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I Am A Non Believer

I myself am a non believer or at best a pantheist. I am in awe of those that do believe and would not wish to change their view. I am surprised by the unchristian attitude towards others, that are practicing Christians. Everyone is integrally good we're all just different, enjoy that difference, please!

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 ---Alexandra on 10/11/10
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What if I'm someone who is integrally just a bit more bad than you suggested? Why don't you go all the way and accept someone who is absolutely bad? We can choose to accept or reject in some areas. Not all. I can choose between colors, food, even associations. I can't choose to fly like a bird with wings, or jump into the sea as if I had fins. I'm made a certain way with a law written within me. That law is inescapable and no philosophy can rewrite it. And sometimes it might be reasonable to disagree when differences amount to violation of that law within, coz somewhere some severe damage will result becoz of that wrong choice.
---hop on 11/22/10

Alexandra, if you're not a believer, then what is your standard for determining what is Christian behavior and what is not, other than your own opinions?

Have you tried praying for the gift of faith?
---Cluny on 11/17/10

Alexandra: It is true that many people have very different ideas about what to believe in, and about God (for those who believ in Him). That is completely correct.

However, if God DOES exist, then som ething about God must be true and some must not be (you can consider that about yourself - the statement that you are 26 years old is either true or incorrect)

In the same way, either God exists (in which case people who do not believe that are making a mistake) or He does not exist, in which case I am making a mistake.

Both cannot be correct.
---Peter3594 on 11/6/10

Alexandra I'm sure as a non-believer you have witnessed many others who believe as you do that do not practice good-will toward others ...not all christians have poor attitudes

unfortunately there are many christians who believe they are perfect and arrogantly condemn those who do not hold same beliefs - they preach about love yet show contempt ...AND there are those in other religions who behave the same ...if this were not so then we would live in a utopia society

if we were all truly integrally good we would not have prisons full of people who have committed heinous acts against others

however I am curious what is it you are in "awe" about
---Rhonda on 10/19/10

1 JOHN 2,2 And he is the propitiation for our sin, and not for our only, but also for the sins of the whole world,

ISAIAH 13,11 And I will punish the world for there evil, and the wicked for their iniquity, and I will cause the arrograncy of the proud to cease,and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

LUKE 13:23 THEN said one unto him, LORD are there few that be save? And he said unto them.
LUKE 13:24 STRIVE to enter in at the strait gate,For MANY , I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall Not be able.
---RICHARD on 10/18/10

thank you-char

without His Blessings, i am less than nothing.
---aka on 10/18/10

//Prayers would definately help. Her name is Michelle// ---JackB on 10/16/10


Don't get sidetracked. May God protect you from inside and out.


To yield to the Spirit is not an approach of mine, it is a decision from conviction.

Psalm 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

Gal 5:13 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty, only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.


This constant barrage of words is not service. the Sword of Truth is a good weapon only if it is wielded by command and care.
---aka on 10/18/10

I will not enjoy a person's nonbelief, and that their difference to be different to Christ is rebellion. No, no enjoyment is found in dissers. Christ is not only the Ultimate, but he is also the only proven right way. For there are not many roads to heaven, but only one narrow way. Christ says that you are either for him, or against him, and those who choose not to choose him have chosen to be against him and are the enemy of God. Jesus says: "I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life, no human comes to The Father, except by me."
---Eloy on 10/18/10

//Instead of just twisting what I said, you cut it out just like you do much of the Scripture that refutes your belief system.//

Or claiming that noone gives scripture to back up their beliefs....

That has happened many times. Anyone who has followed debates between MarkV and Linda, Alan, Kathr and myself know it is nothing more than a lie.
---JackB on 10/18/10

If the moderators would allow it I love you to have a Calvinism / Armenian debate where we give scriptures that directly support or refute each belief.

If scripture denies a belief it is not left open to "bad interpretation".

