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Receive Power From On High

I have heard this said a number of times in various ways, "You must be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues in order to receive power from on high" Where did this line of thought originate?

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 ---josef on 9/4/10
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Rod4him, great answer brother. You explained it very well. I like what you said when you said,
"" I sometimes see is when someone shares back to me that they see God working my life and that inspires them to believe/trust God in Jesus Christ. In addition, I am experiencing what I could call miracles in things falling together for going back to study. I call it "Letting God build the house,"
Very good words of testimony. Lets talk later.
---MarkV. on 9/23/10

1 of 2
First off, the main question is "Where did this line of thought originate?" I don't know. Second, I don't believe one "must speak in tongues" to walk in the Spirit.

Concerning the line of thought, "The must...with receive power" is a bit confusing to me. I don't know what "with evidence means," and I don't know what "power" means in the question.
---Rod4Him on 9/23/10

2nd of 2

To me, that power is victory over sin, sensitive to God's Spirit, seeing God work lives, using and allowing others to use His gifts.

I believe in the indwelling/filling and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and that He convicts, teaches, and guides. Some "evidence" I sometimes see is when someone shares back to me that they see God working my life and that inspires them to believe/trust God in Jesus Christ. In addition, I am experiencing what I could call miracles in things falling together for going back to study. I call it "Letting God build the house, or they labor in vain that build it."
---Rod4Him on 9/23/10

Rod4him, that is so wonderful. Returning again, wow. Maybe later on we can get together. Glad to hear you are home, even if its for a short while.
Hey brother, what's your take on the question above? I would like to hear what you understand on that subject. I know its a touchy subject and many get angry, but just in a few words if you want or have time. No rebutals from me though, just your thoughts.
---MarkV. on 9/23/10

MarkV. The trip was great. I've been home a month and am returning this Saturday for 9 months. I'll be studying early church history through 500ad, pschology and faith, and Land-Nature-Society of Biblical times. Thanks for asking. Maybe we can hook up through penpals, if I can figure it out, and I can give you more details of things that happened and is happening.
---Rod4Him on 9/22/10

Rod4him, how was the trip?
---MarkV. on 9/22/10

John 1:33, "He upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining upon Him, this is the One who baptizes in the Holy Spirit."

This reads straight forward to me. I caution people about others who put forth ideas that make one doubt their own eyes. Is this what it says or not? or do we need some "extra" knowledge?

[4]Col. 2:3,6,7"I say this so that no one will delude you with persuasive argument....See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception,...Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, [7]having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude."
---Rod4Him on 9/20/10

Being baptized "in Jesus's name" (as opposed to John's baptism) means being baptized as He commanded: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
---Cluny on 9/18/10

//Acts 19:1-6 paul comanded diciples of john to be baptized in Jesus name and they spoke in tongues...//

...and they prophesied.

they were in a foreign land speaking foreign "tongues" so that men who had never heard of Jesus got a chance to hear a foreign concept, the Good News, and not incoherent babbling.

What would that accomplish? foreign men in a foreign land speaking in a foreign language nobody could understand.
---aka on 9/18/10

Leslie,nice of you to say so thanks. I know hitting people over the head calling them unsaved won't help. Bible says if you see a brother sin a sin not unto death,pray. The only thing which helps is the Word of God. If you care about their Spiritual state,give them the Word of God in Bible verses and pray for them,that will do a lot more good. I went to an old fashioned wooden altar in a little Oneness Pentecostal church at 11 years old,repented and was saved. I prayed earnesstly for the Gift of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with tongues but God didn't give Him to me. I was about 22 years old when I finally received Him. Experience showed me there's salvation without the Gift of HG/tongues. God gave Him to me when I was mature enough.
---Darlene_1 on 9/18/10

jesus said wait in jerusalem for the power from on high, and in acts 2 they received it and spoke in tongues.
and in Acts 10:45 they received the holy spirit. Peter knew because they spoke in tongues. And in Acts 19:1-6 paul comanded diciples of john to be baptized in Jesus name and they spoke in tongues. I don't want to hear want you believe, I don't care. Back it up with bible verses. I have all bible for everyone.
---batieste on 9/18/10

Darlene1 - I agree that without love we are nothing even if we do these things, however, MOST of the responses here have been that tongues, and spiritual gifts are NOT Biblical, and that the Holy Spirit is an angel of light. In this case, it is NOT lined up with the Word, and I have tryed to show that in the Word, only to get responses of that I was a liar, and responses mocking the Bible and God. Now I ask you, is this love? The Bible says it is okay to judge the fruit of people and if they are truly of God or not - this judgement is okay with God, and reading MOST of the responses, I have judged correctly, according to the Bible. Jesus judged this way and told us to do the same.
---Leslie on 9/17/10

