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Reporter In Jets Locker Room

Should women news reporters be allowed into men's sports lockers for interviews? Such as the former Ms. Spain reporter in the Jets locker and the complaint about possible sexual harassment.

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 ---Tom on 9/13/10
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No I don't think woman should be in a men's locker room while they are totally nude taking showers and getting dressed. It is not a place a woman should be. I don't think Male reporters go into woman's locker rooms after sporting events and if they do they shouldn't either. The locker room is a private place for the guys on the team to relax and let loose.
---Pete on 2/15/11

Of course, female reporters (or male reporters for that matter) shouldn't be allowed in a male locker room. It's a blatant violation of the athlete's right to privacy and the dignity every human being deserves.

This may seem like a minor issue to some for a couple of reasons. First it doesn't directly affect most people. Second, it's males being victimized. If male reporters were in female locker rooms while the athletes were in various states of undress, including full nudity, it would be front page news.

For those interested, I have written a 4-part series on this subject that exposes the feminist agenda behind this issue.
---Terry_L._Brown on 2/10/11

John, male reporters are allowed in the women's locker room for minutes and then ushered out when athletes begin to undress.

Men have obliged because even in this messed up world men have respect for the privacy of women. Worldly women believe privacy of males is a sexist wall that must be destroyed.

Equal treatment of the genders is left for arguments where its to their advantage.

The problem is that nothing a female reporter can or could do is considered inappropriate and that is a problem.
---larry on 11/4/10

I would say no,with this added comment,the pictures of this young women are very worldly,concentrating on her body.personally I would not want a woman in a locker room I was in,intervues can be given in public where both are properly dressed.
---tom2 on 10/31/10

This woman had a job to do. Her contract or job description should have protected her against sexual harassment. The team should have been aware of this also. Just common decency should have been exercised in this lady reporter's case. When you are being interviewed the guys should know how to react and basically, how to respect others. This has nothing to do with sports. This has to do with values and morals. Just respecting the lady would have been enough. Regardless of the way she was dressed. But that is too much like right.
---Robyn on 10/13/10

Women should never be in a man's locker room. The reporter dressed that way for attention. What does she think men are going to do when she is even on the field? She should be ashamed of herself. Girls who dress provocatavly and there are lots of them, some teens, who wear the worst clothes I have ever seen. They shouldn't be expecting to be treated like a lady.
---shira3877 on 9/17/10

Though most here can't stand Keith Olberman he is right to suggest the Azteca network's credentials be pulled. This is the same network who sent a reporter to the Giants/Patriots Super Bowl in a wedding dress to propose to Tom Brady. Unprofessional.
The players have no excuse for their behavior and there is no excuse for 5-inch stilettos on a football field or basketball court. Its stupid even if you never enter a locker room.

No reporter should ever be allowed in any locker room. Its not necessary to cover the leader of the free world and its not necessary for whatever inane comments you're going to grab from an athlete.
Society at-large has lost any sense of modesty, virtue or self-control.
---larry on 9/15/10

Are Male reporters allowed in Womans locker rooms. Just curious
---JOhn on 9/15/10

Miss Sainz (not Ms Spain) admits that she deliberately dresses in a provocative manner to be "attractive", calling it her style--and then is shocked when men react to her!

Yet, she would be just as insulted if men ignored her!

One woman said on her blog: If she dresses in jeans so tight they show her ovaries and enters a men's locker room sporting a cameltoe, she should not complain about the reaction she draws.
---Cluny on 9/14/10

As a conservative who is 73 years old, my answer will refect the, "Old school" of thought. A woman has no business in a man's locker room - period. Along with that, a person, (of either sex) should be attractive without being an attraction. Based on her mode of dress both on the interview I saw, and the replay of the incident, she is an attraction who is dress in a non-professional manner. (You liberals eat your heart out.)
---wivv on 9/14/10

There are two problems in this story.

First, I understand all the hype about ladies being offered equal jobs, but men should only be allowed in the MENS locker room and ladies only in the LADIES locker room. Sorry.

Secondly, the actions of these "men" should not be tolerated in any way. We should not make excuses or allowances for sexual harrassment no matter where it happens. Are these men or beasts?
---Mark_Eaton on 9/14/10

No. then again I am not reading on this news because it is not worth my time. Honestly can you post something relating to the bible instead of being interested in the gossip on the news NOT related to Gods kingdom?
---candice on 9/14/10

The bible tells us to avoid all appearances of evil.

A woman, a true Christian God-fearing, blod bought child of God type of woman who walks with the Lord will NOT want to go into a men's locker room - I know I wouldn't go near there with a fifty foot pole.

The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It's wisdom for a woman NOT to go near those locker rooms.
---Donna5535 on 9/14/10

While gentlemen should always show respect to a lady, a woman who goes into a locker room filled with naked pumped-up jocks is clearly no lady and should not be surprised at the reception she might receive.

I myself don't want to be interrogated my strangers (male or female) when I'm in my birthday suit, physicians and nurses excepted.
---Cluny on 9/14/10

One of the first things that I learned at Age 5 -- in my Kindergarten class -- was that Boys and Girls have SEPARATE restrooms.

As I got older, I understood the WHY "that is necessary" part. Adults, like this news reporter, should clearly understand the WHY part too.

The same reasoning: safety, privacy, legal, etc. issues apply to Locker Rooms too. Whether for Men or Women.

No, the Female News Reporter should NOT have been in the Men's Locker Room. A Male news reporter would NOT be allowed in a Women's Locker Room! The local Police would be there in no time.

Simple "Common Sense" Lady!

"Everything I Needed To Know In Life, I Learned In Kindergarten"

---Sag on 9/14/10

I don't know why any reporters are in locker rooms to begin with

a women who must report on sports she would NEVER play then become indignant when she opens herself up to being a target by the men she interviews on a sport AGAIN she has never played has set herself up for whatever mess she encounters ...chalk it up to hazzards of choosing a profession to prove your feminist point

so what about men in womens sports locker rooms and how is it women who are not practicing a christian way of life or working a profession that honors them as women any subject of concern?
---Rhonda on 9/14/10

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"Should women news reporters be allowed into men's sports lockers for interviews?"
If it is a problem for the players or the reporters, no.
Personally I do not see why interviews in the locker room would be necessary.
---josef on 9/14/10

No she shouldn't have been in that locker room, men are men and lets look at this with some common sense. If you put some one in a room with chocolate candy sitting all over the room do you think they wont eat some.

Same with women and a male reporter, people don't have respect and they usually want to impress their friends by being feminist or macho.

as Christians we don't do this sort of thing.
---Lea on 9/14/10

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