For example the belief of "limited atonement" directly refuted by Hebrews 2:9 and 1 John 2:2.
---JackB on 10/18/10

MarkV, no matter how many times I have said that the power to do anything is by the Holy Spirit in me who moves through me to accomplish the will of God, you still stubbornly continue to herald that I said it was by my power. Instead of just twisting what I said, you cut it out just like you do much of the Scripture that refutes your belief system. In regards to "following you around", you think too highly of yourself. That's what YOU did with me before. Everywhere you saw I posted anything about healing, you were right there to call me a false teacher and a Kenneth Copeland follower, again no matter how many times I told you that I don't even listen to him. Look in the mirror before you assess that anyone is chasing you.
---Linda on 10/18/10

I'm sorry to hear that you are a Non-Believer..You know that means you can't go to Heaven and live forever, right?
---a_friend on 10/17/10

Aka 3, I have a different approah then the one you have. I do not let anyone, no matter who it is stop me from proclaiming the Truth. If I stop, I am not doing my duty. I know we don't all believe in every part of Scripture. That is obvious. That does not bother me at all. It is when they throw their daggers and arrows to slander me as a person that is wrong. My soul is not lost, I have made my assurance sure. I do have a true love for Christ, and the Spirit witnesses to my spirit I am a child of God, and if another brother condemns me for giving the Truth, he is not my brother in Christ. I want Scripture to speak for itself, I even try to explain it, but many times whoever hears, twist those Scriptures to create a lie.
---Mark_V. on 10/17/10

Man had free will AFTER the fall, Mark. Why do you think God removed them from the garden? (Gen 3:22)

Jesus Christ lived a selfless, sinless life. He looked at men and had compassion on them even though they brought their condition upon themselves. He resisted those who felt they were already righteous and befriended sinners.

His requirements for healing people were that they believe he COULD and WOULD do that which they humbly asked for.

He was lookin for faith. When he found it in them he praised them and rewarded them. God wants to see that we believe He is loving and forgiving enough to give us something we dont deserve because of who HE is. When people believe, He heals them.

Jesus IS the God of scripture.
---JackB on 10/17/10

MARKV --- THIS might be something Your looking For ---

Now alot of the Churches and people think if I believe, or I accept Christ.I will be save.THEY Take that from - ROMANS 10:9 THAT if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the LORD JESUS and shalt believe in thine Heart.------------

There not see what the whole Bible says, BELIEVE and FAITH is a WORK, and we can not be save by WORKS - 2 TIMOTHY 1,9
Now as far as (GREATER WORKS) JOHN 14,12 -This has to do with bring the gospel,IT's THE WORD OF GOD THAT SAVES,Not man once again this is a work by us.
---RICHARD on 10/17/10

Aka, thank you brother for answering. Your words are heard by me. Here is the reason I told him to beware, because he believes that God is waiting for him to exercise his free will and choose Him. That while he doesn't, God cannot do anything. He is powerless. But the New Covenant does not say that. The Covenant meant for Israel now for us nowhere declares that when God spoke of that Covenant man had to give Him permission. So that he has the wrong gospel of Jesus Christ. When a person goes against anyone with the wrong gospel, they are in big trouble. If he so chooses to do that, then he is on his own. Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice and they follow Me" Only those who are His will ever respond to Him.
---Mark_V. on 10/17/10

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Aka 2: they get mad because they cannot stand someone correcting them. Their hearts are hardened. They hate me for telling them the Word of God does not say what they say, So they run out of words and throw daggers. The same people on all blogs.
Under the New Covenant God does all the Work. Not one time does He say, we do something to earn this salvation. What He does say is,
" I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you, I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk My Statutes and you will keep My judgments and do them" All is His work, nowhere does He say, if you let Me with your free will.
---Mark_V. on 10/17/10

//There are plenty examples of Paul and others encouraging us to be careful.//---aka

Brother, Im not suggesting that Im goin in this with all defenses down. I am cautious but I also know my God is stronger than his adversary.

"Satanists" dont believe in an afterlife and feel the only time they are going to have to experience a vital existence is now.

They have morals but theres no real consequence for breaking them other than suffering thru the bad effects they have on their life in this world.

I can feel she craves something that I know only Christ can give her. That is what Im tryin to convince her of now. Prayers would definately help. Her name is Michelle
---JackB on 10/16/10


...By that time, the Spirit spoke through some other person or straightened my words to speak in truth not in myself.