Leslie God and the Bible are always right and 99 & 99/100% here believe so. I gave you the Bible verse on what it takes to be saved,and there are other verses which say the same. There are some wonderful and knowledgeable Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ on here. The Bible says,Matthew 7:1,2 judge not that you be not judged. For with what judgement you judge,you shall be judged:and with what measure you mete,it shall be measured to you again. 1 Corinthians 1:1 though I speak with the tongues of men and angels,and have not charity-love,I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge,- and have not charity-love,I am nothing.
---Darlene_1 on 9/16/10

To respond to my last comment, MOST of you are NOT truly saved. This is NOT pride, but reality. How do I know, because I showed from the Bible. MOST of you argue with what the Bible says, and call the Bible and God a LIAR. You put yourselves on the thone as God, saying you are right and God is wrong - this is Idolitry and Pride. You are modern-day Pharasis. Either the Bible and God are right and you are wrong, or you are right and God and the Bible are wrong. The Bible says that it ONLY is TRUTH. So let God and His Word be TRUE, and EVERY man a LIAR. This is how I know that MOST of you are NOT truly saved - your fruit (comments, beliefs) shows it.
---Leslie on 9/16/10

Hello sister Darline, thank you for the correction. I was wondering what that meant so I did not answer you. also, you seem to have a good hold on what you believe concerning salvation. You seem to understand that God does not give the same package of gifts to every single believer. It's easier to study the Pentecostal movement since it began not to long ago and has a small history. It's not like studying the history of the Catholic Church since it has a lot of history to study. Again thanks for your answer.
---MarkV. on 9/16/10

Leslie, it didn't take long for you to proof my point that God does not give a gift to anyone that will cause them to sin. Pride is sin, and when I mentioned a few points on Salvation, you condemned me to hell by saying I was not saved. Right away you judged me.
Leslie, I believe you are caught up in one experience and forget that there is many Pentecostals that think different then you. There is many Pentecostals, the Assemblies of God in 1914, Another group is the Pentecostal Holiness Church which was merged with the Fire-Baptized Holiness Church in 1911. The United Pentecostal Church was formed in 1945, then you have the International Pentecostal Assemblies, and the Calvary Pentecostal, I would bet you don't know which one you follow.
---MarkV. on 9/15/10

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Most of what you've one is make unfounded assertions like "this happened in Acts chapter 2 so that means it happens that way every time." But you have not given an answer for Acts chapter 4 where it says they were filled with the Holy Spirit yet does NOT say they spoke in tongues. What's your answer for that?

What you're doing is typical of pentecostals. Have you ever read "Systematic Thoelogy" by the Assemblies of God? I have. I am a pentecostal, too. But I understand that tongues are not the initial evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. How do I know? Because it cannot be demonstrated from Scripture. PERIOD. Some in the Holiness Movement forced that view onto the text AFTER they had an experience.
---James_L on 9/15/10

MarkV opps,I just noticed I didn't spell all of a word and gave a whole different meaning so I had better correct it. I said "excise" the ability which would mean to remove it when I meant to say" exercise" the ability which means to make effective in action or use the skill. Leslie the Bible doesn't say you have to speak in tongiues to be saved. I read what you gave in 1 Corinthians 2:10-14 and it didn't say you aren't saved if you don't speak in tongues. Romans 10:9,10 That if you should confess with yout mouth the Lord Jesus,and shall believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead,you shall be saved.For with the heart man believes unto righteousness,and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
---Darlene_1 on 9/15/10

It is clear that MOST of you are spiritually blind to the Holy Spirit, tongues, and the spiritual gifts. That means that MOST of you are NOT truly saved. How do I know this, the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:10-14 with emphasis on v. 14 (a man WITHOUT the Holy Spirit - meaning NOT saved - can NOT understand these things because they are spiritually decerned). If the Holy Spirit is NOT in you, you are NOT saved, and therefore do NOT understand these things (and they are foolishness to you). I have shown these things to you from the Bible, but you want to argue them, saying they are wrong. In doing this, you argue with the Holy Spirit, which means you are NOT truly saved.
---Leslie on 9/15/10

First, you have referenced Jude 20 as proof that we MUST be filled DAILY, but Jude doesn't say that. Although I agree that we must, there is no mention in this verse of being filled, or daily, or such as you are arguing.

