who believe that others can.
---Cluny on 7/28/10

Isn't Faith in the Word of God-what moves God?

I think we all miss it considering we are Flesh and subject to error.
Witch-craft, I'm thinking as scripture states envolves familiar spirits.

We are to try the spirit if we ever find ourselves in the presence of one.
---char on 7/7/10

It's an impossible argument that "science is false". Our lives today are ruled by electricity, and chemistry that produces fibers and other materials. We could give up the internal combustion engine and depend on horses....but the "science" nay-sayers, never suggest it.
---Donna66 on 6/29/10

Fay's passage in 1 Tim. 6:20, is very vital for us to understand, though she quoted it to say, "Science falsely" it really says, "What is falsely called knowledge" Timothy never said knowledge was wrong, he said false knowledge was wrong.
She didn't understand the passage. "False doctrine" Anything claiming to be the truth that is in fact a lie. False teachers, word of faith, typically claim to have the superior knowledge. They claim to know the transcendent secrets of God, but actually are ingorant and infantile in their understanding (Col. 2:8). Timothy was to guard the truth, as all of us are called to do. Word of Faith teachers are falsely using the Word of God.
---MarkV. on 6/29/10

Linda wants us to believe her at any cost. That what she learned from the Word of Faith is true, and if you do not believe her, and what she was taught, that you are working some kind of witchcraft. So, everyone is at her mercy. So everyone better drop their Bibles and follow her, otherwise we are all lost. Such nonesense.
Don't you both understand that people are born the way God wants them to be born? Some for a purpose that He only knows. And that some are blind, and deaf because God ordained it to be that way. Who are they to challenge what God can or can't do? It is not their will that is done, it is God's will, and If He wants to heal someone, He can when He wants, not when they want.
---MarkV. on 6/28/10

What do you mean, all my posts are good, because they are done under the influence of the Person of the Holy Spirit. Thanks however, on your approval on this one.
---catherine on 6/28/10

Catherine -- This is one of the best posts you have written! God is in control. And what a good thing it is... since we manage to "blow it" so many times.

It is very important to NEVER forget what God has done for you! Blessings!
---Donna66 on 6/28/10

There is some truth in what MarkV says! God does not dance to our tune, because, many times I have tried. Misconceptions of who God is, is a BIG problem today....And none of us has it 100%, MarkV should remember this. If you've really been chosen to spend eternity with the living God, rest assured, He will put-up with you. What a God! How so very thankful I am, that God is God. And, everyday that He gets me through causes my faith to grow even stronger. Because I know what I am without Him.
---catherine on 6/28/10

MarkV, you have control of this site & you will pay the penalty someday for your lying about hermeneutics being their own religion & for covering up your lie.

To everyone else, including moderators, etc. I have revealed the truth about MarkV's "religion". There comes a time when everyone must see the truth & the truth here is that this site is overrun by MarkV's religion which is full of unbelief. Even Jesus did not many mighty works in certain areas because of the unbelief. Mat 13:58 So, this is where I shake the dust from my feet as a testimony against your unbelief. Mat 10:14, Mrk 6:11, Lk 9:5.
---fay on 6/28/10

Fay, you are reaching for straws. You have no proof whatsoever of anything only a lot of religious talk and accusations. God is in control of everything Fay, not you. You think you can control Him whenever you want and He will jump to answer you. Why would God need you to heal anyone? He can do the healing Himself any time and anywhere.

How you pray for me, you condemn me with your words accuse me of many things, and you later pray for me, what a hypocrite you are. You are the one who needs healing Fay, healing that can only come from God.
You have a misconception of who God really is, and He does not dance to your tune. You dance to His.
---Mark_V. on 6/28/10

fay-- Just curious what makes what makes MarkV a Gnostic?

It seems strange to me, since WOF doctrine itself is frequenty seen as modern gnosticism...denying that there is genuine reality in the physical world.( i.e. illness, poverty and other undesirable conditions are not real, since the word of faith can dispel them them.)
---Donna66 on 6/27/10

We've seemed to veer off your original question Catherine, but ANY contact with unholy spirits (Satan and demons) is witchcraft.
As and opposed to something man-based out of a fleshly wicked heart such as stealing or covetousness, attempting to contact the spirit-world for anything unholy is witchcraft.

There should be no contact of the spirit world outside of prayer and praise. Its not just sinful its dangerous.
---larry on 6/27/10

1Ti 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

SCI'ENCE, n. [L. scientia, from scio, to know.]
1. In a general sense, knowledge, or certain knowledge, the comprehension or understanding of truth or facts by the mind. The science of God must be perfect.

