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Having End Time Dreams

I have been having dreams about world events my whole life I dreamed about 9-11, floods around the world and now I am having world changing event dreams that will effect everyone, I feel so alone because I can't talk about it.

Moderator - OK Troy talk about it. Anybody else having this?

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 ---Troy on 8/21/10
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I have dreamed of the seconds before the Rapture a few times (hearing a trumpet-like sound, clouds rollings back, etc.).
---Lisa on 10/8/10

Yes!!!! People around the world are having dreams of the dramatic events that will soon take place. Are you a lucid dreamer? My wife dreams of the future. God is revealing many things to me in dreams. I believe that as the events get closer to us in time, we will have dreams. There is a rise in our awareness and the veil that sepharates the spiritual from the physical is thining. The gift of dreaming is a prophetic gift. Ask God to reveal to you things that you select.
You will find that God will give you awnsers in your dreams. I challenge your to ask God for a specfic request. Email us and tell us some of your dreams.
---White_Knight on 10/7/10

Layla "Anyone else getting this? Always having this scary tsunami nightmares."

I too had a Tsunami dream....I dreamt the Lord had me preaching salvation to everyone in my path and then all of sudden darkness came and we were swallowed up in a lake of water. Many drowned because of fear but I was raptured out of the water bec I called on Him to receive my spirit and He did!

Also might add that I had dreams about the Antichrist to come. He's secretly being trained as the "mystery of iniquity" 2Thes 2:5. What's startling about all this is that satan introduced him to the world 10 yrs ago but many missed it. He's now 16 and
becoming strong with a small people, Dan his resurgence next few year.
---sandrad67 on 10/2/10

Perhaps my dream was about the War about to errupt with Iran, messing with the quran is a War needed by the world powers to reduce the population, save the rich and fittest is their aim, they got away with blaming 911 on the Asians, prepare for war.
---Carla on 9/10/10

Yes, I just googled this subject. I feel so alone because if you tell people they they think your crazy. I have seen everything from floods, tornados, planets shifting, plans crashing, massive car pile ups and trains derailing, all at one time. I have had these all my life I can remember dreams from early ages before I even remember being me.
---Troy_Smith on 9/9/10

had a dream. wasn't reading the bible at that time. But I recorded it in a journal I nvr write in nemore. Synopsis: some ppl I knew and myself were instructed to fill out forms to identify our beliefs/faith. I checked the "born-again" box. ("Christian" was also a choice) after I checked it, the ppl began revealing thngs done in my past. I ran outside. some security guards were watching my every move on monitors. I ran into the subway and someone attacked me. I asked a cop for help but he turned on me. And arrested me and the others who had checked "born-again." they say if God is speaking, confirmation is in the bible. So I searched.
---Kaylynn_McBlack on 8/30/10

Having disturbing dreams of things to comeMassive asteroid ripped part of the moon off, which then headed to earth. this was announced on TV with hardly any notice to prevent chaos panic. I was on a large ship. There was a huge wall of sea (high tsunami) approaching. There were many other large ships in the ocean, anticipating this huge Tsunami caused by the hit. Scripture opened up- the Earth would undergo huge change due to moon bleeding fire, blocking out the sun on its journey (hence sun not showing her light). Date of importance Sat 19th June (I looked it up, Asteroid Apophis discovered on this date in 2004). Anyone else getting this? Always having this scary tsunami nightmares.
---LAYLA on 8/26/10

"i feel so alone because I can't talk about it."
Troy you are never alone, the Father is always present. Talk to Him, ask Him what He would have you do with the dreams, and then trust and act upon the answer that 'you' believe you receive from Him.
---josef on 8/24/10

Job [7:14] knew the difference between those dreams that are in the temporal: As a dream comes when there are many cares..., and those that are from God, as Elihu said: [God speaks] In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds.... And God is not reserved on getting us to recognise the difference [Psalm 73:20 As a dream when one awakes, so when you arise, O Lord, you will despise them as fantasies.]! If I were to know the difference, I'd say the God-sent dreams are more lucid, terrifying, and troubling - for months. So Troy, rather then revealing those dreams already fulfilled, please submit those of your dreams that "have not come to pass" yet?
---John_II on 8/24/10

