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Why Do You Go To Church

As an individual, what is the reason(s) you go to Church?

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 ---Rob on 7/8/10
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As an individual,I go to church because it is suppose to be an ark of safety. The fact is, we don't go to the church:We are the church. We go to different church ministries to get ministered to. To be built up and encouraged. The body of Christ is the church and Jesus is the head of the body. So for those of you that are not in fellowship with other believers. They need you as much as you need them. To draw strenght from one another.The important thing is that you are apart of the body of Christ.He is coming for His body(the church)
---Joseph on 10/20/10

Many of the Christians on this site do not partake of any church denomination or any church regularly. Does this seem strange and wrong to you? The Church as we know it is in a state of division actually dividing itself away from those who blindly follow and from those who seek the Lord. What about assembling ourselves together what are we doing at this very moment as I write and you read? Day before yesterday I prayed with three men at the same time who were seeking their salvation? How is your church doing. One of the things churches should be doing is they should be on the street preaching and winning the lost to Christ.
---mima on 10/20/10

Whatever our reasons are for not attending church,will not hold water. We are in gross disobedience to Our Heavenly Father. The church is an assembly of born again believers among other things. We are to respect our leaders and those in authority. Even though it is getting harder to do . Leaders with integrity is hard to find these days. But we are to lift our leaders up in prayer and continue in obedience to Our Father. That's where our blessings come from. When we say we do not want to attend church for various reasons, we are only kidding ourselves. We always find the strength,time and money to do things that we really want to do. Church should never be put on the back burner.We need to repent and get rid of the excuses...people.
---Robyn on 10/19/10

I don't go, I do not need it. I don't need the hypocrites. I don't need Satan, and his false preachers. I only need God.
---catherine on 8/30/10

A.K.A. Joseph, I can relate to what you are saying. Unfortunately, there are many types of "cliques" within churches. This should not be. Sadly, if you are not among a clique, it seems like you are either ignored completely, or simply tolerated.
---truthseeker on 7/27/10

ISAIAH 58:13 - IF thou turn away foot from the sabbath, from doing thy plesure on my holy day,and call the sabbath a delight the holy of the LORD honourable and shalt honour him. not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words:
THE BIBLE talks about a assembling of ourselves and a solemn assembly
EZEKIEL 20:20 AND HOLLOW MY SABBATHS :and they shall be a sign between me and you. that ye may know that Iam the LORD your GOD.
---RICHARD on 7/24/10

it is my hope that at the last day it will be found that i primarily went to worship the God Most High,lol,but it often seems i go because i am the C.F.O.,C.A.O.,B.O.,
bus driver,and my fave (: Bass Player :)
---kevin5443 on 7/24/10

I donot go to a church building anymore,I fellowship via teleconference on Sunday mornings because of many reasons:
A)Husband works Sundays & we have 1 car
B)2 of the 4 children have medical problems
C)My health isn't what it use to be either & I'm only 32 almost 33 next month.
However I do meet with others throughout the week in person so I'm not feeling left out.God provides when & where he can to help us. It's not about a building ,but about seeking God no matter if in a building,or home,etc...
---candice on 7/9/10

The reasons that I go to church are as follows:

* To Worship God
* To Serve Him
* Fellowship With Other Believers

I should mention that I have been at the "burnout" point as far as my serving goes. I learned that there needs to be a good "balance" among all of the "*" points.

Otherwise, going to church can seem like a dreaded duty, instead of a joyful time with the Lord and other believers.

God doesn't like anyone coming to church with a hard, bitter, etc. heart. He loves joyful believers.
---Sag on 7/8/10

// I am not going to church right now. I have three little ones to care for totally on my own, and I work full time, so I am wiped out.//

I know that feeling. I remember being single with three small children...and the very idea of how much time it would take to get them (and me) ready. I was worn out before I got out of the bed.

//I am most welcome wherever I go if I bring some $$$, but since I am mostly without, nobody gets to know us, and since we are not part of the clan, nobody knows how hard it is to get there.//

That really is sad, but I know how that feels too.

//Honestly, God said to rest, so that is what I am doing.//

As Mary said, "Whatever He says to you, do it.
---Linda on 7/8/10

Heb.10 v 25, to keep The salvation that God gave me up to date, to pray at the alter or pew, to be fed, worship with Church family, to play my harmonica & tamborene, fellowship.
---Lawrence on 7/8/10


I can relate to your needing to "rest".

Sometimes, after all the lemons that life throw at you -- for whatever reason -- you just need to "rest". That might be to regain your personal energy, confidence in church, etc.

What I find the most difficult, in these "rest" situations, is that some people -- even the church leadership -- just doesn't understand. It's like they expect us to "keep on running" and "never get tired out". Like robots. That is NOT how God made anyone.
---Augie on 7/8/10

AMEN Trish, I will add that I also attend for Corporate Verse by Verse Bible Study when I can.

AKA Joseph, I can empatihze with you and my heart goes out to you.
---Rob on 7/8/10

rob, to be honest, I am not going to church right now. I have three little ones to care for totally on my own, and I work full time, so I am wiped out.

I am most welcome wherever I go if I bring some $$$, but since I am mostly without, nobody gets to know us, and since we are not part of the clan, nobody knows how hard it is to get there. Honestly, God said to rest, so that is what I am doing.

I have a choice of churches that preach confused messages, word of faith churches, watered down churches that don't teach the real Jesus, or home churches that accept you only if you believe everything they teach.

So, on my own, I will continue to unscramble and rest when I can.
---aka.joseph on 7/8/10

I go to church to worship the Lord in a corporate fashion, as I also can worship Him in other ways. I also go to fellowship with my family of believers, as well as to serve Him. I also do those things outside of church.
---Trish9863 on 7/8/10

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