So Timothy stated science is false?
---fay on 6/27/10

//I could not turn to the Lord, because I did not know him. My neurosurgeon did not know him. There was no choice. It was an emergency of which I had no knowledge.//

I have to agree with you here. If you did not know the Lord at that time, how could you have turned to Him? I also do not believe that anyone who does not attend to His Word should try to just "faith it out" and not go to a doctor or take medication. Follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. He knows you well. There are some in the medical profession who are in tune with God and whose hearts are not greedy. They really are interested in flowing with you in your faith.
---Linda on 6/27/10

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I see all healing as a work of the it by faith alone or by medicine. Jesus never discouraged medicines. No man can make a body mend itself.

When I had cancer it didn't make a bit of difference to me HOW God healed me. I saw no reason to turn my back on the medical treatment I'd seen work for others... just to DEMAND God provide ME with an instant healing.

I've seen God heal miraculously, but not often. If it was a frequent occurrence people would not call it a "miracle"
And if God can heal from a disease, He can certainly reverse the side effects of drugs and treatments (which, by the way, are not always "bad")

Witchcraft is of Satan and always produces devilish results.
---Donna66 on 6/27/10

akajoseph, I understand you did not know of God's healing when you were injured so you are thankful for medical, so called science. But if medical science had never been out there in the first place everyone would be turning to God immediately & because they are relying on God for constant protection there would be no need for His mighty WORKS.

However I'm not sure you really meant what it sounded like you meant in your 3rd paragraph. If no one had ever sinned in the first place there would have been no need for a savior. That CERTAINLY wouldn't mean that anyone was relying on self. It's a total dependence on God that allows Him to work through you. It means letting go completely of self. It has nothing to do with self whatsoever.
---fay on 6/27/10


I believe that 85% of drugs today and their administration are unnecessary and profit driven. God said that you can serve God or other choice. Everything relates to that. Garden of Eden or east of Eden.

I could not turn to the Lord, because I did not know him. My neurosurgeon did not know him. There was no choice. It was an emergency of which I had no knowledge.

If everybody had prior knowledge of God and how He can supply all our needs, we would not need a Savior.Our self reliance instead of God reliance is what the Edenic paradigm is all about.
---aka.joseph on 6/27/10

Mima, I don't recall anywhere I called you names. However, if you find a blog where I did, I apologize and ask your forgiveness. I have truly loved your spirit and your responses over the years. I am often encouraged by your posts and find myself smiling as you give the testimonies of sharing Christ with others. Be blessed, for the Lord prospers the works of your hands.
---Linda on 6/27/10

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To God be the judge.
Jesus stated: "Thy faith has made you Whole."
If a person, believing by faith in the name of the Lord-they can be healed-Praise God.
He will have mercy on whom ever he chooses.
To my understanding each ones' walk is personal-with God. He alone knows the heart of Man.
Again, to God be the judge.
Matt9:29"your faith be it unto you"
"Thy faith has made thee whole"
---char on 6/27/10

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out unto the world.Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesseth Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God:and this is that [spirit]of antichrist,whereof ye have heard that it should come,and even now already is in the world.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.
---char on 6/27/10

GNOS'TIC, n. nostic. [L. gnosticus, Gr. to know.]

The Gnostics were a sect of philosophers that arose in the first ages of christianity, who pretended they were the only men who had a true knowledge of the christian religion. They formed for themselves a system of theology, agreeable to the philosophy of Pythagoras and Plato, to which they accommodated their interpretations of scripture

It appears MarkV is a gnostic.
---fay on 6/27/10

Mima, 2:
What proof does Fay and Linda have that what they claim is from God? None at all. For all we know they could be doing witchcraft, vodoo, and they do not even know it.
They fight tooth and nail and call you names because you do not believe them. Satan and demons are in their minds. Do you think someone who God gave such a healing power, would be exhibiting their works so that everyone could believe them? God does not have to proof Himself to anyone. There is no healing ministry that Jesus can do now that can prove that He is the Messiah. Because there is no way that even if He does heal anybody, that it necessary to connect that with Him. He makes Himself known as the Messiah now through His Word. The gospel of our salvation.
---Mark_V. on 6/27/10

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akaJoseph, I surmise that if the world's form of witchcraft, Medical Science, had not been so prevalent that everyone(including you) would turn to God first, instead of science first. It's the rebellion against the Word that turns people to science first.
---fay on 6/26/10

