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Done All You Can Do

What do you do when you have prayed, fasted, and done all you can even stood on the word of God when your husband disrespects you, lies, cheats and down you also when there is months in between when there is love?

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 ---Mary on 10/18/10
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ModeratorPermit- Prayer for Trish, thankyou! Gracious Father,Creator,Sovereign over all,please accept my humble cry- Any among us needy..We too,cry! Oh,God we have an emergency!
Trish suffers from arthritis,Oh, Master Our Healer,Move in a special way!
I beg you send your healing virtues the blood of Jesus touch,by faith in our lord Jesus! In Jesus.amen.
---Lidia4796 on 12/15/13

I am sorry, the last word of Hebrews 10:36 KJV(in my last comment should be) is PROMISE not prime.
---Adetunji on 10/3/13

Mary : Hebrews 10:35 Cast not away your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. Hebrew 10:36 For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the prime.
---Adetunji on 10/2/13

For Bro.Prince_humble, I got up this morning, all respect to you, I do not know you but, just want to say THANK GOD! For your post, it really struck a cord fine tune up my mind, thank God!
Believe the Lord used it/ help me through a rough terrain..
God be praised & Jesus Lifted up! Forever.amen
---Lidia4796 on 9/29/13

Just stand, when there's nothing left to do, you
just stand, watch the Lord see you through. Yes,
after you've done all you can, you just stand
Whatever trials or storms you're facing right now -
give it to God, and give Him the trust and authority
to manifest His Miraculous abilities to calm your
rough seas........
He sees your pain and know that you are struggling.
All He's waiting for is an invitation....not a prayer
that things get better, but an invitation into your
world so He can make things better!
---Prince_Humble on 6/28/12

Continue to do what's right by God. If he has committed adultery and you find it too difficult to live with him as a result, remove yourself, but remain single (don't even date). If he comes to his senses, submits to God and is ready to dedicate himself to your marriage, forgive him and reconcile.

There's a book written by Debi Pearl called Created to be His Help Meet that may help you. I'm going to warn you ahead of time that the book is rather controversial and there are some things in it that are likely to rub you the wrong way (don't know about you, but my flesh hates correction, lol), but it also contains some really good wisdom for your situation. The entire book is about approaching your role as a wife from a scriptural context.
---AlwaysOn on 1/6/11

cluny, if my husband treated me,like the blogger asking for help, I wouldn't need an excuse. If you have children, get them out of there for their future safety and for your safety and self esteem.
---shira3877 on 1/6/11

Beloved. Under no circumstances do you have to stay and let this man continue to hurt you this way. When you have done all you can do, then you have done your very best. You have two choices. Stay or leave the man. If you stay you will be a whipped dog with no self-respect.A shell of your former self. What your spouse is doing is so wrong. You cannot make a marriage work by yourself. Seek a separation, at the least. This will allow you some much needed time out and a chance to really seek what is the best thing for you and this marriage. God bless
---Robyn on 1/5/11

My dear one, you had the answer inside of you all along. God love your heart! When we have done it all, and said it all. Remember what our precious Savior told us to do..STAND STILL !! Stand still and SEE the salvation of the Lord!! And believe me , you, it works!!
---judy6696 on 11/12/10

I agree with Leslie's post, and suggest you and your husband watch the movie "Fireproof" if you haven't already. This is where the "Love Dare" book comes from and the movie is powerful, I have shown in the prison where I minister at least 3 times and it is always well received. God bless you as you struggle with this situation, and don't give up until you have exhausted all avenues in trying to restore the relationship.
---tommy3007 on 10/20/10

Based on what you tell us about your husband
it sounds like he has committed ADULTARY which gives you grounds to let him go. The word comes from the latin word ADULTARE, which means to alter the terms of the original terms/committment, which it sound like h as done! Give him one more chance to accept marriage counceling. If he refuses let him go!
---Pierre on 10/19/10

peter on 10/19/10-agreed.

In addition-
You are married to God-first.
Child witness and learn from their parents how to treat their future wife or husband.
The Love of God should be the example.

The function of God is not dysfunctional-
He is one-
One Word
One Spirit
And Father to those who believe and follow His Word back to Him.
One unit.
Stand firm In His Word (Christ) without waiver.
May He bless you.
---char on 10/19/10

All I can tell you is what God has said to me: "KEEP DOING". You might ask God, "should I remain aloof". [physical and spiritual at a distance] It also seems to me that you have an abusive husband. One who can be sweet and then evil. I would believe that this would be the hardest to deal with, because, you never know what to expect. Don't allow Satan to discourage you. He loves it.
---catherine on 10/19/10

The single most ignorant thing that can be thought is that he doesn't care about you and wants you to feel this way. The man has a problem obviously. If you start there angry reaction is not an option.

You didn't say that there were any children witnessing this behavior, but my opinion is that if there is you should separate and make counseling a condition of your return.

Counseling is important because it'll afford him the pleasure of sitting where you are and seeing how it feels. When that happens if he does love you it'll make him want to change more then ever. Please get help Mary, don't go on suffering.
---peter on 10/19/10

Have you tried the "Love Dare" devotional? This may help your marriage.
---Leslie on 10/19/10

Mary, you may want to separate yourself from him for a while. How do you know he's lying? Is he lying about cheating?

Satan is the accuser of the brethren and if your husband disrespects you, lies and cheats on you, then that is cause for you to get yourself away from him so the fiery darts of the enemy can't hit you because you're not there anylonger.

Stuff like this wears down your self-esteem and if you don't do something quick, your self-esteem will be gone quickly.
---Donna5535 on 10/19/10

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Let's look at this from the practical angle:
How long has this negative treament been happening? Go back in your mind to when it started happening and see what started it. (You also might ask him what started it and assure him you will change if it was something you said or did or didn't say or do, as long as it doesn't comprimise your spiritual convictions. You might also try marriage counseling, but make sure it's a licensed, Christian, marriage conselor. It would be best if this person was a complete stranger to both of you. Go to this counselor even if you have to go alone. Also keep in mind it may not be something you did but what someone else may have said that caused this negative reaction.
---wivv on 10/18/10

BTW--don't forget that prayer and fasting are NOT acts of magic (aka "unleashing spiritual power") to get what you want.

They are means of bringing YOURSELF closer to God so you can move with Him.

Or as St. Seraphim of Sarov put it, they are not the aims of the Christian life, but the means of "acquiring the Holy Spirit."
---Cluny on 10/18/10

You keep on praying, fasting, and doing what you can do as God gives you light to do it.

Or are you looking for and excuse to divorce him?
---Cluny on 10/18/10

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