Non-believers only need to see our interaction with each other to reject our witness no matter how brilliant.

Our many words are not important, but, His One Word is.
---aka on 10/16/10

---JackB on 10/15/10

//You cant teach others to have confidence in God, when you apparently have none yourself.//


You know your scripture, yet you focus on man. You are just spinning your wheels. There are plenty examples of Paul and others encouraging us to be careful.

Focus on the Lord. The person that you love the least is the measure of how much you really love Jesus.
---aka on 10/16/10

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//your right, as Christians have to be careful who we witness to. //

--i have learned with some [other christians], you have to be very careful.--

MarkV, this is a great example of what I was addressing. it is not our witness to non-believers, it is our interaction with each other. I have read JackB's posts and I am confident that if he opens his mouth, the Spirit will speak.

What I did when I learned that my posts did not properly communicate my thoughts or that somebody twisted them, was to step back and NOT RESPOND for 1 to 3 days...
---aka on 10/16/10

Mark, your whole response to me verifies that you didn't really read what I wrote. No genuine surprise there as you have twisted everything I have ever said to match the ungodly beliefs you hold to and attempt to discredit what I have genuinely experienced in God for myself . I am so sorry you believe that the Holy Spirit who indewells us now is different and somehow less powerful than the One who indwelled the early Christians. Stephen wasn't an apostle and yet mighty signs and wonders were done by his hands.
---Linda on 10/16/10

The fact that Stephen, who was not an apostle, pretty much condemns any voice that says only the 12 apostles did signs and wonders. The whole book of Acts is the acts of the Holy Spirit through born again believers. The Holy Spirit is the river that flows through and out of earthen vessels to minister, bless, heal, deliver, and everything else you don't believe. That is the way God designed it. It is you who believes in a powerless God.
---LindaS on 10/16/10


"These works and GREATER shall YOU DO because I go to the Father." Jesus

You refute and refuse the very words of Jesus, not me.
---Linda on 10/16/10

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Mark, you stated somewhere else that you can't just put the Scripture down and let it speak for itself because others try to twist it. Mark, I haven't ever seen you put down a Scripture and let it speak for itself. You go on to explain it through the filter of the doctrine you believe. Now, if Jesus said to those the Father had given Him, "These works and greater shall you do", why can't that just stand for itself without you robbing His very own words of power by trying to explain it away because YOU don't believe the Holy Spirit is the same today as He was then?
---LindaS on 10/16/10

The problem, Mark, is that we as sinful men dont have the right to judge who is eternally evil and who is elect (as you put it). You for some reason think you have that authority. You are sadly mistaken. You are NOT God. You are simply a sinner that has been adopted into his family by His grace. He can just as easily remove your branch from the tree (Romans 11:21).

ALL men are evil before we come to CHrist. ALL have sinned. None do good with their every though and deed. That is what God requires for thats who HE is.

We have no right to look down upon those JUST LIKE US who havent experienced Gods love yet. They could accept CHrist and become a stronger part of the body of Christ than you OR I or anyone here for that matter.
---JackB on 10/16/10

////Aka, your right, as Christians have to be careful who we witness to//---MarkV

Imagine Jesus Christ telling his disciples this when He gave them power to cast out devils and heal the sick.

If the disciples of Christ were in no danger, why should we think that we are? We have the same Savior living WITHIN us.
---JackB on 10/16/10

Linda, from the beginning, when I questioned your powers as a Word of Faith follower, you got upset. So you become one who looks where I go to join in. I know you methods Linda.
When you give a discription of what you do, you mention what Jesus did, or what Paul did, as if you can do the same things, even to the point of saying more then what Christ has done in power. You claim to have this powers of bringing people to life, making new limps, healing the sick, in fact bringing a witch to bow at your feet. The Faith teachers have deluded you mind. There is no proof of what you say, only empty words. We are not called to fight evil, or satan, but to bring the gospel to others. In the event we are attacked we have Christ to defend us.
---Mark_V. on 10/16/10

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JackB, You're on Target, so, keep going, Brother, if the LORD leads you to. Because, there are others of those who are regarding the Truth you're explaining, even if certain ones don't. OSAS, the way it's being rampantly and falsely twisted and being taught in the Church today is, at least, in part, the cause for such doctrinal belief you're battling against on this Blog Site.
---Gordon on 10/16/10

//If you don't think the spirit of satan is in her then you got alot to learn//--MarkV

Because the spirit of satan is not in all unbelievers? only witches and atheists?
---JackB on 10/16/10

Mark , I was gonna make a lengthy response to each of your comments but to be quite honest with you, I dont think anything I say will matter.