Second, after all the space you took up with God being true and man being liar, you follow that with, "I KNOW that it is this way, because of having it happen to me..." So your experience is greater than Scripture?

Once again, though. You have taken a historical account and forced onto it a prescription, or mandate. We could do that with Saul's conversion by saying if Jesus doesn't blind you you're not saved. Just because something happened in the bible doesn't mean it's that way every time.
---James_L on 9/14/10

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Leslie, All born again Christians, are spiritually baptized into one body by the Holy Spirit and are endwelled and sealed for eternity. The other Baptism is a baptism of works of obedience, that all members perticipate in with water to proclaim their faith in Christ. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit only happens once, the endwelling only happens once, and the sealing only happens once. All are acts of God. We can ask God for special gifts, but not everyone gets the same ones. God will not give a gift that will cause someone to sin. Since He already knows what we will do, He will give us the gifts necessary to accomplish what He has for us to do. The Holy Spirits ministry in the Old T. was to come upon believers, now He endwells believers.
---MarkV. on 9/14/10

MarkV When one receives the Gift of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost you receive Him-HG and tongues,the power comes from the Holy Ghost and he comes into the Temple of your body,you have all the power in you from the beginning. What you do is to keep close to God through Bible reading,prayer,and praise and excise the ability he has given through the HG by praying,praising,or singing in tongues. What you're doing is staying close to and open to God and his use of you through the manifestation of the HG in tongues and the Gifts of the Spirit,which is God using you as a tool for the HG to minister through you. The HG is to impower us for God's use and Glory. The more we obey and yield to God,Holy Ghost the easier it is to do. Instant in Season.
---Darlene_1 on 9/14/10

MarkV. - 1st Getting refilled daily has to do with power, not the Holy Spirit. You will have ALL of the Holy Spirit you are going to get after the Initial Baptism of the Holy Spirit, however, you MUST have power DAILY, so you can say no to sin, and to minister the Gospel effectivly with all whom you come in contact with that day. 2nd when you are born again (get saved) you have the Holy Spirit IN you ONLY, then when you ask God to baptize you with the Holy Spirit, then you have the Holy Spirit come UPON you, as well as being in you for salvation. In other words Salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit are two different things. The Holy Spirit IN for SALVATION, and UPON for BAPTISM. Hope that helps.
---Leslie on 9/14/10

you said,
"Also, after you get this, you MUST be refilled DAILY (Jude 20), for DAILY power."
What do you get refilled with? The Holy Spirit? More power? more tongues? Can you be specific?
Second, you said,
"So ask the Father to baptize you with the Holy Spirit"
Is this a separted spiritual baptism then the one we had when we came to Christ and were baptized into one body? Are you saying their is two baptism of the Holy Spirit?
---MarkV. on 9/14/10

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For All that say that my last statement is false, and that it should work with the other gifts as well, you go AGAINST God and His Word. This is how God has set it up in the Bible to recieve the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (ONLY), and speak in tongues. If this were not true, then why did God put it in His Word as this? Either you are God or He is, either you are right and He is wrong, or you are wrong and He is right. Let God be TRUE, and EVERY man a LIAR. I KNOW that it is this way, because of having it happen to me, and to EVERYONE I have shared it with. God's Word IS TRUTH, and He does NOT put things in His Word just to waste space.
---Leslie on 9/14/10

I don't know where that came from but if that statement were true none of the prophets in the old testament would have had any ability because the Holy Spirit aka The Comforter came at pentacost. Also that statement is wrong purely in new testament terms because tongues is just 1 of many different gifts of the Spirit. Read 1st Corinthians and you will read of some of them and that each is, like us, different in it's function like members of the body.
---Gregory on 9/13/10

So basically we take the intitial step and God takes over?

That should work for the other gifts, too.

If you want to learn how to raise someone from the dead, all you have to do is go to a cemetery and start digging. God will do the rest.

Or learn how to heal someone, just start handing out pills. God will do the rest.

If you want to learn how to prophesy, all you have to do is start telling people what you think is going to happen tommorrow. God will do the rest.

Do you see how ludicrous it all is? You cannot learn a gift of the Holy Spirit. He either gifts you, or you are not gifted.

