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Have Your Beliefs Changed

I have seen some of the same names here for at least four years. Has there been anyone who has changed their basic doctrine, beliefs, or approach because of what you have read here?

Moderator - Basic beliefs no. Some minor points possibly.

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 ---aka.joseph on 7/9/10
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Rob4him-understood-and agree.
Amen and blessing to you also.
---char on 7/22/10

aka.joseph on 7/19/10 and Ernest 1 on 7/20/10

Well stated-blessings to you both.
---char on 7/20/10

Differences among bloggers? Of course! 1 Peter 3:15 actually tells us to "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear." While Christians share the basic teachings of a crucified and risen Saviour and His saving grace, there are still many differences and shades of this "hope". Our challenge is for our blogs to be given in "meekness and fear" - when we are sure we know the Biblical truth in question and we are worried some struggling seeker may be being deceived or mislead. The desire to lovingly save them can be frustrating if not painful!
---Ernest_1 on 7/20/10

char ... but out of possible ridicule and certain debate, I choose to stay in my borrowed little space here and learn what I can.

Keep up the good fight!
---aka.joseph on 7/19/10

I think that what I have learnt here is that there are more and greater differences between the different denominations than I had previously realised.

However, I realise that there is still far more that unites those denominations than divides them.

I note Rod4Him's comment about differences leading to heated debate. And indeed he is right. There is a place for vigorous debate, even heated, but it is a pity when it is allowed to become acrimonious.

There are many many variations in our Christian belief ... & so we obviously can't all be right on all aspects! And it would be arrogant for any of us to claim that we exclusively are right. (except me, of course, I know I am always right!)
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/19/10


it is hard, in this format, on any site, to show true humility. if i would have said 'thank you' for the compliments that you gave me, someone here would jump on that.

there are few people that will say 'i'm sorry' and their are fewer that will say 'my mistake'. until satan is chained, he will disrupt anything to discourage us and keep us from the truth.

we have come into a world that has been deceived for at least thousands of years...(no debate please). it was already well deceived. truth that we know is much smaller than we think. that is why we need a savior based on grace.
you are very knowledgeable. I have had many questions for you specifically...
---aka.joseph on 7/19/10

char, there are some people of the type you describe here. However, the majority seem to relish a debate. There is a time for discussing fine facets of definitions, but differences do seem to degenerate into heated debates. It seems many people can't agree to disagree and continue to seek the Lord in all humility, believing that the Spirit will lead each of us into deeper faith at different rates.
---Rod4Him on 7/19/10

My concern is with with the humbleness on this sight.
I was hoping to find fellowship with christians around the world.
Very little humble -if any- on this site.
Regardless of differences-I was hoping any agreement would be helpful for some kind of fellowship.
Even if it is just acknowledging the belief that God exist.
---char on 7/19/10

The Jehovah's Witnesses actually believe only 144,000 will go to heaven (one source tells us they already have a listing of names) whereas those that did not make the listing but satisfied the requirements of the Jehovah Witnesses beliefs will inherit a re-constituted earth.

This belief is much akin to the Mormon belief that only the very elite will go to the celestial heaven where they will progress to godhood while those who failed to get an A+ for their obedience will find themselves in one of the less glorious 2 heavens -the terrestrial, and telestial heavens. Of course, Joseph Smith will assist Jesus in making those decisions, so we need not worry about it.
---leej on 7/18/10

"old bloggers on ChristiaNet are actually computer literate mountain goats who come here strictly to butt heads."
Every person that post here now came after I did. I have seen the trend. Should we "old timers" allow false doctrine to come without any challenge? There is one here that has been involved in more than one cult and then sought a church that taught their views. Would you not challenge their false beliefs? I think you would have. So, I consider you a "Butt head" of the grandest sort.
---Elder on 7/18/10

1st Cliff,

I am wondering if you still have more to learn? If people should not go to heaven when they die, what do you think of the Watchtower teaching that their 144,000 class have been going to heaven since 1918 when they die? When Christ returns all the saved will be taken to heaven then - not before! This will include the "great crowd" who in Rev.19:1 are also seen in heaven singing a song of salvation because they have been redeemed from the earth! They also serve God day and night in His temple Rev.7:9-15.
---Ernest_1 on 7/18/10

I have learned plenty, How far off the track Christendom has wandered since year 33CE.
#1 Taking "hell fire" literally,instead of the illustration it was presented to be!
#2 Seeing God as multiple personality,triune deity replacing Deut.6.4 with fantasy!
#3 Believing the soul is immortal without biblical support Ez.18.4.
#4 All the "saved" ones will live in heaven (abandoning earth alltogether!)Eccl.1.4.
#5 God is in control of this chaotic planet!JN.18.36.
Etc. etc.. satan has done a fine job!!!
---1st_cliff on 7/17/10

My core beliefs have not changed. I have spent some time weeping over the people who believe in works, such as keeping themself right with God by their behavior or actions. Truth is their behavior gains them rewards not their salvation.