I will say only this.
I did not say you werent saved. I asked where your FAITH was. If my question along with what Linda said pricked you in your heart then maybe your beef isnt with either of us. If it caused you to doubt your salvation, that was not my intention. Only to get you to find out why you have so much hatred against those who do not believe. All believers were non-believers at one point.

Atheists and witches need the love of Jesus Christ also. Gods love is what changes lives.
---JackB on 10/15/10

Its just gonna take some time.
---JackB on 10/14/10

Keep talking with her Jack. Everyone told me I was a tough nut to crack.

I was a daily drug user for 10 years, a devout atheist who wanted no part of God or church. You see, I hated God because of my father, a minister, who had no love to give to me. I grew up seeing him working with others only to be left out when I needed him. After that, I wanted no part of him or "his God" and ran with the wrong crowd into drugs, jail, and failed marriages.

But God kept calling me, I feel, as a result of my mother's prayers. He brought a special man into my life who showed me what a Christian really looked like.
---Mark_Eaton on 10/15/10

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I don't recall Paul being warned about who he preached the gospel or gave his testimony to when he was sent to the Gentiles. He went commissioned by Christ and led of the Spirit. If the Spirit forbade him to go into a certain place, he heeded that leading. If Jack has been led to minister to this girl, who is anyone to question or warn him from doing so without questioning the very wisdom of the Spirit of God also. Fear of a "spirit" in her is not confidence in Christ. Fear is the opposite of faith and the locked gate around love. Love does not control nor manipulate a man's heart for it's own purpose.
---Linda on 10/15/10

Paul went to Ephesus and even wrestled with the wild beasts there, but those people who were into witchcraft and sorceries of all kind heard the gospel, believed, and then brought their magic books to be burned. How worried was Paul about those spirits? He wasn't. He knew the power and grace of the One in Him and the convicting power of the Holy Spirit through the gospel. Mark, you say those spirits can delude us if we are not grounded in truth. I say I must be grounded then since the spirit in that witch I talked with bowed at the feet of the love, grace, and mercy of God flowing through me BY HIS SPIRIT (emphasis mine for clarity, just in case anyone wants to say I did it in my own power).
---LindaS on 10/15/10

Jack, your attacks against me, will not go unnotice by God. I have presented the Truth to you to the best of my abilities, with good intentions, and you have rejected the Truth of Scripture concerning God, to the point of calling me unsaved. I dust my shoes off. You get no more answers from me. For you are a hypocrite and a liar and have now been influenced by your satantic friend. I thought you were a Christian brother, and I was wrong, the evidence is not that of a brother.
---MarkV. on 10/15/10

To the person that ask the original question:
Because you are reading the comments posted on this site and willing to ask questions I believe you are seeking answers. I am truly sorry that there is not enough space in this blog to give the full gospel. I am adding you to my prayer list and will not forget you. I suggest you read the Gospel of John with an open mind and ask God to open your heart. Then please seek out a church that is preaching the pure gospel and ask the pastor or leader any questions and be willing to listen to the answer. Salvation is of God by grace, not of good works or how we live.
May God send you His Spirit.
---Harold on 10/15/10

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Jack, my confidence is in Christ not in myself. You are already compromising the Truth by saying the two believes are almost the same. If you don't think the spirit of satan is in her then you got alot to learn.
I say,
"Jack, I hope that satanist does not witness to you because if she does, you are in big trouble" and you say, " I laughed here." and conclude, "I am not worried about her god."
And here on this post you say, "Ok sir, she is not satan. She is a human being." you contradict youself and here is the most important thing, you compared me with her and even tell me to examine my heart. When all I was telling you to beware not of her, of her spirit.
---MarkV. on 10/15/10

//Aka, your right, as Christians have to be careful who we witness to.// --- MarkV

This is a testament of your faith laid out for everyone here to see. I hope many people read this before they take heed to any doctrine or truths that you try to lead them into.