Hermeneutes is witchcraft because it is rebellion against Jesus' very words in John 14:12, & the word says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. What deceit to remove their Statement of Faith, Doctrine, etc...when it finally comes to light. That is wolves in sheep's clothing if anything is. Even atheist is honest in his unbelief.
---fay on 6/26/10

Mima, do you believe the things you call miracles, diabetes or a bad back is what Jesus was doing while here? Headaches. Have you seen anyone restore a limb, or dead people rising?
Here's the problem Mima, If there was a crowd, and everyone was praying for someone sick, and that someone was healed, someone might say, "well, in your view God did it, in my view, you were lucky" others will say, he was healed by Allah, others will say, he was healed by Buddha. Well that is your believe. Just because you believe something does nothing to confirm or demonstate the deity of Jesus Christ. There is nothing to unarguably enforce the authority of Scripture because there's no immediate connection. You cannot achive your purpose, it was God.
---Mark_V. on 6/26/10

Mima, those who continue to bad-mouth people who walk by faith and not by sight are engaging in a form of witchcraft. They attempt to garner proselytes by their continuous demand that others are wrong and they are right. Their relationship with God is more centered in "their rightness" rather than His person and work, even to the point of implying others are not born again because they don't believe as they do. To them, what they say is right because it was taught them of the Holy Ghost but others are not permitted the same benefit of being taught by the same. They make themselves the authority of what they believe they have been taught. I may not always agree with what others believe, but I NEVER question their born again status.
---Linda on 6/26/10

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I'm very reluctant to badmouth the word of faith people. I believe them to be wrong in the majority of their teachings and yet because of what I have seen and experienced when someone prayed for healing I feel checked in my spirit from being totally against the word of faith teachers.

If you prayed for a person to be healed and that person got up out of a wheelchair and pushed the wheelchair back to their pew what would you say????

If your wife told you she had been praying and that she was told(in her Spirit) that you are healed of diabetes and you saw that healing come true instantaneously what would you say?????
---mima on 6/26/10

The book on T.L. Osborne is out there with all of the others books of the Word of Faith teachers. They fill the Bible book stores, and are been bought by those who follow them and they are making lots of cash from those who have succomb to their teachings. Jesus gave clear warnings to His people about the evil work done by false prophets. Are we to believe their message simply because they have displayed supernatural powers? Certainly not. "False Christs and false prophets" Jesus said "will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect-if that were possible" Matt. 24:24, but it is not possible because we are the elect. They can fool the none-elect though.
---Mark_V. on 6/26/10

Cluny, Linda gave a discription of you because you doubt her words. Her picture of you'

"Well, Cluny, if you had been around when Jesus healed the leper, you would have probably doubted then too...and been one of those on the side of the road trying to keep him from testifying while yelling,"
For disagreeing with her healing, if you were seeing Christ healing the leper, you would be one on the side of the road.
Disagreeing with her puts you on the side of the road. Talk about pride.
Talk about healing greater things then Christ, He brought people back from the dead, resorted limps, is healing a bad back a miracle? He in fact heal's spiritually all those who the Father gives Him, could Linda possibly do that?
---Mark_V. on 6/25/10


i do not take offense at all when there is no offense to take. My daughter would be one of those 'aged' youths if it were not for the shots she took when she was young.

If it were not for drugs which stabilized me when I had my nearly fatal head injury, I would have died before I learned about Jesus. Was my faith in Jesus Christ because of witchcraft?

It seems that there are more people blogging about healing than there are people with the gift at hospitals. So, I thank God that pharmakeia saved me so He could deliver me.

I split nothing. There are simply more definitions to pharmakeia.
---aka.joseph on 6/25/10

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akaJoseph, YOU have divided the word into two meanings. I won't take something devised for wicked purposes & try to use it for good. Just asking you to think about it & pray about it. Jesus never used any form of witchcraft & we should be following His example. It's tradition that teaches men to use these things, not God. Now, please don't take offense. I understand!!! It's what we were all taught. I just thank God that I know different now. Please know I love you all.
---fay on 6/25/10

"witch" commonly refers to the female pagan, similar to the male warlock, and so has a similar meaning. "witch" means, "she turns", and loosely it means, a wild or mean woman, a vixen. To "bewitch", is to turn a person from the right way and lead them astray.
---Eloy on 6/25/10

The part of the iceburg that we see is only 10% of the whole iceburg.

witchcraft - pharmakeia
1) the use or the administering of drugs
2) poisoning
3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
4) metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry

The word used in the KJV is witchcraft. The word in the ESV is sorcery. It has to do with the administration of drugs in connection with mind and body altering rituals and practices for wicked purposes.

