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Can Women Be Bishops

I know women can Pastor. Can they be a Bishop?

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 ---Tonya on 8/26/10
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strongax, typing carelessly or having electronics not display properly is no moral sin, just as a computer not working properly or even choosing a particular color of clothing to wear is no moral sin. Peter's ministry was to the Jews, and Paul's ministry was to the Gentiles. Paul did not like how Peter was neglecting the Gentiles whenever the Jews were present, so Paul was pointing out to Peter that he should respect equally the Gentiles as the Jews. So your misjudgment of the saints of God is sin: for scripture says the righteous are all righteous, and the sinner is all sinuous: either a person is a sinless saint, or else a spotted sinner, either a sheep or a goat, a wheat or a tare, and no mixing of holiness and unholiness.
---Eloy on 9/8/10


Despite your all-black-and-white view of people, reality isn't generally like that. Most people don't speak all truth or all error. Even saints make mistakes (remember how Paul rebuked Peter) and even the most deluded know two plus two is four. Usually, some things that people say are true, while others are not. For example, I would trust things Carl Sagan says about astronomy, but not about theology.

I have often seen you make spelling and grammar errors but don't accuse you of error on that account (I know I do the same thing, and so do most people here). There are also many people on these blogs that often say wacky and deluded things, but sometimes also make valid points.
---StrongAxe on 9/7/10

\\So, Cluny I am assuming based upon your sarcasm that if your wife came to you and said :Honey, God has called me to minister to women to help bring them to God"\\

Please notice what I said, ginger.

I said that women were NOT called by God to be Bishops or Presbyters.

I said NOTHING about Deaconesses.

And I also noticed that it's strange that so many people think they see things the way God sees them, when He Himself said He doesn't even THINK like we do. I stick by that.
---Cluny on 9/7/10

//People are changing things in the Bible because they don't want to accept that the Bible is the word of God. //

THEREFORE, if the Civil War were about abolishing slavery (which it was not), then siding with the Blue coats was anti-Biblical.

... ... ... ...

If a my child fell in well, ginger and a few others here could save him/her. i know they would also feed them.

a few men/women, through the power of the Holy Spirit, lead others to the Truth...many men/women use the Truth to lead others astray.
---aka on 9/7/10

ginger, yes all saved Christians are called to share their personal faith which is evangelism. The woman was made for the man, the man was never made for the woman. The man is the head of the woman, the woman is not the head of the man. Woman, created to be the weaker vessel for the helpermate to company for the man are not to lead the man, nor are they permitted to pastor the church, for that is sin disobeying and defying God's order. As for the woman's functions inside the church, they may do alot of things, play musical instruments and singing, lead the younger girls into godly living, organize fund-raising events and pot-lucks, make housecalls to the housebound, make food and clothes for those in need, and other positions of help.
---Eloy on 9/7/10

So, Cluny I am assuming based upon your sarcasm that if your wife came to you and said :Honey, God has called me to minister to women to help bring them to God"

You would simply say "no" because you think a woman can't do that or that God would not call women to minister and teach other women?
God's word says for the older (mature in spirit) women to do this.
God HAS given his blessing and permission for women to do this but you would stand in the way of what God called your wife to do?
---ginger on 9/7/10

\\Mary, in God's eyes, blessing and permission are the same thing.\\

It's strange how many people know how things look in God's eyes.

I myself would never presume.
---Cluny on 9/7/10

Mary, in God's eyes, blessing and permission are the same thing. You must learn that women and men must be submissive to each other in a marriage. That means man has his role and woman has hers and both answer to God. This does not change the fact that man is the head of woman. That is a biblical truth you must accept.
---ginger on 9/7/10

\\True women of God can be anything that God calls them into. \\

But God doesn't call women to be bishops or presbyters, catherine.

That's the point.