You cant teach others to have confidence in God, when you apparently have none yourself.
---JackB on 10/15/10

Leave it up to a Calvinist to decide to whom we should witness to, whom are the elect and whom are not. Your arrogance is absolutely unbelievable. God have mercy on your poor misled soul, Mark.

Im sorry that you dont agree that most of the church was been overtaken by those who claim the name of Christ but forget to show his love. Its called apostasy. We were warned that it would come.

The reason why it will continue to grow is because fear has become the motivating factor for modern day Christians instead of love. Christians are afraid to question what we are being taught for fear we are questioning the LORD himself. Noone wants to believe the great falling away is here now. The man of sin is not far behind.
---JackB on 10/15/10

Doubting the ability we have THRU HIS SPIRIT (have to make sure that is noticed there) is the very reason "these works and greater shall you do because I go to My Father" is not a reality to most and is argued away by just as many.
---Linda on 10/15/10

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//How would a satanist know what is the love of God?//

If the lost didnt have the ability to recognize the love of God they would never come to Jesus Christ. Jesus taught us to let our light shine so that the world would see whats in us and glorify the Father (Matt 5:16)

//She is not only a satanist but wicked, and a witch to boot.//

And what were you before you came to Jesus Christ, Mark? more righteous than a witch?

See what I mean about being stuck up because of our position now due to Gods grace and forgetting where we came from?

We are no more deserving of Gods grace than a witch. If you dont like it, thats too bad. Maybe you need to reexamine your heart.
---JackB on 10/15/10

//But He never tells us to go against satan in any area of Scripture.//---MarkV

Ok sir, she is not satan. She is a human being. Deceived. Lost and without hope. She needs Jesus CHrist.

Should we abandon every lost person simply because we would be fighting against the powers of satan by trying to help them?

Where is your confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus Christ? Jesus gave his disciples power to cast out devils. Did they run away in fear because they were going up against satan?

Where is your faith?
---JackB on 10/15/10

//For some reason when Mark doesn't agree with what I said, he always attacks my purpose or my motive//-- Linda

He does that to everyone who disagrees with him. Its what people do when they run out of arguments.

//Am I the only one who sees something inherently wrong with this reasoning?// - Linda

No ma'am, youre not. I cant believe more people havent said something.

//"You cannot compare Jack to Jesus Christ"
---MarkV. on 10/15/10//

Boy, I can see where this ones going...
Does He not live IN me, Mark? To doubt the ability that we have thru HIS SPIRIT is to doubt the very power of God. Are we not children of God as well as Jesus was? Not begotten sons, but adopted sons.
---JackB on 10/15/10

So, here it is.....
As a sinner, I can be manipulated (controlled) at God's will to believe and my father the devil cannot manipulate me to not believe.
As a forgiven sinner (your words, not mine...I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, a saint), I can be manipulated by the devil to believe a lie and My Father in heaven cannot manipulate (control) me to not believe a lie.

Am I the only one who sees something inherently wrong with this reasoning? The child of the devil can be controlled by God and be saved but the child of God cannot be controlled to stay in truth.

It is striking that someone who believes that doesn't think for a minute he hasn't heard and believed a few lies.
---Linda on 10/15/10

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For some reason when Mark doesn't agree with what I said, he always attacks my purpose or my motive, and he does it all by twisting everything that is said to fit inside his doctrinal box. He values the knowledge of doctrine over the nature of the Father, even if it means mixing covenants to do so. Unfortunately, there is so much interpretation to every Scripture and so much attack against everyone who does not agree with him, the real gospel is not even heard. It is the power of God unto salvation.
---Linda on 10/15/10

Bless you aka---
In flesh we all have opinions. Praise God for His compassion-as fisher men-we fish.
As farmers-we sow seed.
God alone causes it to grow.

