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Divisions In Heaven

The word, "denomination" means division. Here's a question to ponder: Will there be divisions in heaven since men in their infinite wisdom believe it to be acceptable here on earth? The apostle Paul once asked the question, "is Christ divided?"

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 ---Wayne on 7/27/10
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Someone once said about denominational tags:
If you go to Heaven they will fall off.
If you go to Hell they will burn off.
---Bruce5656 on 7/29/10

///The apostle Paul once asked the Question, "is Christ divided?"

Since the Ascended Christ "revealed" to Paul the one true church, the Body of Christ, we should leave the man-made denominations alone.
---michael_e on 7/29/10

Char - You are CORRECT. The Word of God (a.k.a. Jesus Christ) will divide the real from the fake, the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats. Jesus said you are either for Me or against Me - that draws a line in the sand right there. If you are wanting one foot in God and the other foot in the world, you are totally for Satan and NOT Jesus. However, when it comes to denominations, Jesus is totally AGAINST this. Denominations are something people created to divide themselves from God and His true body.
---Leslie on 7/29/10

---Leslie on 7/27/10
The Word of God will divide and separate from the word the adversary brings instead.
This works with the flesh-carnal mind.
Phil 2
If[there be] therefore any consolation in Christ,if any comfort of love,if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies, Fulfil ye my joy,that ye be likeminded, having the same love[being] of one accord, of one mind. [Let nothing be done] through strife of vainglory...
Jn 10:10
The thief cometh not,but for to steal, kill, and destroy, I am come that they might have life...
Praise God for His mercy and grace.
Luke 24:45-47
---char on 7/29/10

Any crowns that are given out should be laid at Jesus' feet! He's the one who did it all for us. Thank you Lord for sending your Son that through His sacrifice we might be saved!
---KarenD on 7/29/10

Cluny, I guess with your answer you are talking about your own denomination that split from the Roman Catholic Church. Is that right? Neither of which will be in heaven anyway. No sin in heaven Cluny, and those denominations have many sins.

Donna is correct, even if athiest wants to make a mockery of the Word of God. Every single believer will receive different rewards for what they have done while Christians. There will be no jealousy, or envy in heaven. No Catholics, Eastern orthodax, pentacostals, baptist, but all will be one in body. All for one purpose only, to glorify Christ. No more arguing, doctrines that divide, molesters or unforgiven sinners in heaven with Christ.
---MarkV. on 7/28/10

athiest, there are no losers in Heaven!!!

Second, I'm sorry you are so sarcastic and don't believe, but I bet if you invite Jesus into your heart to be Lord and Savior of your life, you'd get a crown too.

The crowns are based on rewards and I'm not sure who gets what for what. I just know I don't think I'm getting one because I'm not an evangelist, I am more for when people come into God's Kingdom and are broken-hearted. Then I can care for them, walk with them through their brokenness until they heal.

athiest, I think you are fighting this because you know there's a calling on your life to be one of God's biggest Evangelists!!!
---Donna5535 on 7/28/10

It sounds like your promoting the 1 world church. First the trin rcc then ( not in correct order ) bapt, muslams, naz, hindu, islam, presby, method etc will be neighbors in heaven.
NOT so.

The One God Jesus name Church of The Living God, Acts 2 v 37 - 41, The same as the early Church. We are are the ones that is hated by mankind for Jesus name & Truth's sake. One God & He has just One salvation plan & One Church. The devil hates us because of The Truth.

The devil with the Man - mades has churches & salv plans. The Man - mades in the top paragraph do Not apply.
---Lawrence on 7/28/10

The Nazarene denomination is still applied to Christians today in Palestine. Denominations in Acts: "But there rose up certain of the denomination of the Pharisees...And when Paul perceived that the one denomination were Sadducees, and the other Pharisees, he cried out in the council...For we have found this man pestilent, and a creator of dissension among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the denomination of the Nazarenes. Which knew me from the beginning, if they would testify, that after the most strictest denomination of our religion I lived a Pharisee. But we desire to hear of you what you think for as concerning this denomination, we know that every where it is spoken against." Acts 15:5+ 23:6+ 24:5+ 26:5.
---Eloy on 7/27/10

i do suspect that there will be some none theolological division in new earth.
I suspect that we shall be divided by choice and by nations.

I am willing to be wrong on this.
---francis on 7/27/10

Now there are crowns given out for rewards. We can talk about that if you want to.---Donna.


Are those rewards given out for good works on earth, and do they come with special priveleges making some more eternally special than others?

Or are there weekly "holier than thou" contests so everyone gets a chance to be special? Do losers get consolation prizes? Is there a three legged race for the more physical?
---atheist on 7/27/10

NO there will NOT be divisions or denominations in Heaven. This is a man-made thing, NOT something God ever intended. We as Christians MUST stop the division and denominationalism, and unite and get along. If you are a Baptist and hate Penetacostals, well then God might make sure that the Penetacostal you hate will be your next-door neighbor in Heaven. This is why we MUST unite and get along.
---Leslie on 7/27/10

Yes, personalities are not sacrificed in heaven, there are still various groupings of people, the openly extroverted with the openly extroverted, and the reserved introverted with the reserved introverted. But we are all one family, some are inclined to run and jump and play, and others are inclined to meditate quietly by the waters. And our one denomination in heaven is Jesus Christ our Lord God, which lightens the whole kingdom and each one of us.
---Eloy on 7/27/10

No, there won't be division nor demonination.

However, I did hear that some get Robes and some get Gowns.

I would think Jesus and King David and Moses and others get Gowns. The common folks/believers get Robes.

Now there are crowns given out for rewards. We can talk about that if you want to.

Men consider it acceptable here on earth because man's mind is CARNAL until it is renewed by the Word of God.
---Donna5535 on 7/27/10

Jesus told Nicodemus you must be born again. The only sure & sound salvation doctrine teaching Is, Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20. One God, One salvation teaching & One Church, & it's The Same today as the early Church.

The Man - made trin - relig - org's churches with their salv plans from here 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15 does NOT apply.
---Lawrence on 7/27/10

Yes, Wayne, there will be great big walls in Heaven to separate Christians. So, be very quiet so that the others don't know you are there!
---KarenD on 7/27/10

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No. there are no denominations in heaven or the new earth. All will be equal & worshiping God & his son Jesus.
---candice on 7/27/10

The denominations and divisions came from people leaving the original church because they refused to accept sound doctrine.
---Cluny on 7/27/10

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