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Glen Beck's Mormon Theology

Has anyone else noticed that Glen Beck is trying to include Mormon theology in his news reports? Lately he has been trying to explain that the Native American and South American civilizations were far more advanced than thought when America was discovered.

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 ---KarenD on 8/27/10
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"We have friends who have established Christian churches and Bible Colleges in Russia today. Things have changed." (Karden D)

Actually, Karden D, there has been Christians in Russia for a very long time. Traditionally, Saint Andrew has been accounted for preaching the Gospel there. He went to Kievan hills to bless the future city of Kiev. Saint Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople, in the 9th century, initiated a missionary work on a large scale among the slavs.

Google ""The History of The Russian Church" by N. Mouravieff and "The History of the Orthodox Church" By Rev. Constantine Callinikos.

There has also been books written about the history of Christianity in Russia.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 9/4/10

Atheist said, "Glenn Beck is an idiot."
(atheist on 9/2/10)
atheist, Beck, at least, believes there is a God.
So what does that make you?
---Elder on 9/3/10

\\simon...We have friends who have established Christian churches and Bible Colleges in Russia today. Things have changed.
---KarenD on 9/3/10\\

There have been Christians in Russia since before the time of Ss. Olga and Vladimir in the 900's.
---Cluny on 9/3/10

simon...We have friends who have established Christian churches and Bible Colleges in Russia today. Things have changed.
---KarenD on 9/3/10

Hypothetically speaking, yes, old Soviet Union constitution said that one has right to worship. The problem with this is that I had found out about it only when I came to US as a political refugee. Living in USSR I had no clue, since it was not advertised to public, but rather was for show off to the "Free World", very much like it is in China, Cuba, Venezuela.., etc, and the only worship allowed was in Siberian Work Camps.
USSR's constitution, inside of that country would not be found, or even heard of!!! And to be perfectly honest with you I must ad that If I could have founded it printed in paper, I would have put it to proper use, since under central government planning system you would not be able to buy toilet paper.
---simon on 9/2/10

Glenn does not scare me, you do, on occasion. As I've said, I do not buy Glenn's ideas, they are mine to begin with based on my experience.
I don't need to check on Glenn's ideas, he is just getting started, but I could point to him few more things he had not looked into yet. As far as Obama goes, I don't know what he believes, but I do watch "the fruits" of his labor and pay attention to what end it is done. That tells me a lot more then his speeches written by someone else.
You see, no one ever believes that their freedoms could be taken away, very gradually and under "very nice" pretext, until its too late. So, please be watchful and lets pray that this will pass us over. God Bless.
---simon on 9/2/10

\\"Someone appears to wake America up." George Washington did. Abraham Lincoln did. Franklin Roosevelt did"\\

Which is curious, because on his TV show, Beck has never had a good thing to say about FDR and his "progressivism."

He also has made much of how after the nation's only 4 term president, what had been merely custom was turned into a Constitutional amendment (the 22nd) under his successor, Truman.
---Cluny on 9/2/10

Willow... On 8/28 at his political rally Beck noted that, throughout history, whenever mankind seems to lose its way, "Someone appears to wake America up." George Washington did. Abraham Lincoln did. Franklin Roosevelt did" and then proceeded to insinuate that HE is the next one to step up and save America.

If you were at the rally, you should know exactly what I'm talking about. You seem to worship every word he spews. What else are we to assume from your posts. Thank you for the forgiveness thought, that's a nice touch and I'm sure you were sincere.
---NurseRobert on 9/2/10

\\Simon, the difference between USSR and the US, is we have the RIGHT to choose how we believe. The USSR did not give you that right. \\

As a matter of fact, the Constitution of the USSAR specifically gave the rights of religious belief and anti-religious propaganda.
---Cluny on 9/2/10

Glenn Beck is an idiot.
---atheist on 9/2/10

Nurse robert lololololololololololololololol

you are funny "worship my demigod" THAT IS TOO FUNNY

I worship Christ.