I will also add that no Orthodox bishop will ordain a married man without the permission of his wife, which usually must be tendered in written form.
---Cluny on 9/7/10

How about having the "blessing" of her husband--not his "permission" :)
---Mary on 9/7/10

Thank you Eloy for that insiteful post brother.
I have a question,
are you saying that it is okay for a woman to evangelize, then,since there are differences in apostle and evangelist?
The woman at the well did exactly what you stated an evangelist does, the same as Mary when Jesus told her to go and tell the apostles that he had risen and she was a witness to it.
What positions would you say a woman can do in the body of Christ?
Of course if she is married she still must have the permission of her husband, regardless.
---ginger on 9/7/10

True women of God can be anything that God calls them into. There are many other Scriptures in light of the one that Paul wrote. Which I find most don't take the time to study.
---catherine on 9/6/10

The word "apostle" means much more than "to send a person" (from "a-" to + "post" send + "-le" a person), for every believer is sent to share the gosple: But the Greek word "apostle" more accurately means, "eye witness from Jesus" (from Gk: "opos" an eye + "teleo" perform), an "ambassador or official representative from Jesus": "apostle" customarily is reserved to mean "one of 12 men who were the contemporary disciples of Jesus" who were called and sent out two-by-two to propagate his gospel, and commonly it was an evangelist who seen Christ firsthand and was sent out as his emisarry to minister.
---Eloy on 9/5/10

interesting SIMPLE scriptures distorted - using examples of women two inspiring women perverting their ROLES to IMPLY women can LEAD a flock due to these women WHO DID NOT LEAD!!-Rhonda

1st Stop yelling at me.It is rude.
2nd I did not imply leading. If you had read my other posts, you would certainly see that.
God uses women all the time for every kind of situation depending on what needs to be done.
Don't you know it is sin to bear false witness, Rhonda?
Trying to stir up strife and cause people to get upset at me becuase you said I implied something when I did not?
---ginger on 9/5/10

The word "apostle" means "one sent". Did Jesus send Mary Magdalene to the disciples or did He not? He said, "Go tell...."
---LG3 on 9/4/10

Tell me, if the use of women was not part of God's plan, then why did God use these women?

interesting SIMPLE scriptures distorted - using examples of women two inspiring women perverting their ROLES to IMPLY women can LEAD a flock due to these women WHO DID NOT LEAD!!

Magdelene and Mother of Christ WERE NOT disciples or Apostles

further womens ROLES in OT are NOT same as ROLES given to women in the NT so VERY SIMPLE to comprehend seeing there are NO APOSTLES and not one women was CHOSEN by Christ to lead when he was physically present

truth in Holy Scripture is eternal and unchanging no matter how many times one tries to IMPLY or "believe it could mean" some such OTHER THING
---Rhonda on 9/4/10

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Eloy, it is not false. Just go look for yourself.
It says "wives" in the greek. We know this becasuse of the way it is worded. The men possess the women that means in the greek wives. If it were not written with the possessive then it would mean women.
There is nothing false about what I have posted.
I went and looked for myself. All I am asking is that you do the same.
Please stop saying I am false when you haven't even bothered to look.
---ginger on 9/4/10

ginger, you continue to post falsehood and wrongly call it truth, inspite of the clear evidence that I have posted citing the detailed word of God, which directly opposes your words.
---Eloy on 9/4/10

Ummm, JohnII, Eloy, and Carla, you guys and lady have really lost me.
I am not sure what you are talking about.
Eloy, I have spoken the truth. Please, brother go and read the origianl hebrew youyrself, you don't have to believe me. Read it for yourself, It is there.
Carla, I am not sure what you are talking about when you say anger. I have not spoken one angry word, sister.
JohnII, brother you are really out there. A call to arms? to women? I simply said that a woman can serve in the body of Christ.

I mean wow, ya'll I just don't know. I agree with you on the issue at hand but I am still the "bad and angry" person.
Okay. God bless you all.
---ginger on 9/3/10

ginger, inspite of what a person says, no one whom speaks lies has the truth in them.
---Eloy on 9/3/10

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Ginger, but you are rallying the women and giving out the call. If God is willing to call out a woman, then you don't need to worry about that, your human effort will only bring woe to the girl whom you incite into chasing a position of prominence in order to spite the 'bigots'. For a woman to speak in the church starts this: Judy Dench playing M in the current 007 movies - the only way she can get somewhere close to convincing is be man-like, that's not the Order. So our impressionable young ladies aspire, or feel pressured, to chase this model when they would fare better to the contrary: The most gentle and sensitive woman among you so sensitive and gentle that she would not venture to touch the ground with the sole of her foot.
---John_II on 9/3/10


You have an anger problem and and also a problem with obedience to scripture, I think that this conversation is going nowhere and the more you answer is the more angry you are getting.

