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Majority Lives Together First

I was told by a student that the majority of people under the age of 30 live together before getting married. Is this a true statement or wishful thinking on the part of the student?

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 ---John on 11/24/10
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The reason people use the expression "playing house" is because they believe the relationship to be less serious and longlasting than a marriage.

You may "say" you are 100% committed...but since you've not made your bond "official", how is anyone to know that?
If you want to be taken seriously...make it a serious legal contract.
---Donna66 on 11/30/10

By the way, Rhonda, that comment about "playing house" was not directed at you, I've heard it several times before is all.
---Mary on 11/30/10

While I agree that it is sin to live together before marriage, may I just say that I resent the term "playing house"? My husband and I lived together before we were married (we feel much better now that we're married) but we were 100% committed to each other long before our wedding day, good days and bad. Nothing "play" about it!
---Mary on 11/29/10

with divorce more than 60% destroyed children homes etc why would anyone want to play house to fit in with society
---Rhonda on 11/27/10

We ALL are affected to some degree by the SINFUL living together of unmarried couples.

Between 40% - 50% of births are now to unmarried women. The babies are wonderful. But, how sad that many will probably end up living in poverty. Often because their parents "lived together", but decided NOT to marry for whatever silly reason. It used to be that MARRIAGE, with commitment, came first. Then came children with a loving home to accommodate them.

Today, many Governments are going "broke" paying welfare benefits for all these non-traditional families.
---Sag on 11/28/10

living in a large city I know many people who have lived with as many as 5 different people and they are still not married

living together is what society teaches and preaches

living together per word of God would indicate a couple would simply be practicing fornication - a sin

problem with today's generation is what is trendy with twenty-somethings the older generations want to practice it too then you have to include all people who were once married and are now living with their partner

interesting how the majority is more important than living for God and so many buy into that LIE

with divorce more than 60% destroyed children homes etc why would anyone want to play house to fit in with society
---Rhonda on 11/27/10

The statement could be correct, for all I know, but still be getting used for a wishful person's excuse.

Each couple living with one another is different, because each of us is unique. So, general statistics cannot tell us much. I would not guide myself on what general statistics say, especially in psychological evaluation and in counseling people, but get to know each individual personally so we can find out what really is needed with each one. "And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment." (Philippians 1:9) So, in God's love we have His light so we can see each person really right, not "cloning" people into groups and then treating them like they're all alike.
---Bill on 11/26/10

Yes, many more couples are living together unmarried than ever before. It is THEIR own choice to live in sin.

However, I also believe that it is THEIR own responsibility to deal with the often painful results:

Children that are conceived, and born, to parents that NEVER marry.

Divorces that occur after years of marriage that was started out of LUST. Not love.

Single parents who are often left searching for another "miracle" mate to FIX their: financial, relationship, family, legal, etc. problems.

And much more. Too much to list in only 125 words.

I believe that living together before marriage just isn't worth all the problems involved. Both right NOW and LATER on too.
---Sag on 11/25/10

Part 1-
I would deeply appreciate people going to the Lord on this. With the whole Prince William saga & his marriage to Kate with whom he lived for several years, (and the seemingly strong romance, confidence, happiness etc.) I went to the Lord & asked the Lord if the word "fornication" is relative to the norms or behavior of the society the person lives in. I am convinced He said, "No." The Word tells us to flee fornication, where both parties do not intend to make a commitment of marriage before the community.
---zara on 11/25/10

Part 2-

Many Christians live far below their privileges as being one with God, so just making it for several years, after fornicating, becoz of other factors in your thinking, does not mean you are pleasing the Father. There are many non-followers of Jesus who make some very Godly decisions & reap the good of such decisions. Are the pleasing the Lord as He wills for their lives, where He is Lord - the answer is "NO."

Gen 24:14 sounds crazy for today's world but the Lord has never changed! Wait & ask the Lord for the one He has chosen for you. It may sound nuts but I have heard & experienced the most awesome testimonies of how true the Word is on this issue.
---zara on 11/25/10

But is it perjury, Cluny, if the couple really did intend to stay together for life at the time they made the commitment? I don't think too many divorced people went into prior marriages willfully intending to someday end up divorced. Of course, I'm speaking of the masses and not grifters, lol.

I think most people enter marriage with good intentions.
---AlwaysOn on 11/25/10

this is true. Most of them today do cohabitate before marriage verses 20+ yrs ago. My husband & I lived together 2months before we got married.We have just celebrated 11 yrs of marriage & 3 boys later. Sometimes it does work out,but the best thing is if you decide to live together, then marriage should be the next step.
---candice on 11/24/10

Well if you watch modern secular commentary closely it's often portrayed as a dreamy foolishness to marry a person before you sleep with them.

If the majority does it or not I don't know, but what I do know is that it's what our culture pushes upon us as sensible and rational approach to life.
---Pharisee on 11/24/10

I suppose is might depend on whose surveys you believe.

However, as C. S. Lewis said on the subject, is perjury (namely vowing they intended to remain together for life) that much better than simple concubinage?
---Cluny on 11/24/10

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