bless you brother.
---char on 10/15/10

Aka, your right, as Christians have to be careful who we witness to. The Spirit prepares those who are lost, by making them seek after God. We are called to follow God where He is working, and we are to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. We do not do this on our own. Yes, greater is He that is in us, then he who is in the world, for He will never let us, His children, ultimately fall. But He never tells us to go against satan in any area of Scripture. We are to fight the ememy with the Armor we have been given but when we are attack. We can tell him, depart from me in the name of Jesus and he will depart. We cannot change people's hearts or convince anyone, the Word of Truth brings faith.
---MarkV. on 10/15/10

Linda #2: If your purpose was right you would see why I told Jack what I did. If you cared for him wouldn't you warn him? He nows says he has conversations with her nightly. And that her views are close to ours, convincing him we are almost the same, not far apart, maybe he can believe the other side too. And to show how little he knows of the gospel, he says,
"Her mind has just been poisoned against Christ by those who claimed his name. The wolves have taken over a lot of churches."
He blames her poison on the Christians and the churches, when in fact all descendants of Adam are considered lost and without God. And here is the killer, you said Amen to what he is doing.
---MarkV. on 10/15/10

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To Linda 3: My typo. My sentence should have said, "You cannot compare Jack to Jesus Christ"
---MarkV. on 10/15/10

Linda, I do not know where you get those idea's in your head. To argue you say, "Jesus was among sinners as an answer to my recommeding to Jack what he is doing speaking to a satanist. You cannot compare Jesus with Jesus Christ who is God. In fact you are a forgiven sinner, who can be manipulated at will if you are not grounded in the Truth. What witnessing was Jack talking about? it was not the gospel of Jesus Christ but about how terrible Christians are. He says'
"AMEN Linda! That is exactly what my friend says to me. Its not hard to tell which people have the love of God in them."
How would a satanist know what is the love of God? She is not only a satanist but wicked, and a witch to boot.
---MarkV. on 10/15/10

i have learned with some, you have to be very careful. this avenue of communication is very tricky and you throw in personality and you can see that it is better to conceed than it is to fight.

i just read his last post...not the one's before. i think what he meant is that jack is not the saviour, Jesus is. So, whenever we witness to anybody including a satanist, it is Jesus' words, power, etc that saves.

but, i only read that last post, so i can be totally wrong. i just encourage you both to take a step back, and consider our mission of our Lord. there may be a different approach that satisfies defense of the Gospel and righteousness.
---aka on 10/15/10

Jesus was the friend of sinners. MarkV asks, "What are you doing with her? Are you trying to convert her? Do you have power to change her heart?" Maybe he should ask the Holy Spirit why Jesus hung out with sinners, unless he thinks it is a waste of time to do so, of course. And yes, we have been given the power to influence the heart of man. It is called the gospel, through which the Holy Spirit works to convince the sinner of unbelief in Jesus. Just something about Jesus....sinners loved Him and demoniacs fell at His feet in worship. I wonder what's missing in those that are His.
---Linda on 10/14/10

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Aka, I have read it, several times, not just Mark's response but everyone else's as well. My response had to do with his supposed concern that Jack needed to be worried about a satanist "witnessing" to him. That was so absurd I could hardly believe it came from him considering the fact that surely God would not "allow" her to do such a thing or for JackB to be influenced by it if she so chose to use her free will to do so.
---Linda on 10/14/10

Jack and Linda,

Please reread MarkV's post in the "Few Christians Really Saved" blog.

I try not to read what you three write to each other, but I think I know what MarkV might have meant as opposed to what you responded with.
---aka on 10/14/10

The word "carnal" and "carnivore" come from the same root. Flesh eaters aren't satisfied with Christ's flesh, so they strip others of covering and devour the flesh beneath. It is sad, really, when Christians forget that they were in the same shape as those we are called to minister to and use God's sovereignty as the reason they go to hell. We have been entrusted with the gospel and made stewards of the manifold grace of God. If we cannot be trusteed to handle that message properly, who can?
---Linda on 10/14/10

AMEN Linda! That is exactly what my friend says to me. Its not hard to tell which people have the love of God in them. Even unbelievers recognize a difference. She notices that I dont judge her as other Christians have done. I mean we were all unbelievers at one time. Its a shame that some people seem to forget that.