I pray in all your seeking that you find a Christian counsellor that with be able to help you through with your anger issues in the mean time I must treat from dialogue with you on this subject.
---Carla on 9/3/10

Eloy, The light IS in me because I am a Christian. So, please stop saying things like that. Just because I disagree with you on a specific scripture deos not mean I am not Christian. The verses in Timothy do say women in Greek. Study properly and you will see that.
Carla, I DID look before I lept. I am not the one who believes women should not serve in the body of Christ at all, which you have stated very thoroughly I might add.
JohnII, I have no hidden agenda. The word of God is the word of God.
Just because women can't be bishops or pastors does not mean they can't serve God.
I simply listed a few out of hundreds that did serve God and were odedient to him.
We are to be obedient to God always first.
---ginger on 9/2/10

I said in extreme circumstances.
I did not say in general.
Again, Carla and Eloy, go back and read what I posted.
Carla, do you really thing God meant for women to be seen and not heard?
Eloy, do you?

If that is so true, then why did God use women at all?
Mary Magdelene, Mary Jesus' mother, Deborah, Esther.
Tell me, if the use of women was not part of God's plan, then why did God use these women?
Please answer the questions instead of bashing me to death.
God used women a lot. He does not expect us to sit back while men do ALL the work.
The blog asks can women be bishops, I plainly said NO. So, I am not sure what you 2's problem is with what I said.
---ginger on 9/2/10

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"I find none that should be pastors or overseers(bishops). These postions for men."
Posteed by me on 8/31/2010

John, here is my stance.
NO, women can't be bishops or pastors.
I think the reason why women covet these positions is because they are made to feel like these positions are higher than any a woman might serve in. Thats simply not true. ALL positions in the Body of Christ have equal importance to God. If we would just state that and stop putting men on a pedistal when they are in these postions, this would not happen.
Women are just as important as men even though they cannot serve in these specific postions.
The women I spoke about did serve God in a mighty way. And so can the women of today.
---ginger on 9/2/10

Ginger, you speak not the truth, for the light is not in you.
---Eloy on 9/2/10

On the contrary Ginger,

You go back and read what you wrote and why? your defence was all about women leading but that was not the question.

You fired up when there was NO offence intended and decided to post a defence in a direction which led the feminist to try prove women are used in different capacities that was not question. Hence my pointing out what the question was initially about Can a woman be a Bishop.

''Look before you leap''

We all have done this at some point, just read the answers first and then you won't answer in anger rather than in participation to the right question.

---Carla on 9/2/10

Ginger, you said in your response to the blog question, 'I am not saying yes or no' (though you have now yielded). Then you spoke of how Jesus appeared to the women first after His resurrection, then you sought for something in the 'wives/women' translation. Now you're not lukewarm, but you are on campaign - you're seeking an angle to an inroad. It's true that in the Spirit we are one in Christ Jesus, but while we are in the tents of these bodies we conform to His order. Jesus appeared to the women first because, as you should know, men need readying, even pricking, into action. It's a complementary system yes, but it's also to God's glory that she is to the glory of man [1 Corinthians 11:7] and not the decay to his bones [Proverbs 12:4].
---John_II on 9/2/10

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Excuse men everyone, where did I say I believed that women could be bishops or pastors?

As I recall I did not say that.
I said women can serve in the Body of Christ.
Please go back and read what I said before assuming.
Women are not sub people. We are equal to men in all ways and in God's eyes. We just cannot serve in these positions.
We can serve God in many many other ways. Just as Esther and Deborah did.
---ginger on 9/1/10

Eloy, brother, it does mean wives in this particular sense.
When look at the greek you must not just look at the word itself. You have to llok at HOW it is used.
In these particular verses you and I are talking about, women is used possesively, meaning they belonged to the men. That means wives.
A woman who is married can't do anything within the church body without permission from her head, her husband.
---ginger on 9/1/10


''that is all you are saying''.
Well this says a lot..... without a shread of biblical evidence that a WOMAN can indeed be a Bishop.