In the medical practice, I believe that there are two things at work - healing using good science (created by God) and healing using mind and bodily alterations and deception. The latter is witchcraft.
---aka.joseph on 6/25/10

It is not witch-craft or witch craft. It is witchcraft I think.
---obewan on 6/25/10

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Finally, someone finally tells what the word pharmaceuticals came from & what it really means.
---fay on 6/25/10

to my best understanding the word witchcraft was derived from the word pharmakia which the word pharmacudical sprouted from ...
---kevin on 6/24/10

Everything that is ungodly is witchkraft !
---phares on 6/23/10

I have given the testimonies of average people in average places but I won't give their names and subject them to being called liars because of your unbelief. At some point you will hear one of their names. If you want the truth, I don't care if they mention mine, so you won't ever know if it was me or some other who took part in it. I'm not after the fame. My reward is seeing them live and glorify God. And my "ad hominum attack" was no more "ad hominum" than attempting to discredit my testimony by implying I was still contagious and made others sick. You weren't there. Was I contagious? Obviously no. He did a complete work.
---Linda on 6/22/10

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\\Well, Cluny, if you had been around when Jesus healed the leper, you would have probably doubted then too...\\

In other words, Linda, you can't give the particulars I asked for (what woman, what city, what hosptial, when, etc.), so you indulge in an ad hominem attack against me.

**Maybe because they are proven testimonies, Karen.**

That's all I'm asking: prove what you have said.
---Cluny on 6/22/10

So you've heard the story before & still don't believe. Luk 16:31 Then nothing will make you believe.

"To one who has faith no explanation is necessary. To one without faith no explanation is possible." St. Thomas Aquinas
---fay on 6/21/10

Karen D. I truly believe you will find the answer to your question in 2 Peter Chapter Two.
---Rob on 6/21/10

Maybe because they are proven testimonies, Karen. That is what I was saying earlier. I could come on here and testify of the cancers that have been healed and whatnot and someone would still doubt it. Doubt is a heart issue, not a manifestation issue.
---Linda on 6/21/10

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Why is it that so many preachers use those same stories like T.L. Osborne used?
---KarenD on 6/21/10

T.L. Osborne was a missionary where the tribes sneaked poison on him trying to kill him. It didn't work. When they told him about it they said they also saw giant angels w/swords surrounding his cabin. So he let them test his blood before & after administering poison. There was no difference. The poison was null & void upon entering his blood because he had been filled w/ the blood of Jesus.
---fay on 6/21/10

Well, Cluny, if you had been around when Jesus healed the leper, you would have probably doubted then too...and been one of those on the side of the road trying to keep him from testifying while yelling, "He is still contagious. Jesus didn't heal him. He should have stayed at home. He is unclean. Stay away from him. He is not walking in charity coming out here like this." Lord have mercy on your soul.
---Linda on 6/21/10

Nobody did, Cluny. And I was completely healed, with no such after effects of which you speak of. The rash may LESSEN, as you say, in 2-3 days, but it does not completely disappear as mine did. I wasn't the only one who saw it go. The testimonies of the Lord are sure, and I take them as mine inheritance. You can do whatever you want with them.
---Linda on 6/21/10

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\\I chose to believe the word and got up and went to church. As soon as I walked through the doors, healing manifested fully.\\

Usually with chicken pox, the rash lessens after a few days--but you are still contagious!

I wonder how many people there later came down with either chicken pox or shingles? They are caused by the same virus, you know. (BTW, once you have one, the virus never leaves your body.)

Sometimes, if you have something contagious, it's the better part of charity towards others to stay at home.
---Cluny on 6/21/10

Linda, I heard these WOF teachers/preachers say these very things while watching them on DAYSTAR and TBN, and by reading their tranuscripts. Yes, on occasion I will watch these networks and I do research to see what current schemes and scams the WOF are using.

What is truly sad is when these lies were said, people would jump to their feet, clap their hands, and say hallelujah or amen. Linda, is this because of what is written in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, or is it because they these people have been BRAINWASHED, and HYPNOTIZED but are unaware it has been done to them.

