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Concerned About The Future

Is anyone concerned about the future? I am thinking of stockpiling some food, water, T.P... for the future. I am concerned about the economy of our country and the world economy... Jim

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 ---Jim on 8/8/10
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Jim, I just posted a similiar question... I am a Christian and do not have "faith" in our government. they are taxing and spending us to death, violence, race wars (they will start), the weather, muslim situation, illegals etc. I am considering emergency rations/ideas for my family. And yes, I do trust the Lord.
---Jim on 3/3/12

A man was told a flood was coming, but he refused to leave his home because he said, "The Lord will save me." The waters rose as predicted, so someone in a boat came for him, but he refused help believing the Lord would save him. Forced to his roof, a helicopter came to rescue him, but he again refused help, saying yet again, "The Lord will save me." The man drowned and when he saw the Lord he asked Him, "Why didn't you save me?" The Lord replied, "I sent three people to help you, but you refused their help." :) Praying and trusting in the Lord, yes, but we also need to listen to the Lord to see what He wants us to do to help turn our Country back to Him and not just sit on our pews.
---Sue on 1/31/12

God knows the appointed time, & it's one day at a time till we get there.
---Lawrence on 9/7/10

"Do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough evils of its own" AMEN.
---catherine on 9/6/10

I am concerned about the future of my children. My primary focus is to teach them to "do the right thing" and to give them a good education.

My kids attended a Christian school until a year ago. As my husband and I could no longer afford private school and anticipated economic issues for several years, we moved from Los Angeles, (not the best public school system), to Ventura County.

Although there are many things we miss, we have found the public school system in Ventura County to be very good. I am still concerned about the current economic climate, but I am more concerned about the future of America's middle class, the future of our children.
---Chris on 9/5/10

1st_cliff: "It doesn't rain Manna anymore!"

You are of little faith. Just because it doesn't happen to you, and you believe it couldn't happen to you, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. This goes to show you that you have knowledge of God, but deny his power.
---Steveng on 8/10/10

I think it all boils down to using the "spirit of a sound mind"
Sit back and say God will supply all my needs is a road to Welfare" and "Social Assistance"
It doesn't rain Manna anymore!
30,000 children die each day from hunger related causes and they are not all pagans!
Be thankful that you live in a generous country!
---1st_cliff on 8/10/10

Personally I trust the instructions of Jesus.
"Do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?'I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."
Your Father knows what you have need of, and He will supply those needs. The believer, by faith, "will not be afraid of evil tidings, His heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD."
---joseph on 8/10/10

Psalm 91 is what the Lord showed me to memorize and have it ingrained into your spirit, mind and soul.

We will need to live by Psalm 91 - start memorizing it now and buy a couple of extra large pots and buckets.

We are going to have to put our bucket outside for rain water and our pots to believe God for our food - I ordered Lamb Stew with carrots and kidding...whatever the Lord sends me, I'm sure it will be good.

Remember, he fed Elijah by Ravens and when they needed rain, Elijah prayed and it rained.
---Donna5535 on 8/10/10

I must confess, that I am tempted into some of this. However, God, I feel, is not very big in this....Trust, however, is a very big thing to God,. He rather that we just trust Him, in whatever.
---catherine on 8/10/10

There is a huge difference between treasures (as in material things such as gold) and storing food which are for weak christians. Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," "comfort," and "encourag" because living a christian life is a 24/7 lifestyle not a once a week pep talk dished out by denominational "churches" who weaken the christian.

On the other hand, strong christians rely on God the Father for their everyday needs - not worrying about what tomorrow will bring, what food they shall eat, and what clothes they shall wear. They have their complete trust in God the Father and Jesus the Christ. Put on your whole armor of God for the tribulation is upon us.
---Steveng on 8/9/10

I don't have to be "concerned" about the future, because the God whom I serve has promised to supply my every need. I know He has never broken one of His promises, and He never will. I can say that even though I am presently unemployed, and have been since Nov., 2009. God is good ALL THE TIME.
---tommy3007 on 8/9/10

in the floods in TN, some stockpiles floated and some sank and did not help the afflicted who stockpiled. however, the goodness of the people fed, clothed, and cleaned the afflicted.
---aka on 8/9/10

I am going to do as God has instructed christians to do. Watch,fight,pray. Make sure I am right with the Lord. You sound like you need to be saved. Begin reading your bible and following God's instructions and you won't be worried about such things. My future is with Jesus Christ. If things are well with your soul, you should have nothing to fear. Read Psalm 56, 2Timothy 1:7, Isaiah 41:10. Once you learn to put your trust in God, you will no longer be afraid of what the future holds or what may come against you. I am standing to the end, with the help of Jesus. And I will not be afraid! I would advise you today--if you have not,accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. We as christians have no reason to fear. God is on our side! Glory to Jesus!
---Robyn on 8/9/10

I agree with all three answers below this post.
---mima on 8/9/10

People who actually plan for contingencies with stockpiled resources will become targets of those who do not plan.

Are you prepared and have the resolve to defend your assets from looters or worse.

Remember preemption is always better then responding to a problem.
---Friendly_Blogger on 8/9/10

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Jim, you might like to read and consider Matthew 6:19-21 before you start stockpiling. Just a thought....
---ger.toshav on 8/8/10

Jim,Problem with stock piling food and water is..If you're the only one in the neighborhood with these items in a desperate situation,you will be a target!
If you do "stock pile, don't tell a soul!IMHO.
---1st_cliff on 8/9/10

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