I would say since starting to post on this blog I have gained some respect for criticism, both mine of others and others of me.
---mima on 7/13/10

Lawrence Amen.
I changed plenty of churches, but nothing to do with this site, but I learned about God & the scriptures more on my own & found churches that taught that & not the trinty stuff. I gave up on mega churches who try to increase their "membership"roll & forget to teach about discipleship,this is why I am with a small congregation.I NEVER gave up hope or belief in God while changing churches, but opened my eyes on who he is & what his message means & that is what I am bringing here.Now some can agree or disagree.that's freewill, but I'm showing you what God shows me.
---candice on 7/13/10

I've Not learned anything. Why? Because most on here Are of the Man - made trin - relig's churches that came from here 2nd.Cor.4 v 4 & 11
v's 14 - 15. Those on here say things that tickles the peoples hearing for what they want to hear & that Is what they Are doing.

I do Not & will Not. I'm Not going to cheapen the Gospel for No one.
---Lawrence on 7/12/10

Aka, I've learned a lot since been on line. It's kept me searching the Scriptures day and night. Looking passages up, continuing to learn at a faster pase then not been on line. It's taught me that not many have any clue who the God of the Bible really is.
That the real reason they are on line is not for the Truth but for their denominational doctrines.
But understand that in order for them to know and except the real Truth, it has to be revealed by the Spirit. And the Spirit will not reveal the real Truth to everyone.
"Yet the Lord has not given you a heart to perceive and eyes to see and ears to hear, to this very day"
For it is God who is in control. If they don't have a heart to perceive it's because of God.
---Mark_V. on 7/12/10

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I believe that if our knowledge of God is not growing, then we are not growing in our faith.

How can we spend time in His Word, and in His presence in prayer, and with His People and not know Him better?

Its like not knowing your spouse better after 25 years of marriage.
---Mark_Eaton on 7/11/10

I remain in my Rock of truth.
---Eloy on 7/11/10

No way. Must guard diligently. I do not, never, ever, want what the wicked man has to rub off on me or work its way inside of me....PLEASE. MUST STAY IN PRAYER.
---catherine on 7/11/10

F Blogger, you have typed a handful! Hilarious.

Cluny, I have learned many things in my lifetime, and the things written here are helping me tie up a lot of loose ends. I was really curious about others.

Lawrence - if one needs to, they should.

Donna and Bill - Amen!
---aka.joseph on 7/11/10

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I would say my beliefs have not changed, but I see more that I need to have compassion with what I believe, instead of criticizing people who I consider to be wrong.

It's not about me, but the unity
of the Holy Spirit and Calvary's tree.

One is limited only
by one's own stupidity.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/10/10

joseph - no. I haven't changed my beliefs in God Our Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit who is a HE, not IT.

This board has been a wonderful tool for discussion and bible study for me. I have learned new things here, but not changed my beliefs, doctrines but maybe my approach to some things.
---Donna5535 on 7/10/10

No, there's no reason to.
---Lawrence on 7/10/10

Proverbs does not say "get doctrine, beliefs, or approach".

Proverbs says "Get UNDERSTANDING" an auto mechanic UNDERSTANDS why and how the engine functions.

It is only CONFORMITY that is gained from those who "teach".

If you seek "doctrine, beliefs, or approach", that is all you will find, but if you seek wisdom, "Get UNDERSTANDING" (seek and you shall find, you get what you seek).

God does not wish us to "conform", but wants the gift of a real 'living breathing soul' (a 'SELF'). Understand God and His ways, understand His desires/will....

Ephesians 5:17
"Therefore do not be foolish, but UNDERSTAND what the will of the Lord is".
---more_excellent_way on 7/10/10

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I don't think that it is necessary because of these blogs.

However, joseph, haven't YOU learned something in the last few years that has led you to modify your views on some things?
---Cluny on 7/9/10

You half to understand that the old bloggers on ChristiaNet are actually computer literate mountain goats who come here strictly to butt heads.
---Friendly_Blogger on 7/10/10

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