We live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God...... Not ginger!
---Carla on 9/1/10

\\Rhonda thats so true, a woman can be a deaconess with the permission of her husband.
---ginger on 8/31/10\\

AND if called by the Church. She just doesn't take this office on her own whim.
---Cluny on 8/31/10

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Ginger, again, you wrest the scriptures because you refuse God's order. The greek word "gynaiki" can be translated "woman" or "wife" according to its context, as is also the greek word "andros" can be translated "man" or "husband" according to its context. Therefore retaining the context of the passage, we know that the word is speaking of the gender, and not the marriage: for marriage is not the subject of the passage, but the whole passage instructs the woman to properly listen to the man and not to usurp authority over the man as the ungodly do. And the word cannot mean only wives, because then there would also be a complimentary instruction for the husband.
---Eloy on 8/31/10

Actually Micha, Esther approached the king unsummoned. That brought the price of death.
She did this with permission from God. To save her people.
In extreme circumstances, God will call whom ever he chooses to do what needs to be done.
Deborah was a judge, sis. This brought with it power and leadership. She was also a prophetess for God.
Mary brought the news of Christ's resurrection.
Lets not belittle the awesome things women have done in service/obedience to God.
I find none that should be pastors or overseers(bishops). These postions for men.
Im still trying to figure out why the positions of women are belittled when they are equal in service in the eyes of God.
We are equal although different.
---ginger on 8/31/10

A bishop is the same as an overseer. I don't see why a woman would want to be that or a pastor.
There are plenty of other jobs in the body of Christ that are just as important. Like I said, women should stop thinking that a pastor, bishop, or any other positions is more important than the other positions that a woman can hold in the body of Christ. All positions are EQUAL in the body of Christ. Just because she can't be a bishop doesn't make a woman's postion less important. If you have the calling, be a women's minister. Help lead other women to Christ.
Theres no BIG "I's" and little "u's" in the body of Christ.

Rhonda thats so true, a woman can be a deaconess with the permission of her husband.
---ginger on 8/31/10

Deborah and Esther were not leaders of their people. However, they were role models.
Barak and Mordecai had their roles in authority.
You may question this, but it is Barak who is mentioned in the faith chapter of Hebrews not Deborah and there is nothing Esther did without permission of the king or in coordination with Mordecai.
Judges 5:12 Awake, awake, Deborah: awake, awake, utter a song: arise, Barak, and lead thy captivity captive, thou son of Abinoam.
Hebrews 11:32 And what shall I more say? for the time would fail me to tell of Gedeon, and [of] Barak, and [of] Samson, and [of] Jephthae, [of] David also, and Samuel, and [of] the prophets:
---micha9344 on 8/31/10

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women can not pastor there are no scriptures that imply this idea

there are no examples of women bishops in NT and the deaconesses performed their duties WITH their husbands

I'm surprised so many in religious christianity are so easily duped by their smooth talking ministers

Christ was VERY CLEAR or did you not comprehend Christ had not one female Apostle?

READ Gods Holy Word rather than clinging to the words of LYING false ministers of the world 2Corin 4:4

the instructions for leading the flock are GIVEN ONLY to MEN

only those who prefer their way OVER Gods way dismiss Holy Scripture and follow their own traditions of men choosing to IGNORE the very words of Christ
---Rhonda on 8/30/10

If a man is not doing his job, then God is going to call a woman to do it until a man can be found that will do God's will.
There are positions in the Body of Christ that women can fulfill.
Maybe not bishop but many other just as important jobs.
I get sick and tired of people thinking that one postion is more important than the others. That is just simply not truth.
a bishop is no better than one in the congregation that prays for others, that heals, prophecies. When did the church become a hierarchy?
God does not do that and we should not either. That is all I am saying.
---ginger on 8/30/10

And so women can be bishops?

Where, when, and How?

Not in OLD/NEW Testament.

Who is arguing women cannot be used, why stress the unstressed. No one said a woman cannot be used within ministry.

The Question said Can A Woman be a Bishop.

The bible said IF a man desire's the work of a bishop.

what's the use of men in the church if everything a man can do a woman has to prove she is also able?

Disobedient, truce breakers, revilers,wolves in sheep's clothing, false prophets, lovers of themselves,in stead of lovers of God.....
---Carla on 8/30/10

Something just came to me while I pondered upon this question.
NONE are leading in the Body of Christ except Christ.
There are no big "I's" and little "u's" in the BODY of Christ. We who believe ARE his body and we are to obey what the head tells us to do. The head is Christ.

if Christ had meant that women be silent all the time, he wouldnt have used women to tell the Apostles that he had risen from the dead.
The most significant event in the Bible.
Christ was the first fruits.
Why use women as THE mouth pieces if women meant nothing and were meant to be silent all the time?
Why did God use Deborah and Esther to lead his people?
Esther saved her people from death just like Moses did.
---ginger on 8/30/10

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Eloy, how am I speaking falsehoods when the word of God according to Paul says (as you so graciously posted) that the woman was deceived?