I know one thing about you,you resort to insults to try to shut people up . I FORGIVE YOU!
please tell me where you heard beck say I am the Savior of america. not that I take you seriously anymore

we need to make a sitcom about this blog lolol
---willow on 9/2/10

Simon, the difference between USSR and the US, is we have the RIGHT to choose how we believe. The USSR did not give you that right.

After living in the USSR, people like Glenn Beck should scare the dickens out of you. Charlatans who proclaim themselves to be the savior of a country have their own motives. Beck uses falsehoods, innuendos and outright lies to entertain his audiences.

You talk about "progressiveness" but do you actually researched what Obama believes or do you just rely on Beck to do your thinking for you? That, in itself, is a horror.

I would give you the same advice. Be watchful. Take what Beck says and really research it. You may be surprised what you find.
---NurseRobert on 9/2/10

I do not buy into Glenn's ideas, - I resonate with them, since they are mine to a great degree. Perhaps you do not see the spiritual state of this nation the way I do, we see different details. My problem is that I have an experience of living in godless state like USSR and know first hand what is lack of freedom feels like, or what is spiritual slavery! So, what Glenn speaks is not news to me. I'm just glad that we finally have a public voice(s) to question the goals of "progressiveness", thou to me, it is actually "regressiveness". For many of you this is an interesting philosophical discussion, but for me it is a regression in horror. God Bless, and please be watchful.
---simon on 9/1/10

Then Nurse Roberts if you are a Christian as you say and love your country, you would have known what Spirit Obama was before voting for him and in doing so you like many other people are as guilty as he is of all the abortions and gays marrying and this health care bill he is trying to pass You are guilty of voting a Muslim man into the WH and it is people like you that make me sick when you call yourself a Christian. And yes i am very much a child of God, i pray before i vote for any President. Glenn Beck did a super job at the Lincoln Memorial and all those that took part, Know that the USA is waking up.At least he loves God and prays, he is a believer Amen !
---Lea on 9/1/10

KarenD - I looked up the article and found it very interesting. You are right, it does call Kolob the dwelling of God. That being said, I can't find anywhere in Mormon Doctrine that teaches such a thing and the person who wrote the article is unfamiliar to me as well. As I said before, God having a residence isn't beyond the realm of possibility to me.

Mainstream Mormons do have a portion of the Joseph Smith translation and it is included behind the New Testament in our "quad" scriptures. Honestly, we don't use it a lot.
---HappyLDS on 9/1/10

One of the reasons I started to question Mormon doctrine that I was taught was that Joseph Smith had written another version of the Bible, but it wasn't used by LDS. RLDS had it when I was growing up. Another reason was the fact that women are totally forbidden from ministering in any way.
---KarenD on 9/1/10

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//The Book of Mormon
The Doctrine and Covenants
The Pearl of Great Price//

Therein lies the problem.

Anyone else have any more books they would like to add as holy scripture?
---JackB on 9/1/10

Lea, this shows how little you know of me. I love my God and my country.

I believe that Jesus is living son of God and the only way of salvation.

I spent 33 defending the constitution. It gives us the right to worship as we choose, not as other tell us. I believe in individual rights but I am also realistic enough to know that we are a society and, as such. should support each other.

I voted for Obama because I didn't like the alternative: 4 more years of failed republican policies. Maybe not the best choice but better than the alternatives.

I don't follow your "party lines" you question my patriotism and my Christianity. What kind of Christan and American does that make you?

Open to all.
---NurseRobert on 9/1/10

Once again, if you do not know was is honor, then how would you know that it's lost?
Take care and God Bless.
---simon on 9/1/10

Simon, I also reject your premise. I am very much aware of what honor is. And I love my country as much as any of those on this site.

