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Playing Records Backwards

Have any of you heard satanic messages in popular songs when played backwards? Do you think it's real?

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 ---Kella8334 on 7/29/10
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\\I have a simple, child-like faith.\\

Dear Donna, child-like is not the same thing as childish.
---Cluny on 8/2/10

You may not have seen my posts where I will say, "the scholars on this board will be better at explaining this or that concept/truth."

I have a simple, child-like faith. I do what Abba Father tells me to do (forgive and it shall be forgiven, turn the other cheek, abstain from all forms of lust, etc.,) but the heavy duty prophecy stuff, the names of the caves David spent the night in, or the destruction of Israel and Judah, the HISTORY stuff, I'm not good at, that's why I refer to you as one of the scholars on this board and I look to you guys to explain the complicated historic stuff to me. So thank you for being gentle with me and my child-like faith.
---Donna5535 on 8/2/10

Cluny...I so agree with you. Like the huge temple that a certain "cult" is building in your area while people are going hungry and losing their jobs and homes.
---KarenD on 7/31/10

I'm glad you enjoy my posts, but I'm not really being humorous in my comment about the $69 hot dog and $1000 sundae.

Look up Ezekiel 16:49 and think about what really led to the destruction of the city, according to the Bible.

See a resemblance?
---Cluny on 7/30/10

Cluny, have I told you lately how much I enjoy your responses?

You really are letting us see another side to you (a humorous side) and I'm sooo thankful you came to this board. Just don't chew me out when I post something you don't agree with, be gentle with me as I am very sensitive (and you have been to me too).

I just LOVE your responses and this new sense of humor we are seeing! God Bless You Mightily Cluny!
---Donna5535 on 7/30/10

\\I believe satan will do anything to get to us, and I believe that this is possible.
---a_friend on 7/29/1\\

You mean getting people upset about backwards masking (as this is called)?

I agree. Satan tries to get us upset at silly stuff like that.

God is more likely to be wroth at a restaurant charging $69 for a hot dog stuffed with duck liver and truffles or a $1000 ice cream sundae with real edible 23K gold--and people actually buying these delicacies--while other people in the same city are starving to death than at backwards masking!

Jesus is not going to ask us if we caught messages by playing records backwards. He's going to ask us if we fed the hungry--and woe betide those who give the wrong answer!
---Cluny on 7/29/10

You don't have to play heavy metal backwards to know that it is satanic music! Just listen to the words!
---KarenD on 7/29/10

I'm in complete agreement with you on that.

I've also learned that "good" music will make you feel closer to God, and "bad" music will make you feel sick.

You can listen with you ears, and feel with your stomach. The quality of music.
---Sag on 7/29/10

About the only thing you get when you play a tape of Wellington's Victory backwards is you get to hear Beethoven decomposing.

Playing music backwards is just a bunch of crazy unmusical sounds and nothing more than that. Get real people.
---Friendly_Blogger on 7/29/10

I believe satan will do anything to get to us, and I believe that this is possible.
---a_friend on 7/29/10

Kella: An often used trick of the devil is to get us to waste our precious, God-given, time on foolishness/nonsense. For your soul's sake please read Ps. 1, Phil. 4:8.
---Leon on 7/29/10

it is just music & if played backwards you can scratch the record. I dislike heavymetal & rap (any form) ,but it is just music made by people, just like Country music, easy listening, classical etc...MADE BY PEOPLE!
I think that people should quit believing in everything superstisious & start focusing on God. Satan, or the adversary has other things to do then speak through a record player!
---candice on 7/29/10

You don't have to play heavy metal backwards to know that it is satanic music! Just listen to the words!
---KarenD on 7/29/10

My ex-husband was into heavy metal music and played a record backwards and I got really scared and made him STOP.

Yes, I think it's real and I think it's done on purpose. You need those curses broken off of you if you've listened to it alot. Did it go into your spirit?

I heard it for myself. No wonder why my husband wrote in his diary that he was being tormented. The police ended up taking him out of our house for reasons of Domestic Violence (beating me up the last 8 months of our marriage). He to this day is STILL messed up and I've been divorced since 2001.
---Donna5535 on 7/29/10

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