And that verse says wives not women.
Read the orginal context, greek ,not just the geneva bible.
Look at the true word of God, brother, and you will see it says wives are not permitted.
Why else do you believe Paul talks directly to women and addresses child birth?
A woman who is not married back then did not give birth to children, brother, unless she was married.
Please look at the full context not just the verses.
Paul is teaching us orderly worship in this. That everything has its place and time according to God.
---ginger on 8/30/10

Ginger, You speak falsehood, because you refuse the light: "And the woman said to the serpent, Of the fruit of the trees in the garden we may eat: But of the fruit of the tree, that in the middle of the garden, said God, see that you eat not, and see that you touch it not, else you die. And the woman saw, that it a good tree to eat of and a desire to the eyes and a desirous tree for to make one wise, and took of the fruit of it and ate, then brought to her husband also nearby her, and he ate. Moreover I permit not a woman to teach nor to have authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Viva. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Gn.3:2,3,6+ I Tm.2:12-14.
---Eloy on 8/29/10

What a shame we can't, in this day and age, love men AND women like Jesus! I'm not arguing Scripture, just saying Jesus showed love and respect for women that so many men are lacking in even today. So sad. It's no wonder so many women grew up like I did, feeling sure God loved men more than He did me.
---Mary on 8/29/10

Jesus said his/our Father is not a respector of persons but Paul speaks counter to this issue-notabily with his gospel.Jesus did not seperate the women from the men because there were female ministry already in the ranks of post Jesus's ministry found at the last verses of Romans who Paul saluted for the job well done.Paul later reset the clock with his imposed restrictions"his gospel" where it set women back from ministery to servants of the ministry only- not the gospel of Jesus.
---earl on 8/29/10

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Actually, Greek uses the same word for "wife" as "woman, and "husband" as "man (as in male)".
---Cluny on 8/29/10

Yes, they do.
BUT you can tell that it means wife by the possesive context used. A woman that belongs to a man is his wife.
Just as the woman at the well, it uses possessive context to tell us that she had 5 husbands NOT just 5 men.

So, these scripture are talking to married women NOT all women. If a man ALLOWS his wife to do these things, is she in disobedience? No. Because God used women in authoritative positions before. God is the same today as he was yesterday.
---ginger on 8/29/10

Ginger, every scripture that I post is properly utilized. As for the weaker vessel being deceived, that is not an excuse to disobey God, she had complete freewill and freedom of choice to either continue to obey or else not and instead choose to disobey onto death, and she chose to disobey onto death.
---Eloy on 8/29/10
I am not removing the blame from Eve. BUt you are wrong here, Paul says she was deceived, NOT chose. Scripture does NOT say what you are saying here.
Anyway, the scripture you use is a weak for this particular arguement. For this arguement you need to come with stronger scripture. That is all I am saying, Eloy.
---ginger on 8/29/10

\\The origianl texts actually says "wives" not "women" because of the man possesive conotation.\\

Actually, Greek uses the same word for "wife" as "woman, and "husband" as "man (as in male)".
---Cluny on 8/29/10

Ginger, every scripture that I post is properly utilized. As for the weaker vessel being deceived, that is not an excuse to disobey God, she had complete freewill and freedom of choice to either continue to obey or else not and instead choose to disobey onto death, and she chose to disobey onto death.
---Eloy on 8/29/10

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Now Eloy pointed out scripture but then his whole point get taken to another separate level. Feminism at it's worst...

The important thing to remember in this debate is not calling people out, challenging them on something they did not say.

Eloy rightly show's in scripture that women are weaker in terms of the prospective given, Women are subjected to hormonal differences where men are not and basically should not be in a position of leadership around those times.

God ordered the steps of the men to lead in general and women need to get over the dominance thing to Usurp the authority above a man. It's is also wrong and women are chief players hiding under these excuses to teach and lead the church.