For right or wrong, you accept the ideas of Beck. I don't. He skews to many facts, out right lies about things that suit his purpose and, contrary to what HE believes, he is NOT the savior of this country.
---NurseRobert on 9/1/10

Simon -

The scripture used by Mormons:

The Old Testament
The New Testament
The Book of Mormon
The Doctrine and Covenants
The Pearl of Great Price
---HappyLDS on 9/1/10

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Nurse Roberts: this is for you only, i've noticed you don't really have a strong belief in Jesus Christ nor Country. Are you here to mainly banter or to throw out big words. Im sure we all know by now your political voting agenda, you must be one of those that voted for Obama, do you realize that those that voted for him also believe as he does.The only way i can explain it is to say "Confusion". i cant say you are double minded but may have a forked tongue. Also a persons Character is very important. Think about it !
---Lea on 9/1/10

simon...They would be the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants and the Bible.
---KarenD on 9/1/10

Rather than admit the error of our chosen, soon to be slave masters---Elder on 9/1/10

This is exactly why there will never be civil discourse in this country. Rather than admit the error of their beliefs, some show their dishonor by choosing to use word games and propaganda instead of proving their point.
---NurseRobert on 9/1/10

I think it is clearly established by now that there is no info or facts that will change your mind about Glenn Beck. So, let it be!
Once again, if you do not know was is honor, then how would you know that it's lost?
Take care and God Bless.
---simon on 9/1/10

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//JackB...Maybe Christianity may be dying around your town. //

Im talking about our nation as a whole. Can you not see how more people are converting to Islam and how atheists are multiplying like gremlins that have been exposed to water?
---JackB on 9/1/10

Willow, No, I wasn't there and choose not to be. Which part of the message did you want me to see? The one where he proclaimed himself to be the savior of America?

Becks whole premise is that America has lost its honor and insinuates that it's because of Obama and the left. So I have to ask: Exactly when did America lose its honor? How did we lose it? I would really like the right wingers to answer that.

As far as Beck's facts... Willow, I don't know where you are looking, but I have found MULTIPLE examples of Beck's flawed facts and manipulations.

Beck claimed to be the savior of America. Please feel free to worship your demigog...
---NurseRobert on 9/1/10

It doesn't take long to realize that some do not want the truth of the matter presented. The truth is that we have many members of government and citizens that are not honorable.
Rather than admit the error of our chosen, soon to be slave masters (if they have their un-honorable way), some un-honorable citizens want to deny anything is wrong. Of course that shows how much they have lost of their personal honor.
When you support someone in their error you practice error also.
Anyone who can't see how far from Honor this country has swayed is un-honorable themselves.
I have worked around the court systems enough to see that victims are the ones that carry the most punishment for crimes. Is that honorable?
---Elder on 9/1/10

nurse robert
lol I tried to prove Beck Wrong and in my reasearch was proven wrong.
your question was not left unanswered I answered it. my proof is not allowed on christianet I cant give links however you can look this stuff on the net

yet you have failed to answer my 2 questions
---willow on 8/31/10

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JackB...Maybe Christianity may be dying around your town. But in our town, it is alive and well. People are getting saved and baptized weekly. Families are mended. Former inmates are having their lives changed because of the power of God. God isn't finished with us yet!!!!!
---KarenD on 9/1/10

Re: ...three "holy" books on the coffee table.
I'm sorry but I'm totally unfamiliar with Mormon teachings, so if you do not mind, what are the names of these books, please. Thanks and God Bless.
---simon on 9/1/10

micha9344 no one doubts the fervent beliefs of some of the founders, however, the Constitution was written that ALL people can worship as they choose, to whom they choose, and not as the founders wanted them too.

They were wise enough to add article 6 to prevent those who would deny this right to others.

The 1st amendment prohibits the formation of a national religion. No where else in the Constitution is God mentioned.
---NurseRobert on 8/31/10

Honor is, value, esteem, dignity, precious and meet for the Master's use.
Today there is no value for life, unborn, born or old. Lying, stealing and slander is a way of life, expecially political life. If you can't refute someone's message you just slander them.
Honor used to be a verbal commitment, then a handshake, then written contracts, then written contracts with witness. Then it was learned all ya gotta do is take bankruptcy and forget everything.
If you gotta ask what honor is or can't see it maybe you never had any.
It was said, "You believe anything that Beck throws at you. His premises are false and his facts are questionable."
I realize the writer meant to say Obama not Beck.
---Elder on 8/31/10

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Unfortunately, KarenD, Jesus isnt in the flesh and walking the earth today.

