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Attended Lakeland Revival

Has anyone attended the revivals in Pensacola, Lakeland, Florida or Mobile, Alabama?What was your experience?

Moderator - These are some the biggest false revivals I have ever seen. You can watch them on the Internet and quickly make that determination.

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 ---Augie on 9/6/10
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One thing which bothers me greatly about people,in leadership positions,from other churches who visit those churches and go back to the home church trying to copy what they saw. Sometimes it is Praise and Worship service and what they bring back is a lot of music which is way too loud and kills the Spirit instead of moving with the Spirit of God. If people want revival in their church they should all pray for it and seek God's leading on what they must do to receive from God the genuine move of God they dessire. I've always found that fasting,prayer,and praise prepares one best to recogize and take part in a wonderful move of God.
---Darlene_1 on 12/6/10


False revivals go hand in hand with false religion - lies masquerading as the truth.

Matthew 24:24 (also Mark 13:22)
"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."
---StrongAxe on 11/21/10

J if you have the Gift of Discernment you would know immediately that this is a false revival. UFOs and alien talk is part of this revival which is demonic and not part of the God of the Bible. If you have been part of this, please repent and ask God to fill you with His Spirit, otherwise you have opened yourself up to demonic influence. By the way, I am Assembly of God and believe in all of the Gifts. However, the "gifts" offered by this false revival are demonic.
---Moderator on 11/21/10

I beg to differ with this response of the moderator. The Word says in Psalms, "Touch not my anointed, neither do my prophets harm!" I have been to the one in Alabama, and I didn't see anything wierd there. People need to be careful what they judge, because they often miss out on what the Lord has for them. What we don't need today is the legalistic, critical, religious spirit in our churches. That criticize every move of the Holy Spirit. God bless the moderator and this site, but this is my take and I'm sticking to it.
---j on 11/21/10

I didn't go, but I saw two of his shows on God Channel and that was enough for me to understand that the Holy Spirit was nowhere near Lakeland nor in Todd Bentley. I wrote a letter to a person two weeks before we heard that he was divorcing his wife!
---Abel on 10/18/10

Deborah, Philippians 1:9-10:
A false revival is not a poetic rhetorical figure. But a false revival, similar to a false Christ - Prophet - Teacher, means that it's presented as something that it's not. The Lakeland and Toronto blessing are examples of the later. Matthew 7:15, 24:24, 2Peter 2:1, 1John 2:18-19. The Bible calls people to repentance and Salvation, Ephesians 2:1-5. Why would you respect someone who has a Jude 1:4-19 ministry?
---Glenn on 9/10/10

I have attended. I think the very quote false revival is an oxy moron. How do revive falsly. You're either revived or not. The methods that bring someone closer to Christ should not be in question. Closer to Christ is always good.
---deborah on 9/10/10

//It appears to be one of the most demonic events out there. I wouldn't even watch the videos on that one.//

very true.

Augie, Job's "friends" were convinced that he was with sin and kept trying to convince him. Sound familiar?

Job found out that God is not only God, but that He created each one of us, and He cares.

This weekend (through God's grace), I found a group called Divorce Care. it is a biblically based program that will help you get beyond the hold that others are trying to keep you with. divorcecare dot com
---aka on 9/7/10

I don't need to go to these heterodox meetings. I get a "revival" every time I attend and celebrate the Divine Liturgy! Amen!

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 9/7/10

---Lin on 9/7/10

---Lin on 9/7/10

Since when is voodoo dancing/exotic motions/physical sensations, wild babbling, unconsciousness ("Slain in the Spirit"), Unholy Laughter, among other activities that is so common in these types of revivals from God?

There are some videos on youtube ("An insider's Warning...."). In another video, Tood Bentley was showed having a demonic manifestation (unholy Laughter) and in another, people was doing exotic movements that are clearing not from God.

This is the problem with Pentecostal/Charismatic sects. Research the early heretical movement called Montanism. Motifs of these heretics are present in Pentecostal/Charismatic sects.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 9/7/10

Augie, listen to Paul Washer on You Tube. Then you will know the difference between a false revival/teaching and a Truthful teacher of God's word.

Paul is exposing ministries that don't even mention Jesus. Yet if our ears are not spiritually tuned in, we won't notice it. I did because I've been walking with the Lord for 27 years and I have eyes to see (spiritually) and ears to hear (spiritually).

Judge everything by what the Word of God says. If your spirit isn't bearing witness that it's the truth, then don't go and don't listen to it. OR ask Father God, Lord is this of you? And should I go? Should I be listening to this Lord?
---anon on 9/7/10

Revival begins in the heart. NO ONE can bring revival. It seems the "revivals" mentioned in all these cities are from the thick bologne network. I pray God will help us identify false religeons. I am seasoned enough (old) and I can spot them if I listen to them a few minutes. Please don't send any of these people $$$. That is what they are about...$$$$.
---shirley on 9/7/10

Augie I learned a long time ago that my being blessed or what I get out of church doesn't depend on what happens in church or to other people getting things going and touching God. It all rests on me. When I prepare at home, through prayer and praise,when I arrive at church I am ready to be in the presence of God for God is already at work in me. If you go to any service not looking for what you can get but seeking what you can give,then you receive. Augie don't ever buy into what preachers tell you about yourself. If it was true God would have already been telling you in your heart and all Words of Knowledge are only meant to confirm what God has already told you.
---Darlene_1 on 9/6/10

Augie, the Lakeland false revival is probably one of the strangest of the false revivals. It appears to be one of the most demonic events out there. I wouldn't even watch the videos on that one. If you have some specific questions, I would be more than glad to answer them.
---Moderator on 9/6/10

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Thank you for your response. I have tried talking to a few people who attended. They didn't have much to say and I was left wondering about things. I will look at the Internet videos.

At many churches, there are visiting Evangelists who claim to be bringing "revival" to the slumbering, or whatever, congregation. I have attended a few. However, I have never felt that I really experienced God.

I have been told that there is some SIN in my life. Well, I repented of my divorce long ago. Everyday, I ask God to forgive me for any wrongs I've done.

I have become very discouraged by these "revivals". I just wanted to know if other folks have had the same outcome as me.
---Augie on 9/6/10

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