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Stirred Up Money Tactics

What are some of the subliminal tactics you have seen preachers use to get people "STIRRED UP", especially when they are about to tell people to give money, or to purchase their CD's, DVD's or books?

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 ---Rob on 6/28/10
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I copied and pasted the following from the "Tithe Net or Gross Income" blog because it more appropriately belonged here.

//God judges the thoughts and intents of the heart.If you give in the right spirit, you will be blessed accordingly, if you give will be judged accordingly... So, the ball is in your decide how or if you want to be blessed.//

Yes, give as your heart desires. One can ask God to change one's heart. According to the above tactic, people should feel guilty if they don't give as someone else feels they should give, rather than giving solely as their heart desires.
---Rod4Him on 7/5/10

TBN income is in excess of 100 million dollars a year. "Stirring up" is just a part of the income generating part of the religion business.

Is there something you have against capitalism?

He said with his tongue with firmly planted in his cheek...
---atheist on 6/30/10

here is another tactic

abraham is rich
solomon is rich
david is rich

but they did not tell you how these people got rich.
---mike on 6/30/10

I would suggest that you do not watch TV and do not watch TV evangelists. Few of them are worth watching and the ones that are do not ask for money.

You should always do this when contemplating spending God's money entrusted to you:

1. Pray first.
2. Wait 1/2 hour after watching
3. Pray again
4. Now contemplate giving. If it is God's will, you most certainly will know.
---Mark_Eaton on 6/30/10

Donating to the building fund is not what prophet Malachi had in mind.
---larry on 6/29/10

'Donating to the building fund' is a euphamism for paying for the building note (that you had no decision in).
---aka.joseph on 6/29/10

Boy... I wish we'd get this stirred up about politicians taking our money and wasting it.
When you give your money/gifts you should be wise and cautious about. The policy makers in Government don't give you that chance.
---Elder on 6/30/10

I used to listen to a preacher on local tv give very good sermons. After a while, I thought I would visit and meet him.

Before the sermon started and the cameras came on, the pastor led the flock in a humanistic mantra about health, money, and finances.

Then, when the sermon started (very good...btw), a different person at no particular time would jump to his/her feet and sprint to the offering plate with an offering (out of the site of the cameras).

The first person was probably a planted 'giver'. is a church with the name 'faith' in it.
---aka.joseph on 6/29/10

Rob, I'm not sure I've heard anything more abused than Malachi 3:8
"Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me. But you say, In what have we robbed You? In the tithe and the offering!"

Used most often confusing church work with God's work, and they are not the same thing.
Donating to the building fund is not what prophet Malachi had in mind.
---larry on 6/29/10


Here are SUBTLE TACTICS of HYPNOSIS preachers use the average person has no clue are being used on themselves. PLEASE don't believe it because I say it, investigate them for yourself.

Watch the motion of these preachers, how some may "PRANCE" back and forth. Listen to the changes in their tone of voice.

A common practiced used in commercials people have no clue about is music in the background.

Listen to how these preachers have music start to play "especially and organ" right before they ask for money.

If these preachers are anointed by GOD, why do they have to use these SUBTLE TACTICS?
---Rob on 6/29/10

God warned Israel in Malachi..keep my covenant..He said He would "rebuke the devourer"...I submit that Israel never heeded the warnings,that the "Devourer" came upon them in the form of the Roman army in A.D.70,yet many try to apply this to Christianity for wrongfull gain...shame.
---richard on 6/29/10

the most common tactic is this

malachi & give your 10%.

if you don't give your 10% YOU ARE ROBBING GOD. - this is a tactic of guilt

they will use the 'i will open the gates of heaven & you will not have any room to contain it' line

then when you did not receive 'blessing's - they will use this line 'YE LACK FAITH'

another is do not have self confidence/reliance but christ confidence, self is a sin - IOW sit down like pastors do & wait for money to flow in as long as you give your 10%.

proverbs said to work hard & you will sow what you reap.
ruth did not sit down & wait she work & gleaned.
---mike on 6/29/10

Never actually encountered that myself...... mostly because the church I attend seems to accept it will be poor (including the preacher!)
---peter3594 on 6/29/10

another tactic is

'seek ye first the kingdom of god & all these things shall be added unto you.

then they will add the malachi & 10%

giving your tithe SHOULD NOT BE FORCED

churches should have boxes on 2 corners inside the church & the pastor SHOULD NOT MENTION anything about money. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE TO GIVE NOT FORCED TO GIVE.

---mike on 6/29/10

"full belly itching ears" is very funny!..reminds me of what someone said about a certain signs and wonders man (now fallen from grace after running off with his secretary) : "great big belly full of pies" or another old classic "call yourself a bunch of believers?..more like a bunch of banannas!" ...take a close look at anyone who claims to have the "annointing" as christians we should not be "chasing the annointing"
---richard on 6/29/10

I've seen something similar to hypnotic induction at the Fully Belly Itching Ears Fellowship (as my dad used to call the FGBMFI) indulged in just before appeals for contributions.
---Cluny on 6/29/10

It's a gimmick.
They'l do anything to get into your pocket for their gain ( your Loss ).
They don't care for peoples souls.
---Lawrence on 6/29/10

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