Linda, also I ask you to name at least one WOF teacher/preacher who does do what is written in Romans 1:15. I ask this because I have yet to see one.
---Rob on 6/21/10

In my former lost life I worked such foolishness. I did a powerful transmigration of souls, conjurings, and various forms of magic. I recall once how an incanting backfired upon myself. But now I am born-again, and I am truly possessed with and by the Almighty God, and I have no need at all to resort to such foolishness as witrchcraft or wizardry. Witchcraft is working sin while God Almighty is watching you, a very foolish thing to do. For all that we do and think and say is recorded by the Almighty and we must give an account of it. So I strongly encourage all whom are partaking in such endeavors to quickly repent from them, else your soul become so dirty that you find yourself too far separated to be able to return.
---Eloy on 6/20/10

Rob, that may be what some of them are saying (or merely your interpretation of what they are saying), but I don't believe any of those things as they are written or interpreted as being said by you. If God were illegal here, He wouldn't have put Himself in man. Jesus didn't commit suicide. He laid His life down. The people of God are to walk in the light, not in the darkness. And I don't have a problem with anyone going against me. I do however believe the Word. I am not the Lord but I am a part of His body represented in the earth. The Head and body are not separate. If my head wills to do something somewhere, my body carries it out.
---Linda on 6/20/10

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At the age of 32, I came down with the chickenpox. I was newly born again so I called my caregiver and she gave me some instruction. I received and went to the Word of God to find out what God said about heal, healed, healing, heals, and health. I came upon 2 Kings 20:5 (please read it), which was immediately quickened in my spirit. I woke up with cp on a Thursday and hated that I was going to miss church because of it. To make a long story short, I woke up on Sunday and looked in the mirror. I was still covered so I laid back down saying, "Well, I guess I am not healed". At that point, I was given the choice to believe what I saw or the Word I was given....cont.
---Linda on 6/20/10

I chose to believe the word and got up and went to church. As soon as I walked through the doors, healing manifested fully. Now, would healing have manifested fully if I had laid in the bed instead of getting up and "going into the house of the Lord"? No, I don't believe it would have, not in three days. Healing would have eventually come in the process of time usually allotted to chickenpox, but my love for being with the body of Christ on Sunday constrained me to diligently seek the Lord and to hold fast to my profession of faith. I wavered for a moment that Sunday morning but I chose to believe and move in the faith brought by the Word. The healing Word was my medicine and the medicine took care of the root of the problem.
---Linda on 6/20/10

AH... the truth about why Rob doesn't believe in the word of faith movement. I believe it is the same for most. They have been turned off by those using God's power in a wrong way. Rob, my first encounter with the WOF movement was a very bad one. Though the preacher taught some truths he had a spirit of pride that ruined what he taught. I tried for 6 months & finally had to leave because there were too many symptoms of a cult. However, sometime during that 6 months, there was one verse the Holy Spirit kept bringing back to me(in so many different ways) Many times I would open my Bible & it would go right to that verse. I knew in my spirit that it was NOT the devil. Rev 3:8 That's why I kept looking.
---fay on 6/20/10

Linda, a persons faith is based on what they believe whether it be the TRUTH or a LIE.

Based on what you wrote on 6/20.10, I hope you will answer whether or not you believe the following things.

"The people of GOD are to be walking in DARKNESS".

"JESUS did not die on the CROSS because JESUS COMMITTED SUICIDE".

"GOD has to submit to me because GOD is illegal here on earth".

"Anyone who goes against me and my words are going against the LORD because I am the LORD.

Linda, the reason I ask if you believe these things is because these are some of the very things I heard the teachers/preachers of the Word of Faith Movement say.

---Rob on 6/20/10

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The Word of Faith is not something you say to get what you want. It is simple agreement with the Word of God. It was the Word of Faith that brought you into salvation, wasn't it?

The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth and in thy heart, the Word of faith which we preach, that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in thine heart that God has raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. James says the whole body is steered by that one little member, the tongue. You have what you say. In other words, you have possessed what is in your heart and comes out of your mouth.
---Linda on 6/20/10

cluny, who do you think copied who? Do you honestly think the word of faith movement copied the witchcraft movement? I think not. Isn't the devil the great imitator? So obviously, the devil copied God, the word of faith movement probably being the closest to truth. Henceforth satan's desire to imitate. And I'm not being sarcastic. Perhaps you let that man scare you away from truth.