//she was angry with a God she said she didn't believe in.//

Same. We have conversations nightly for hours at times. The weird thing is the values she holds arent that far from Christian ones. You wouldnt know she is a satanist/witch just from holding a casual conversation with her.

Her mind has just been poisoned against Christ by those who claimed his name. The wolves have taken over a lot of churches.
---JackB on 10/14/10

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Awesome Jack! I was given the privilege to talk with a self proclaimed witch once who had been Bible thumped to death by unlearned Christians. To make a long story short for sake of space, the hour long conversation ended with her saying, "There is something different about you, God person. I don't know what it is, but there is something very different about you." Altogether a wonderful conversation with her, and very revealing as to why she was angry with a God she said she didn't believe in. I love opportunities like that.
---Linda on 10/14/10

Awesome post, Mark_E.

I have a friend right now that God is calling me to witness to. She too saw the hypocrisy and inconsistencies in the church and wants no part of Christianity now. She is a Satanist.

Im in the process of trying to show her that all who claim to be Christians are not. Shes experienced a lot of hatred from the church because of her questions in the past to which they could supply no answer. She was even kicked out of 2 churches for calling them out on their hypocrisy. She turned away from the truth because of certain 'wolves in sheeps clothing'.

I can see subtle changes in her day by day as we talk but its a long road ahead. A lot of damage has been done. Its just gonna take some time.
---JackB on 10/14/10

Alexandria, wake up, get a reality check, and lift your head out of the sand: a person who believes and "knows" the truth is wise to not wish to leave the truth for some nontruth. The "practicing Christian" loves exactly like Christ loves, but the "fake Christian" hates and lies exactly as the nonBelievers do. Everyone is Not integrally good, as reality and truth shows us, for proof is manifested to us that there are multitudes of people who hurt, rape, steal, lie, destroy, and kill- no not all people are integrally good.
---Eloy on 10/14/10

alexsandria,might I ask what is integrally good?being civil towards people is the right thing to do,jesus came into the world to offer salvation,why?because the world is lost,in bondage to sin which is in our nature,people can do good things,but no one is good.The capability of doing both is a part of free will,choosing good or evil,there is a lot of good done in the world,but also a lot of bad also,people cheat,lie,steal,murder,by what the bible tells me without jesus we are lost in bondage to our flesh and sin.
---tom2 on 10/14/10

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Alexandra, I am not sure what you meant by integrally good, [looked it up]. God says in His word "that the heart of man is desperately wicked". We all have heart troubles. God will give you a new heart through the new birth. A heart after His own heart. A new heart which pleases Him. To just walk away from God is a No, No. Christianity is the only true religion in that, God comes to the individual rather than the individual going to God. Jesus does the choosing. And being Christ-like reaches further than man could ever understand. I feel that we all fall so short. We must obey God in everything, including dealing with one's enemies. God is tired of being mocked, laughed at. His judgment is COMING. Hallelujah.+
---catherine on 10/12/10


I too was in awe of those who really believed. There seemed to be no doubt about God in them. They believed in Him in the face of incredible proof that He did not exist. I admired that, even though I could not understand that.

However, when I looked at "God's people", all I could see was inconsistancies, flaws, and especially hypocracy. It left me wanting no part of God or church.

But God kept calling me, as He is doing to you. He kept telling me that He loved me and wanted me to get to know Him. Eventually, after ruining my life, I threw caution to the wind and gave God a try. I said it can be no worse than what I had done to my life.

