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Creflo Dollar Shoting Video

This week a friend forwarded me a video from U-Tube. The video was of Creflo Dollar telling people to pay him their Tithes, or be shot. What are your thoughts?

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 ---Rob on 11/5/10
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Earl, many people will quote what is written in Matthew 7:1, but they will avoid and reject those verses which follow.
---Rob on 2/13/11

If he is wrong then Pray for him for if he is doing wrong then he will beheld by GOD and not US dont put yourself above GOD because I dont to be Judged
---Earl on 2/13/11

thank you all for this informations about the second coming of Jesus, We are not scare about his coming we are expecting it. weather no or later, we are already. Heaven is our home. Pls, let us all be ready for his coming... Hope to see you all in heaven!!!
---stev on 1/17/11

Glenn, what you wrote is so very true, and I thank you for sharing the truth.

But you forgot to mention what is written in Romans 1:18-32.
---Rob on 12/28/10

The "World Changers Church" is a 'Word of Faith' sect based on greed. And there has been one scandal after another concerning money. Like many other congregations in this movement, they seem to have formed a 'cult of personality' around their Pastor. The few sheep need to leave though before they're eaten.
2Kings 5:26, Psalm 119:36, Matthew 6:19-34, Acts 20:27-30, Romans 6, 16:17-18, 1Corinthians 1:10-13, 3:3-23, 4:6-7, 5:6-8, 11-13, 6:20, Galatians 5:16-6:5, Ephesians 4:17-32, 5:3-18, Colossians 3:5-10, 22-23, 2Thessalonians 3:6, 1Timothy 3:1-15, 5:19-22, 6:9-10, Titus 1:5-16, James 3:1-18, 1Peter 5:1-3.
---Glenn on 12/27/10

I do not want to say their name but creflo dollar is with THEM and they are using him as a puppet to use christians for money. I wonder what his face will look like on judgement day when its too late to repent.
---Briteny on 12/27/10

His name speaks for itself doesnt it?
---Tonne on 12/27/10

"Someone with so little self-control that without the blood of Jesus he would be a murderous greedy psychopath really scares me." StrongAx
Someone who thinks they can have real self-control without Christ is who scares me.
---Elder on 12/27/10

Believe it or not, he doesn't receive a salary from the church. According to sources I believe, he's the biggest contributor to the ministry of World Changers as well as many being the biggest contributor to many other charitable ministries.
But people are going to speak and blog bad information full of uninformed criticism mixed in with occasional rare nuggets of truth.
Get a life!
---Legends on 12/23/10

You shall know them by their fruit and I don't see any cherries on his tree!!!!
---Donna5535 on 11/8/10

StrongAxe, thank you for the info on the video. WOW, even if he was joking, that's an inappropriate thing to joke about. It would be inappropriate even for a non-believer to joke about. Killing someone because they're not giving to your church. Then saying the precious name of our Saviour for the count down to the execution!! It shows that his heart is not for the souls of his members, it's for the money they bring in! It's another sad, rude revelation of another "Christian" leader. God tells us we'll know them by their fruits. Well that video makes Creflo Dollar look rotten to the core!!! It appears that money is more important to him than leading people to Salvation.
---Reba on 11/6/10


Do a Google search for: youtube creflo dollar non-tithers and look at the first video, and see for yourself.

The first half of the video shows the audio from one of his sermons, with some still pictures (probably from a third party) illustrating what he is suggesting.

The second half is actual video footage from one of his services, where he and another pastor run around and jump up and down on tithe envelopes, while the congregation cheers and throws more money on stage.
---StrongAxe on 11/6/10

IF what strongaxe said is true, then I'd have to say that anyone who would continue to follow that teaching & teacher had less than half-a-brain & should get a clue to what's happening. It's extremely surprising to me how so many people will follow someone who is so controlling of their life & money. But sad to say, as long as the human race remains there'll be vulture's & prey defining some of them. When God said to bring your tithe into the storehouse, He wasn't meaning that your life depended on it. Tithe, like everything else God tells us, is your choice. If you do it you'll be blessed, if you don't, you wont. Simple. He never threatened or even hinted that He wanted to take the life of the ones who don't!
---Reba on 11/6/10

And who is Reuben Armstrong, Rob?
---Cluny on 11/6/10

In the video, he says that if he wasn't under the blood, he would install turnstiles at the church that made sure people were paying their tithes, and if anyone was detected who wasn't, they would be lined up, the congregation would take uzis and shoot them, then the bodies would be dumped outside.

