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Should USA Leave Iraq Now

Was it a good idea for the USA to leave Iraq now?

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 ---allen on 9/1/10
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If OIL was the main reason, why are we not getting any of it?
---Donna66 on 10/16/10

Sad but sooo true Sag--it is oil :( Oil that has cost sooooo many lives, both American and many others. A sad shame.
---Mary on 10/16/10

We haven't really "left" Iraq. (To do so would be a big mistake).
---Donna66 on 10/12/10

The USA will never completely leave Iraq for one reason: OIL

Despite what news articles, politicians, etc. might say, OIL is the reason the USA invaded Iraq and started an illegal, unnecessary war.

OIL is what drives the USA's economy and much of the world's economy too.

To guard, and protect, our OIL interests, the USA built a huge new embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. The USA is clearly there to stay for a long time.
---Sag on 10/16/10

We haven't really "left" Iraq. (To do so would be a big mistake). We brought home "combat troops", but left some to advise and train the Iraqi military...and, yes, engage in "combat" when necessary.
This was at the request of the Iraqi military. They may continue to need some help for years to come. Their fledgling representative government is not at all stable.
---Donna66 on 10/12/10

The "actual" costs of the Iraq war go beyond the "battlefield costs". There is also the long-term effects on the soldiers. Remember, soldiers, and their families, are people too.

I am amazed that we didn't "learn our lesson" from the Vietnam War. Another one that started from "lies" and continued with inaccurate "assumptions". The USA Veteran's Administration is still caring for wounded solders from the Vietnam War. About 35+ years later.

There are many soldiers who served in Iraq. The long-term effects of: multiple deployments, desert warfare, IED injuries, divorces, suicides, etc. remain to be seen. The costs will be staggering.

Yes, it was good to leave Iraq.
---Augie on 9/5/10

Very well put, Sag. So very true!
---Mary on 9/4/10

He ran up a war debt that we must pay for, and then we have people who say we cannot afford to take care of our own because our debt is too great.
---Trish9863 on 9/3/10

I'm sure that many folks have seen the news reports about the USA's "crumbling" infrastructure. Our Roads and Bridges need a lot of work. The amount of money needed will amount to about $3 TRILLION.

Funny how the USA's Congress won't "appropriate", or "set aside", $3 TRILLION for repairing our own infrastructure. Yet, A LOT MORE was just "wasted" -- bombing Iraq, killing innocent people, destroying the country, and, then, REBUILDING Iraq's infrastructure!

What about the USA's infrastructure guys?
---Sag on 9/4/10

An Interesting article in September 3 Washington Post Online-Edition about power vacuums in Afghanistan. It will be US DOD policy to tolerate certain levels of corruption in Afghanistan because their removal could be advantageous to to the Taliban.

In other words, area chieftains that grow opium are preferable because they have forces that can stabilize their areas and keep the Taliban and Al Qaeda out of the agricultural areas.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend is still valid is 21st century international deplomacy.
---Blogger9211 on 9/4/10

He should be brought up on war crimes, but that is another story.
---Trish9863 on 9/2/10

I question whether George W. Bush was any better than Saddam Hussein. The Bible clearly says that "God is NOT mocked". Murdering people is just that. Murdering people. On this Earth, Saddam Hussein got the "death penaly" and George W. Bush is still living.

However, I believe that God will give BOTH of these guys their "just" reward for the SIN of murdering people. Only God knows how many.

Some folks, churches, ministries, etc. are so PRIDEFUL that they seem to think that they did nothing wrong. They are in for a "rude awakening" once they face Father God!
---Augie on 9/4/10

Sag: I hope he gets some sort of consequence for that horrific war. I just have no clue what legal recourse there is at this point, because I am neither a lawyer, nor international expert. I just know that there were many lies told to us by him, and his administration, and that those lies resulted in many unnecessary deaths.

Plus, he ran up a war debt that we must pay for, and then we have people who say we cannot afford to take care of our own because our debt is too great.
---Trish9863 on 9/3/10

He should be brought up on war crimes, but that is another story.
---Trish9863 on 9/2/10

Do you think that President George W. Bush will ever have to pay for his "war crimes"?

Either on Earth or when he faces God the Father?

Many Churches, Pastors, and even Christians think that "they are beyond reproach, correction, paying for their sins, etc.".

I often got this idea from President Bush's speeches. Pride or something. I just don't see how anyone could NOT be overcome with guilt and shame for lying and killing lots of innocent people.
---Sag on 9/3/10

John: Bush got what he deserved from Obama in his speech on Tuesday night...NOTHING!!! Bush deserved no praise, no kudos, no thanks for what he did in lying to the American people multiple times to justify sending millions of our troops into harms' way on false pretenses.

