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Why Can't People Have Kids

I often find myself wondering just WHY it is that: GOD gives children to women -- some married, some not -- who just can't provide for the children's needs. Then I know married couples who are "unable" to have a child. Why?

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 ---Augie on 9/21/10
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Because adults can make a baby does not mean that the adults should, especially if they are suffering and cannot support themselves

although that is logical the world does as it pleases ...which is why many women have children by many different men and vise versa ....because these people are living for themselves and their lusts rather than for God

if the whole world lived for The Father in Heaven and married before entering into sexual relations all would be blessed with children

instead some who are unmarried are blessed multiple times over yet their children grow up in a very hard existance

it's easy to understand the WHY knowing we are living in a dying world waiting for Gods Kingdom on earth led by Christ
---Rhonda on 10/5/10

Because adults can make a baby does not mean that the adults should, especially if they are suffering and cannot support themselves, then it is unwise to bring another person into the world to suffer likewise as the adults are suffering. And for adults that are unable to produce children, they should pray for perhaps they also should not be bringing another soul into this world, or they may also have physiological or psychological problems which is preventing fertilization.
---Eloy on 9/26/10

For it's prob good that some don't. As today the way the way the world conditions are.
I believe parents should pray, Lord I know that you already know if we had children, will they be saved according to Your Word? I hate the thought about raising children now that wont be saved, that they may be in the battle of armageddon.
---Lawrence on 9/23/10

You have to remember as Christians we are spiritual beings in human bodies. As such we are open to anything that the human body can experience. While sad, it's true that some un-wed, and married mothers have children they can't take care of for a number of reasons from a lack of birth control methodes to wanting a bigger welfare check. Not having children is also a program. It can be a medical problem, but I also know of cases where stress was a factor. For example of stress preventing pregnancy, I had two friends who tried for serveral years to have a baby, and they finally adopted, and just a few weeks later the wife became pregnant because she was more relaxed now they had adopted.
---wivv on 9/22/10

Sag, thank you for your kind words about me seeing my children.

I was raised Catholic and I only wish they would have frowned on ALOT more things than just IVF.

My friends go to church every Sunday and are very dedicated to their Religion. I love them both very much, but one lived with a man for 7 years in fornication and got really mad at me for letting her know the bible says that fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

They keep lent yet they choose not to forgive their enemies, the people that they are mad at.

I don't understand Catholicism. I came out of the Catholic church and now I'm just a Pentecostal Believer in Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Savior and God Our Father and Holy Spirit.
---Donna5535 on 9/22/10

It has to deal with our bodies whether or not it is able to produce. As stated below it could be the woman with her cycling or with the man & low sperm count or both. There are other ways besides having children naturally, like adoption. i have seen plenty of infertile families adopt children & have been blessed.
Dr's told me at age 15 I shouldn't have children due to my platlet disorder, well God had other plans & I have 4 children now within a 11 yr timespan.
The side effect though to the blessing is that the 2 younger children have medical problems like myself & my health got worse, but I would rather be sick everyday & have my children as a blessing. Do not blame God for our bodies not working.
---Candice on 9/22/10

I failed at having children because my ex-husband and I turned to invetro-fertilization and God told me (many years later) that He will NOT bless mans ways. I had to repent in sackcloth and ashes.
---Donna5535 on 9/22/10

Thanks for sharing your experience with IVF.

That is frowned upon in the Catholic church and I attend one. I once found my mouth talking "faster" than my brain could think. I mentioned that IVF was just an "alternative" way to conceive a child. Well, some other people in the church gave me a long lecture on WHY the Catholic church disapprove of IVF.

I'm sure you'll be so happy to see your children in heaven.
---Sag on 9/22/10

There's a scripture in Matthew that says he blesses the unsaved (but I'm not sure if that's the word Matthew uses).

I failed at having children because my ex-husband and I turned to invetro-fertilization and God told me (many years later) that He will NOT bless mans ways. I had to repent in sackcloth and ashes.

Then in 2009 (August 14th) God revealed to me that He has my children....the embroyo's that died inside of me had a spirit and God came and received their spirits unto Himself - the Word of the Lord came to me through a very anointd man of God. So they are being raised in heaven and will be given to me when I get there (per the Holy Spirit's revelation to me).
---Donna5535 on 9/22/10

I don't know if people had many problems with bearing children in the past.

However, I've heard that the "sexual revolution" of the 1960's, and probably still going on today in the USA, took it's toll on people.

Today, there are several sexually transmitted diseases (STD) that can interfer with future child bearing.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but in the USA, many younger folks seem to think that they can live FUN, but SINFUL, lives without any consequences. That isn't true.

Many people contract diseases that they might not even know about, yet have effects on their bodies. Including the ability to bear children.
---Sag on 9/22/10

I have wondered this myself but some things we will never understand or have the answers to. Many questions, studying and learning, has no end. Why do we blame God for everything? The couple may not be compatible or simply not doing something correctly, to have children. Who knows? The female could be at fault and vice versa. The makeup and chemistry of one or the others body is not correct. There are many reasons why people cannot have children. And children born out of wedlock is not God's will. God ordained marriage and desires for children to be a product of a union(man/woman) within marriage. People disobey God, all of the time. Then want to blame God when things go wrong. We suffer when we disobey. That is the result of sin.
---Robyn on 9/21/10

Simply because Reproduction and the ability to conceive offspring has absolutely nothing to do with religion or belief in God. It is a matter of Physiology, that is why we have the problems of undesirable pregnancies from rape and incest.
---Blogger9211 on 9/21/10

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