You have taken a historical account and forced onto it something it simply doesn't say. Shame on you.
---James_L on 9/13/10

Act 2:2-3 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.
--Don't forget to experience the wind and the cloven tongues sit upon you before you speak.
Act 2:8 And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born?
--Once you do speak you can verify that you have truly spoke in tongues by ensuring everyone heard you in his own language.
2 Timothy 2:16 But shun profane [and] vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.
---micha9344 on 9/13/10

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If you want to learn to speak in tongues with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, here is how (Acts 2:3-4) - says THEY began to speak. You can NOT speak unless you open your mouth, correct? So ask the Father to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire, then open your mouth to speak. It may come out to you like gibberish, but it is the Holy Spirit ENABLING you to speak (Acts 2:4b), but YOU are doing the speaking (Acts 2:4a). Also, after you get this, you MUST be refilled DAILY (Jude 20), for DAILY power.
---Leslie on 9/13/10

Aka, I have been to a church where the pastor controled the speaking of tongues. It was a Pentacostal church. And the pastor claimed to speak in tongues when he was in private while praying. But he never allowed anyone to just start speaking in tongues during church services. If someone did, he would order an elder to speak with them. I'm not against speaking in tongues, some pray without saying any words. I do believe that it is possible for someone to be at a place in time, where God has put him in the path of someone, and if God wants to save that person through the gospel, He will provide whatever tools to bring that person to Christ, and equip the speaker to speak in the tongue that the other can understand. That can happen.
---MarkV. on 9/13/10

I love that excerpt from your own experience. It's a shame that people are taught that without this gift they are nothing, yet Paul taught that it is the least of all gifts.

I heard a testimony of a non-Pentecostal missionary who found herself in a remote area of Africa for which she was unprepared. When confronted by a group of villagers, she began rambling what seemed like jibberish. What she soon found is that she had spoken the language of those natives. Through that incident, the village as a whole came to know Christ, and the bible was translated into their language.

That is the gift of tongues. That's the Holy Spirit in action.
---James_L on 9/12/10

most of these "tongues" are not of the devil, but of the flesh. ---James_L on 9/12/10

compliments back atcha...i never thought of a former speaker of korean, german, and broken spanish, no matter how many times i say something wrong or right in their native tongue, it's just repetition of the same phrase. Ergo...

a pastor once told me that he gave a sermon (in english) and a woman who did not speak any english was able to summarize his sermon through an interpreter. as a result, the pastor cried, the woman accepted Christ, and i pretty sure that He accepted her.
---aka on 9/12/10

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Attending Bible college, just about everyone in my class could speak in tongues but me, it seemed. [keep in mind some were lost], anyways, when I got home to my apartment, I fell on my bed and asked God, "to please give me this gift". He said, "You have other gifts".
---catherine on 9/12/10

aka, compliments on your posts. Very level-headed viewpoint.

I have attended pentecostal churches and have seen many people attempt to speak in tongues, usually with an "interpretation".

One lady always said "yo-shi-dee-ah-mah" about 6-8 times during her "tongue", but the interpretation never had any word or phrase that many times. and it's always the same thing, every church. Repetitive "tongue" but not a repetitive "interpretation"

Can "so-ko-sheek-dah-nah" mean "praise God" one time and "I will heal you" another time, and "judgment is coming" another?

most of these "tongues" are not of the devil, but of the flesh.
---James_L on 9/12/10

to be baptized with the holy spirit is a must...evidence is in the fruit of the, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

i know many people who speak in tongues, but there is no fruit evident. many will present themselves to Jesus claiming many miraculous wonders in Jesus' name and be turned away. (there is one here that uses a very circular argument that will lead to the many.)

btw-i have been around many "tongues" speakers but I have never met an interpreter or a pastor who tried to control his flock's "tongues".
---aka on 9/11/10

If there is an "initial" evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit, it would be speaking the word of God with boldness. In Acts 4:31, John and Peter did, although this was not their "baptism". Chapter 9, ananias laid hands on Paul, said "be filled with the Holy Spirit. I can't seem to find that Paul "initially" spoke in tongues, but he did begin to preach AT ONCE. Yes, he said he spoke with tongues more than all, but initially? he didn't need to because he spoke to jewish people.

Acts 2:38 Peter said "repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Spirit, speak in tongues? I think I read all but the last one. hmmm.
---James_L on 9/10/10

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Thewre seewms to bew a general concensus among the majority here that

Genuine Speaking in tonges is a gift of the holy Spirit

Some people "learn how to do it", and in that case it's probably not geunine

There may also be speaking in tongues caused by evil spirit

Speaking in tongues is not an essential evidence of being saved. or of receiving the Holy Spirit
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/9/10

To anyone who calls the Holy Spirit the angel of light, just because you don't believe in speaking in tongues, it makes me question if you are really saved or just religious. The Bible says that speaking in tongues is of God and is speaking to God. The Holy Spirit being God would NEVER go against Himself or the Bible. Therefore, speaking in tongues is NOT of the devil, but of God. The Holy Spirit can NOT ever be a demonic spirit, that would mean that speaking in tongues IS Biblical and NOT of the devil. If you are still not convinced of this, then I question if you are really saved at all.
---Leslie on 9/9/10