He should be brought up on war crimes, but that is another story.
---Trish9863 on 9/2/10

Amen Nurse Robert. I agree with you sooooooooooo completely, and the others also who feel we should have left by now and should never have gotten into it. One life is too many for it all to have cost, let alone the thousands it did.
---Mary on 9/2/10


the 'surge' is just a TEMPORARY FIX so bush will dump the problem he created on someone else.

how long will the surge last? if you withdraw the troops the insurgents (NOT TERRORIST) will return.

what is good for iraq is martial law.
and another thing, bush & co. disbanded the iraq military in 2004-05. if you are saying that the surge worked (temprorarily) then just use the iraq soldiers instead of US troops. bush & co. had it all planned. they created the mess, so bush & co. can exploit money out of this war, then leave this mess to somebody else when his term ended in 2008
---mike on 9/2/10

Remember the 9/11 attacks?

Osama Bin Laden praised the dead terrorists for their "good work". Yes, he did do that! I believe that the USA had a good reason to invade Afghanistan and go to war there.

However, Iraq was never was a threat to the USA. In fact, WE sold Saddam Hussein many of the weapons that he had. Some of which were the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that United Nations (UN) troops destroyed: Chemical and Biological weapons.

I don't understand WHY the USA went into Iraq in the first place. If we had concentrated our military forces in Afghanistran instead, Osama Bin Laden probably would have been captured by now.

Iraq has been a USA military "screw up" from the start.
---Sag on 9/2/10

When we pull out of Iraq it will leave power vacuum that is going to be filled by something else that will likely not be in the best interest of the United States.

World war II and Korea have been over for decades now but we still maintain a military presence in Germany, Italy, Japan & Korea and it is been in our best interest to do so.

The governments of Iraq and Afghanistan are incredibly weak.
---Blogger9211 on 9/2/10

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John, when are you going to "man up" and admit your comments are childish and immature?

Just how did we "win" this war? A man of honor backs up his beliefs. Since we know you have little or no respect and I question your character, maybe you can give me some evidence to back up your statements.
---NurseRobert on 9/2/10

"God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble," we have in James 4:6 and also in 1 Peter 5:5. When I am doing things in pride, God knows this, no matter how I might deny it. And things work in mysterious ways to mess with whatsoever God knows I'm doing in ego.

There are people in power in the United States, who are involved in the oppression of killing unborn people, encouraging gays in order to maintain a bloc of votes, and there is an industry of divorce.

So, love is not sure in America, this is America's most destructive security problem. But ones are *decoyed* with fighting people elsewhere and blaming each other. While they are foolish, like this, whatever they do will be resisted.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/2/10


Did we WIN or LOSE the Iraq war?

It is all a matter of opinion.

There was NO clearly defined goal at the start. In order to say that we definitely WON, that goal would have had to have been accomplished.

About the only thing that is "certain" now is that the USA has a huge, new embassy building in Baghdad, Iraq. Some reports say that it is even bigger than the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. I don't know. And there is STILL fighting, and bombing, going on in Iraq.

We'll just have to wait and see if the USA's 7 1/2 years of war made Iraq any better. After killing lots and lots of people.
---Augie on 9/1/10


Is Obama going to "Man Up" and admit he was dead wrong about the Bush Surge that won the war. A Surge he (and Biden)vehemently opposed and said it will not work!

He should have been a Man and given Bush his just respect and honor in his speech.

But then again Respect, Honor, and Character is not found in the Liberal dictionary.
---John on 9/1/10

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Over 4,400 American lives lost
Over 32,000 American casualities
Over 150,000 Iraqis killed..
---NurseRobert on 9/1/10

I wasn't aware of these figures. I "gave up" listening to reports about the Iraq war after the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED lie back in 2003.

I think that we should have gotten out of Iraq way back then.

I try to be respectful of USA President's, but I have to say that Iraq was George W. Bush's biggest "mistake". Or, should I say "wrong" choice? Whatever. It involved MURDERING innocent people.
---Augie on 9/1/10

As said before, we should never have been there in the first place. It was a war started under false pretenses, with a questionable goal and no exit plan....

Over 4400 American lives lost
Over 32,000 American casualities
Over 150,000 Iraqis killed..

Yes, it's a good idea to leave Iraq

---NurseRobert on 9/1/10

We had no business going there to start with.
---Cluny on 9/1/10

Yes. Let the war be over. it's gone on long enough!
---candice on 9/1/10

The USA has a huge new embassy in Baghdad and about 50,000 troops will be PERMANENTLY stationed in Iraq to protect the OIL wells. The USA will NEVER leave Iraq completely.

Sure, we got rid of one "bad" guy: Saddam Hussein. However, more "bad" guys could soon arise in Iraq.

There has ALWAYS been fighting in Middle Eastern countries. Some people think that the USA's occupation was "good", and other people think that it was "bad". Whatever.

There will be more violence and fighting in Iraq until Jesus Christ returns.

---Augie on 9/1/10

I believe so, because, the men were tired of fighting, however, we have not won that war.
---catherine on 9/1/10

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We had no business going there to start with.
---Cluny on 9/1/10

Yes. Let the war be over. it's gone on long enough!
---candice on 9/1/10

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