He lives in US therefore the responsibility becomes ours. There are millions of Jesus' now. His spirit isnt limited to one man's body.

Christianity is dying because we are too busy hating each other for our divisions/denomations rather than leading the lost to Jesus.
---JackB on 8/31/10

JackB...Some of us Americans do not need Glen Beck or anyone else to open our eyes. We have our eyes wide open. As far as speaking for what every Mormon believes, if an LDS member speaks against any of the church's doctrines very long, they aren't LDS any longer. Please understand about Mormonism as I was raised in a home with three "holy" books on the coffee table as well as many others that were considered holy. When I became an adult, I found the true Jesus and am serving him today. We need to be looking for JESUS and not listening to man today!
---KarenD on 8/31/10

The problem with any explanation always is in the desire of one person to comprehend position of another. If you do not see that we as a nation had lost an honor, then I do not know if it would be possible to show this to you in scores of examples. In other words, you'll not except it, since you've already made up your mind about Glenn and his message, as it shows in your writing. So, what is the point? God Bless.
In general, if one knows of spiritual honor, one knows that it was lost!
---simon on 8/31/10

'It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.'-George Washington
'Kings or parliaments could not give the rights essential to happiness... We claim them from a higher source -- from the King of kings, and Lord of all the earth.'-John Dickinson
'Don't forget to be a Christian. I have said much to you on this head and I hope an indelible impression is made.'-Jacob Broom
'In vain, without the Bible, we increase penal laws and draw entrenchments around our institutions.'-James McHenry
'In the name of God, Amen. I, Daniel of Saint Thomas Jenifer... of dispossing mind and memory, commend my soul to my blessed Redeemer...'
Some of the U.S. Constitution signers.
---micha9344 on 8/31/10

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Robert. what are Glen Beck's false premises?
would you be specific. And which of his facts do you question.
---wayne on 8/31/10

Karen D, I cant speak for what every Mormon believes. Not every Catholic prays to Mary and believes her to be co-redemptrix. Not every Baptist believes in predestination of individuals. The list goes on and on..

The angels of heaven are called the "sons of God" in Job 38:7. Lucifer even comes with them seeing as how he was once a Cherub. Job 1:6, 2:1.

I dont think it wise to call them spiritual brethren, but they are both called a "son of God". Jesus is simply the only BEGOTTEN Son. Not created BY God, for He IS God.

If it takes a Mormon to open our eyes then who is to say God cannot use one. Just because someone doesnt follow WITH us, doesnt mean they cant be on the same side as us. (Mark 9:40)
---JackB on 8/31/10

\\the declaration of independence each is based on the biblical principle that CHRIST IS KING NO ONE ELSE\\

Actually, nowhere does the Bible say that. Even St. Paul. living in the time of the Roman Empire, said, "Fear God, honor the basilevs--Emperor."

And nowhere does the Declaration of Independence say it's based on ANY Biblical principle. Rather, it's clearly based on Enlightenment ideas that the PEOPLE collectively are sovereign, not God, much less any individual.

Conservative Bible Christians in the 18th century were ROYALISTS, not republicans.
---Cluny on 8/31/10

Willow, you are so wrong. The Constitution is NOT BASED on any Biblical principal but on the premise that ALL people may worship God as they see fit.

You believe anything that Beck throws at you. His premises are false and his facts are questionable.

You also didn't answer the question. Just what honor did we loose that Beck needs to restore? Just where are YOUR facts?
---NurseRobert on 8/31/10

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HappyLDS....My sourse is the LDS website. These are the credits at the beginning of the article on that site.

FYI: For Your Info, New Era, Apr 1993, 3437

(Sources for this article include The Contributor, Apr. 1893, pp. 25758, Every Stone a Sermon, Richard N. Holzapfel, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1992, and The Temple and Sacred Symbols of the Restored Church, unpublished manuscript by Paul T. Smith.)