Now I am one of those who have no doubt about God.
---Mark_Eaton on 10/12/10

We all are given a choice whom we will serve. You made a choice to not serve God. I choose to serve God. I also choose to believe the Word of God. We all have been born into sin and need a Saviour,Jesus Christ. The bible tells us we must be born again! That includes you as well. But again: we choose to believe or we don't! One thing I will say. There is a heaven and a hell. I don't think hell is a place no one wants to end up. Please think about what you are doing. I can enjoy the differences in people but I am glad to be a christian. I made this choice.
---Robyn on 10/11/10

//I am surprised by the unchristian attitude towards others, that are practicing Christians.//

Yes ma'am, they are called legalistic Christians. They follow the laws of God to merit salvation from Jesus Christ, which is a mix of law and grace and is spoken against in scripture. They tend to be very judgemental people and show very little love because they live with constant guilt. The law they claim to follow good enough to gain eternal life is the very law that condemns them. They cannot escape that guilt without grace, so they spend their time "accusing one another" just as the gentiles do(Romans 2:15)

God brings the change in us. He can only do that when we ask Jesus Christ to take control.
---JackB on 10/12/10

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Alexandra, If i understand you correctly, you believe "God" to be the transcendent reality of which the material universe and human beings are only manifestations, or a perceptible indication or materialization of that superior the state or quality of being. Therefore if you can acknowledge the personage of man, and man as a tangible expression of "God", you can be neither a non believer or truly a pantheist.:o) For pantheism involves a "denial of God's personality and expresses a tendency to identify God with nature". The reality, Alexandra, is that only the Father is Good, therefore any good you see in man, is simply a reflection of Him.
---Josef on 10/12/10

Alexandra, Larry is correct, if you are searching or seeking God you would find Him because He makes Himself available to you for He is not lost, you are. And you say "you are surprised by the unchristian attitude towards others," You need to know that many are only Christian by name, their own evidence proofs they were never saved. There are many of those. You said you were "at awe that those who believe will not change their view" Those are only some people you know, if you paid close attention, many go back to their roots, by the thousands. They were never saved to begin with. If you like where you are at, it is because the unbelievers love what they do without Christ, but have no hope for eternal life without Christ.
---MarkV. on 10/12/10

Alexandra, just understand the reality of God and his attributes does not depend on your "belief" for his existence.
God is God whether you believe or not.

If you earnestly seek God you will find him, and nonbelievers know this so they don't seek him. Its much easier just to be honest and say your not interested in knowing God.

The suggestion that his existence depends on your belief in him is both laughable and tragic.

God bless. I'm praying for you.
---larry on 10/11/10

Alexandra.... never look for Jesus Christ on the internet, honey.

Go talk to a pastor. You will come out of these blogs more confused than when you came in. Most people on here are false prophets.
---JackB on 10/11/10

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Alexandra, You are correct that there is entirely too much hatred/hatefulness on these blogs by people who claim to be christians. We should all be more careful in how we express our positions here. According to Scriptures(Holy Bible) we are NOT all basically "good." Romans 3:23 says, "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Our very nature is sinful without the grace of God working in our lives and the only hope for changing that is to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
---tommy3007 on 10/11/10

You have it wrong Alexandra. Everyone is NOT good. According to the Bible, EVERYONE is BAD because we are born into sin (Romans 3:10-18,23). This is why we need a savior, because God is the ONLY one that is good and can save us from our wreached selves. Also, there is ONLY one right way to get to God, and that is through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). The reason we are different is because only TRUE Christians know that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God, anything other than this is WRONG and WILL lead to Hell. This is NOT judging, but the way God says it is.
---Leslie on 10/11/10


(Everyone is integrally good we'er all just different) From a pantheist or a secular point of veiw, but this is a man made thought. Now most of the people on this site thimk the Bible is the word of GOD.Being so, it's absolute truth, Being that. the Bible says something alot different.

ROMAN 3:10 AS it is written,there is NONE righteous, no not One.
---RICHARD on 10/11/10

What are you " in awe " of alexandria?
You are correct,there is much unchristian in christianity.Other religions are equal if not worse on the scale of human kindness toward their spouses,family,neighbors and kin.There are some here that respectfully debate but....
Is everyone really "integrally good",I do not believe so.If it were true then goodness is inherent and the world is obviously from my view of it un- good.Goodness must be taught,learned and praticed .If not, love for others is a useless golden rule.
"Enjoy the difference"?What does this mean?
---earl on 10/11/10

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"Everyone is integrally good we're all just different, enjoy that difference, please!

I wish I could believe that.

Just look at the world around us ... no not at the wrold, look as all the greed and jealousies and betrayalS in the small local community around you
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/11/10

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