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BP Apocalyptic Scenarios

Since the BP well has been capped and no more oil is coming out of it, how does the Gulf oil spill now fit into various posters' apocalyptic scenarios?

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 ---Cluny on 7/17/10
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\\Cluny, the found a leak as of this morning, Monday, July 19th..not sure what time, but they found a leak.
---anon on 7/19/10\\

Last I heard this afternoon, it was a gas leaking, not oil.
---Cluny on 7/19/10

It doesn't. This too shall pass.
---Rod4Him on 7/19/10

Cluny, the found a leak as of this morning, Monday, July 19th..not sure what time, but they found a leak.
---anon on 7/19/10

I remember at the turn of the millenium how many people I knew some believers agonized over the issues of how civilization might stop working for various reasons,among them a lifelong fellow christian ,and one of my younger brothers who went out and stored enough stuff to feed themselves for decades,they borrowed and spent thousands of dollars,many thousands.when the end comes why would anyone think they can change or stop it?
---tom2 on 7/19/10

Revelation 11:18 speaks of "those who destroy the earth." This oil thing could be included in what people do to "destroy the earth". But there are plenty of other things, including by weapons of war, and car exhaust, etc., by people who do not need to drive as much, and alone in a car, when they could drive with someone else, but they can't share with other people but are too independent. And cow gas contributes, I understand, a lot of the pollution to the atmosphere. But the media and certain people have their reasons to emphasize the oil spill.

Jesus says the end times will involve wars, earthquakes, pestilences . . . Matthew 24:4-12, not just some one problem with an oil spill, I would say.
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/18/10

The general belief that we will be able to see end time prophecy start to work itself out is a belief that disregards PATIENCE. It is a REASONABLE speculation that this oil spill could have something to do with Rev. 8:12 and that a 'volcanic winter' from ash fallout could contribute to that, BUT, that's a big 'maybe'.

It is obvious that the U.S. government has wanted martial law for a long time and also wants a NEW WORLD ORDER (search words "Denver Airport secrets of NWO"). I have never been a student of prophecy, but, offhand, I know of no specific scriptural support for any of these facts.
---more_excellent_way on 7/18/10

The international front is a DISASTER. Iran, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea, and South Korea are preparing/anxious to go to war with each other. The U.S. just sent 7,000 troops to Costa Rica and Gen. Mchrystal wants 5 HUNDRED thousand troops in Afganistan over the next 5 years. How good an idea is martial law when American soldiers fight for freedom? THAT IS WHY the government is unsure whether they will institute martial law.

The U.S. is experiencing a shortage of soldiers fit for battle (look up an article called "Thousands of Soldiers Unfit for War Duty". Where would the manpower for the battlefield come from if there was martial law? The 'power elite' really haven't thought this out very well, have they?
---more_excellent_way on 7/18/10

it's another aggregate...another legacy...another smokescreen...another chance to see how arrogance can lead to more deception
---aka.joseph on 7/18/10

The 500 pound bomb found at Orange Beach, Alabama July 6, 2010 might have been part of the munitions dumping (bombs, tear gas, etc.) that the military has done at sea and all over the world, or it could simply have been floating since WWII, but the first storm will likely wash up more bombs.

If BP was so confident, they would not have a backup plan (the "OMEGA Plan") to use an 'explosively pumped flux compression generator' (EPFCG...small nuke) to seal the sea floor (look up both on the internet).

Revelation 8:12 may be the BEGINNING now, but ash fallout from Iceland and other volcanos will also contribute in the future.
---more_excellent_way on 7/18/10

"I think that the question now is: "Have we learned what we should have learned?" from the BP oil spill."
Sag on 7/17/10
Respectivly, Sag, What do you think we should have learned?
I think one of the things we need to learn is that if Government had not put so many restrictions on drilling this megga spill would not have happened. To drill or work a mile under water with the intence pressures doesn't make sence. Not allowing other countries to help clean the spill was irresponsible and uncaring.
An accident like this on land could have been contained very quickly.
Big and bigger government "eats" too much. One day people will "learn" this.
---Elder on 7/18/10

I'm not sure how a spill in the smallest of Oceans affects the rebuilding of the Temple, the rising anti-Christ from the EU, Gog or Magog.

Anyway, the West was insignificant during creation, the life of Christ, the birth of the church, and the writing of the gospels. North America isn't even home to the most Christians.

No reason to believe that we've got a sudden wind of significance when we are no where in scripture.

It won't mean a thing brother Cluny, but it probably won't stop the chicken little scenarios from the wing nuts and cultists.
The Watchtower folks are still explaining why their prediction of a second coming in 1975 was wrong-again.
---larry on 7/18/10

We shouldn't be so anxious to believe the reports that come from the news media and the government. There are other broken pipes and leaks through the seafloor. The stability of everything in the storms that are coming (18-21) and the pressure build up adds to continued worry.

Many times, it seemed sure that martial law would be declared soon, but, with close scrutiny, you can see that there were so many international events (wars, nukes, etc.) DAILY that plans have been postponed contiuously every day.

The Lord never said the "disaster" will happen NOW (might happen next year, or two, etc.).
---more_excellent_way on 7/18/10


I don't think that this "incident" has much, if any, Biblical significance. For a short time, I thought that the other posters had some interesting questions, though.

If anything, the BP oil spill clearly shows that "nobody's perfect". All human beings make mistakes. While drilling oil wells, designing the iPhone 4, performing medical procedures, designing buildings, constructing roads, economic policies, etc. etc.

I think that the question now is: "Have we learned what we should have learned?" from the BP oil spill.
---Sag on 7/17/10

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