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Tongue Speaking In Heaven

How possible would it be for God to give a universal language that we all could understand when we get to heaven such as the language spoken before the Tower of Babel Genesis Chapter 10 and 11? Now I ask could that universal language be what is referred to as speaking in tongues now? What do you think?

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 ---paul on 11/29/10
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No need for tongues in heaven.
---Tumbo on 12/3/10

Acts 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost,and began to "speak with other tongues",as the Spirit gave them utterance. That verse is very clear they"spoke with other tongues". In order to speak in"other tongues" they have to be tongues which the person does not speak all the time. In showing clearly they"spoke" with other tongues it also shows it wasn't a matter of the people "hearing" in their own tongues when the people spoke their regular language,as some have said, being then a gift of hearing not utterance as the verse says. What happened that day came from the mouth in other tongues to the ear which because God prepared the language before it was sent they could understand.
---Darlene_1 on 12/3/10

We the born-again speak glossalalia, and we all understand each other perfectly in heaven, and we also communicate to one other without the need to physically open our mouths.
---Eloy on 11/30/10


I appreciate your view and am willing to entertain it, I only ask that you substantiate that view with scriptural backing if you would, Thanx Paul
---paul on 11/30/10

I appreciate everyone weighing in and value your opinions if presented in a right spirit. Im not trying to debate tongues for you can believe what you will but I know for a fact ,not an assumption, that tongues are real. I simply pose the question could this be a God given universal language by which we all could communicate with in Heaven for God communicates with His people all around the world with it today. Your thoughts.
---paul on 11/30/10

1st cliff, you are so right. I can imagine an interperter quoting lies for money. Just think how that would be. He could tell us the tongues are saying to give the church everything you have. No, No, No, my church is full of the Holy Ghost and no one needs to speak in an "unknown" tongue. English is hard enough....
---shira3877 on 11/30/10

"At Pentecost,the speaker spoke in Greek/Aramaic the listener heard it in their own tongue!"
---1st_cliff on 11/30/10
this statement is correct. And perhaps spread ligt on what happened that day. Speaker spoke to his native tongue, yet the listeners heard in own native language which was many different tongues.
(A hint to the wise is sufficient)
---mima on 11/30/10

No, it will no be tongues, because in the world to come, tongues will cease.

In heaven, as one person put it, all that is not music is silence filled with God.

Or as another put it, love will be the only language we will need, because God is love, and He will truly fill all things.
---Cluny on 11/30/10

Glossolalia has been/is practiced in most primitive/pagan religions world wide. The priest/Shamus goes into a trance and babbles away in gibberish.
Check this out,in a church that has this practice, one gets up and speaks,the congregation has no idea what was said, so an "interpreter" puts it in the language of the listeners. Is this an actual interpretation?? Who could argue since no one knows the language, he could "interpret it to mean anything he wanted!
At Pentecost,the speaker spoke in Greek/Aramaic the listener heard it in their own tongue!
---1st_cliff on 11/30/10

I'm not too sure why it's called the gift of tongues (the sign gift) other then the tongues of fire, as a friend once most astutely pointed out it should be called the miracle or gift of ears!

It'll be no big thing in fact I'll be surprised if we have to speak at all to be heard, try that thought on for size and call me in the morning.
---Pharisee on 11/30/10

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