Someone with so little self-control that without the blood of Jesus he would be a murderous greedy psychopath really scares me.

Later, it shows him dancing on tithe envelopes (like the stereotypical scene of someone rolling around in a bed full of money). He also says salvation comes from tithing, and if you tithe, you will not go to hell. One might conclude that money is his supreme God (despite 1 Timothy 6:10).
---StrongAxe on 11/6/10

Has everyone forgotten about what happened in 2007 when Ruben Armstrong and his family had to go into hiding.

They received a phone call threatening to have them executed. The phone call was traced back to World Changers International, a Creflo Dollar Ministry.
---Rob on 11/5/10

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H m m m m, is the ch - building, even his luxury home & or homes, cars, boats, a - planes, cr - cards etc coming due & he ain't ripped off His followers for their money yet to pay the bil's ?
---Lawrence on 11/5/10

\\The ministry is a high calling. God calls men and women into ministry.\\

But was Creflo Dollar called?

THAT has yet to be determined.
---Cluny on 11/5/10

I don't think highly of Creflo Dollar, but I am sure he did not say such a thing. I am reasonably sure that someone who doesn't like him, or who doesn't like Christians, spliced together video to make it seem that that way.

People are willing to believe a lot of strange things. But think about it. How many followers would Creflo have if he made this threat to those who listen to him?
---Donna66 on 11/5/10

\\Dollar is known for his controversial teachings of Prosperity theology.[9] He has been criticized for his lavish lifestyle as he owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, a million dollar home in Atlanta, and a 2.5 million dollar home in Manhattan.[9] Dollar has refused to disclose his salary and Creflo Dollar Ministries received a grade of "F" for financial transparency by the organization MinistryWatch.[9][13]\\

Why does he need TWO luxury automobiles and TWO residences?
---Cluny on 11/5/10

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I think someone has built that video from several others. Picking the things they wanted to make him look evil,anyone can pick words out and paste or splice them in to form a whole picture about anyone else. I don't believe Creflo Dollar preached any such thing. I may not care for his ministry but he isn't stupid saying he will kill or have killed people who don't send money. That is too far out to fall for.
---Darlene_1 on 11/5/10

I have watched Creflo Dollar ministries. Before judgement is passed on the Man of God you have to consider the source in which the information came from.

The Bible says the laborer is worthy of their hire. I believe that it is wrong to minister the gospel strictly for money if this is the only reason someone gets into the ministry.

The ministry is a high calling. God calls men and women into ministry. People don't call themselves into the ministry. I would not be so quick to believe what someone says about someone else. The Bible shares that we know one another by their fruit.
---terra on 11/5/10

Anyone foolish enough to listen to & follow this pulpit pimp (aka false prophet) will certainly end up in peril of forfeiting (losing) their life.
---Leon on 11/5/10

That's disturbing. Though I'm sure it was an ill attempt at humor that guy needs money like I need to be shot. I'll never disagree with a man being paid for his work in the ministry, but I do disagree that Christians are somehow required to pay tithes. I don't feel anyone should be obligated to pay the church, but should give to the ministry if they love God and want to continue his work.

The rest of the issue is weather your giving to a bum or not. If a ministry won't be accountable to you to release their financial statements and show you what they do with your money they should get NONE. A church that is under authority will have authority, and that authority is Jesus Christ.
---Pharisee on 11/5/10

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Hahahahahaa! that was hillarious!
indeed!THank God for the blood of Jesus,for by grace we are saved.
---kevin5443 on 11/5/10

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