Hosanna: A 100 Year Celebration
---KarenD on 8/31/10

\\My point to you was that if you had actually looked this up you would have known its a STAR "nearest to the throne of God" - not the planet that our God lives on.
---HappyLDS on 8/31/10\\

There are usually some kind of astronomical coordinates for stars and similar bodies.

What are they for Kolob?
---Cluny on 8/31/10

JackB....Would that be the Jesus who is the Son of God and is God or would that be Jesus who is the spirit brother of Lucifer as the Mormons believe?
---KarenD on 8/31/10

I would guess you would have to understand what honor is before you missed it.
Welcome back Willow.
---Elder on 8/31/10

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nurse robert

were you there?

Did you see the entire message?

have you done any research to prove him wrong, if so then you would be blind not to have seen and understand that GOD gives Rights and freedom not the goverment accourding to the founding of this country via the constitution,the declaration of independence each is based on the biblical principle that CHRIST IS KING NO ONE ELSE and each person who lives in the USA is a soveregn citizen whether they are christian or not.
---willow on 8/31/10

Given a choice between a Mormon wanting to fix our country and a man who hides his true identity and his religous beliefs, Ill go with Beck.

In the words of Christ, "He who is not against us, is for us". Just because Glen Beck doesnt FOLLOW the same way I do doesnt mean we should resist his teaching that our country needs to return to the Lord before its too late. I wouldnt fight him in his endeavor to uncover lies and deceit within our own government.

Only someone who is blind or in total denial cannot see that we are being taken over from within. If we continue on the path we are on now, 50 years from now we wont even be the same country anymore.
---JackB on 8/31/10

Keep Watching! You will see!!!!
---KarenD on 8/31/10

Oh, Okay, sister KarenD.
Of course it is false. We would be more likely to be descendants of mongolians not hebrews.
This is speculations of course too.

Anyway, I don't believe that mess mormons put out either.

But Glenn Beck has one very imprtant thing right.
We in this country need to look back to Jesus and PRAY! for our country becuase it has fallen by the way side. We need God back in charge of this country.
We do need to think about the fact that America was built on rebellion and has a very big problem with authority as a whole. That Spirit is growing bigger. We need to pray.
---ginger on 8/31/10

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KarenD -

In the Book of Abraham, Kolob is a STAR and it said to be closest to the residence of God. It would be nice if you would site your reference, I would like to read the article. Would I be freaked out to find that God actually lives somewhere? No. In fact it makes sense that He would have a residence.

My point to you was that if you had actually looked this up you would have known its a STAR "nearest to the throne of God" - not the planet that our God lives on.
---HappyLDS on 8/31/10

what he is saying about this country is the truth.
---willow on 8/30/10

No, it's not. Let's start with the false premise of his Saturday rally. "Restoring Honor". Just what "honor" needed to be restored? Who has lost honor? The only one needed to restore his honor was Beck.

Just because he uses sound bites doesn't mean it true.
---NurseRobert on 8/31/10

lol at this point in history, it does not matter whether glen beck is a mormon or one eyed one horned flying purple eater what he is saying about this country is the truth.if you do not believe that then do quote him do your home work an find out and show him wrong.

I grew up honoring the founding fathers,and the constitution. I wonder why so many in power fear WE THE PEOPLE and hate its truth.

---willow on 8/30/10

To KarenD. I don't think that Glenn promotes Mormons belief on his show. Point with native's history was brought up in the context of showing how selective our history text books have been manipulated to present not what is true, but what is convenient to one's agenda, in the long series of segments on our history.
Incidentally, native American history is a lot older than most realize. Like many nations after them, they have started with spiritual blessedness and ended up losing that spiritual connection with Divine God, thus began their worship of Mother Earth and the only connection remained is with their ancestors in spirit, of which not many are communicating from Haven. But this is another story altogether. God Bless.
---simon on 8/30/10

