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South Korea Fired Upon

How should South Korea respond to North Korea firing upon them today and killing several of their citizens?

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 ---John on 11/23/10
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Alan of UK-- I remember both wars, but VIET NAM especially well, since I served in the army at that time.

I mostly agree with what you say, except I think dropping an "H Bomb" would have been overkill and quite unnecessary. We had conventional weapons that COULD have done the job, but we were were not allowed to use them. It was a half-hearted effort with a lot of vacillation in Washington.
---Donna66 on 12/7/10

Donna ... Do you really remember what happened in Korea and in Vietnam?

In Korea, the UN forces (which comprised namy nations, and there were troops for everywhere in the British Commonwealth as well as Americans) but China could supply unlimited cannon-fodder from so close by.

And in VietNam, the US deployed far superior war machinery, but were beaten by the VietCong's ability to move in and under the jungle. Carpet bombing and Agent Orange did not work

The only way to win absolutely in either confliict would have been to use the H-bomb

---alan8566_of_UK on 12/7/10

Yes, I think the U.S., since WWII has a history of not finishing what it starts. Korea and Viet Nam are both examples. (IMO It's usually because you have a war fought by soldiers, directed by civilians who know little about warfare)
I'd like to see N. Korea broken of their habit of extorting money from us,on the one hand, and sending arms to our enemies, on the other. The N. Korean people themselves would have a much better life.

However, we rid Iraq of her evil dictator, the Iraqi people are beginning to thrive, but everyone else (publically, at least) castigates us because of it.
Are we really up to that again? Or could we even do it?
---Donna66 on 12/6/10

Mima--//The United States is capable of changing leadership in most countries around the world as it suits us.//
REALLY? That's so good to know. That means all our troubles are behind us! But has anyone told the US government about this power that they have?
---donnna66 on 12/5/10

would you favor a covert strike to relieve North Korea of his troublesome leaders?
---mima on 12/5/10

As I stated in an earlier posting to this blog question, I think that the USA should have done that back at the time of the Korean War.

It would have been "risky business" back then, and it is going to be even "RISKIER BUSINESS" to do so now.

The North Korean people have suffered so much under their selfish, whatever-you-call-them leaders.

Regime change would probably be welcomed. At least the North Korean people might get: something to eat, medical care, livable shelter, etc.

Under the current North Korean regime, MILLIONS are dying. Regime change could't be any worse.
---Sag on 12/5/10

---Sag I believe the United States is capable of changing leadership in most countries around the world as it suits us. Question, would you favor a covert strike to relieve North Korea of his troublesome leaders?
---mima on 12/5/10

The South Korean government was criticized for being TOO WEAK, and TOO SLOW, in their response to North Korea.

This has led the South Korean President to appoint a new Defense Minister. He promised that the next time North Korea attacks South Korea, they can expect Air Force strikes.

We shall see. Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is within range of North Korean artillery. I understand South Korea's being "careful", but you also don't want to "invite" aggressions from North Korea.

My sister, and her husband, both live and work in Seoul. I might have to remind President Barack Obama that he has a RESPONSIBILITY to protect the Americans living in South Korea. I hope he isn't afraid to do his job.
---Sag on 12/5/10

Jesus says there will be *rumors* of wars (Matthew 24:6). A rumor can be a report showing certainty that something is true but that never turns out to be true. So, we can have rumors of war in Korea, but never have an actual war. We can discover what God already knows.

If the U.S. starts major action, this can result in many more deaths and much more destruction, than if they play a cat-and-mouse game with North Korea, but do not cooperate with North Korea. The casualties suffered, this way, "might" be fewer than if there is a thorough war.

If the North Koreans start a full-scale operation, they could be virtually donating themselves to China. They "might" know this.
---Bill on 11/26/10

I ask everyone who reads this post of mine to "forgive" me for sounding rather harsh towards North Korea.

Anyway, my sister and her husband both work for the USA State Department in Seoul, Korea. She telephoned our mother tonight about shipping their belongings home. People are getting ready to evacuate Seoul.

In case you don't know about it, the USA State Department does have an "Emergency Evacuation Plan" in case it becomes necessary. The growing tensions on the Korean Peninsula, and the possibility of war, might make an evacuation NECESSARY any time now.