Richard, it seems to me that all churches believe they are the only ones who have the whole truth. It's very seldom we find humbleness in the churches of today. It is true that we can't all be the head. Some of us have to be the arm or hand or leg or foot.
---fay on 6/20/10

the word of faith people do have a problem,many of their early founders had doctrines in common with the latter rain movement...the problem becomes greater because there is a tendancy not to affiliate with outside churches thereby cutting themselves off,and rejecting the rest of the vine..we all need to learn from/by each other..and thats the only way for the body in this age to "discern" itself and grow.(P.S. Im in a "faith" church)
---richard on 6/19/10

\\The word of faith movement is NOT witchcraft\\

And using those powerful words "In the name of Jesus" as a magic charm to get what you want, or treating the Bible as a grimoire is NOT witchcraft?

As a matter of fact, in my pro-life work, I met a Charismatic minister who was distressed about the direction the WOFM was taking (this was in the late 80's) and told me that witches were planning on infiltrating such congregations because their teachings were so close.
---Cluny on 6/18/10

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Rob, you are very wrong to judge the word of faith movement by the few churches you have experienced, if in fact you have actually experienced them & this is not just what you have been taught. Verily, verily, I tell you there is a big difference. I have experienced one that was a cult & it turned me away from them for a long time. But the whole time I knew there was some truth in what they taught. Now I know the whole truth. The word of faith movement is NOT witchcraft. There may be some churches of the word of faith movement that use witchcraft but there are also churches from other movements that use witchcraft(ie. Jim Jones.etc...). Thank God that Jesus doesn't judge all Christians by a few.
---fay on 6/18/10

So, it appears that every one is in agreement that forcing something on someone is a form of witchcraft? Am I correct in this assumption?
---fay on 6/18/10

Psychiatry, which is not the same thing as psychoanalysis, is a specialty of medicine, as surely as surgery and obstetrics.

Are either of these witchcraft, catherine?
---Cluny on 6/18/10

Have you ever seen a psychiatrist Catherine? I don't believe psychiatry is witchcraft. However, I do believe people who seek to "force" their will upon & thereby psyche out & control others are indeed practicing witchcraft.

Leslie is correct about manipulation, intimidation & domination being devices/tools bewitchers use to control people who give their minds over to their diabolical agendas & schemes.

True Rob! The practioners of misdirection you mentioned are prime examples amongst a horde of others.
---Leon on 6/18/10

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The Bible says that witchcraft is: Disobedience, Rebellion, Manipulation, Intimidation, Domination, and Control - it basicly is worshipping Satan. If someone has these above in them, rebuke that spirit, and if that does not work, run the other way. The Bible says to stay away from such people.
---Leslie on 6/17/10

In 1 Samuel 15:23 it says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. So you don't necessarily have to be using skulls & cross bones or consulting "spirit guides" to be guilty of the the sin of witchcraft. I know that I have been guilty of a rebellious spirit from time to time & have to repent. Most of the time it's not the "plain as the nose on you face" witchcraft that we have to worry about. It's the subtle, more acceptable, but just as harmful things that we have to watch for.
---Reba on 6/17/10

\\Well, I just happen to believe that the great art of psychiatry is such!
---catherine on 6/17/10\\

Consider the source, people.

And notice that once more, catherine answers her own question.

Could we be dealing with dissociative personality disorder here--aka "split personality"?
---Cluny on 6/17/10

I guess anything used incorrectly without God in mind would be a type of witchcraft. The mixture of the secular focus of the human mind mixed with Rx drugs can certainly take a turn for the worst.

However, I was diagnosed as an adult with ADHD. This is a perfect example of use and misuse of psychiatry. There were drugs prescribed to me with the goal in mind of the therapy of drugs was to correct my ill behavior. Once I was able to modify my behavior, I was able to quit taking drugs.

I still have ADD, but I have removed the "H" (Hypertensive behavior). Proper use of psychiatry helped the Spirit renew my mind.
---aka.joseph on 6/17/10

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Well, I just happen to believe that the great art of psychiatry is such!
---catherine on 6/17/10

Are you looking for a definition or are you looking for different examples like astrology, tarot cards, sorcery (drug use legal and illicit), fortune tellers, white and black magic, ouija boards, freemasonry, entertainment, amusement, misusing Scripture for personal gain...?
---aka.joseph on 6/17/10

Witch-craft is of Satan. It is also a method those of the Word of Faith Movement use to BRAINWASH, and HYPNOTIZE people to get them to do what they want them to do.

If a person does not know this, they will miss it everytime and are subject to getting caught in it. Once a person is caught in it, it is very difficult (but not impossible) to get out of it.

Jim Jones and David Keresch are perfect examples.

This shows what those of the Word of Faith Movement are really about and who they really serve.
---Rob on 6/17/10

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