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Ginger...Mormon theology teaches that the natives on this continent when it was populated by the white man were descendants of Hebrews who came over to the Americas on vessels underwater like submarines. They teach that the ruins in South America, for instance, were built by people who came on those vessels. This is all part of the Book of Mormon story which, of course, is false. As a native of Oklahoma, I am very close to many Native Americans including my cousin who was once leader of the Quapaw. A dear Christian friend of ours is the historian for the Kaw. I was not saying that the natives were not uncivilized, only that Glenn Beck is sticking some Mormon stuff in his shows when talking about the advancement of that civilization.
---KarenD on 8/30/10

Simon, you're so right. Glen believes in the only one way to be saved and that is through Jesus Christ. God works in mysterious ways and through people we least expect. There is a movement going on right now as evidence with the restoring honor ralley in DC. Some of the these people are looking at denomanations LDS and such. We need to get our eyes off that and look to Jesus. Never the less I know there will be those that will continue to bump their gums and reducule this movement.
---wayne on 8/30/10

\\Cluny...The scary part of the article about the temple is the architectural details that are on it. These details are so much of the occult that it should be obvious to any Christian reading it that LDS religion is not Christian.
---KarenD on 8/30/10\\

Oh, I've known for years that LDS and its offshoots are polytheistic fertility cults.
---Cluny on 8/30/10

To Whom it May Concern.
The tree is known by its fruit, so judge Glenn by his works and please stop the silly discussion about LDS, which has nothing to do with his TV or Radio message. There is hardly more honest and excepting human being among us and true Christian, not because his Mormon, but because he speaks and DOES what's proper before the Lord as it should be, and as it is stated in His scripture.
From Rev. Whitefield's sermon circa 1760 and in brief: When one asked Abraham if there were Presby's in haven, the answer was no, and when asked about Lutheran in haven, the answer was no, it was same answer for all other protestants by denominations. Then Abraham was asked of who is then in Haven and he said: CHRISTIANS! God Bless.
---simon on 8/30/10

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Cluny...The scary part of the article about the temple is the architectural details that are on it. These details are so much of the occult that it should be obvious to any Christian reading it that LDS religion is not Christian.
---KarenD on 8/30/10

Karen D, sister, How is that part of mormon theology?

In some ways WE naitves were more advanced.

Unlike Europe at the time, we didnt have wide spread diseases running rampant and killing loads of people. Why is this? because we knew how to wash and keep ourselves clean by taking a bath.

Just because we didnt live in houses did not mean we weren't civilized.

We had organized government. Just because a chief was chief did not mean he made all the decisions.
Europeans called us uncivilized because of our clothing and we didnt yet know about Jesus. Funny they would have died if it had not been for natives teaching them how to live here.
My suggestion is to study up on Native Americans before making such statements.
---ginger on 8/30/10

\\There is even an old hymn called "If You Could Hie to Kolob" which references that place.\\

There are also references in LDS hymns to the goddess they call Heavenly Mother.
---Cluny on 8/30/10

HappyLDS....All you have to do is search for Kolob on your LDS website and you will find numerous references to the Planet Kolob. Most are from the Book of Abraham. There is even an old hymn called "If You Could Hie to Kolob" which references that place.

And from an article on LDS website celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Salt Lake Temple explaining the architectural details of the temple it states "Saturn Stones are located directly below the parapet on each side of the six towers. They represent Kolob, the dwelling place of God."

HappyLDS....You have been deceived!
---KarenD on 8/30/10

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Jesus said, "Take heed to what you listen to."

So why would a TRUE Believer of Jesus Christ listen to anything that a mormon (Glen Beck) has to say?

We should focus and keep our eyes FIXED upon Jesus, the author and finisher of faith.

No matter what Glen Beck says, Jesus's words are Spirit and life, Glen's aren't.
---Donna5535 on 8/30/10

I see the Restoring Honor Ralley that Glen Beck had in Washington DC on 8/28 was a huge sucess. To have that many people in one place and not one incidence of volence or even harsh words was fantastic. And they left the place cleaner than what they found it. That had to be the Spirit of God there.
We need more rallies like that.
---wayne on 8/30/10

Im guessing that Joseph Smith didnt say this also? ....

