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Man To Marry Old Woman

I am 26 and am going to marry a 50 year old woman. My family says it's a mistake, but I disagree as she is the best person I have every dated. Your thoughts?

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 ---donald on 9/2/10
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Is it a mistake because she is "old" or because they KNOW her and see something you cannot see usually due to those rose-colored glasses many people are determined to wear in the beginning of their relationships

if it has nothing to do with the 50 year old PERSON (your future wife) than your family is simply seeking to MOLD you and write-up your life as they see fit

there are both men and women as 18 year olds who are mature enough to marry and there are 40 year olds who are NOT mature enough to marry

If you asked your best friend to marry you then you can build a lifetime together ...the only mistake would be asking your 50 year old best friend to marry you
---Rhonda on 9/14/10

If someone is marrying for the right reasons age should not have anything to do with it. Of couse you have to understand the differnce in age and be able to handle it. My husband was 17 yrs older that I was, and we had a wonderful marriage. Marriage is what we make of it!!! I say go for it, if you have prayed and you know it is in God's direction!!!
---Katie on 9/14/10

Of course it is a mistake. It's very unnatural for a young man to want an old lady to be his wife. It's against nature itself.
---Rob on 9/13/10

Fifty is hardly old! I am just going to put this>>>it's noone's business. Beeswax.
---catherine on 9/4/10

Donald: You have been given Godly counsel by all that have answered you before now. Consider them and PRAY, let God lead you to what you do on this matter.
---Adetunji on 9/4/10

Ask the Lord for His guidance in this situations. Pray about everything, and make sure this is from God. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord! Psalm 27:14
---Kimbe7395 on 9/3/10

If you are still here, Donald, and if this is not just a "drive-by" post that was meant to give you a moment of entertainment by playing us . . . you are the only one like you and so is she. So, I would not start with a general thing. What is good? How much do you two experience God? If you are Christians, how well are you relating with a variety of other Jesus people so you get their good example to feed you about how to love in a relationship???????????

An older person has had more time to refine one's act of being charming and mature. Or, an older person can be truly mature and much better in relating and communicating. But this would make him or her able to connect with another older, seasoned, mature, sound person.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/3/10

I have to agree with your parents on this one. Why? When you are 46, she will be 70 - which is not really old-I'm 74 but she will appear old to you and have vastly different interest than you.. When you are 56, she will be 80 and will not have the energy she has now. I doubt seriously she wants to have children, even adopted ones. Even now, at your present age, she's probably not be able to enjoy the same things you enjoy. I suggest about a 6 month period of not seeing or communicating with each other and see what happens. If it's a serious relationship, 6 months will not have a negative effect.
---wivv on 9/2/10

Is she rich?
Whose house will you live in
Does she have any children? Grandchildren?
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/2/10

Pray about it,
If you are both happy,Congratulations!!!
It's how you both feel and no one else
---Katie on 9/2/10

How do you feel about the unlikelihood of having children?

And even if you do have children, consider this:

50 is not too old to have a baby, necessarily.

But 65 is WAY too old to have a teenager.
---Cluny on 9/2/10

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