Does it seem strange how many people claim to have had dreams of an event after the event? Those who have been in many different false doctrine churches will claim dreams are helping their walk with Jesus. Then what is the purpose of the written word of God? Maybe they should throw their Bible away, or they have.
In the Bible the dreamers gave the message to others. The dreams came to pass 100% of the time and 100% accurate. Today dreamers are self-serving.
Pizza after 9pm causes dreams also.
PS. If you are getting your spiritually from dreams maybe you should stay asleep....
---Elder on 8/24/10

\\Cluny I know what dreams are from God & what are not\\

Do you?

What are your criteria? How do you tell the difference?
---Cluny on 8/23/10

Cluny I know what dreams are from God & what are not. I just told you on overview of it, not the details which I will not tell about. this is between myself & God. I know I have a gift from him, but learning to handle it takes time. Do not laugh off dreams that are from GOd & call them something different, you do not know the individuals having the dreams. Some of them can be psycological others are not.
---candice on 8/23/10

\\I'm not someone that has dreams but last Fri I dreamt that My mother and I was in my kitchen\\

Et reliqua.

Sounds like a typical "falling dream" to me. Nothing especially spiritual about it at all.
---Cluny on 8/23/10

\\Troy sometimes we question why God is showing us this\\

But is it really God showing you all this this?

That has yet to be determined for certain, not simply taken as axiomatic.
---Cluny on 8/22/10

I'm not someone that has dreams but last Fri I dreamt that My mother and I was in my kitchen and suddenly a thunder cloud came down in the back garden lightening and all. As I let down the curtain I screamed '' Mum run'' realising it was fatal I shouted ''we're dead'' Then the whole floor opened up and we were falling through the atmosphere. I turned to mum and and told her to hold on to me, realising that we were both going from life to death and that transition was taking place I was breathless yet conscious that something was happening inside, I felt my spirit transform from moral to immortal. and grabbed mum around the waist, my breastbone snap and thought at least we died together and woke as I said we have entered eternity.
---Carla on 8/22/10

I awoke and the first thing I saw was my baby daughter and wondered why the dream was about my mum and not her, I quickly lifted the curtain and thought thank God it's a dream it was a sunny exactly like in my dream still had this wearied transitional thing going on in my chest. Composed myself wondering if I should wake my husband but couldn't move until this feeling stopped. Then it hit me as it was fresh in my mind,and wondered if mum was all right and was tempted to ring her 7:17am that morning. Then I had a massive panic attack and had to wait for that to calm down totally different from the other feeling I experienced. I don't have a clue what that was all about, It scares me now just thinking about it?????
---Carla on 8/22/10

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The early Christian writers (first 8 centuries or so) all say that for the most part our dreams are meaningless.

Consider the Bible itself.

It covers some 4,000 years of human history, yet there are fewer than a dozen dreams in it of any spiritual significance.

What does that tell you?
---Cluny on 8/22/10

Floods round the world are nothing new.

There have been plagues which devastated the populations of whole continents

There have been brutal dictators conducting great atrocities

Nature has not got any harsher, nor man any wickeder

Did you really dream about 9/11 ... in what detail?
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/22/10

Troy sometimes we question why God is showing us this. I've had dreams like this as well, but with astroids colliding in the earth,and not just small ones. Volcanoes going off in my city & I'm in Austin,TX! Caos going on. What we face is people laughing at us. I got visions of Jesus back in 2003 & 2004,3 seperate dreams & he was as clear as a person standing in front of me,but those dreams were, and are personal.Helping my walk with him, so those saying I can't see Jesus until the ressurection doesn't know about my experiance. So please share, but cautionly,and don't take each persons response here seriously because some will understand,others won't.
---candice on 8/22/10

Troy...Why can't you talk about it?
---KarenD on 8/21/10

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