"It is the first principle of the gospel to know for a certainty the Character of God, and to know that. . . he was once a man like us, yea, that God himself, the father of us all, dwelt on an earth."

So much for the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last as the Lord claims He is.

And Brigham Young also believed in multiple gods. The 12th corollary says that each galaxy has its own god and that Elohim did not created everything we see out there. We have the chance to be a god of our own galaxy according to the 11th corollary.

Sounds kinda like what Lucifer desired right before he was cast out!
---JackB on 8/30/10

The problem with Glenn Beck's pushing God is that LDS God is from Kolob.
---KarenD on 8/29/10

KarenD - you claim to have been raised in a LDS family. If this is true then surely you know that you are breaking a commandment - thou shalt not bear false witness. If this comment is an honest mistake - please do some research. I'll just leave it at that.
---HappyLDS on 8/29/10

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It seems to me that you people would have better things to do. On the Great Judgment Day, if you think that God is gonna ask you about these preachers and what you thought of them, what was your opinion of them? Think again. God is gonna be pointing His great Big finger at you and you alone. I promise you. I'll say it one more time. "Get your own house in order".
---catherine on 8/29/10

The problem with Glenn Beck's pushing God is that LDS God is from Kolob.
---KarenD on 8/29/10

The truth is, there is no real setting for the Book of Mormon. The geography does not match any region on this planet. Perhaps the shameful assersions of Joseph Smith and his book of fables were meant to exist on the Mormon Planet Kolof or some other dillusional setting similar in name.

DNA studies have been conducted on hundreds of indian tribes in North America and South America. There is no Hebrew DNA found! Just as there is no pottery, writings, paintings, coins, weapons, ruins, or stories about Hebrews from neighboring tribes.

The Book of Mormon is 100% fiction and is intellectual hogwash. The DNA studies concluded that all these tribes from North and South America originate from Upper Mongolia and Southern Siberia.
---Higgins on 8/28/10

I find Glenn Beck sometimes informative, and sometimes amusing.

But ONLY in small doses.
---Cluny on 8/28/10

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The Hebrews (children of Eber) are descendants of Shem.

The Sinites (children of Canaan) are the descendants of Ham

The Sinites migrated towards China and then northeast towards Alaska (Eskimos) and southwards to the Americas ("Indians"). You can even see the similarities in their facial feature and skin color.

The earth was divided (no longer one continent) in the days of Peleg (Eber's son), so the only land bridge available to even get to this continent to populate it was thru modern day Russia and Alaska which was settled by whom?....the Sinites (ancient China).

Sorry, no "Hebrews" here when the "Japhetites" arrived and took the land from the decendants of Canaan. (Gen 9:25-27).
---JackB on 8/28/10

Ok - so you're saying that because Glenn Beck is claiming that the South American civilizations were more advanced than once thought (based on fact)that he's pushing the BOM? Don't you think you may be pushing the Mormon conspiracy theory just a tad bit hard?
---HappyLDS on 8/28/10

HappyLDS...I watch those channels. I also watch the programs which show that the DNA proof does not support Mormon theology that the natives came from Hebrews!!!!
---KarenD on 8/28/10

God can use anyone! At least he is telling this nation what it needs. GOD. He is holding rallies, saw on the 6:30 news.
---catherine on 8/28/10

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So, Glen Heck isn't a Christian afterall! Why am I not surprised?
---Leon on 8/28/10

Seriously? You should watch the Discovery, History, or National Geographic channels sometime! Yes, Glenn Beck is Mormon but what he says about ancient civilizations is fact and not "Mormon theology."
---HappyLDS on 8/28/10

this isn't mormon theology, though he is mormon. It is a fact. They were more civilized then what people thought. Read up on your social studies about how advanced they were in pottery, weaving ,how they were as a village in communities etc.. far more civilized before us, the "white people" came over & changed them.
---Candice on 8/28/10

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