---Carla on 8/29/10

Eloy, I want you to know I am not disagreeing with you on scripture, okay. Just that that one is not a proper one to utilize.
Also, Eve was deceived, LIED to, by the serpent. Not taking away from her part in the fall.
BUT Adam CHOSE to fall instead of telling Eve "NO". So that is WHY in Adam all die because he was NOT deceived. He knew what he was doing.
We agree that women are weaker in the flesh and men are stronger in the flesh.
But we are not talking about the flesh. We are talking about the spirit.
That is why WIVES are told to be quiet.
---ginger on 8/28/10

Tonya, if as you say, you "know" women can Pastor, then you probably know women can somehow be male-men & therefore also be Bishops. Your knowledge is unscriptural & worldly (egalatarian feminism), & is not from God's Bible teaching. Repent!
---Leon on 8/28/10

Candice, this is not about 'two to Tango', this is about one flesh, and who came from whom. God gave Adam the command before Eve was created. And as God does not need to repeat Himself, and teaches us responsibility, then Adam would have relayed that command to Eve. Is this why her recital of it had the extra line, "Nor shall you touch it"? Or was she teasing herself into the transgression? Is this why Satan tempted Eve, because God had not commanded her directly? Was God testing Adam on his responsibility uptake? Howbeit, the charge for not keeping his women in order was unequivocal, 'Because you heeded the voice of your wife [over God's]...of which I command you [Adam]...'. So, like Adam then, we are culpable now.
---John_II on 8/28/10

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Eloy we are not talking about the flesh brother.
In the flesh, men are stronger.
But in the spirit, that is a different story.

The scripture that you gave is weak in supporting your stand point on this.
I am simply telling you that a woman cannot be saved by child birth and Paul was speaking to wives NOT all women.

I believe we should learn to understand scripture properly. It is best to look for the orginal wording in scirpture also.
In the Greek, Paul says 'wives' NOT 'women'.
---ginger on 8/28/10

Ginger, the scripture of woman being the weaker vessel refers to comparison to the other vessel, the man being the stronger vessel. Nature displays for us that the man is the bigger and stronger macho one, and the wife is the smaller and weaker feminine one, in the physical and in the emotional and in the spiritual. The Bible is very clear that the weaker woman trangressed in listening to the devil in the garden and disobeyed the man and the word from God and ate of the forbidden tree, then afterward she did not repent but instead she went and talked the man into sinning against God like she has done. I did not address child bearing nor salvation, but the sin of woman in disobeying the order of God that woman ought not to lead the man.
---Eloy on 8/28/10

I am sorry but Eve is not responsible for having women go astray. As it is said "It takes TWO to tango." Adam knew of the consequences,but went along with Eve anyhow. He could have rejected the fruit, could have repremanded her for going against God. Even though Eve started disobeying, they both were in the wrong.Adam could have taught Eve what God told him. It goes both ways.
---candice on 8/28/10

Catherine, "Follow" God's order, else you go astray, for there is no debate. As the first woman led the first man astray and subsequently the whole human race has fallen into sin, so it is sin for the weaker vessel to lead. According to the scripture women are forbidden to lead, for the man is the head of the woman, even as Christ is the head of the church, and not vice versa. According to the scripture God made woman for the man, God did not make the man for the woman. And it is sin for the church to tell God what to do, and likewise it is sin for the women to tell the man what to do.
---Eloy on 8/28/10

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Brother Eloy,
The same scripture you used to call the woman the "weaker" vessel also says in the same that a woman can only be saved through child birth.

This denotes and adds to the fact that Paul was talking about wives not women in general.
Especially since really only women who are married should have children according to God.
A woman is a weaker vessel..FLESHLY...but certainly not spiritually. Otherwise there would not be more women in the whole church than there are men.

You could have used a better example, brother.
---ginger on 8/28/10

How mis-guided that statement is was Deborah a

The Question:I know women can Pastor. Can they be a Bishop?

According to scripture: NO!
---Carla on 8/28/10

catherine: "their roll in the church."

Women rolling in the isles??? ROFL

According to the Bible, women can ONLY be bishops if they are husbands of one wife.

1Ti 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife
---jerry6593 on 8/28/10

Yes women can pastor. they can not be elders though. that is a different title. God has blessed many women in the ministry, be they prophetesses or just minister to others. Women can do this if men are not standing up to the call. I've listen to many wonderful women ministers.God uses them as tools for his ministry. For years watching this board on some occasions I can be against it if they're trying to step over a man instead of helpnig them out, other times I was for them, but now I am leaving the whole calling up to God since he is the judge in the end.I've seen both good & bad on both sides of women & men pastors.
---Candice on 8/28/10