I find it hard NOT to wish that the USA had totally destroyed North Korea back in the 1950's.
---Sag on 11/25/10

Oops sorry Mima, I guess I misunderstood you.
---Mary on 11/25/10

Please reread my post. I am not advocating Israel into war with North Korea rather I am stating that the South Koreans can get help(technical help of a cyber space nature) from the Israelis.
---mima on 11/25/10

Mima, do you honestly think the Israelis should get themselves into a war with North Korea? They have enough problems already!
---Mary on 11/24/10

The South Korean leaders should contact the Israeli government and acquire from them help in dealing with North Korea's treacherous acts. The big buzz internationally has to do with some electronic interference mechanism of a totally new design, said to be only possible with State sponsorship.(Interpretation Israel) this electronic interference needs to pass through to no doors, hear from no spies, but rather is based completely on obtainable information about the rpm of electric motors. So far it has been known to cause total chaos, even explosions inside sensitive military installations which are working on centrifuges.
---mima on 11/24/10

This proves you don't hear from the real God, catherine.
---Cluny on 11/24/10

What cause is there to be so vicious Friend? A lot of things can get in the way of us hearing God on any singular topic, anything from apathy to acute sensitivity, maybe even the mood we find ourselves in at any time.
Me thinks you should check yourself.

As for the Korean conflict I can only speak from God's perspective, it was never his intention for people to devise ways to kill each other, and this just gets lumped into the pile of horrors that man in his fallen condition creates. The lost dying in their sins are a source of grief to God who loves them. He sent his unique son to show the way and the world won't listen. The time is near full.
---Pharisee on 11/24/10

\\Before I can make much comment, as God said a little while ago, "I have to learn more"
---catherine on 11/23/10

This proves you don't hear from the real God, catherine.
---Cluny on 11/24/10

Oh my, Deja vu. The Korean war all over again! That was my first thought. However, as I remember, N. Korea has made provocative moves before against the South, and it did not lead to war.

North Korea has no industry but weapon-making. Her people are always on the verge of starvation.
She often threatens the US in order to extort financial aid from the US. (Maybe that's one of the motivations here) She is too weak to fight any prolonged war... without help (that's scary) Maybe negotiations can keep other nations from getting involved.
---Donna66 on 11/23/10

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This is a great opportunity for the USA to "test", and really "see", if it's weapons, anti-missile systems, etc. really work!

For example, the AEGIS system. AEGIS is a Greek word for the "shield of Zeus". Supposedly, the system should be able to detect any, and ALL, missiles. Should North Korea launch any. It's wait and see.

If the USA really wanted to, it could "finish off" North Korea in an eye blink. I think that we should have done that back in the 1950s.

Today, is more "tricky". China and Russia would probably counter attack the USA's forces and keep the Dear Leader in power. Stupid, but that's how Commies work together.
---Sag on 11/23/10

I am not surprises about the incidents, they will continue to happen with increasing frequency until NCA want to apply a long term solution to make the problem go away.

And after you do that the problem in Iran will likely improve dramatically as they will realize they could be next, and the US starts to get it national credibility back in the world.

So the chemical engineering question of the day is what molar concentration of Cobalt 60 Iodide will produce 1000 rads/hr at the end of the half life of the compound, when deliver as the salting agent of a W88.

And of course nothing is going to happen until after Jan. 20, 2013 until we can get a US President who is willing to use the Biscuit and not lose the Biscuit.
---notlaw99 on 11/23/10

My husband spent a year on the alert pad with aircraft ready in a moments notice to be launched. My cousins were in Korean war. The war started in late fourties or early fifties. I had cousins in WW11. I remember WW11 living in Atlanta, Georgia we had black outs so the enemy couldn't see the city at night. We all thought they would attack the 48 but they never did. I hope our government does not act too quickly in Korea.
---shira3877 on 11/23/10

Both my father and myself are veteran's of the Korean War.

I spent a year in Korea as a Combat Medic. I spent 10 months on the DMZ where I was sleeping in fox holes, bunkers, going on patrols, watching out for land mines dodging bullets, hopimg live artillary did not "FALL SHORT" on our position, etc. This was over 30 years ago.

I often wonder how many people truly know the Korean War never ended. I guess that is why it is called :THE FORGOTTEN WAR".

Except for the war between GOOD and EVIL, the Korean War has been the longest war in the history of the United States.
---Rob on 11/23/10

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Isn't that amazing. My first reaction was, Oh my God, Jesus. Before I can make much comment, as God said a little while ago, "I have to learn more"
---catherine on 11/23/10

Seems to me that only South Koreans on here who know the full story about this should answer.

The rest of us should keep out of it and pray for peace.
---Cluny on 11/23/10

With lots and lots of PRAYER!!!!

This is going to start World War Three.

I bet this is the beginning of the end. I didn't hear they killed several citizens, where did you read/hear that from?

We need to do what Second Chronicles says to do..."If MY people, humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, THEN I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land." But only a few of us are doing this DAILY. We need alot of prayer going up to the Lord God Almighty, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.
---Donna5535 on 11/23/10

South Korea should try any available means to avoid total war as other countries such as China, Russia, Japan, USA have interest in that area. However, eventually if North Korea continues to be belligerent, the conflict between the two will eventually evolve into a total war. Hopefully the conflict can be localized.

I notice yesterday that South Korea is considering asking the US to move nuclear weapons back into their country as North Korea seems intent upon developing nuclear weaponry.
---leej on 11/23/10

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