There are 6700 and more spoken languages in the World. There also many dead languages which are no longer spoken. Plus the Bible also mentions the tongues of Angels. I would suggest to anyone who calls what Spiritual tongue speaking Christians do gibberish that unless you can speak all of those languages you are not qualified to call what the Holy Ghost speaks through God's people gibberish. Besides what you fail to look at is the fact what you are poking fun at and calling the devil is actually the Holy Ghost of God and the only sin not forgiven is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Disagree with talking in tongues if you will but don't put down those who do,they don't put down those who don't.
---Darlene_1 on 9/9/10

I will say it again, We could all speak in tongues if we would learn another language. I know only english. The devil comes as an angel of light.
---shira3877 on 9/7/10

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Leslie, it is indeed true that speaking in toungues is of God and the Holy Spirit.

But in many Churches today, the "JIBBERISH" which they claim is speaking is tongues is not of God or the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you to do an indepth study of SPEAKING IN TONGUES and learn what it truly means along with what it truly is.
---Rob on 9/7/10

Shirley - You are highly mistaken. Speaking in other tongues is NOT of the devil, but of God. If it were of the devil, then why would the Holy Spirit who is God have anything to do with it? He would not, instead He would tell us to flee from this. Instead the Holy Spirit encourages speaking in tongues and tells us to desire it. Why would God through the Holy Spirit tell us to accept and desire something that is of the devil? He would NOT. The TRUTH is in Acts 2:3-4, and 1 Corinthans 14:2 talks about speaking in tongues being of God and one of the ways in which the Holy Spirit moves through us - anything other than this is MAN-MADE RELIGION (which is NOT of God).
---Leslie on 9/7/10

We could all speak in tongues if we would learn another language. I am scared of a church that talks like devils.
---shirley on 9/7/10

Darlene, what you forgot to mention is when the Apostles received the gift of speaking in tongues, it was to spread the Gospel through the world.

When people heard the Apostles speak, it was in the people's NATIVE TONGUE (language). It was not the jibberish you hear in many Churches today.
---Rob on 9/6/10

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Darlene, Leslie, thank you both for your responses, they are appreciated.
---josef on 9/6/10

Josef,In all the Bible God set a must follow plan to get what he was giving. It all required and still does adherence to God's plan and obedience to it to have what he has set forth for his believers. Jesus prayed God for a Comforter,told the Apostles to tarry until they were embued from on high with power. In Acts when the 120 in the Upperroom received the Gift of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost they all spoke with tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance when they received the infilling HG. God didn't come back or send anyone to blot it out therefore it is still valid and in operation for all believers who ask for it,actually him,Holy Ghost. Its called evidence because God made it something they could see and hear to confirm the infilling.
---Darlene_1 on 9/5/10

"Acts 2:3-4 proves that the EVEDENCE of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues."
In what way? If by evidence you mean sign, I agree. However, what I am asking is whether or not you believe that sign is necessary for one to receive "power from on high"? If so, based on what? Please understand that I am not being facetious, this is a sincere inquiry in search of why you believe as you do. Thanks in advance.
---josef on 9/5/10

I Apologize for being unclear. The part of the statement that I am inquiring about is "with the evidence of speaking in tongues". Thanks
---josef on 9/4/10

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The verses that line up with this statment are found in Acts 1:8 = power from on High, Acts 2:3-4, 1 Corinthians 14:2 = speaking in tongues. Acts 2:3-4 proves that the EVEDENCE of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues. If you do not speak in tongues (private prayer language), the Bible is clear that you are NOT baptized in the Holy Spirit.
---Leslie on 9/4/10

Catherine thank you for letting me know you like what I wrote,its nice of you to say so. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 9/4/10

Wow, Darlene, I like what you wrote, especially the first sentence!
---catherine on 9/4/10

This line of thought came from Jesus himself,he said it just not in those exact words. Acts 1:3-8 especially in this verse,8,But you shall receive power,after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you,and you shall be witnesses in both Jerusalem,and in all Judaea,in Samaria,and unto the uttermost part of the earth. Acts 2:33 Therefore being at the right hand of God exalted,and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost,he has shed forth this,which you now see and hear. Acts 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues,as the Spirit gave them utterance. The Holy Ghost with power and tongues comes from God thus from on high.
---Darlene_1 on 9/4/10

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