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There has been so much debating going on about women and their roll in the church. So, God helped me to find some other Scriptures and here they are>>>Deborah: The fifth judge of Israel, a prophetess and a judge. Well, she summoned Barak, the son of Abinoam from Kedesh-Naphtali, and said to him, Behold, the Lord, the God of Israel, has commanded, "Go and march to Mount Tabor, and take with you ten thousand men from the sons of Naphtali and from the sons of Zebulum [Judges 4:6]....Now, Esther, she saved her people, the Jews, from a plot to eliminate them. God used events and people as instruments to fulfill His promise to His chosen people.
---catherine on 8/27/10

ginger, Childbirth? How do you misconstrue the truth that I preached into something which I have not even eluded too? I have not addressed salvation nor childbirth in my reply: but my reply is according to the scripture which instructs that only men are to pastor and bishop the church, and that it is sin for the weaker vessel of women to do so.
---Eloy on 8/28/10

\\William Tyndale an Apostle of England wrote this,\\

William Tyndale is not and never was an Apostle to anybody.
---Cluny on 8/27/10

I will only suggest that all who know Timothy read it in the original greek.
You will then find the truth.
The origianl texts actually says "wives" not "women" because of the man possesive conotation.
I am not saying yes or no. But it is GOOD to understand the real context of what you are reading and not fall into the trap of what tradition(human)has taught instead of the true word of God.
A prime example of a woman telling the gospel was both Mary's when Jesus had resurrected.
Ask yourselves, why would Jesus appear to mere women and NOT the chosen Apostles?
---ginger on 8/27/10

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Women can do anything they want to but the real issue is does the bible say women are to desire the work of a bishop or women are to teach women and children,

There will be women bishops but they will not be engaged in anything God has ordered.

The name was fitly Placed for a male, whether he wants the job or not, women will do anything as long as they are lead to feel that it is within their power to do. So they lead and teach weak men who have gone AWOL.
---Carla on 8/27/10

Worldly women do whatever they lust, but Christian woman do not sin by disobeying God's order and clear instruction to appoint men and forbid the weaker vessel of women to Pastor and Bishop.
---Eloy on 8/27/10

Brother not to start an argument or anything but the scripture behind what you say here suggest that a woman can only be saved through child birth. That is a bad example of why women can't do these things.

I say this because Christ saves NOT child birth.
And you know this, brother Eloy.
---ginger on 8/27/10

While I agree that Scripture does not allow for female Bishops, I sure wish at least one MALE would stick up for the dignity and worth of women!!
---Mary on 8/27/10

William Tyndale an Apostle of England wrote this,

"I answer that Paul taught by mouth such things as he wrote in his Epistles. And his traditions were the Gospel of Christ and honest manners and living and such a good order as becometh the doctrine of Christ. As that a woman obey her husband, have her head covered, keep silence and go womanly and Christianly apparelled: that children and servants be in subjection: and that the young obey their elders, that no man eat but he that laboureth and worketh, and that men make an earnest thing of God's worde and of his holy sacraments and to watch, fast and pray and such like, as the scripture commandeth. Which things he that would break were no Christian man."
---Kev on 8/27/10

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Biblically speaking women cannot qualify for either position.
---mima on 8/27/10

Where did you get the idea they could pastor?
---Cluny on 8/26/10

Worldly women do whatever they lust, but Christian woman do not sin by disobeying God's order and clear instruction to appoint men and forbid the weaker vessel of women to Pastor and Bishop.
---Eloy on 8/27/10

Whats the grid?
Mary was a woman-she gave birth to the Son of God-Word in Flesh.
The Word is His Word.
Does it matter whose mouth it comes out of?
He confirms it-teaches it-performs it-stands by it.

Flesh is flesh.
God is God.
---char on 8/27/10

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Biblically speaking, Tonya, women are permitted to do neither. Those that distort '1 Cor' and '2 Tim' never submit the conclusion for Paul's premises: For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived - it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. A woman inherently and vehemently desires to usurp the male role rather than keeping her appointed complementary role (though a good woman respects being kept in her role by the man good enough - blessed!). Right now, we Adams are simply looking on - like Adam did - as our Eves take more invitations from the devil. And as we men might belatedly admit, 'Oh! That's right!', we now ought to observe what Adam received for listening to the voice of his second.
---John_II on 8/27/10

It's Not their place.
Since Eve done what she done in the garden of Eden, a vast number of women ( the Eve syndrome ) Have went haywire, womens rights etc.
---Lawrence on 8/27/10

According to the Bible, women can be neither a "pastor" nor a "bishop" since the first qualification for either is to "be the husband of one wife." People are changing things in the Bible because they don't want to accept that the Bible is the word of God.
---tommy3007 on 8/27/10

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